Klaus and Hayley are having an argument about Hope's safety.

"I think we should send her to boarding school to control her powers." Hayley says confidently.

"No, absolutely not, I may want our daughter safe but I'm not sending her to Mystic Falls." Klaus argues with a more sensitive tone.

"Why not? She's met one of the owners of the school and Caroline's also there teaching and helping out." Hayley says clearly trying to persuade him.

"That's the exact reason why I don't want her in Mystic Falls, I trust no one in that town anymore." Klaus partially shouts at her while saying this.

"Why not, Klaus? You keep telling me why you don't want her there but you're telling me how dangerous the townspeople are!" Hayley shouts back at him.

"Those townspeople are the bloody reason I lacked two brothers when I first arrived in New Orleans! They killed my brothers! My Family!" Klaus yells and his tone is cracking as though he wants to cry but doesn't.

"And I fear that they'll take you and our daughter away from me as well." Klaus stops shouting and has his tone sound more hurt and concerned as he sits on the couch.

"Ok then, do you have any other ideas?" Hayley calms down and sits next to Klaus on the couch.

"Kol and Davina, I may not trust Kol but I do trust Davina which makes Kol 'trusted adjacent'." Klaus says looking at her.

"But the hollow is separated into the four of you, you're never supposed to see each other." Hayley says confused.

"No, the Hollow is separated in me and my siblings, not Hope which means I can trust both Kol and Davina to take care of her." Klaus says reassuring a confused Hayley.

"Yet the only question that remains is can you trust either of them?" Klaus asks then looks deeply in her eyes.

"No, I don't trust Kol or Davina but I do trust you." Hayley says and follows his eye movements until they both find themselves leaning forward.

"I pray I'm not interrupting another argument." Hope enters the room causing her parents to look away from each other.

"No not at all, we were actually just talking about you." Klaus says looking at Hope.

"You were? Anything bad being said?" Hope asks wondering what her were talking about.

"No nothing bad, just a small argument that has been resolved." Hayley says reassuring her.

"Oh, okay then what were you guys talking about?" Hope asks gleefully.

"So, me and your mother came to a conclusion on how to keep you safe." Klaus says clearly piquing Hope's interest.

"You did?" Hope asks looking at them both confused and shocked.

"Yes, now at first we were thinking of sending you to a boarding school but your father thinks we should send you with Kol and Davina on their worldly trip." Hayley says.

"Those are your two options, we wanted to give you a choice before we decided to pack your bags." Klaus says as though he already knows what her answer would be.

"Really, I can go with Uncle Kol and Aunt Davina on their trip?" Hope asks even more gleefully.

"Well yes, but only if Kol and Davina are okay with it." Klaus says implying he didn't tell them of this.

"If only Kol and and Davina are okay with what?" Davina asks walking downstairs carrying a big box and Kol behind her making sure she doesn't fall.

"Me going with you guys on your world trip." Hope answers happily informing them.

"Oh well that works for me, how about you Davina?" Kol asks as they reach to bottom of the stairs.

"Oh, I'm perfectly fine with it as long as her parents are alright with it." Davina says happy about fact and hands the box she's holding to Kol.

"Obviously we're okay with it, it was our idea." Klaus exclaims proudly.

"Well in that case, how about you go pack your bags Hope?" Kol says and Hope runs upstairs to pack her things.

The next day the five of them are at the airport.

"This is going to the greatest trip ever." Hope says happily to Davina who is just as excited.

"So, was it really your guy's idea to have her tag along on the trip?" Kol asks Klaus with obvious skepticism.

"Actually, Hope going with you was my idea, Hayley agreed to it after I told why I didn't want her in a boarding school." Klaus explains which makes Kol partly smile.

Kol, Davina, and Hope's flight gets called.

"I'll see you soon." Hope hugs her parents as if neither of them want to separate ways.

"Awww, group hug." Davina says and her and Kol join in.

"Alright, we have to go now or else we'll miss our flight." Kol says and they all part with the three of them going on a plane.

"And where are you going again?" Klaus asks Hayley for clarification.

"Um, I'm going to France." Hayley says with her eyes tearing up.

"Oh god, are you going to cry? Please tell me you're not going to cry." Klaus says starting to get uncomfortable.

"Nope, I'm not going to cry." Hayley says and walks away to the bathroom.

Klaus waits until Hayley returns.

"Are you good? Did you get all the liquidized eye boogers out?" Klaus says uncomfortably while also comforting Hayley.

"You mean tears? Yeah, for now, I'll do more on the plane away from you." Hayley says confirming of what she'll be doing on the plane.

"Good, good." Klaus says the two of them wait until Hayley's flight gets called.

"Well, uh, stay in contact. Write, text, email, Skype, something along those lines. I'll see you soon, maybe." Klaus says very awkwardly.

"Will do but for now, I think we've been through enough." Hayley says confirming of staying in contact and then hugging him.

Klaus watches as she boards her flight then leaves the airport and returns to the compound.

