Author's Note:
I'm sorry everyone, but the me who wanted to write a special chapter into The Little Pony Legend isn't the me who I am now. I just don't think I have the drive to finish this story anymore. As of this moment, The Redeemers is Cancelled. HOWEVER, I guess for the people who were nice enough to follow along, I can give you some chapter fragments and a general idea of how the story would go. Hope this can at least provide a small amount of closure for where this story would go.

Special Mission: Why emotions are important (9 years)

Starlight Glimmer sat in the kitchen, playing with an orange. She wanted to test to see if she had elements of harmony powers at all, but she was scared. As she tapped her hoof, wondering what spell she should try to test this, she suddenly heard the door opening behind her. She turned in surprise, and there was her friend Trixie.

"Starlight! The Great showmare Trixie is most pleased to see you were on time."

"Starlight blinked. "On time?"

"Of course. Don't tell me you forgot about our magical lessons we were going to do today, right?"

"Starlight shook her head. "Oh. Yeah. Right. Right. Sorry. It's just that with me going out with the other criminals, I haven't been as focused as I used to."

Trixie gave a slight chuckle. "Oh yes. It sounds like quite the adventure you're going to take. I do hope you'll provide Trixie with some grand stories after you finish."

That gave Starlight a rise. "What?"

"Oh, you know. Like all the other times the elements and team Avatar Harmony saved the day. Or like when we ended up killing Queen Chrysalis. I look forward to hearing more about what's to come."

Starlight felt her haunches rise a bit at that tone, but took a breath, and smiled. "Alright. Now, what we're going to try is matter changing." And with that, she levitated a salt shaker over to them. "For instance, changing this simple saltshaker into a teacup. Two totally different things, but with a small blast," and with that, Starlight shot a thin beam of magic at the shaker, and it instantly turned into a teacup. "Tada!"

Trixie gave a hungry smile at the demonstration. "Oh yes. Trixie can think of plenty of stage tricks to use such a useful spell on. Turn it back and I shall wow you with the exact same method."

Starlight gave Trixie a piercing look. "After one demonstration, are you sure that's a boast you want to make?"

"Trixie gave a small chuckle. "Trixie shall use her own knowledge to move it to where it needs to be, and then her best friend Starlight will then give pointers on how to correct it.

Starlight shrugged at that. "Well, it's your session Trix." And with a flash, the salt shaker was back.

Trixie stared at the shaker intently, lit up her horn, there was a flash of light! And instead of a salt shaker, there was a pile of grains on the table.

Starlight looked it over carefully. "Well, you certainly manage some bit of matter change, but it looks like you only broke it down rather than putting it back." With a flash, the salt shaker was back. "Try again, only this time, don't just focus on changing what's there, but also what it will become."

Trixie closed her eyes, took a deep breath, lit up her horn, and promptly turned the shaker into a piece of plastic.

Starlight sighed lightly. "We've got a ways to go."

20 minutes later….
Trixie strained, and with a flash, there was a teacup….with salt inside.

Starlight gave Trixie a pat on the back. "Almost. You're getting too stressed after all this time. Loosen up, visualize what you want, and let's try one more time."

Trixie sighed. "It's a good thing Starlight is so knowledgeable about magic. Otherwise Trixie would've given up long ago." Then she turned, took a breath, lit up her horn, and FLASH! There it was: a teacup without anything else to it. Trixie gasped. "I did it. I did it!"

Then she turned, and started casting the spell at other things. A spoon, a fork, and a bowl were all hit and turned into teacups. Then Trixie turned one more time and shouted,

"Teacup!" Blasting the orange Starlight was going to be used as a test case.

"Trixie! I needed that!" Starlight admonished.

Trixie paused at that. "Why? Were you hungry?"

"No, I was going to…" Starlight stopped herself. "I was going to eat it later. Ugh. Oh well. Later I guess."

Trixie smiled. "Now, let's try this on something a little bigger."

"Like what?"

"No. No way. We're not using this as a test case."

