Elsa opened the doors slowly to look out into the view ,she sighed is no longer safe for Anna's death. Hans became the new ruler. It was all because of her! Elsa turned quickly and went back in her ice palace. Elsa needed to forget all of what happened and go take a walk outside. What would happen if Hans's spies are out again ? It doesn't matter anymore. She had to go outside. It has been a month since the last time she went outside. Elsa felt the cold wind in her bones and her feet dragging in the snow. The snowy area was just so beautiful to her. Below the hill ,she could see a small tent so she went to go and check it out. As she went in there , she discovered that was no one there just artifacts and supplies. Elsa looked around a while. Suddenly, she heard a cry ,she looked around to see where the crying is coming from. The crying started becoming louder when she finally made it to where the crying is coming from, she saw a crib she looked over to see what is in that crib which was a baby! As the crying baby looked at her it started laughing.