Hello everyone, Nekron here.

I have some bad news to tell every one of you for those who have been reading Consign To Oblivion, and have been waiting patiently for the next chapter.

I'm sorry to have to disappoint you, but I have made the hard decision to place this story on an indefinite hiatus.

The reason for the permanent hiatus is hard to explain, but I shall give you the short, easier version of my explanation: It's most because I feel very burnt out from trying to write for both this and Learning To Live. I do not believe that I might be coming back to this story anytime soon, and it's a shame too, because I had some great ideas that would come, but all of a sudden make me hit a brick wall when trying to write down the story.

If I do decide to come back, you'll know when you see that there is an update.

As for those reading Learning To Live, I thank all of you for your patience as I continue to write down the next chapter of the story. After five years into writing this story, I have to say there are 20 - 23 chapters left, so I hate to say that the story is going to be closing the book really soon. Yep, just those chapters and then the story is done.

One or a few readers have asked me if there will be a series or a sequel to Learning To Live when I am finished with it. For me, I would say no to the idea of a series, but a sequel is a very small maybe. If it is a confirmed idea, it would mostly consist of the ideas that I've had to cut from the final product of Learning To Live. For those who gave me the ideas that I've sadly had to cut, I apologize in advance.

If there is to be no sequel, I am sure that I will write in an ending that will wrap up everything that was set up in the story. The ending for Learning To Live is already 100% developed, and will be quite surprising when it comes in.

I do have some original ideas that I have been wanting to work on for a little while now, so once I have finished LTL, then I can begin work on them immediately.

Again, thank you for all who have been reading this, and I hope you'll enjoy the last couple of chapters of Learning To Live.

May the Magic of Friendship prevail, now and forevermore!

Nekron Smauzog

Another update, so I can clear up everything for those who are demanding more chapters for Consign.

There might be more chapters in the future. Just mostly depends on both my writing and work schedule, but do keep an eye out for any updates, especially on this author's note as it could change into a chapter. However, it's not that simple nowadays. It's mostly based on if I feel there should be another chapter and it has to come to mind. It doesn't just come at the snap of a finger, but if there is another chapter, there will be plenty of joy for those wanting to continue the story.

So again, just remain patient. There are plenty of others out there until this one bobs again on the hook of the fishing net.