Chapter 1

Narrators pov

It was an ordinary evening for her, the night was cold a bit breezy and the buildings glowed in the dark, she was coming back from a strip club where she had performed and stolen the show she also got a ton of cash, she had a brown sack (full of the cash) slung around her broad left shoulder, the girl was humming to herself as she struts down the road "a girl like you shouldn't be walking alone around these parts" a male voice said from behind her, the girl stopped and stood still she turned her head to see the man "I can do whatever I want thank you very much" she answered back with a disgusted look on her face, the man who stood next to him had brown hair and a crooked nose, he was terrified "Boss, we shouldn't be messing with her you know who she is" the man with the crooked hair uttered still shaking "I don't care if she's Midnight Canary I want that sack of cash and I want it now" the other man known as the Boss demanded "the brown haired dude is correct, my name is Midnight Canary daughter of Black Canary and Green Arrow, I've worked with many criminals as I am one myself and right now you're getting on my nerves" Midnight Canary shouted at them "before I count to 3 I hope you're gone or else I will scream you from existence" she shouted again "come on Boss, let's get outta here" the brown aired man cried and ran off, the Boss growled at her before running after the other man "that's what I thought" Midnight Canary muttered to herself whilst looking at the floor and carried on walking down the streets of Gotham City. 10 minutes later she felt someone's presence, she unbuckled her brown leather whip from her belt and was ready to strike like a bird of prey she heard a rustling noise coming from behind her, Midnight Canary spun on her heel as she did so she flicked her whip at her opponent, she caught something or someone "come out I know you're there" she commanded out into the darkness pulling her mask, which only covered her eyes, from her forehead to her eyes there was no noise the thing didn't even move she tugged at the whip and a dummy collapsed on the floor.

Midnight Canary pov

Creepy I thought as the plastic dummy lay on the floor I put my whip back and put the sack on the floor, I had another bag slung around my neck I opened up the bag looking for a torch as all the street lights had gone out if I looked really carefully I could see that the bulbs had broken the last one went out, I could her footsteps and heavy breathing coming my way "who's there" I yelled getting ready to scream suddenly smoke filled the air my throat felt like it was on fire, I found my torch and switched it on my vision was going blurry but I was stubborn I felt someone's body heat against mine behind me, I rotated my body to see a mask, a red mask covering the persons face the rest of his boy was unclear apart from the red bat pattern on his chest who is this person, wait no… no I thought before I fainted into the persons arms.