Trixie gave Starlight a droll look. "Oh? And what's wrong with trying to cast the spell on the friendship map?" They stood in front of the thrones of friendship, staring at the magical table, still inactive.

Starlight gave Trixie a deadpan look. "If you get it wrong, and we can't use it ever again, how do you think Princess Twilight will feel when she gets back from Manehatten?"

Trixie paused. "I mean, Trixie supposes that could prove a problem for solving friendship in the future...but look at all the friends they have around 2 worlds! If it went poorly, we'd find a way to survive."

Starlight gritted her teeth. "I'm not going to let you do this."

Trixie frowned, then had a sinister grin come over herself. "You're right Starlight. You should do it."


"Come now. You've been a flawless teacher to me all day. Surely you can show me how it works without any issue."

Starlight gave an exasperated sigh. "Fine. I'll just be sure to change it back right away." So she turned and pointed her head at the table, beginning to weave a complex spell to better preserve the inherent magic within the table during the process.

Trixie was still talking behind her. "Oh, and after this, we should visit Rarity's Boutique. Trixie has a going away present for you."


And with her concentration broken at the last second, Starlight's spell hit the table, and suddenly she was connected to a stream of rainbow energy. "Gah!" And then the rainbow energy began to wrap around her horn and the table at the same time. And as she tried to strain her head away from this stream, Starlight's eyes started to sparkle with white energy.

Trixie quickly ran to Starlight. "Starlight! Stop casting! Cut off your magic reserves! Get away! This is definitely not what Trixie expected from this spell!" But Starlight didn't seem to respond, utterly stuck, and beginning to lose her effort to strain against it. Trixie looked back and forth at the spell, the table, and Starlight. And then gave a sigh. "Horsefeathers. Starlight's not going to be happy about this." Then she turned, and fired a spell straight at the table. And when it hit, there was an explosion of light. And when things finally cleared, Starlight and Trixie were lying on the ground half conscious, and the table was gone.

Starlight groaned, slowly getting up. She felt...tingly. As if she could explode if she wasn't careful. Slowly getting up, Starlight looked over, and saw, "Trixie!" Then Starlight noticed, "The Table!" Wheeling on Trixie, Starlight accused her forcefully. "What did you do?"

Trixie rolled over. "The great savior trixie was worried about her best friend. So Trixie tried to break your spell by using a teleportation spell to stop your stream of magic."

Starlight grimaced. "And...where did you send it?"

Trixie shrugged. "I don't know."

Starlight slowly growled.
...(more dialog here, playing into the Starlight Rage episode)

"And the worst part of it all is that it seems like YOU DON'T CARE!" At that, Starlight finally felt something beside that boiling anger, as a tear rolled down her cheek. "I don't know how long it's going to be, or how dangerous it will be, and you don't even care!"

Trixie gave a small grimace, and then looked at Starlight. "I'm sorry." Then it shifted into a sad smile. "It's...not that Trixie doesn't care about Starlight. It's that Trixie knows what you're going through, and doesn't want to make the transition any harder."

Starlight still looked hurt and angry, so Trixie continued. "I've...been a traveling mare for a very long time Starlight Glimmer. I thought it was easy to make it work, since Trixie could always count on an audience to give me the validation I always wanted. And even after Trixie finally understood what it means to have friends for real, Trixie is still that traveling pony, because settling down will never be me until the day I die."

Trixie then looked Starlight hard in the eyes. "So I'm sorry I'm not all worried or sad like so many of our friends, but it's just a way of life Trixie understands well. And I know you'll adjust sooner than you think."

"And how are you so sure?"

And trixie smiled, placing a hoof on Starlight's own. "Because you're Trixie's friend. And I know you Starlight Glimmer. You'll be too busy being a good pony and a good helper to miss us for too long. Because we will find other ways to talk with each other. And because we will see each other again. And that's a Pinkie Promise for sure."

Starlight's eyes briefly flared up. And several feelings ran through her mind, until she finally collapsed in exhaustion, looking up at Trixie with the exact same expression. "Thank you..friend."

