Harry and the Moon Cell

Unimportant AN: as promised a true Extella/HP cross.

Important AN: I will call the three parts of the Extella MC by what part they are, aka Mind, Body, and Soul. This is because there will be parts with two or more of them at once. Also Fem MC. Also some 'dead' servants will be alive. I will be modifying the flame poem arc mostly, because I haven't finished game (1/2 way through Dawn in game).

Chapter 1: First mothers: Flame and Mind.

It had been months since the battle for moon cell had ended. The constantly expanding land had reached peace. The three factions had claimed territories and only fought each other over a new sector if it appeared at the borders of their land. Unfortunately glitches were still running rampant in the system. Some times it was creating sectors that dissipated days after they appeared, split a old sector and inserted another, made previously peaceful programs turn hostile, or some combination of the three.

Then come the really weird glitches, such as the time when thousands of attack programs created a conga line, one that has been going on and growing for weeks.

It was a single glitch that ruined many plans.

A glitch that would cause many problems.

A glitch that would prove the salvation of a child.

A background process that was being repaired started pulsing in sync with a set of newly erected ward set on Earth, and assimilated the wards, and tried to drag the person that they were attached to into the digital world, an action that should've killed him... if not for many other non-damaged processes. They were able to link to the young boy's magic, and use the magic to complete the process on him, it sacrificed everything else. His clothes, a letter, the bedding, the basket, tracking and monitoring spells, and a parasite that had attached itself to him. Since his entire body was digitized, and the method saved, he would allow him to return to the physical world and back relatively easily, and allow others to do so.


In an old castle multiple delicate objects exploded, causing a fire that burnt up everything that was exposed in the office, and scorched everything else. It was a mark of luck that due to a hat annoying an old man that it was rolled up and stored in a drawer, sparing it.

The destruction would be met with panic the next morning as the man entered his office.


It was a quick and dirty job, but ultimately successful, the boy was saved, and dropped into a safe location... a bed. A bed that was being shared by two woman, right between them in fact.

The two were lucky that it was close to the time they normally woke up. Otherwise they might've ended up with a bit of a mess.

As it was, Mind woke up first and upon feeling a unfamiliar weight look at the source... and stared. She closed her eyes, took a couple of deep breaths, counted to ten, and pinched herself. Opening her eyes she looked again, and wondered how Saber and her had a baby that was over a year old without them noticing.

"Saber, why do we have a child?" she asked shaking the aforementioned servant.

"What?" a sleepy Saber mumbled. Then the former emperor of Rome looked at her partner. Then she felt the extra weight, and looked down.


A popup window appears.

| Nero obtains one migraine. |

Popup windows closes.


Nero gripped her head as the sheer improbability of what she was seeing hit her like a sledge hammer. "Praetor, how did a child get here?" she asked while massaging her temples.

"That's what I asked," came the reply in a tone so flat that made a table look like a ball.

A giggling and a foul smell caught their attention, and they looked at the baby whom was peeing... on their bed.

Mind picked the baby up, after he was finished and set about getting a diaper and clothes for him. Her authority was sufficient to create them fortunately... after ten tries to get them right.

Harry was a fussy baby though, and the two had a hard time calming him down. Even singing a lullaby did nothing but make things worse.

The next five days saw the master and servant run ragged... to the amusement of their generals. Between feeding, changing, comforting, and seemingly random and constant crying... as well as replacing the bed, they were showing that they weren't ready for this responsibility.

Medusa, taking advantage of the peace between the three factions for a vacation, volunteered to babysit the child to give the former emperor of Rome a break, and to the very large annoyance of the ruler of the faction, Harry calmed down immediately after being brought into the legendary monster's embrace. Seeing him snuggling silently and peacefully in the servants assets caused the two exhausted girls to lose what energy they had remaining and wandered off in search of their bed.

They wouldn't be seen for a week.

The nameless archer looked at the boy with a smirk, he had taken over for Medusa so she could get some sleep, and left him in his care. She was currently sewing some gifts for the boy to keep his hands occupied while the boy slept. He had never raised a child before but he thought he had the basics after watching the two blunderers he called bosses try it and the surprisingly more competent Medusa go at it.

The boy woke up as he finished and seemed delighted with his new toys, and started giggling as he started chewing on one of their edges.

The man had made stuffed versions of his favorite blades. The fact that he made sure the swords were kid safe, aka floppy and cloth, earned him some brownie points.

The fact that the servant was a sword nut was known to all the factions, and accepted.

He then, noting that the boy seemed content moved away, but still in the same room, and started his sword katas. He didn't notice it, but the boy was trying to mimic the arm movements with arms that couldn't lift his 'swords properly.

It was to this scene that Medusa came to, as she came to pick up the boy. She ran to get a camera and started snapping photos before reclaiming the boy.

The pictures of the boy trying to mimic the motions of the man would embarrass the boy in later decades.

Cu` Chulainn took his turn, as Archer was away claiming a new territory, and as the only person in the group that actually had a child, he mostly knew what to do. At seeing the married stuffed blades, he decided to do something similar.

A pair smaller stuffed spear, looking like his, was Cu` Chulainn's gift, commissioned from a local toymaker, with extra being paid to make it quickly. Well one of them was a gift, the other was so he could spar with the boy using them.

Medusa, once she came to reclaim the boy, would be very amused at the developing trend.

