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Gather around dear friends, and listen to this tale that I am about to tell you of.

You are already asking yourself at this point "Is this the story about the Paladin of Equestria and how he retrieved the Song of Order? That ancient blade sworn to protect everypony in times of danger?" No, no. Not at all. This is a completely different tale, but in a faraway land where it has no hopes of reaching our enchanted lands of Equestria.

Long ago, when the isles of Whinnepagos had collapsed from the skies and fell into the oceans between the two worlds - it was by the prophets, considered the warning sign of what would come for the land of Abyssinia, home of various other races... feline, parrot, zebra, elk, ibex, countless other innocent races that inhabited that side.

All of them had been aware of what happened in the middle of the ocean, but had dared not to cross the ocean to the other side for Equestria. They had already been aware of what happened to their Hippogriff neighbours to the south - following their unexpected disappearance following the war between them and the hairy minions of a yeti-satyr they knew nothing about years later after the establishment of Equestria.

From the island south-west is where they feared this yeti-satyr who dared to call himself king. Just like their master over there, the fur of his minions were white as winter snow, and their eyes through their own helmets an icy blue. Though his birth was quite a mystery unable to be figured out, they knew about almost nothing about him.

He... a cruel, yet dangerous king who led a mighty fleet he had built for many years on what others south of Abyssinia considered to look like flying ships soaring overhead in the skies to show his intimidation that would one day attack Abyssinia with unknown purposes. They knew of his ambitions: how he conquered many lands past his own island, and destroyed dozens more of them.

He remained unaware of the Paladin that had been bestowed upon Equestria, though only having heard rumors of what went on there like how a single lone human not from their world took down Nightmare Moon and spared her in the end. He easily brushed off anything that mentioned a human... just knowing that it wouldn't be possible for humans to exist in their world. At least that's what all think.

The name of this king is enough to bring quite a chill to even your own bones. This invincible, implacable force of nature... striking panic to those who dare cross him. His name... was the Storm King.

"Whoa, hey!"

Uhhh... what?

"Seems kinda unfair to have somebody else telling my story! If we're going to have a whole chapter about me, then I'm going to tell it!"

No, you can't do this! Let me go! Not the dungeon!

"Sorry about that folks. Typical narrator stealing my spotlight. In order to have you hear everything of my intentions... you'll want to hear what I have to say don't you all? So please... join me on the next chapter, won't you?"

"Let me tell you a story about myself... The Storm King."