Mission 1: Reestablishing the Eastern Air Temple. 10 years

(In this chapter, the redeemers would go off on their first mission. In this case, helping to restore the Eastern Air Temple to a more pristine state. Unfortunately, due to everyone just getting started, the are arguments and differences. And before long, they almost destroy the room of avatars. As such, Sunset and Starlight demonstrate their hidden powers to get everyone back for a stern talking to.



Special Mission: How to Help others move in (maud) 5 years

This is the Maud kite episode. Starlight getting a personal mission to assist Pinkie in convincing Maud to stick around Ponyville.

Mission 2: Construction and beginning a new public school in the earth...

An original episode, all about building new schools in the Earth principalities. Wu is still working to transition the monarchy away, but this is a small public service to help with some of the more ravaged providences.

Special Mission: Fluttershy's Other Sanctuary 10 years

Fluttershy builds her animal sanctuary. This would be around the final scene of the chapter:

Sonata looked passed the sanctuary to Ponyville. And she felt a beat rise in her heart, and a sudden longing come into her bones. "Yes. It's beautiful."

Adagio and Aria gave Sonata a funny look. "Sonata, are you alright?" asked Aria.

Sonata gave her sisters a content look. "I've come to a decision sisters. As soon as I burn off my last years with the Redeemers, I'm moving to Ponyville!"

Mission 3: The Yak visit (season 7 based) 5 years

Special Mission: Time off

The beginning of the villain arc. During what would seem like simple time off, The Red Lotus rises again. Framing the Redeemers for an act of evil. As such, the Airship becomes more than just a home base. It's their only true sanctuary.

Mission 4: Fission Mailed 5 years

A great chase across the worlds. The ship trying to avoid law forces. In the end, the world leaders admit that they can't believe that they'd all slide into their bad habits, but can't officially recognize them as totally free. Only asking to not run into the ground forces where possible.

Special Mission: Matchmaking and judging others 10 years

The redeemers help the apple family. With AJ ending up meeting a nice stallion during this time, laying the groundwork for her future family.

Mission 5: Fire in the North

The Red Lotus try to launch a coup in the north. Guest party members Eska and Denna call on the redeemers to help fight the insurrection and ensure the land at least doesn't fall to anarchy.

Special Mission: Diplomacy and Friendship (ember, thorax and fire lord izumi) 5 years

a friendship oddball/connection story. With the redeemers working to help solidify a treaty of friendship between Dragons, Changelings and the fire nation.

Mission 6: Airmail 35 years

"Hello Redeemers! We have an all hands on deck call! Please report to the foyer immediately."

"Our mission is going to be long term. And..well, it's going to be our most difficult mission to date." Sunset grimaced slightly at this.

Adagio was rubbing her hands with anticipation. "Maybe we're going to be bodyguards. Or warriors. Or maybe Lin wants to give us a hand."

"Our new client is...Derpy the mail pony."

There was a deadly silence. Then suddenly Varrick began shouting hysterically.

"No! NO! NO! NO! NO NO NO NO! Anything but that!"

Adagio also looked utterly disgusted. "No! NO! I refuse. I would rather spend a million years in the royal mines then be stuck in the mail services!"

Sunset gave an apologetic smile. "Sorry Redeemers. All the nations signed off on this. And that means we're all doing this." Nobody looked happy at that. "That being said, 35 years."

Everyone looked up at that.

"You heard me. They all agreed. 35 years off if you work 3 months helping to work and reorganize the postal system."

And so, the Redeemers worked to improve the mail system across equestria. Their most difficult mission to date. And one undermined by the Red lotus trying to gain control of channels for their own purposes.

Special Mission: On Hair Care

Rarity calls for assistance for fixing her hair, but also this is where she finds out she's barren.

Mission 7: Research, Rest Development 10+ years

The Redeemers quickly rolled out of their quarters and into the main hall.

"Hello Redeemers. Today I've received new orders. It seems that your new client for today…is the princess of friendship." She could see Varrick about to open her mouth, so she continued on. "The purple one."

