"Told you, they'll like it." Edmund rolled his eyes and watched in fake despair as the invited guests ate his chocolate. Oh god. What did he do to deserve such torture?

His gaze swept to his blond brother. Oh. Him. Who else in all of Narnia would torture him like this in his simple but cruel way? Argh. The prat. The sodding prat was giving his chocolates away. The chocolate he perfected for months. The chocolate he wasted time on. The chocolate that cured his sweet tooth.

Oh Aslan.

"Sometimes, Pete, I really do hate you." He said bitterly.

His High King brother laughed and patted his shoulders. "Come now, brother, the day's too merry for that frown marring your face."

Edmund crossed his arms. "Well, if you hadn't brag and give my chocolates, I wouldn't have this frown marring my face."

"That's the spirit!" Peter said, winking at him before stalking away to talk to the guests. Edmund huffed and went to sit on his throne sulkily. Lucy was heading towards him, skipping. She held a chocolate bar in her hands and broke it into two.

She offered it to him.

Edmund pushed it away. "No, thanks, madam, I think that's stuff left a foul taste on my mouth."

"Oh, brother, what is it now?" Edmund did not reply but just stared at the guests who were eating his product longingly.

Lucy built the pieces immediately and nodded in comprehension. "I see."

Edmund's head snapped. "See what?"

"I see that you're upset, silly." His blonde sister stood beside him.

Lucy let out a sigh. "Let them taste it, Ed, they never tasted chocolate in their life. You could at least give them the chance." The Just King felt his shoulder relaxed and looked at his sister. He shook his head.

"Why are you always right?"

Lucy's twinkling laugh made him smile. "I'm not always right. I just happen to not let my ire control me." She took a bite of the chocolate bar and stared at it thoughtfully.

"Right. Well, thanks Lu." Lucy grinned down at him.

"Anytime, sir." They turned their heads as they spotted a dryad with a small man beside her. Edmund raised a brow at his sister.

"A dwarf?" Asked Susan.

"No, he's less too hairy and kind looking, no offense." Interjected Peter.

Lucy snorted. "Curious. Shall we welcome him?"

Peter and Edmund nodded "After you madams."

The oligarchy strode towards them slowly. Frodo felt intimidated by their presence. They were young, he could tell, but had an aura of respect and regality. The dryad bowed. "Merry Christmas, your Majesties. I'd like you to meet Master Frodo Baggins. He is a hobbit."

Peter smiled and bowed lightly. "Hello, Master Frodo. I hope you're doing well. How's your visit in Narnia?"

Frodo stared wide-eyed at them. He'd never seen humans in Middle-Earth as handsome and beautiful as they (well ... with the exemption of Aragorn, Faramir, Boromir, Eomer, and Eowyn). Truly. "I-I..."

"Forgive my insolence for this but what is a hobbit?" Edmund asked.

Susan noted the growing crowd of curious eyes surrounding them. "Perhaps, madams and sir, that we should discuss this formalities in a more private area." They nodded in agreement and went to the library.

They stared at Frodo for a long time and the poor hobbit fidgeted uncomfortably. "Would you like a cup of hot chocolate?"

Frodo felt his mouth water by the Gentle Queen's offer. "Yes please."

Edmund raised a brow at this discovery. "Where are you from, Master Frodo? I'm sorry to say that I don't know any regions in Narnia that makes chocolate." He looked thoughtful for a second. "Or maybe I was just unaware that someone had already invented chocolate here before I had."

Peter grinned. "Shame."

"Shove off." His Just brother muttered.

"Oh, no, no. I'm not from here." He said frantically.

Edmund raised a brow. "Archenland, perhaps? Calormen?" He snapped his fingers in realization. "Aha! The Wild Lands? Am I right?"

The hobbit looked bewildered. "No, I'm not from any of those places."

"Ettinsmoor?" Edmund's one last guess led the exasperated hobbit tell the truth.

"I'm from Middle-Earth."

Lucy's ears perked. "Earth, you say?"

"No, my queen, I said Middle-Earth." Frodo corrected.

Lucy pouted in disappointment. Susan returned with a cup of hot chocolate and a meal. She put it down and gestured Frodo to begin eating. Peter didn't want to be rude and disturb the hobbit's appetite but he was curious about this Middle-Earth. Wherever it was, it was not in Narnia's geography. "You are transported here?" It was more of a statement than a question.

Frodo paused. "Yes, I guess, you could say that."

The siblings looked at each other. "Remarkable. Did you come alone?" Peter asked.

"I sure hope not." He said remembering the Fellowship.

"You, mean there are more of you?" Lucy squealed.

"Not really but I think they're already on the way."

Edmund clamped a friendly hand on Frodo's shoulder. "Tell you what, my dear friend, while we're waiting for your companions, can we discuss where does this chocolate you speak of in your world come from?"

The library was suddenly filled by grunts and groans.


"Frodo's inside there?" Legolas asked, his blue eyes questioning his company. They stared at the palace of Cair Paravel. The exterior of the place was lit with garlands and beautiful lights.

"Yes." Aragorn nodded. His wife Arwen beside him. Gandalf started walking towards the palace while swinging his staff.

"What are you doing?" Merry asked.

"Going inside, what else?"

They looked at the old wizard as if he had grown another head. "I think we ought to have invitations." Pippin reasoned, pointing at the entrance.

Gandalf glared at his underestimation. "Fool of a took..." he muttered "I'm not a wizard for nothing."

They sauntered towards the guards who was looking positively curious about their appearance. Gandalf wave about his staff at the guards. They nodded stiffly and let them enter.

