Rider of Justice


The rain pattered against the concrete road in a heavy storm, the sound of the weather thundering away. Cars raced down the streets lit by lights, while others protected themselves against the deluge with coats and umbrellas. You could barely see anything through the rain- people were merely dark shapes moving about.

It was almost a normal sight. Indeed, Fuyuki City had been forecast several days ago for heavy rain, but there was something... eerie. Strange in the air, something that made people more fearful and more cautious in this downpour.

Steps echoed through the streets, phantoms walking along the roads towards one another. The people they belonged to bore no sign of noticing the passersby who gave them strange looks, nor of the floating stars with wings attached to them. One red and one blue, their wings shivered in the cold and in anticipation.

Dangerous. This encounter was going to be dangerous, they sensed easily.

The steps eventually stopped opposite one another, each on a different side of the street. The two young men eyed each other up as one would do to an opponent, each clutching something in their right hands.

From a distance, and through the rain, the objects almost looked like belt buckles.

The boy closest to a traditional Japanese style home was quite the oddity. Red hair was already uncommon in Japan, amber eyes even more so, but across his hair, haphazard streaks of white could be seen. They stopped at one point only to reappear in another place in larger pale clumps.

What else was strange was his skin tone. Across normally pale skin, large tan lines streaked up his face, collecting around his left eye in an especially large spot. To outsiders, the tan lines would undoubtedly look more like scars, or rather cracks similar to the result of kintsugi.

He was clad in a dark, zipped-up hoodie along with blue jeans and white trainers, but something about him radiated 'strength'. He didn't bear the stance of a true-born warrior, but he was undoubtedly prepared to fight even as his hand shivered. From anticipation, fear or apprehension could not be known.

His opponent was different. In his early to mid-twenties at the very least, he wore a dark suit with a white shirt and black tie around his neck. His dark hair, normally flaring out a little wildly, was flattened by the downpour of rain, though his brown eyes remained clear.

Focusing on his opponent, the brown-haired man sighed despite himself, rubbing at his face.

"You really cannot die, can you?" He muttered, loud enough for the other to hear him. "Shirou Emiya... you're a truly persistent person."

Shirou Emiya laughed a little to himself, shrugging lightly despite the tension in the air. "Well, I just keep getting lucky. Thanks for helping against that Saber though, MacDonnell."

"Think nothing of it." Ethan waved a hand dismissively. "After all, he was a mutual enemy to us. It was more beneficial to help you against him rather than keep fighting."

Shirou nodded in understanding, remembering back just a few days ago. That Saber... with that sword that cut everything in its way, along with having an evil aura... Shirou gulped audibly, paling a little. It had been a miracle he had survived that encounter...

Static filled his mind.

How had he done so? His body had been perforated, cut up, sliced and more by that Blackened Hero's blade, that shining black katana that oozed malevolence.

The reason Shirou had lived. It could only be described as...

His mind was on fire. His body was hot...!

I am the bone of my sword.

Steel is my mind, and fire is my blood.

So, as I pray...

Un**mit*d *os* W*r*s

Shirou drew himself out of his reverie, instead re-training his vision on Ethan. Briefly holding his chest as phantom pain coursed through his heart. Breathing a little heavy, he readjusted his grip on the object in his hand.

Ethan saw the motion and wordlessly copied him.

"There's... really no way we can avoid this, is there?" Shirou smiled forlornly, asking that single rhetorical question. "If you back off..."

Ethan shook his head. "There's no way to avoid it. I have to retrieve that girl and the other Class Cards. It's not personal... I'm just doing my job."

That was to be expected. As a bounty hunter of sorts, Ethan would inevitably do what he had to do in order to gain money and complete a mission.

With the girls sleeping in the estate behind him, Shirou had no other option but to protect them. Truly, he was actually afraid: he knew what Ethan could do, what he was capable of with that. But despite his feelings of fear... Shirou Emiya did not once falter.

His eyes narrowed, swallowing the pit of fear in his throat, and decided to fight.

Pressing the buckle against his waist, a leather belt wrapped around it, securing it to himself. Ethan, devoid of emotion, did the same. At that time, they both took out their Class Cards, ready to begin the fight that would decide a certain amber-eyed girl's fate.

The card in Shirou's hand depicted an archer aiming a bow at the sky. Ethan's depicted a beast-headed man snarling, flexing and ready to destroy.

However, the card in Shirou's hand was cracked, and blackened as if thrown into a fire. Shirou felt uneasy, using it again so soon after that happened. Even now, he breathed heavily at the prospect of that happening again.

But he had no choice.

"Henshin!" They both shouted resolutely, sliding their cards into their belts.



Light encompassed their bodies- one the color of fire, the other a deep ruby red. For several moments the aura wrapped around them, before dissipating in a flourish.

Shirou was now clad in black armor, with gold patterns emblazoned along the armored arms before going down to his hands, which also had thick metal 'manacles' clasped on them. The gold lines continued down his legs and onto his boots, before looping back and encircling his knees. His chest armor was red, with the golden lines continuing across it. His helmet, however, covered his entire head, with the forehead piece being white and with something akin to white crests jutting out to the sides of the helmet. The amber lenses of the helmet flashed brightly in the night.

Kamen Rider Nameless.