"Oh, and Varrick and Zhu Li? Can I see you in my office?"

This is right about where Varrick and Zhu li burn off their time. Helping in researching magical properties and developing magiteck.

Mission 8: The Disease Hunt (season 7) 18 years

The Redeemers work to prevent a pandemic. Caused by the Red Lotus.

Mission 9: A Family Affair (season 7 changeling brother)

the redeemers help thorax bring his brother back into the hive, which was being manipulated by the red lotus.

Mission 10: Operation Break the Chains

The redeemers join in with Lin to uproot the Red Lotus from Republic City. However, after a few close calls, Lin comes to a decision about her life.

Lin Beifong looked out over Republic City. Her hands slightly trembling. She looked quite shaken.

Sunset meanwhile made her way over to Lin, a concerned expression on her face. "Lin? Is everything alright?"...

"Why so glum then? This has to be a new peak for your career! Finally bringing down the Red Lotus once and for all!"...

"I am announcing my retirement from the Republic City Police Department."..."There's only one person I would trust to keep this place safe. A man of high spiritual integrity and diligence. A fine detective and a trusted public servant. And excellent detective, and a man I'm happy to truly call my friend."

Special Mission: The Great Pie Spy Game AKA how Pinkie Pie decided to start dating 3.14 years

Pinkie ends up beginning dating Cheese Sandwich.

Mission 11: The Sorcerer's affairs (Nova's guest star) 5 years

This is Post Shadow of Ronin. So, Nova joins the redeemers to help settle the sorcerers. Also, the red lotus is working against them to try and bring down the sorcerers.

Special Mission: The switcheroo, the mom, the announcement 15 years

Starlight ends up switching Celestia, Luna and Leilani's cutie marks. So, they all do some work for their jobs. At the end of it all, Leilani comes to a decision about how she's treated her children on coming back. So, she makes a public declaration to the nation near the end of the story.

"My little ponies, it's so good to see you all. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you."

A murmur began to rise from the crowd.

"I've been watching over Equestria for well over 5000 years. Many of you I've seen grow from colt to stallion and beyond."..."Please, let me explain. I'm not dying or anything like that. I don't know as an Alicorn if I can die really. But I think I've been hogging the glory of Equestria for far too long. When I disappeared after the defeat of Tirek, I left Equestria to my daughters to rule. When I came back, I knew they were strong and capable mares that kept the country together while I was working in secret. But I now realize I've been selfish too."..."I hereby declare that in 3 weeks time, I will step down as queen of Equestria and as Queen of the Alicorns. Instead, all the alicorns will be Queens."

Special Mission: The death of Zuko 15 years

Helping Zuko do some work as an ambassador for peace, Zuko falls ill. As such, he's returned home, and dies surrounded by his old family.

At the funeral..."Honored guests, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life of the great Zuko. Former fire lord of the Fire Nation. Bringer of Peace, the fire of friendship and the great redeemer."

Several of the Redeemers raised an eyebrow at that, but Lin hissed at them, "He got that long before you all started operating. Get over yourselves!"

Mission 12: Aristotelian Democracy? The Republic City's great referendum 25 years

"Hello Redeemers. Is everyone ready? Today is an all hands on deck mission."

Starlight snapped into the room first. "So what is it this time? Are we hunting for the Red Lotus? Killing an ancient evil? Destroying a cursed artifact?"

Sunset gave a rueful smile. "Redeemers, your mission today is to…help with assembling the ballots for Republic City's next big election."

Adagio stepped up at that point. "Seriously? That's our big assignment?"

"Don't underestimate the importance of this moment Adagio. This is just as significant as our work in reorganizing the Earth Kingdom. Even more so because I have insider news that needs us to keep this city stabilized."

"And what's that?" Adagio responded boredly.

In response, Sunset turned on the radio.

