Now you've seen the weapons used by GDI, now on to the groups and units of the Initiative itself.

GDI Army

Bio: The main force of the Initiative's military, the Army numbers the largest compared to the other branches. Every soldier in the army is well trained and equipped to meet whatever enemy force it comes across. Universal conscription is a standard practice in GDI due to the large scale wars they've fought against the different incarnations of Nod and the Scrin. It numbers between 100 million and 150 million normally with the force growing to 600 million in total. Its the main force used during planetary invasions alongside the GDI Marine Corps. It's main doctrines are focused armored biltzkrieg strikes, elastic defense and offence, and overwhelming firepower. Standard ages are between 18 to 25 years old with every soldier receiving 12 weeks of training on different planets in order to have them sufficient to fight in different environments. All of the soldiers are professionals or volunteers, allowing them a qualitative edge over Neo Nod troops in combat with even the conscript receiving excellent training in order to make them effective in combat. They also have recruited Tiberium Mutants for their unique abilities in telekinesis, telepathy, and elemental control in order to boost their overall effectiveness.

GDI Navy

Bio: Following the build up and improvement of the Navy during the Scrin Wars, it is now a formidable force in combat. With over 60 million serving on 10,000 ships in both combat and support role, it the sword and shield of GDI as much as the Legionary and Centurion Commandos. All of its shield generators are based around the Firestorm Barriers first used by GDI during the Second Tiberium War, allowing the ships withstand enemy fire before they're strong hulls can take any damage. The Navy has its own air wings aboard the carriers and other ships that can carry fighters into battle with a similar doctrine as the US Navy with a focus on Carrier combat, with focus on wolfpack attacks with frigates and destroyers as well as armored fist like attacks with Battleships leading the charge into battle to blast through enemy formations. This also extends to the terrestrial naval forces which are the smallest force in GDI with dozens of Fusion Submarines armed with dozens of high end nuclear missiles.

GDI Air Force

Bio: The Air Force serves to provide defense and air superiority over GDI held planets. It has hundreds of fighter and bomber groups on standby that can scramble in 15 minutes to challenge any enemy spacecraft that enter atmosphere. They use similar tactics as past Air Forces in terms of attack and defense, using ground based radar and AWACS aircraft and drones in order to guide airplanes efficiently to their targets for interception missions and offensive actions. They focus on dogfighting maneuvers and combat in order to help prepare pilots against large numbers of Scrin drones and Nod fighters which usually use ambush tactics and overwhelming numbers against the pilots. They also have access to the same transport craft in order to help move their planes around when needed. The Air Force also employs its own ground troops in order to protect their airbases which are equipped with advanced sensors in order to make sure to prevent enemy sabotage attacks.

GDI Marine Corps

Bio: Based on the organization and legacy of the United States Marine Corps, the GDI Marine Corps serve as the first ones into combat for the Navy along with its main security force on-board ships. Training in the Corps is based on the USMC, but is longer by three weeks i order to further refine the Marines skills. Every Marine knows how to shoot their firearms, drive vehicles, fight hand to hand, etc, etc. Currently, the force numbers 50 million on both ships and on the ground. Among the regualr Marines, there are also courses for Marine Scout Snipers, Marine Force Recon, and the Marine Raiders which are their contribution to GDI Special Forces. They also have access to their own air arm, their pilot known for aggressive maneuvers and hardened fighting spirit.

GDI Airborne

Bio: Prepared into jump into combat at first notice, the GDI Airborne Divisions are well trained to operate behind enemy lines and to slug it out with any enemy that comes their way. In total there's 20 Airborne Divisions with each being descended from the Airborne Divisions of the past such as the 101st and 82nd Airborne from the US for example. During the Scrin Wars, they have suffered heavy casualties during delaying actions during massive Scrin pushes that overwhelmed GDI defenses. This gave them a reputation of being battle-hardened warriors much like their ancestors from Great World War II. They undergo HALO and orbital drop training for several weeks until they become professionals at it as well as survival skills in order operate effectively during long missions.