Using his own stuffed spear the hound 'dueled' with the boy. The boy's instincts were quite good for a one year old. The tired tot fell asleep soon after, and he made a note to tell his bosses the method for making him tired... or not, depending on which could be more amusing. He also swore to not make the mistake he made with his first born with this boy.

Medusa came in during their second spar, and ran for the camera again, and arrived in time to take the picture of one of the funniest moments of her life.

The picture of a baby managing to stuff a stuffed spear up the Lancer's nose would haunt the servant for decades.

The fact that the spear needed to be cleaned afterwords was obvious


Gawain helped out as well, after all Medusa, no matter how much she liked taking care of the boy needed some self time. He was also amused at the trend and decided to commission some clothes that were a cloth version of his armor, and paid for the rush job. He wasn't the best babysitter, as he was much to serious, but he was competent.

After changing the boy into the cloth armor he placed one of the swords archer made into his hands, and placed the boy on his shoulder, while Lancer took a picture of the two.

He had a picture of him and his armor and the happy boy holding a stuffed sword in his new outfit framed at his bedside.

Li Shuwen was not amused when it was his turn to help. The boy kept whacking him with his stuffed weapons... on second thought he, a feared fighter and assassin, was very amused that a baby managed to hit him. Especially since it happened every damn time he got close. He decided on the spot he wasn't going to do it again. Well on the spot after the fifth time the spear got him.

Or was it the third time he had to change the diaper in the five hour stretch?

He was on the other hand, wondering whether his bosses would let him train the boy when he was old enough. He tolerated the brat as his bosses wanted him, but spent the least amount of time with him. He was the only one that would have no pictures to remember the first year.

A fact he later deeply regretted.

Medusa, she spent the most time with the boy. She had no experience with children, but she obviously obtained the 'natural mother' gene somehow. She knew that Nero and Mind, had claimed him as a son, but she was aiming for favored aunt and babysitter. She wondered how the boy would grow up being so near so many violent people.

She was starting to carry a camera around constantly.

When the two awoke again, they heard shouting, and ran out to find the servants in a defensive line around the baby, as some of the programs when rouge randomly... again... for the fifth time that week, and it was only Wednesday. It was an improvement from the month before where it was ten. The assault unit was facing Medusa, and she was introducing it to the human metronome attack with her chains, all the while shouting that they programs interrupted Harry's nap time. By the time Nero made it to the fight it was over, except for the one the purplette was 'fighting'. That unit, despite the standard blank face, was looking at Nero, pleading for it to end. Then when it looked like no mercy was forthcoming, looked at everybody, and lastly at the baby, and the 'look' of the program went from looking for mercy, to crushed as he noticed the very happy baby obviously enjoying the show, which encouraged the woman to do more.

It expired due to hopelessness, and not because it's energy ran out.

Noticing the pouting baby, Medusa sheepishly realized she might've gone overboard. At least she made sure the child wouldn't be overly grumpy from the interrupted nap, and Nero was awake again. The generals couldn't wait for the comedy of their rulers taking care of the baby to recommence.

It did, but they were smart this time, and had their subordinates babysit, so they could rest.

It was a day after they awoke that they realized something. They didn't have a name for the boy. They called a brainstorming session, and suggestions started being thrown out. Normally Nero would've just chosen, but in this case she realized that even the visiting servant had a vested interest, and she had five days to choose before that.

"Arthur," the nameless one suggested.

This caused amused looks to be directed at the man, as they, over the time they spent together found out a lot about him.

"Julius," came from the Roman.

Flat looks went strait towards the emperor, whom shrugged unrepentantly.

"Harry," came from Mind.

'Dull' came the thought of everyone else.

"Don't care," game from the grumpy assassin.

"No clue," added Medusa, thinking that she really had little experience with being with normal humans, and ger sisters' names wouldn't be appropriate for a boy.

"Ferdiad," Lancer spoke, and everyone looked at him. "What? It was the name of my best friend and foster brother. It's also less well known or common than the other choices."

The discussion lasted another thirty minutes, when Medusa made a suggestion. One that they agreed on was fair.

It was then that they decided to let the boy decide. They put him on the floor and sat an equal distance between them, the one he crawled to would be the name he would obtain. Harry looked at the three actively trying to get him to come to them, then at the fourth whom played dirty. He took out the stuffed spear he had given Harry. The boy remembering the fun he had a few days ago, quickly went to the man, whom grinned smugly at the others.

The newly named Ferdiad giggled and he took the stuffed spear, and promptly started whacking the poor Lancer with it. Said lancer took out another and returned the favor until the one year old fell asleep again.

Nero and mind were put out that the man could knock out the child so quickly. They also unanimously agreed that Ferdiad's birthday would be the day they found him, for the simple fact that they had no clue when his real one was.


One year later, on Ferdiad's birthday, what appeared to be tragedy struck. A massive amount of programs attacked the group while taking Harry on a trip, and he vanished when a program's sword came down on him.

The grieving group went home, a home that felt emptier than it did before a child wormed his way into the hearts of most of the occupants.

Medusa was called to a battle in a new territory when she decided to head home since the pain was to raw to return to Nero's capital.

She would later regret not heading home immediately after the fight.


In another location, minutes after Ferdiad vanished.

"Well, what do we have here? I wonder if my 'husband' would mind us raising a child..." said a figure with pink hair, fox ears, and tail as she scooped up a sleeping two year old.


End chapter.

AN: Will be taking suggestions for Harry's servants when he heads to Hogwarts, with some rules. Also will only be taking two or three max, one has already been chosen.

Suggestion rules:

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