"People of Republic City, this is President Raiko speaking. It's been a true honor to serve you these last 13 years, but that is now coming to an end. I hereby would like to announce that I will not seek nor accept another term as president of Republic City. It's time for a new leader to rise up to protect this great city of ours. And as a reminder, registering to run for public office is still available for the next 2 weeks." Then Sunset shut off the radio.

Zaheer briefly blanched at this. "What? Raiko's just giving up power like that? It'll bust open the city to have any number of people try to seize power. For all we know, Republic City could break down into civil war and division if the people follow demagogues to the polls."

Sunset gave Zaheer a firm expression that seemed a mixture of annoyance and determination. "That's where you all come in. President Raiko has called on the Redeemers to help keep the peace during this election. Your goals are to gather any information on referendums the people might want, protect the candidates during the city debates, and ensure there's peace on Election Day. As part of the plea deals, Raiko has agreed to clear away 25 years of prison debt for every member who helps out."

Special Mission: Vacation vs Exploitation 3 years

Vacation with Twilight. Time away from the pressures of being on the run. Undercover of course, and having to deal with Iron Will

Adagio and Aria gradually stretched themselves on the deck.

Mission 13: Operation White Dawn. The hunt for the red lotus 25 years (toph's death)

Toph helps lead the missions against the red lotus stronghold. It's a tough struggle, and she actually dies in battle. As such, she asks them to tell her children how glad she is they got to be a family for a few more years.

2nd to Last Mission: Mom? 30 years

Kuvira starred up into space. Her bunk mates were both fast asleep, so she turned to look out the window. It was hard to imagine that she'd been on this zeppelin for several years now. In many ways she missed being on the earth. And she especially missed not being able to get regular visits from Su and Korra.

"Redeemers, report to the main mission room immediately."

Sunset looked at them all with an unusually serious face. "Redeemers, this is a super friendship mission that will most definitely require all hands. We've just received a transmission from the earth federation that there's a rebellion brewing in Omasu providence."

"And why is this an all hands for us? Wouldn't this be more of a thing for Team Avatar Harmony to handle?"

"Normally yes, but we're in a closer position right now, and more importantly, Representative Han wants us personally to intervene because he doesn't want the avatar's involvement in this. Says this is much more connected to us then to her."


"Because they want to restore Kuvira to power in order to create a new Earth Empire."

Kuvira felt her stomach fall out right then and there. All the remaining members turned to look at her, and that only made her feel worse. "I had nothing to do with this," she said at last. "I'm done trying to force others to my way of thinking. I would never form a power base like this anymore."

(the mission...doesn't go well. And several of the remaining Redeemers are captured)

The woman walked into her first prisoner chamber. She looked over the prisoner, scowling in anger. This was the pony who was ruining everything? This was the enemy who'd thwarted her many plans over these years? She turned to her soldier in the cell. "Wake her up. I want to talk."

Sunset felt a stabbing pain. Partially in her limbs, but mostly in her head. But that was nothing compared with the shock she received that jolted her awake. "Aaaagggghhhh!"

Snapping awake, she was greeted by a woman dressed in green in front of her. Her hair was short and economical, and her gaze was a mixture of contempt and curiosity.

"Where am I? Where is my team?"

The woman scowled. "I wouldn't worry so much about where they are as where you are now, Sunset Shimmer."

Sunset began to regain her flint, stealing herself. "Oh, and let me guess. You must be the grandmaster of the Red Lotus."

Then her captor smiled for the first time. "Oh, I'm not the grandmaster. It'd be pointless for the Red Lotus to have a grandmaster when we believe in freedom so much."

Sunset scowled. "Then can I at least have a name?"

And there was that smile again. Celestia, Sunset would do anything to wipe that smile off her face, but her head was too cloudy to do anything right now. "My name is Kavala. The last true leader of the Red Lotus."

"But, the Red Lotus is gone. Operation White Dawn finished you all off at last."

At this, Kavala chuckled. "Come now. Even after a fire strikes, plants will grow from the ashes. You thought you could just stamp us all out? Even after everything you've done to fight me over these 7 long years and you still think you can win?"

