Elsa and Nicolas were surrounded by Hans's guards! Hans's guards began to attack them! Elsa and Nicolas spun around so that they were back to back in fighting stance. Elsa brought up a lightening bolt -shaped ice spear and struck some guards with her ice magic, while Nicolas punches and kicked some of the attackers until they were knocked out.

While fighting, Elsa looked closely at the balcony and saw Hans leaving to get away. Elsa to ran inside the castle,slid past the guards on a frozen carpet she created quickly. The guards tried to stop her and ran into each other inside the castle trying to follow Elsa who was moving too fast.

Elsa zipped through the castle looking for Hans. She had was flashbacks of her and her sister Anna in her head,when they were young playing in the castle. The thoughts about that time sprung tears in her eyes.

Elsa finally found Hans. Hans was begged for mercy.

"No, Elsa, please.", Hans got on the ground with his hands up in the air.

"I know your upset but,please, you will never forgive yourself if you kill another person like you killed your sister, Anna.", said Hans.

"I didn't mean to kill her! It was a accident.", said Elsa."

"But ,Elsa ,listen I'm the king and if you kill me the whole world will turn against you ! I mean,I tried to keep the people safe and warm while you were gone.",said Hans, trying to sound innocent.

"Then, how come you didn't do anything on how to stop the snow storm! People need a real ruler, not a faker!",shouted Elsa.

Hans looked down at the ground. "Your right.", he whispered. Hans spine shook as Elsa comes closer to him,ready to attack!

Hans had finally chose to speak,as the guards came to see what's going on..

"I killed Anna...", admitted Hans,"I put her softly on the coach. She was so cold and weak,she couldn't survive. She had no choice but to die. So,got out a dagger and stabbed her through the chest. I knew she would not survive and I couldn't help her.. so I had no choice but to kill her.", explained Hans.

Elsa mouth was opened wide, as the guards came closer to Hans and took him away.

"You know you are in serious trouble for murdering the princess right?", Said guard number one, Hans nodded,as the guards took him away.

One Week Later~

Hans was exiled out of the kingdom. Elsa was crowned back, Queen of Arendelle . Nicolas became prince. The snow storm had stopped and summer was brought back to Arendelle.

Elsa came to the balcony to get fresh air. She could hear a ghost voice say "Well done Elsa..." It was Anna's voice.. which made Elsa smile warmly.

"You brought back summer and saved everyone...", said Anna's voice which made Elsa's heart happy.

"You did it...",said Anna's voice as it faded away.

The End