"We have to split up in order to find Master Baggins." Aragorn suggested. "Legolas and Gimli." The two huffed indignantly. "Merry and Pippin."

"Sam— Where's Sam?"

"He didn't want to go, remember?" Gimli's gruff voice reminded him. He shook his head.

"And Arwen and I." Aragorn looked at Gandalf.

"I'll be fine, King Elessar." He chuckled. "Go on."


"Lucy, I'm not interested with Earl Brahm." Susan denied and pursed her lips in annoyance.

The Valiant Queen rolled her blue eyes. "Really? Is that why you always avoid him because you're afraid of getting trapped with him under the mistletoe?"

The Gentle Queen crossed her arms. "Yes, that's why. If I'm not mistaken, you're doing the same thing to Rainidan." Lucy gasped.

"No!" She said scandalized. Susan smirked in triumph.

"Yes, sister." She laughed before walking away. Susan squealed when she bump into a hard shoulder. Whatever or whoever it was, it held her close, stopping her unfortunate fall.

Susan blinked after recovering and found herself staring into a pair of blue eyes. She backed her head away and untangled herself from the stranger's arms. "I apologize for my clumsiness." She said hastily.

"The faults all mine, Miss. I'm the one that has to say sorry." She took in his long blond hair and blue robes. She raised a brow subtly at his attire and smiled politely.

"You and I are forgiven, I guess." She curtsied. She saw his company. A ginger dwarf who looked anything but grumpy.

"Good evening, Master Dwarf." He grunted as a reply.

"Forgive him. He lacks courteousness." The blond joked.

"I do not!" The dwarf protested.

"Oh it's fine. I'm Susan." The Gentle Queen pointed at her sister. "That is my sister, Lucy." Lucy curtsied.

"Pleasures all mine, Misses. I'm Legolas." He bowed. "And this is my ... acquaintance, Gimli."

Susan was not new to such odd names but it seemed that these two's names were far from Narnian. "It's a pleasure to meet you but I think my sister and I have somewhere else to be." She said. As much as she wanted to know more about Legolas, the dignitaries requested their presence... again.

Sighing, she excused theirselves and gathered her skirts up. She stopped dead when she felt an invisible wall blocking her way. She looked up and refrained herself from shouting frustratedly.

"What is it, Miss?" Legolas asked concernedly.

Susan calmed herself and explained their current predicament. "We are under a mistletoe, Master Legolas."

The blond raised a delicate brow. "Mistletoe?"

"Yes." She said calmly. "We can't get rid of this invisible wall until we kiss."

His blue eyes widened. "Kiss?"

"Yes. You know, snog? Lip-lock? Smooch? French—"

"Susan, I think he gets the point." Lucy interjected, giggling. The Gentle Queen flushed. She turned her cerulean blue eyes to Legolas who was looking at her.

"Can we not just destroy it?" He frowned.

"I'm afraid that can't be done. My brothers, sister, and I tried everything. The only remedy is well ..." she didn't want to say kiss anymore. Not when the man was overly bloody handsome and not when he was looking at her innocently.

"How can I explain this?" She stood there, thinking. Eventually, she threw her hands. "We should just touch our lips..." she trailed off. This was embarrassing!

"Touch our lips with each other's lips." The man chuckled in amusement.

"Oh, screw this." She grabbed his collar and smashed her lips into his. He was shocked at her advancement but was happy to join her kiss. His pink lips move expertly with hers as Susan circled her arms around his neck and dug her fingers through his hair, not caring that her sister was watching in shock or that the dwarf Gimli was walking away, 'muttering he was too old for this'.

She felt the invisible force crumbling away and was about to pull off in relief when Legolas pulled her soft body into his hard one and kissed her more ferociously. She gasped in between kisses. "We — should — stop—"

"But —"

"Hey, we've been ... HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! SUSAN!" She heard the giggling of Lucy and Peter's horrified shriek. She pushed Legolas away and faced her fuming brother who was glaring darkly at the man.

"Peter, I can explain." She said, panicking.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" Peter asked stepping in to intimidate the man.

Legolas bowed, looking apologetically at them. Susan glared at him. "I apologize, are you her beau?"

Peter choked. Lucy choked. Susan well ... she was the one who choked the most. "I'm her brother!"

The blond elf looked taken aback before shooting a look at Susan. "You've got some explaining to do, Su." Edmund entered, chuckling lightly.

"It's the mistletoe." She said dryly.

Edmund bursted in laughter. "Forgive us for the inconvenience we had caused you, sir." He said before patting Peter's shoulder. "No need to get worked up, Peter. I know that even though the kiss is consensual, the two know their limits, right?" His eyes swept to his sister and the stranger. They nodded.

"See?" Peter huffed and pulled his two sisters away.

"Go first. I have to talk to this guy."

Susan pinched the High King. "Peter! It was just a harmless kiss!"

"If gobbling each other up would be considered as a harmless kiss! When I came there was no mistletoe—"

"It wilted, Peter." She cut in.

"—And you two are still on each other. Have you no decency, Susan? You are a Queen for crying out loud!" Legolas raised his brow at Peter's protectiveness and half-surprised that the woman he had just kissed was a Queen.

"I'm sorry but last time I checked, I was free to choose whom I kiss! You didn't hear me complaining how indecent you were when you were found in the broom closet with Elaine!" She argued.

Peter huffed and waved his hand. "You three are dismissed. Now." He barked. They nodded defeatedly. Susan looked at Legolas worriedly. He smiled, assuring her. She relaxed and turned her back.