Harry and the Moon Cell

Chapter 10: Marriage, blessed marriage

A week later the three capitals in the moon cell were in chaos. Well, two were, since one was pretty much inhospitable so that nobody but the servants of that faction, and Harry, could go there.

The reason? The impending wedding of the son of the sextet of rulers.

There was currently a melee between the servants of the factions of the two more hospitable capitals.

The reason? The factions wanted the wedding in their capital.

Two parts of the split master were fighting each other for the same reason.

The citizens, both AI and the humans who had transported to the Moon Cell before the jump in timelines/dimensions, along with their children, were amused at the spectacle of the free for all, and we're taking bets on who would win, and where the wedding would take place.

So far Nero's faction had a slim three to two remaining servant lead.

Wait, they've tied again.

Since the ones remaining are the rulers and their strongest supporters, it might take a while.


Serenity and Kiyohime were in the middle of a storm of paper, with their incomplete plans around them. Yes, they had been building the plans for years, but they expected to have several years to finalize them.

Ferdiad had taken one look at the piles upon piles of papers and volumes of books with their notes, and promptly took a small list of things they wanted him to deal with and vanished.

He loved the two, but he was not getting involved in that mess, especially when they were discussing the difference between fifty minutely different shades of the same color, ones that even the most discerning artist would need to study them for hours to see the difference.

Looking at the list, he noted that there were some parts they wanted to fill out, well not parts exactly, more like positions.

Best man for instance, but that was a no brainer, that is always the groom's responsibility.

He knew that it would be one of his uncles, just which one was going to be a problem. He was fond of them all.

Then he smiled, there was one that held a special place in his heart ever since he was a child. Not that most didn't, but this one he had so much fun with.

Taking a pen he marked down his choice.

Next was someone to do the ceremony. That was a tough one. Everyone he knew in the Moon Cell was considered family, so it didn't feel right to have them not take their place sitting as their family.

On the other hand, there weren't a whole lot of ministers in the Moon Cell, as most of those that moved there were Magi, and the sole NPC/AI minister was creepy as hell.

Then he had a thought.

There was a person that he could ask that had authority, although not in the Moon Cell, and would have the bonus of making it more official to the magicals of Great Briton.

"Code Cast: Transfer," he intoned and then he vanished in a storm of data.

And reappeared at Hogwarts.


During the week Ferdiad was gone, one of the resident gossip queens had started spreading that the Boy-Who-Lived had knocked up one of his girlfriends, which was causing some discontent with the girls of the school, most notably a redhead.

Most of the disappointed females simply accepted that they weren't ever really in the running for the famous boy, but some refused to accept defeat.


During dinner.

"Mr. Potter, I wasn't expecting you back until your wedding was finished, is there a problem?" Dumbledore asked concerned.

Ferdiad gave a wry smile then responded, "yes, one that you might be able to help me with.

"Oh? What could that be?" the old man asked with genuine curiosity.

Ferdiad looked sheepish, and responded, "I was wondering whether you would be willing to accept the role of minister in the wedding?"

The old man, who was taking a sip from his cup gave a spit take. "Excuse me?" he asked incredulously.

"No huh, well who else..." he mumbles the last part but he was interrupted by Dumbledore.

"I didn't say no, I was just shocked that you asked," Dumbledore explained.

"Oh well, there are two reasons, first you are essentially a neutral entity, and the second, if you perform it, it would make fewer people annoying me claiming it's a fake wedding, and that I'm not really married."

The old man blinked in shock as he ran that through his head, and then he nodded, those were two very good points.

"Very well, When will the wedding be? And will you be inviting anybody from Hogwarts?"

"No," Ferdiad replied. "I don't know anybody here. I will, of course, be extending invitations to my classmates and headmaster. Goodbye Professor. Code Cast: Transfer."

The-Boy-Who-Will-Be-Wed vanished into digital partials.

Then the great hall exploded in pandemonium.

Dumbledore was honestly shocked it didn't happen during the conversation. He would have expected it when he announced his wedding, and if not then, when the boy basically snubbed every pureblood house in Great Briton by not inviting them to his wedding.