"Hey Klaus." Marcel says as Klaus walks in making Klaus jump a little.

"Jesus Marcel, bloody announce yourself before I walk in, will you?" Klaus says clearly confusing Marcel.

"Sure, I'll text you so you can be alerted when I'm here." Marcel says obviously still confused.

"Well no need, I'll be leaving soon once I pick a destination." Klaus says kind of bitterly.

"Klaus, I wanted to apologize." Marcel says making Klaus pay attention.

"Torturing you, visiting you and gloating, causing you to nearly lose your siblings. I'm sorry and you just need to know that." Marcel says kind of sad.

"I'm not sure why you're apologizing, if anything I should be apologizing." Klaus says which causes Marcel to pay attention.

"I'm sorry you met me, I'm sorry you grew up with my family never knowing which of my siblings hated you or wanted and adored you, I'm sorry I raised you to be the one person I couldn't hate more, myself." Klaus says and Marcel looks upset by what he's saying.

"I'm sorry I ruined your life, I'm sorry that I turned you into a second me, I turned you into a walking disappointment and I couldn't be more sorry." Klaus continues to clearly upset Marcel.

"I'm also sorry because I am the one who taught you 'when in doubt, take them all out'. I'm sorry I took you in as the image of my son. So if anything you should be proud for taking out of commission, as if anything, I deserved everything I got." Klaus says and walks off leaving Marcel even more hurt than before.

Hours later, Klaus is in his art room trying to fit an easel in his bag when Marcel walks in.

"I thought about what you said, and you're right but I'm not sorry for letting you in my life. I think you forget that I could've told you to shove off when I was a kid, I mean I did have free will." Marcel says catching Klaus' attention.

"Even if you didn't want me, I still chose to leave with you. Also, I'm not sorry I saw you as a father, you were the best father I ever had. Your daughter was lucky to know you even if it was only for a few months, I guess that also should've been in my earlier apology." Marcel says explaining his free will and turns to leave.

"Have you ever left New Orleans, Marcellus?" Klaus asks causing Marcel to stop and face him.

"No, I was born and raised here and then stayed here once you left." Marcel explains and Klaus just gives a small understanding nod.

"Did you want to come with me? I'm not sure where I'm going but it could be everywhere with you." Klaus says and gives Marcel a soft smile.

"Yeah, I'd like to leave New Orleans for at least once in my life." Marcel says and gives Klaus the same soft smile.

"Then it's settled, we will travel the world and you can finally see what it has to offer." Klaus says smiling at him and Marcel smiling back.

*Several Months Later*

Klaus and Marcel have just reached Maine's airport.

"Wow, who knew you could travel so much of the world in only like what, 10 months?" Marcel asks gleeful as he picks up his bags from the luggage carrier.

"Yeah well, it does help we didn't spend much time in most of those places so that made it pretty easy to travel the world." Klaus says already having his bags with him.

"Definitely, now why are we starting in Maine?" Marcel asks as Klaus flags down a taxi.

"Well, I wanted to start from the east coast and move from there. Don't you remember, you agreed to it." Klaus says as a taxi stops and they put their luggage in the trunk.

"Right I forgot, you know I have bad memory." Marcel says and they get in the taxi.

Klaus tells the driver where to go and the two just sit and wait until the taxi stops outside a hotel Kaus then pays the driver and the get out and get their bags.

"So, I'm assuming you've been here before." Marcel says obviously knowing the answer as he closes the trunk after they got their bags.

"Of course I have, I've been here more than once over the years truth be told." Klaus exclaims and they enter the hotel lobby.

"Ah, Mr. Michaels. Your usual room, with two beds or one? " the Lobbyist greets then asks clearly making assumptions.

"Oh, two beds is considered the usual, thank you." Klaus says as the lobbyist hands him two room keys.

"So you're a regular in this hotel?" Marcel asks him once they're in the elevator.

"Oh please Marcellus, I'm regular everywhere." Klaus says as he just sort of flicks his wrist as though he is stating a fact, tilts his head to the side, and shrugs which reminds Marcel of Elijah.

"Of course you are Klaus." Marcel says sarcastically as he rolls his eyes at the comment.

The elevator stops and they walk off to go the regular room Klaus has.

"Really, 669? That's our hotel room number?" Marcel asks as they walk up to it.

"Yep, why do you have a problem with it?" klaus says as he opens the room and turns the lights on.

It's a penthouse suite and very luxurious with a lot of room.

"I don't have a problem with it now." Marcel says in complete awe.

"Well I do own the room, I have Jess, the lobbyist, keep the keys because I would've either lost them or left them in the room or both." Klaus explains.

"Oh really, you have a nickname for everyone, including yourself, yet you refuse to call me Marcel?" Marcel asks sounding annoyed with Klaus.

"I prefer calling you Marcellus, because it's the name I chose so it's what I call you." Klaus says explaining his reasons.

"Now, you seem stressed and jet lagged so how about we go to sleep and when we awake we'll go to the best nightclub Brunswick, Maine has to offer." Klaus says and then they're out.