In his hands were clasped two weapons that bore a resemblance to handguns. However, they also had blades attached to their undersides- one as black as night, with a design similar to hexagons, while the other was as white as the clouds in the sky.

Deadly weapons, finely tuned for the personal use of a man who fell into the role of a machine.

Ethan was clad in black armor as well, but of a different design. His forearms were enclosed in red, spiked gauntlets, with skull designs engraved onto them also. His boots were clawed, with red bones clinging to his legs and torso. Two blood-red whip-like appendages were attached to his back, fluttering in the rain. His chest armor was adorned with an elaborate design bearing a resemblance to the runes used by the Irish magi of old. Finally, around Ethan's head was a horned helmet, with only a slit with shining lenses being an indication of him being able to see.

Kamen Rider Curruid.

In his right hand was clasped a huge spear that shone crimson. It had spikes along the edges, just before the sharpened blades on each end. An aura flowed around it and Shirou's stance tightened as if the spear was seeking out something to devour.

Even being in the state as he was now, an image burned itself slightly into Shirou's mind. That spear...

Gae Bolg Curruid: The Spear of Carnage.

He knew what that spear could do, had experienced it for himself as the scar on his chest could attest. Shirou tensed, however, instead of freezing- he couldn't afford to do so right now, couldn't afford to show weakness to his opponent.

Kamen Rider Curruid grasped his spear and twirled it around in a wide circle. It easily gouged into the road he stood on, debris flying. Curruid grasped the shaft again tightly, stopping the rotating. Pointing it towards Shirou, his tone lacked emotion as he spoke.

"I apologize for this, but... I will kill you here and now Shirou Emiya." Curruid informed him. "You cannot be left alive any longer."

"I'd like to see you try." Shirou grasped his handguns tightly. "I'm not gonna die so easily. But if I'm gonna die... I'll take you with me."

Curruid laughed, a surprise considering his regular demeanor. "Well said, Shirou. You're an unexpected worthy opponent, but all the same..."

They would fight, perhaps to the death.

For a moment, all was still. Nothing moved- nothing dared to do so.


Curruid and Nameless disappeared from view, cracking the street further and causing cracks to echo in the rainy night.

They dashed towards one another, weapons drawn back. Curruid's spear was ready to impale Nameless right through the heart. Nameless' gun-blades, Kanshou and Bakuya, were positioned to slit his enemy's throat and gut him utterly.

Time seized for a moment just before they reached each other. It proceeded at a snail's pace, as they both watched the other's weapon come to take their very life.

For a moment, Shirou's breath was taken away. He didn't truly see Curruid in front of him- his body was merely reacting by instinct, an instinct that had been taken from the Card he used to transform.

What he saw...

Was a world of infinite swords. Gears floated in the sky, and numerous swords akin to gravestones were stuck into the hill. Blood flowed freely along the hill itself, coloring the brown dirt ruby red and rusting the blades to the point of being unrecognizable.

Shirou saw him. The man wearing black, with white hair that fluttered in the wind that smelled of blood. His hands clutched nothing and he reacted to nothing but even so, Shirou could tell.

That man... was nothing more than a machine.

A man who threw away his past identity and drowned himself in blood for the sake of his ideal.

Shirou swung Kanshou and Bakuya together with a vigor that only now entered his body and stimulated his muscles. Gritting his teeth, Shirou swung his gun-blades towards the neck of that man, aiming to kill him here-!

Their gazes connected. Gold met gold. The man's expression was neutral, but his mouth moved as he spoke.

Shirou didn't bother listening to him.

He didn't want to listen to him.

He didn't want to acknowledge him.

He didn't want to accept the man in black. If he did... he wouldn't be able to live with himself anymore.

The vision swam, Curruid reappearing as if he jumped through a mist. His spear was thrust forward, the red aura wrapping around his weapon even more now.

Redirecting his weapons, Nameless and Curruid clashed for the second time. With all of their strength, they aimed to take the other's life for their own gain, disregarding their own physical limitations.

An explosion sounded.

Steel broke in two.

Blood flowed onto the street, coating it just as the world of infinite blades had been drenched in it.


So, this is another entry for my Fate short stories collection! This time, a Kamen Rider/Prisma Illya story!

The backstory on this is that since Prisma Illya is a magical girl series since Shirou is himself a person wanting to be a Hero of Justice in most portrayals of him, why not give Illya's brother a little love? Along with the Class Card system and how it works, it just gave me an idea.

There's a lot of detail to go into this short story which will be expanded upon in later chapters, but the basics are that after Miyu was sent off to Illya's world, Julian decided to try and follow her. After all, going by Kayneth, magecraft that leads to other worlds is entirely possible. But he was unwilling to risk himself to do so. So he created a Kamen Rider belt technology as the logical next step of the Install system, which has its own issues.

Instead of 'Installing' a Hero onto one's self, with the risk of soul contamination like what happened when Miyu-Shirou Installed himself, the belt instead filters out the less desirable elements in order to make the transformation smoother- the Install Driver instead Installs 'armor' based upon the Hero upon the user when a Class Card is inserted into it.

This is one of my more original ideas, so I hope you guys like it. If you want more elaboration upon the above, just let me know!

And yes, that man is the 'Hero' inside the Class Card Illya-Shirou uses.

Along with this, a certain holy nun of a cult will appear later on. As an antagonist or something else? Well, that remains to be seen~