He also made a note to watch the youngest Weasley. Even from this distance, he could see the dark look on her face.


Ferdiad looked at the list again and marked down a task complete, and then went to his next destination.

He really didn't want to be involved in the mess of planning that those two were in the middle of.


Shortly after Ferdiad left a redheaded girl went to the owlery, she wasn't going to let this happen. Her mother had promised her that she would marry Harry, and her mother had never lied to her!

She had bided her time enough. Harry hadn't even looked at her or sought her out like her mother said that he would.

After all, she had said, Potters always marry redheads.

She was also not the only girl to storm the owlery, as many ambitious, and/or schoolgirls had the same idea, all hoping their parents could do something about the wedding.

Of course, the primary problem with that is that they had no idea where the wedding would be taking place.

Or a way to get there if they did.


A few days later a flock of rather confused birds tried to find Ferdiad, and failed miserably, causing them to return to their home... and in some cases inflict the howlers they had on their senders.


Unknown to Ferdiad, one of the contracts moved from the Bathory name to yet another family name.


The two weeks before the wedding went swiftly, as most of the plans had been set long before they needed to marry due to Kiyohime's pregnancy, they were able to speed through the preparations.

Dumbledore had tried to have Ferdiad invite the more prominent British families, but he had been shot down, as Ferdiad didn't trust them not to make a scene at his wedding. He did relent on some of the more neutral, and 'mellow' families, as they hadn't even tried to be an annoyance. Families such as the Bones, the Longbottoms, the Lovegoods, and the Greengrasses.

The last had been invited as a semi-apology for the headmaster's screw up in inviting her in Harry's name. He had also gotten a promise from them to not cause a scene.

Now the guests were waiting for someone to come and pick them up.

Suddenly digital particles appeared, and out of them came a man in a red trench coat.

"Mr. Dumbledore? And I assume these are the wedding guests. Do you have everything you need?" at the nods of the group, he continued, "Very well I am Nameless, now Code Cast: Transfer."

The group vanished and reappeared in the Moon Cell.

It was a soon to be a wide-eyed group that hit the Moon Cell. They were standing in front of a large cathedral, one that seemed to be connected to land by only a fifty-foot wide bridge, suspended in mid-air five miles away from a cliff, something only possible because the Moon Cell was a digital landscape.

The inheritor of the Moon Cell had gotten the design from a game that was in its records, so she named it the same as it was in the game, Hülle Granz Cathedral.

The cathedral was over two hundred feet tall, and the front had parts of the building protruding a good distance in front of the main entrance on both sides of the entrance.

The rising sun was always, no matter the time of day, shining behind the building.

The guests didn't know it, but the place had been specially created for the wedding, and was equidistant from all three capitals, one advantage of the place being a digital landscape is that large structures can go up in an instant.

The group was brought nine-tenths of the way across the bridge so that they only had a half a mile to walk so that they could get the full impact of the cathedral.

The group looked in awe at the sight of the wedding.

"Come, the wedding is in two hours, and you can meet the family and friends of the brides and groom," Nameless said while gesturing towards the entrance.

The group moved with him, chatting animatedly, most wondering where in the hell they were, and how much magic went into building the cathedral. When they entered they saw what was possibly the most eclectic group of people imaginable. The formal wear of the group spanned all cultures and times.

There were some that had outfits that wouldn't look out of place on modern muggles of various cultures, which unknown to the guests, were mainly worn by those in the wedding party. Ferdiad was chatting in his formal tuxedo with his best man, the very large man was also wearing a tux, one that, while it fit the man, looked like it was one good flex from tearing itself apart.

Ferdiad finished his rather one-sided conversation and slipped the big man a pair of small boxes once he saw the guests.

Walking up to the guests Ferdiad said, "Welcome to my wedding, allow me to show you to your seats before you start socializing.

Walking to the back, as most of the guests were actually considered family, he showed them that the last two rows were for them, and told them that they could arrange their seating how they wished.

