Don't be intimidated by the amount of chapters, they are all quite short.

Hello, this is the first serious fan fiction I've ever uploaded to the internet. I've written numerous of Harry Potter fanfics in the past - all of them in my native language - but never once uploaded them (only 1 that was horrible). I wrote Harry Potter fanfics for over 10 years in several genres; post-apocalypse (lots of zombie stories), romance, action, you name it. But it was always the same base premise: Harry and Hermione were together. In EVERY story.

Because of this I have become a bit uninspired. If the writing suddenly seem slow or rushed, or words repeat, that's one of the reasons it is like that. My English grammar also sucks in places. This is the first story from start to end that I've written in English. But these aren't excuses for my story telling, I'm just stating facts.

So please enjoy, true believers.

It all went in slow-motion.

Everything came collapsing down. The debris flew right past him as he fell. He desperately reached out for her. He was panicking, and he saw the shock in her eyes while the ground drew closer.

He knew somewhere deep inside, that she wouldn't make it out of this.

With his line of web, he shot out a line towards her and let out a noiseless scream behind the mask.

It had to catch her, it had to catch her, please God let it catch her.

As they kept falling, he wondered if this is how it felt to be dying, seeing someone you love plunge down towards certain doom, everything you cared for being ripped away in an instant.

He felt the web connect, and without hesitating, he completely emptied the other cartridge to halt their movement.

Her body hit the ground with a thud. Quietly he dropped down beside her.

She didn't move. It felt like his heart had stopped when his mind told him she could very well be dead.

Shaking, he got her down from the web and fell down on his knees with her head in his lap.

She didn't breathe, she didn't move. No pulse, nothing. Her neck was broken. He had killed her.

Behind the mask he started to cry.

In anger he threw the mask on the floor and held her face closely towards his chest, shaking violently with tears bursting. He didn't know what to do.

She was dead because of him. She was dead because of him. Him and his idiotic actions had caused this. She was dead because of him.

The words rang in his head and it only made him angrier. A loud maniacal cackling echoed down the tower walls.

He stopped crying and looked up above him. The cackling sounded again and it drew closer. No.

He put her gently down on the ground, grabbed his mask and stood up.

No, this was all that murdering maniacs fault. And he was going to pay.