chapter 2

Elita was holding Bumblebee and sitting on the couch. "Can I hold him?" Wasp asked.

"Sure." Elita said.

Wasp took Bumblebee into his arms. Bumblebee started crying. "Uh oh Elita." Wasp said.

Elita took the fussing Bumblebee and began to rock him. "Can I hold him?" Ironhide asked.

So she handed him to Ironhide and Bumblebee stopped crying. "Looks like he doesn't cry when you hold him." Bulkhead said.

"I-agree-with-that-Bulkhead." Blurr said.

Wasp didn't look to happy he looked a little sad.

Soon Blurr took Bumblebee into his arms and made goo-goo eyes at him. "Cutchie-cutchie coo." he said making Bumblebee coo and gurgle.

On occasion Wasp went to look at Bumblebee who would start cry once he got close.

"What do you mean he hates now?" Sari said.

"He cries everytime I get close." Wasp said.

"He's a sparkling and like all babies they cry." Sari said.

"No one else at the base makes him cry just me." Wasp said.

"Don't worry I'm sure he likes you." Sari said.

A couple of days later.

"Wasp can you watch Bumblebee while I run a few errands." Elita asked.

"Okay," Wasp said.

Bumblebee was sucking on his pacifier. The others came to look. Then Bumblebee spat out his pacifier and started crying. "Maybe he wants his bottle." Ironhide said and offered the bottle to Bumblebee who turned his head away.

"That's not it." Bulkhead said.

"Then what's wrong?" Ironhide asked.

"Let's see, maybe it's his diaper." Prowl said.

"I don't smell anything." Bulkhead said.

Wasp picked him up. "I wonder what he's trying to tell us." Wasp said patting him on the back.

*BURP!* Bumblebee said.

Everyone looked at Bumblebee. Who sighed contently and snuggled into Wasp's neck.

"AWE!" they said.

"Is everything alright?" Elita asked.

"Wasp-burped-Bumblebee." Blurr said.

Bumblebee started to kiss Wasp.

"Gross he's spitting on him." Ironhide said.

"He is not," Sari said. "He's kissing him."

"AWE!" Everyone said.

Soon Christmas time rolled around and Optimus was patrolling.

Elita was at the base rocking Bumblebee who was little fussy at the moment.

Optimus soon came in and everyone drank the oil nog except for Bumblebee who got a bottle of formula. Everyone was tired and ready for bed.

The next morning. Everybody woke up. "Something doesn't feel right." Optimus said.

"I feel a little different." Elita said.

"My hands!" Optimus said and he and Elita fell down. They saw their reflections. "By the Allspark." he said.

Bumblebee started crying and everyone screamed. They saw they were human. Wasp was wearing green long sleeve shirt and some green pants with a green cap. Bulkhead looked like a football player. Blurr was wearing a blue shirt with some black pants and blue and black running shoes. Ironhide was wearing an orange button up shirt with long gray jean and some boots and his hair was sticking up in front. Bumblebee was wearing a yellow onesie baby clothes with a bee on it.

"We have to go to Sumdac tower." Optimus said. "Auto-men, woman and baby. Transform and uh ah let's just go." he said.

Elita was carrying Bumblebee along with the diaper back. Bumblebee was being carried in a specail seat with a handle on it.

"I need some anti freeze." Wasp said.

A car splashed them. "Hey watch it!" Ironhide shouted.

"My tank is making a funny sound." Bulkhead said.

"Maybe our human bodies need refueling." Optimus said.

So they went into burger bot. Elita gave Bumblebee a bottle. Optimus smiled at his family. Prowl was eating a salad. Bulkhead ran to the bathroom. Prowl played peek-a-boo with a little baby girl.

After awhile they realized it was virtual reality. Sari got the Dinobots, Scrapper and Wreck-gar to help her.

The Autobots got free from Soundwave's control. Wreck-gar helped with the clean up.

A few days later Optimus was watching Bulkhead and Professor Sumdac work on the space bridge.

There was a message. Optimus put the frequency on to hear it. "Broken lance repeat Broken lance." Sentinel's voice said.

"Broken lance?" Sari asked.

"It's a code from our academy days Sentinel only used it when he was about to get caught doing something he shouldn't." Optimus said.

"He must pretty desperate." Elita said.

Bumblebee began to fuss. "There, there." Elita cooed.

Optimus left to help Sentinel and was taken back to earth by Sentinel.

Now it was time for the final battle. Optimus was fight Megatron. Elita was staying in a safe place to protect Bumblebee.

The bots managed to fight the enemy off. Optimus defeated Megatron and they all headed back to Cybertron.

Ultra Magnus had a proud smile on his face. While Sentinel was pretty unhappy. Everyone was cheering. The Dinobots and Wreck-Gar came with them. Sari came along to learn her true origins.

Optimus was pretty pleased of what he had accomplished. He had had his wife and infant son. Things were going to look up for Cybertron soon especially because the high council knows a very worthy candidate for the next Magnus and Ultra Magnus does too.

Bumblebee is going to grow in to happy and healthy young bot.

To be continued.