The next day, Marcel wakes up first and decides to order room service which causes Klaus to wake up later when there's a knock on the door.

"What? What, who's there?" Klaus murmured half asleep as jumps up from bed and looks as though he's prepared to fight.

"Easy Jackie Chan, it's just room service." Marcel says before he opens the door to reveal room service.

"Oh okay." Klaus says seeming more awake.

"I got you food because I wasn't sure when you were going to wake up." Marcel says and holds out a plate of food in front of him.

Klaus gladly takes the plate then sits on the bed and digs in.

Afterwards, Klaus falls back asleep leaving Marcel to do whatever he'd like until Klaus reawakens which leads to Marcel watching TV.

A few hours later, Klaus wakes up and sits next to Marcel, who is watching the Simpsons.

"Look who's finally awake, it's 7:32 p.m." Marcel says relieved to see Klaus up.

"I'm aware of what time it is, I planned to wake up this late. Now we can to that nightclub I told you about." Klaus says happily as Marcel turns off the TV.

"Alright then, why are we lounging around for let's go clubbing." Marcel says excitedly and they leave for the club.

The next morning, Klaus wakes up in an empty room.

"Marcel?" Klaus asks after he starts wandering around his hotel room.

Klaus walks into the bathroom and starts to shower.

After a few hours of being alone, Klaus calls Marcel.

"Hey, Marcel where are you?" Klaus asks once he picked up the phone.

"Uh, I have no idea I think I'm in a different hotel, with a girl." Marcel says giving Klaus a reasonable theory.

"Just get back here as soon as you can, alright?" Klaus says slightly disturbed.

"Alright." Marcel says and they end the call.

After having a lot of fun in Maine, a week later Klaus and Marcel are walking around town talking and eating corn dogs.

"Who knew there was so much to do in Maine?" Marcel asks Klaus sounding like an excitable kid.

"I'm sure most of the people who live here would know." Klaus replies with clear sarcasm.

"Well obviously, but I'm just asking on if tourists are shocked." Marcel says in a questioning tone.

He continues talk but Klaus can barely hear him as it's very muffled and slowly starts turning to white noise.

Just when they're about to cross the street, Klaus nearly collapses on the sidewalk but Marcel catches him before he completely falls.

Marcel puts one of Klaus' arms around himself and starts walking back to the hotel reassuring everyone he's fine.

Once in the hotel room, Marcel places Klaus on the couch and waits for him to wake up.

When Klaus does awake he sees Marcel sitting across from him.

"May I ask why you collapsed on me?" Marcel asks concerned.

"It was an impromptu nap, you know I can't control that." Klaus says praying that would reassure him.

"See I would believe that, but those are also spontaneous which means you just hit the floor without any signs. You showed signs that you were about to collapse." Marcel explains and Klaus just sighs.

"Fine, you caught me. Remember the party we went to and got completely smashed at?" Klaus asks.

"Vaguely, continue." Marcel says plainly.

"Well I slowly started remembering, then I saw this and remembered how I got it." Klaus says as he lifts up his sleeve to reveal small, dented yet grazed teeth marks along the vein of his right arm and Marcel looks at it confused.

"We were completely smashed when you asked if people's arms are edible and since neither of us new at the time, I volunteered for you to test it on me. This bite came from you." Klaus explains and Marcel looks shocked as well as upset.

"This is bad like really really bad, you're dying. We should tell Kol, he needs to know this." Marcel says starting to panic.

"No we can't tell Kol, then he'll try to fix it and part of the Hollow can come together." Klaus says trying to calm Marcel as he lies back on the couch.

"Vincent made it clear that the Hollow can only resurface and come together is if you're all in the same room not just two of you but that fact aside, you need to tell Kol and more importantly Hope." Marcel says and Klaus starts shaking his head.

"No I don't want Hope to worry, I'll be fine." Klaus says.

"My bite has no cure Klaus, you're going to die unless Kol can manage to find a way to save you." Marcel says and turns to walk away.

"That's if he actually wants to, let alone cares enough to save me." Klaus says sadly and starts choking.

Marcel turns around to see the bite worsening then vamp speeds off and comes back with a computer.

He sits on the couch opposite of Klaus and Skypes Kol.

Davina answers the Skype call happily.

"Hello? Hi Marcel, What's up?" Davina asks cheerfully.

"Oh not much, where's Kol?" Marcel asks clearly trying to search side of the computer.

"He's in the shower right now. What can he help you with?" Hope says walking up in a bathing suit and a towel.

"Are you guys going swimming or something?" Marcel asks taking note of Hope's appearance.

"Nope, we just came back from the pool." Davina says hugging Hope.

Just then Kol walks out of the bathroom clothed.

"I heard Marcel's voice and that fact we wants to see me." Kol exclaims implying he was eavesdropping.

"Yes, we have a problem and I didn't know who else to skype." Marcel says and Kol put a hand to his chest mouthing 'I'm touched' in the background.

Marcel tells them everything that Klaus told him.