Sunset frowned. "Seven years? Wait...that can't be right. I've never even seen you before. At least, not like this."

"Since you're not leaving this prison without a brand or a stake, I suppose I owe you an explanation, DUCHESS!" Kavala snarled. And Sunset began to see what was going on.

" were the merchant who got us in trouble during research day? You orchestrated the attacks on the northern water tribe?" Sunset's mind continued to race. "But how...and you said there is no grandmaster? You've been sabotaging The Redeemers ever since we got started!"

"There IS no grandmaster. If ever there would be, I would've deferred to Zaheer. But unfortunately, you and your precious friendship team caused him to lose sight as well!"

"As well he should've!"

"Look, we could stand here for hours, throwing our successes and hatred at each other all day, but I didn't wake you up for no reason."

This would be the culmination of the base arcs, with the reveal that Kavala wants to extract Kuvira's siren powers since she never got her stone out entirely. Restart the Red lotus again. The battle would be personal and bloody. The toughest part being Adagio killing Kavala to save Kuvira. This nearly breaks them in anger, sadness and regret, since despite everything, Kavala was Kuvira's long lost mother.

Special Mission: Good things end eventually (daring do) and the last days of the old guard. (katara's death) 5 years

"Korra, I'm tired. I'm so proud of all you've done for the world and beyond. But I want to go see my friends again, and I think I've earned my rest by now."

Korra closed her eyes, tears falling down. "Thank you for everything you did for me Katara."

Katara reached her hand over and gave a small squeeze. "Goodbye Korra."...

"People of the worlds, we are gathered today to pay tribute to the last member of the original team avatar."

"I didn't know Katara very long, but I knew of her heart. Her compassion, skill in healing and in battle, and how she defeated the hard hearted Azula in combat once."

"She was an inspiration to me in many ways. When I wanted to become a better water bender, Leilani sent me to her. She taught me so much in such a short time, and I'm forever grateful to her."

This then would be the stinger to the previous chapter. Setting up the final challenge for the redeemers.

"KOH!" Koh turned around, and for one of the few times in his life, surprise registered on his face. Because standing there in her humanoid form was…

"Raava?" Koh had heard stories of Raava starting to adopt human shapes, but to see her there, next to his mother, suddenly made him feel slightly uneasy. Still, he wasn't about to show that to either of the female spirits in front of him. "Come now Raava. Surely something as small as this isn't worth your time."

Raava narrowed her eyes, her kimono seeming to swish slightly more. "We must ALL be warriors of the light Koh. That means no problem is ever too small any longer. And when I heard of you stealing Anya's face like that, I agreed to come with your mother to address this problem." She took a step forward. "Now, there's an easy way we can do this Koh. All you need to do is give back that one face, and we'll leave you alone again." She sighed then. "I'm not particularly happy about leaving all the other faces, but I'm willing to let you go with everything you have still if you just give us that one human face."

Koh suddenly raised himself to full height. "What's mine is mine! And nobody, not even you will force it from me!"

Suddenly Raava's left hand raised up the air, catching Koh's leg only an inch from her face. Raava then gave a smirk of amusement. "Come now, face stealer." Her body began to glow. "You didn't think…" her legs and feet dissolved until it was like a giant white tadpole tail. "You could possibly…" her arms then split into tens of white tentacles. "harm the first spirit…" Her body then transformed into a large, menacing white collum, her face still looking down on Koh, "DID YOU?" Then her face disappeared, and Koh suddenly knew he was in trouble. Raava had returned to her original form. And she still had a tentacle wrapped around Koh's leg.

But he was not going to go down without a fight. "As a matter of fact, yes." Then, using his other tentacles, he sliced the one still holding him, then began making small strike all along Raava's body. Being much larger than him now, this wasn't particularly hard for him to do, and he could feel Raava start to back away. As if his strikes were actually doing something to her...