"Why are we in the last rows young man?" asked an older woman with narrowed eyes. She was insulted by the fact that her family had been shunted to the last rows.

"I consider most of the guests family so they get first seating, my schoolmates came next because they are friendly acquaintances, you are complete strangers so you get the back row, and the Lovegoods have volunteered to provide press coverage for the wizarding world, so they are at the front," Ferdiad explained calmly.

The woman opened her mouth, then closed it, looked at the very wide selection of guests, then shrugged. She was still mildly insulted, but the logic was sound. Perhaps she could do something to reignite the Potter-Longbottom alliance that fell apart with the death of the Potters and the disabling of Neville's parents.

The elder Greengrasses were insulted as well, and while they wouldn't raise a ruckus, they would hold their tongues, and perhaps be able to push one of their daughters towards the boy, as it was obvious by the fact that he's marrying two girls that they are willing to share the boy. They just had to approach the brides... perhaps in a month or two.

The younger Greengrasses were simply awed by the architecture, there were few grand buildings in magical Great Briton, as they were stupendously hard to hide from muggles, and most of what existed before the statute of secrecy were too well known by muggles to simply hide.

The thoughts of most of the guests tended towards one of these two tracts as they dispersed to socialize with Ferdiad's friends and family.

An hour later they were settling down in a bit of shock, as they met people claiming to be people from legend.

And then... it was time.


The guests were seated, and the orchestra started the western traditional wedding march.

Harry was standing by the altar, with his best man, Lu Bu beside him, and looked as cool as a cucumber. He had expected this for quite a while, and he knew that there was no chance of anything going wrong, especially with a line everybody had added to the ceremony.

Then the brides came. Kiyohime was wearing a Japanese wedding kimono, while Serenity was wearing a western wedding dress. One was led down the aisle by Emperor Nero, and the other by Tamamo.

They had decided that if Elizabeth were to join them, that the third ruler would be the one leading her.

Dumbledore was at the alter, with his script, and ready to help many of his plans crash and burn, especially since the plans were pretty much dead anyway.

When everybody was in their places, with the maids of honor, Elizabeth and Alice standing beside the brides, Dumbledore started.

"To the friends, family, and acquiescence of the brides and groom, I welcome you to the wedding of Ferdiad, also known to the British wizarding world as Harry Potter, Serenity also known as one of the Hassan-i Sabbah, also known as the Hassan of the Serenity, and Kiyohime.

They are here to join together in matrimony.

Do you, Ferdiad, take Serenity to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and hold so long as you both shall live?"

"I do," came the boy's response while looking at his Assassin.

"Do you, Ferdiad, take Kiyohime to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and hold so long as you both shall live?"

"I do," came the boy's response while looking at is Berserker.

"Do you, Serenity, take Ferdiad to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and hold so long as you both shall live?"

"I do," came the Assassin's response while looking lovingly at her master.

"Do you, Serenity, take Ferdiad to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and hold so long as you both shall live?"

"I do," came the Berserker's response came while looking at her master with literal hearts in her eyes.

"If there is anybody who has any reason why these two shall not be wed..." Dumbledore started, then blinked at the rest of the line, then shrugged as he had promised to stick to the script. "Please tale it up with the best man, for he shall set you straight."

All the guests' eyes turned to the very large man, who unintentionally flexed, and accidentally burst most of the seams of his tuxedo. The ones that looked like they might have objected had their mouth snap shut. As they realized that the seven-foot and four-inch-tall man was three hundred and thirty-seven pounds of pure muscle and that he could probably snap them in half... and that was before taking into account that he was a servant.

"Nobody? I don't blame you, Ferdiad, Serenity, and Kiyohime, the rings. Now repeat after me, with this ring I do wed..."

After the rings and oaths were exchanged Dumbledore smiled at the young love on display, as he finished, "You may kiss the bride."

With that, and after the kisses, Dumbledore stated, "I declare these three husband, wife, and wife."

all that was left for the happy trio was the reception... and the honeymoon.


End chapter.