"Who are you?" Cassidy asked as she clutched to her injured right arm. A shattered dagger was on the ground beside her.

"I don't have much time, so listen carefully." A figure before her said. It's a figure and not a person because it is not a person. It's a tall creature with grey skin. He had no mouth, but somehow he's able to talk. He had no nose either, but he did have eyes. They are a pair of holes that shined blue light. "A darkness have destroyed our planet and slaughtered our people. You are our last hope of survival."

"I am not your keen."Cassidy smirked despite her situation as a captive. "You are a monster, and I am a human being. Plus, I don't understand a word you are saying." She stated.

"Not now." The figure walked up to Cassidy. The girl tried to move, but the figure stretched out and grabbed her by the neck. She kicked the figure several times with all her strength, with no success. "But you will be very soon."

The figure took out a strange looking rock and put it onCassidy's head. The rock shined and melted into Cassidy's forehead, leaving a yellow symbol there.

The girl fell on the ground. She clutched to her head and screamed in pain. Inside her brain, blue energy fanned out and changed the brain tissues, transforming the girl into something way more superior. PSI ability developed.

On the outside, the girl's body transformed. Her hair started to grow and extend, forming a long braid that hanged down on her back. Her muscles started to grow, and her bones grew way more stronger.

The figure smiled at the sight of the human-protoss. There's a reason he chose this girl. Even critically injured, he is still a powerful Protoss templer. And with his powerful psi energy he discovered something interesting about the girl.

The girl had been extremely logical and have shown incredible self control. Also, she have had some experience in dealing with pain and combat. Even when he just appeared the girl attacked him, lethally. If he wasn't having his shield up and the girl had something better than a dagger he'd be wounded and possibly killed. She's good.

Furthermore, she is in the group that would be known as the "Hope of mankind."

In the darkness, no one stands a chance. Protoss didn't, Zerg didn't, and those Terran didn't. The entire Koprulu Sector fell within a few days.

But those Terran always had a backup plan. After the combined work of hundreds of best Terran scientists, they discovered the way for Terra to survive in an alternated way.

All of the people in their universe are doomed, yes. But if they can smuggle a base into another world, then the man who owned the base, the would be Terran commanders, would be able to revive Terra in another universe. The commanding center held thousands of conscious that would allow the cloning of those deceased. In other words, Terra will be transported to another world. A world in which there is no...Apocalypse.

The Protoss soon realized the project as thousands of oracles searched the timeline for the last hope of the Kala. Eventually they found it.

And that's why the templer is here.

The rock contained the dimensional door to a Protoss base that existed within a half dimension. By mending the rock into the girl, the templer gave the girl a way to a base that is completely safe. With enough resources and the use of consciousness storage and construction, an army can be rallied in a short amount of time.

And by giving the girl a psionic link, he gave the girl permanent control of the base and the army that will be created.

This is not the best way, but it's the only way.

The Protoss looked at his arm. It is starting to disappear into thin air. He knows what will happen if he stays any longer. He turned around and transformed into a group of blue particles and disappeared.

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