Raava now had Koh fully Pinned. "Koh! I have tried to be generous and kind to you, but you have refused me!" Then her body began to glow. "I'm afraid you leave me no choice!" The glow then began to shimmer over Koh, who began to writhe painfully in place. "I cannot remove what you have, but know that I give you the ultimate punishment for spirits like us! Mother of Faces, finish this!"

Koh's mother floated forward again, and placed a hand on Koh's body. "I am sorry my son. But if you will not repent of your pride, then you leave us with the only punishment you deserve for attacking our beginning, and taking my friend's face." Her hand shimmered with magic now. "Koh, our punishment for you is…"

Together the two spirits shouted, "DEATH!" Then, their magic combined, swirled through Koh's body, pulsated, and finally dispersed in a blast of black, white and green. A scream of agony was heard all through this, until it was finally silenced. Raava finally released Koh's body, though the spirit himself seemed to be temporarily paralyzed, and unmoving.

Raava's spirit form then turned to look at Koh's mother. "I am...very sorry it came to this Mother."

The Mother of Faces bent her head down. "It's not your fault Raava. Koh always was distant from me these last ten thousand years." She then turned. "Hopefully, the fear of death will have him admit his wrongdoing and humble him to a new beginning."

Raava turned back to look at the fallen spirit again. "Perhaps...though nothing is certain in the quest for light. I only hope he won't take his new situation out on anyone else."

She then turned back into a butterfly, landing on Mother's hand. "'d like some tea before we part ways again? I know a great place."

The mother frowned. "Raava, you've gone soft over the last few years. Spirits like us don't need things like mortals do. And certainly don't need tea."

Raava in response gently shook her wings like she was laughing. "Times change Mother. As long as we hold onto who we truly are, we can change too. Come, I promise you won't regret it." And the butterfly began flying off.

The Mother of Faces seemed to follow the butterfly's journey, before beginning to move out. "I must be out of my mind. Next thing I know, I'll be at get togethers with Yue and Wan Shi Tong for 'spirit reunions' or something absurd like that." Then her faces smiled. "Though it has been pleasant the last few times I left the valley. Perhaps I do need a change of pace."

Final Mission: Operation Rainbow Face Smash AKA The fight against Koh.

"I've talked with the nations, the spirits, and Leilani and we're in agreement. Help me complete this task, and I'll set every one of you free."

This is the challenge that Koh provides, with any dissident or wild spirits flocking to his call to strike back against the harmony that infringed on their right to do whatever they want.
People will be wounded. Challenges fought for. In the end, the redeemers would reunite all the "graduates" and buy just enough time for team avatar harmony to blast Koh with harmony power to begin their imprisonment of him and his lackeys. However, this would then lead into...

Disbandment: We are all Warriors of Light

The redeemers are visited by a certain someone.

"I am Raava. The spirit of light and goodness." Then before their eyes, Raava began to shrink. As if it was condensing, hardening, growing much less ethereal and more...human looking. Until at last, Raava wasn't some giant kite looking spirit anymore, but a woman. A beautiful woman in a glowing white kimono, smiling at them all. "And I am so proud of every one of you."

Before her radiance, all The Redeemers were in awe. Sunset held a hand to her mouth, trying to cover her surprise. Starlight bent her head. Varrick stared dumbfounded. Zhu Li gave a small chuckle. But Kuvira, Zaheer, P'Li, and the Sirens all knelt in reverence.

But the spirit merely gestured to them all. "Please, rise. I am but a spirit. Brought to serve by the creator, and made to protect the light my brother sought to take."

Zaheer came forward, still in reverence. "Raava. I'm so sorry. I thought I was working for you, but in the end, I was serving your brother all along." He knelt down once again. "Please, will you forgive my arrogance?"

Raava looked at the man in front of her. Then placed a hand on Zaheer's head. This needed to be said. "Zaheer, I absolve you."

This is where we touch base on everything that's happened. How everyone grew and redeemed themselves. The story would then close out with a few vinettes to show what the redeemers are up to now that they're free. With some minor foreshadowing to lead into A New Beginning and the rise of Iris.

My apologies to you all. Have a good day.