So, this was not what I planned to write today, but it happened anyway. As always, these characters are not mine and I'm just playing with them. This is set early Season 3.

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I hope you enjoy this next little one. Dutch translations at the end of the fic, because obviously Bear speaks Dutch.

Protecting The Pack: Medic

I can smell Aanvoerder before he enters, the usual mix of coffee, aftershave and gunpowder, but this morning he smells of sweat and blood too, his own and someone else's. This is not unusual for Aanvoerder but it doesn't often happen so early in the morning. Usually in the mornings, Aanvoerder smells of sugar and sweet things, he'll bring the sweet things for himself and Bediende but pretend to drop one for me when Bediende is not looking. There's no sweet things today, but I'm happy to see him anyway so get up and go over to greet him, besides, he smells strongly of blood and I need to see if I can make him better.

I can hear him coming up the stairs wearily and so I am already in position when he arrives. He pulls the metal grate open and I am already zitten at attention, waiting for Aanvoerder to inspect me. Like me, Aanvoerder was a soldier once too, so he appreciates it when I zitten well. I zitten for Bediende sometimes too, but he's not so commanding as Aanvoerder and I feel less compulsion to please him, in fact it is Bediende's job to please me.

Aanvoerder seems happy with me and crouches down to give my head a scratch. I don't know what has happened, but he is tired and there is blood on him so I put my front paws on his knee and give the side of his face a lick to make him better. It must work because he smiles. My tail wags and makes a thumping sound on the wooden floor.

When he stands again, I follow him. He goes into the room that has the water in it and he rolls up his sleeve. There is a lot of blood and a big long gash on his left front leg, (the one he uses to pick up things because humans only use their back legs for walking) all the way to his paw. I saw knife wounds in the army and know this is what has happened to Aanvoerder. I growl low in my throat, I want Aanvoerder to know that I am angry at the people who did this to him. I'd eat them, if only he'd show me where they were.

Aanvoerder needs help so I halen the medical kit without him asking. It is kept on a shelf that is quite high but if I stand on my back legs and put my front paws on the shelf then I can get the handle of the big green bag in my teeth and pull it. It's heavy in my teeth but my jaw is strong so I have no problem carrying it back to Aanvoerder. I am rewarded with lots of pats to my head and he whispers "Good boy." at me softly.

I zitten and blijven while Aanvoerder opens the bag and tries to find the bandages he needs, but it is bleeding a lot and he is struggling. He is no longer standing on his hind legs, he comes to zitten on the cold tile floor. I stick my nose in the bag and try to nudge a bandage to him, wishing my front paws worked like human front paws so I could help better.

But there is a way to help, I hear the metal gate open again and can smell that Bediende is here, and he is with Vriend. I jump up and go to see them. Vriend is a new addition to our pack, she smiles at me and says something happy at me. She crouches down and makes a fuss, stroking my fur and playing with my ears. Vriend is always happy to see me and she often plays with me and my ball for hours, but it is not Vriend I need now, I need Bediende.

Bediende talks to me often and uses the same tone now. Aanvoerder rescued me and will always be my favourite, (as pack leader it is my job to please him), Vriend does not come here often but will always play with me and spends a lot of time petting me, but it is Bediende who understands me best. He is always here for me and looks after me and I need him now to look after Aanvoerder. I whine at him and then go back to the water room and he follows me. Sometimes humans find it difficult to understand but not Bediende, he always knows. Sometimes I think he is quite intelligent considering his social status in our pack.

I lead Bediende into the water room, and Vriend comes too. Bediende sees Aanvoerder struggling with his hurt leg and makes a sad noise. He rushes over and inspects the wound and he and Aanvoerder and Vriend have a quick discussion. Then it is Vriend who takes over the medical kit. Bediende watches anxiously and so do I.

I see Vriend get a small piece of metal and some thread from the medical kit and I know what she is going to do. When I was in the army, I was walking with my old Aanvoerder when something went boom. It hurt my shoulder and it bled a lot, it hurt my old Aanvoerder too and I did not see him again. Other soldiers took me to a man who used a piece of metal like this to put my skin back together. Vriend is going to do the same to my new Aanvoerder. I remember it hurt so I go to my new Aanvoerder and put my head in his lap. I think it helps him because he strokes my ears and whispers to me. He does not even flinch when Vriend puts the metal in his skin.

He keeps stroking me until Vriend has finished putting his skin back together and wraps it to keep it safe. When I was in the army and the man put my skin back together, he made me wear a big collar thing round my neck so I couldn't bite it. It itched a lot and I really wanted to bite it, but they don't make Aanvoerder wear a big collar thing. I know he's going to want to bite it too, I must watch him and make sure he doesn't.

Bediende helps Aanvoerder up off the floor and together we all walk back into my bedroom. Bediende brings me my food and my water bowl and Aanvoerder gives me some special treats for helping him with his leg. What I really want is the sweet things that Aanvoerder brings most mornings, but I know he is hurt so I accept this may not happen and I enjoy the treats he does give me.

The humans talk for a moment and then Vriend gets my lead and I know I'm going to the park. I hope that we are all going but Aanvoerder looks tired so I guess it is just me and Vriend. I give Bediende a stern look, if I am going to the park then someone needs to watch Aanvoerder and make sure he doesn't bite his stitches.

As always, Bediende understands, he pats my head and says, "Don't worry, I'll look after him." I wag my tail, giving him my approval and reach my paw up to pat him. I can't reach his head so I pat his knee instead and then head to my day in the park with Vriend. I worry about my pack sometimes, they can sometimes be hurt, and sometimes be sad, but I do my best to protect them and make sure they protect each other too. After all, they are the best pack I've ever had.

I wanted some Dutch names for Bear's humans that reflected their roles in his life, as well as to use some commands that he would be used to hearing. If it's wrong, blame google translate. If you're Dutch and have an alternative suggestion then feel free to let me know.

Aanvoerder - captain, leader, commander, chief, skipper, boss

Bediende - clerk, servant, attendant, employee, steward, domestic

Vriend - friend

I would hope who's who is obvious.

Zitten - sit

Blijven - stay

Halen - fetch

What do you think? This could become a series of one-shots.