From the blackness and at the center of it was a single egg. This small egg grew larger and larger. As time allowed its way into existences and space expanded forever growing. The egg hatched simply into a beautiful dragon. This dragon felt the chill and saw the vast emptiness of space. She created the very first sun using her power of fire. This created warmth to balance out the chill in the atmosphere. To add more light to combat the darkness the stars were created and so was the moon. The first planet was created for the sun to revolve around. To give the sun more meaning the complete water filled planet was given a land made out of green.

This green area would be what the dragon named a forest. The first living things born in this forest were named plants and trees. They would receive their food source from the sun itself. This very first planet was created with many of these forests. Many creatures of various types were made in attribute to the forest. Allowing a cycle to prevent overgrowth of all living things in the world. The dragon then allowed the moon to do its part by allowing the moon to rise as the sun fell. The moon would provide light while all living things fell into slumber from the darkened sky.

The dragon repeated this process with every planet she created. Only a select few would not receive certain elements for reasons only known to the dragon herself. Animals, landscapes, suns, and moons all alive and well to do their part. Lastly different kinds of human and humanoids were created. Each to be born in a different world. Everything created by the power of flame, thought, and song. On the final day before she took her deep slumber. Noticing her creations were unable to speak clearly. She gave all humanoids and animals the ability to speak. This action, however, rendered her mute forever.

As she took her place among her people on the first planet she had created. The people surrounded her proclaiming her their sun deity. Savitri the people of the first planet had named her. A bed out of flowers was made at Savitri's request. As the flower bed was finished. She laid upon it for many years in a restful sleep. As the people of this world built their goddess a castle. As well as temples in her honor. Savitri awoke many years later now well rested from her exhaustion. She took the form of a young human woman.

As the people welcomed her from her long slumber. She was led through the whole planet by the people. Pleased with what the people had created. Savitri took her place as ruler of the galaxy. Spending many of her days spreading her knowledge to many other worlds she had created. With it, she gained different names in each world she visited. Satisfied with the way there was peace in these worlds. She continued her rule residing in the very first world she had created. Savitri ranged over the galaxy with hope in her heart that peace around the universe would last for days to come.