Chapter 3

Narrator's pov

The Wayne's mansion was enormous, it was full of different rooms some were bedrooms some were training rooms and some were entertainment rooms. Charlotte sat in the middle of the room reading a book on biology, the room was dark electric purple it has 1 window which was next to her king sized bed there was a desk and chair next to the bed on its left were many book shelves with all the old books from my rented apartment, there was also a pile of boxes in a corner, she wore a yellow vest which said keep calm I'm a superhero, neon green converse, black and white chequered leggings, and her shiny platinum blonde hair in a side ponytail "you know this much light is bad for your blue eyes" a voice whispered in her ear, the voice alerted her she swung her leg behind her tripping the person over, Charlotte jumped on top of the person "oh, it's you, Mister Damian Wayne" she sneered, Charlotte looked at his waist to see a katana being drown she back flipped away from Damian. The other 3 boys came into the room to see Charlotte holding a katana to Damian's neck, Jason and Dick ran up to them whilst Tim closed the door and stood by it, Jason held Charlotte so she wouldn't move whilst Dick got the katana out of her hand "Dami what did you do this time" Tim teased "I did nothing she started it" Damian complained as he got out of the way, Charlotte growled as Jason pinned her on the ground "I get it you're angry but you shouldn't take it out on others" Jason yelled "I ain't just angry I'm furious they left me alone just like they always would" she screamed making Jason fall back, Charlotte breathed in all the air she could and screamed all the boys scattered and dodged the wail, a single tear rolled down her cheek as she stopped screaming, Charlotte breathed deeply "are you gonna stop now?" Dick asked, she turned around and punched the wall making a dent "yeah" Charlotte said with no emotion in her eyes, she sat back down and read her book "hey, you ok?" Tim questioned "yeah completely" she said waving the question away "answer the question properly Charlotte" Jason said sternly "I don't know what you're talking about, Todd"

"only I call him that Lance" Damian said pointing his finger at her "well get used to it" Charlotte said rotating her head, her eyes burnt like fire "just answer the question properly" Jason yawned getting bored "fine, I'm not ok my parents left me with a bunch of heroes" she said looking annoyed "there's nothing wrong with that" Dick said smiling warmly "I'm a criminal I don't belong here" she said cuddling herself trying not to burst into tears "so, we believe we can make you a hero" Tim said rubbing the back of his neck "I doubt that, the main thing I think about is revenge and what to do next" Charlotte's eyes darted towards the door "cya" she said smirking, running towards the door she dodged all the attacks they hit her with.

Charlotte Lance's pov

Nearly there I thought, I extended my hand reaching out for the golden door knob no from behind me someone picked me up "put me down Todd, put me down" I yelped wriggling around in his tight grasp "Charlotte you've got to earn the privilege to leave this room and that's granted by us" Jason huffed "pretty please" I begged "no" they all said in unison worth a try I thought "well this is boring isn't it" I noted lying down on my bed "why were you reading a book on biology?" Damian questioned "I wouldn't tell you in a million years" I answered, he shrugged both shoulders "how do you know Jason?" Tim asked, "we met many years ago here in this house" I said looking out of the glass window and into the night sky "why do you have so many of the outfit?" Dick asked, I turned to see all 4 of them looking through the brown cardboard boxes "well I always get one dirty so I need another"

"what's this?" Damian asked holding a photo of me and my friends from school "those are my old friends, they left school before I did, I was all alone" I sighed "and this?" Jason asked blushing crimson red "that's my leather lingerie, I wear that when I go undercover" I laughed as all the boys blushed "why do you wear that vest when you're a criminal" said Dick pointing at my vest "dunno it just makes me feel comfortable" I said pulling it down and joining them to look at my stuff.