GDI Spec Ops

Bio: Created to expand the number of Special Forces units in GDI, Spec Ops includes several new additions to the force. They include Army Rangers, which are the first units to be deployed into action for assaulting enemy planets or for covert actions behind enemy lines. Their mottos are Sua Sponte (Of there own accord) and "Rangers Lead the Way", stating their first deployment status. Another is Navy Special Operatives or NAVSPEC Ops, which act similar to the US Navy SEALs in terms of actions. They're deployed to stop enemy hijacking of civilian ships, secret ops missions to eliminate certain targets and sabotage enemy units and emplacements. There are around 100,000 special operations troops in service in GDI, ready to be deployed into combat whenever possible.

GDI Commando Forces

Bio: The most elite branch in GDI in terms of quality, the Commandos have been the Initiative's best soldiers for decades since the First Tiberium war. The death toll among the Commando's training has dropped to less then 10% due to medical advances and the graduation rate had increased to between 8-10%, allowing for thousands of Commandos on hand for GDI with each being "living weapons". During the Fourth Scrin War, as newer Scrin units were beginning to push GDI back across the different systems, HIGHCOM had ordered a new super-soldier project in order to increase combat effectiveness known as the Centurion Project. Several candidates were chosen from both the most skilled Commandos in the force and from war orphans that were recruited into the program due to their desire for revenge against the Scrin. They underwent even harsher training prior to them receiving augmentations that increased all of their abilities to higher levels then was physically possible along with receiving the most powerful Tiberium Mutants in GDI. The Centurion Project had successfully proved itself with them being capable to fight off larger numbers of Scrin units and later became the bane of Nod's Cyborg Commandos which forced Neo Nod to improve their cyborgs with stronger limbs in orde to match up to them. During the Fifth Scrin War, another project, Project Legionary was formed in order to create a middle ground between normal and Centurion Commandos which further increased the branch's effectiveness. In order to make sure that all three groups could work together in the field, they would train together, eat together, and fight side by side to build up a sense of comradeship. Currently There are 20,000 Commandos of all types in service with one tenth being Centurions.

GDI Intelligence Operations (InOps)

Bio: GDI's main intelligence service since its formation, InOps in recent years has been pulling itself out of the sigma of disappointment that it gained during the first three Tiberium Wars. Due to Kane's influence and seeming ability of planning several steps ahead of GDI, InOps had taken several blows to its pride due to Nod's seeming mastery of deception during the wars. Following the end of the Ascension Conflict, InOps began to expand its resources and improve the quality of its agents in order to finally climb not of it's sigma of failure. During the Scrin Wars, InOps and their AI units were able to break Scrin encryption signals which allowed GDI units to better react to Scrin fleet movements allowing them to get their forces assembled in the places they need to be in. When Neo Nod rose up in years between the Scrin Wars, InOps was able to match Nod's own intelligence gathering allowing GDI to gain an advantage in slowing down enemy counterattacks and sudden strikes.

Zone Command (ZOCOM)

Bio: The main force deployed by GDI when dealing with any Tiberium infected areas on various planets. They normally equip their units with improved senors in order to detect invisible enemies in the area and specialized armor suits for better protection against Tiberium infection. Its most elite unit are RAID (Rapid Assault and Intercept Deployment) infantry and Commandos which are the first units to be deployed into Tiberium zones. This as caused them to fight not only the Scrin but any wildlife that has been infected by the crystal. They also use sonic weapons to not only destroy Tiberium deposits but are still effective against the Scrin in combat. Their Orcas and Typhoons are equipped with improved senors to detect invisible enemies easier then most.

Steel Talons

Bio: The most elite of GDI's armored units, the Steel Talons were designed to use the best tech available to GDI in order to combat which ever opponents they would face. They are the largest user of mechs in GDI, ranging from the Wolverine and Stryker, to the more modern Titans used in large numbers since the Sixith Scrin War. They focus on Blitzkrieg tactics, overwhelming enemy defenses and attacking forces with fast and hard hitting attacks. They also use large walkers such as the Mastodon and Fenris in order to intimidate and blast through enemy strongholds and crush units with their sheer mass and firepower. All engineers in the Steel Talons are Combat Engineers which allows them to stand their ground against enemy units when attacked due to both using weapons such as the GD-18 SMG to hold their grounds.

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