Captain Minch's expression changed from a look of confidence to a combination of fear and anger. He had live feed on the field condition via the headset of one of the security soldiers. He knew he screwed something up as soon as he saw the blood thirst in the eye of the hunted.

He suddenly realized something. Jabba wouldn't have given a bounty on someone insignificant. The danger of going after the target was usually matched with the amount of reward a bounty provided. Jabba paid 10000 credits for her...

And now the hunted became the hunter.

"Kill them all!" Minch ordered. The soldiers fired red blasts as they pulled the triggers with all their force. To their desperation, the red blasts that could melt a hole in human body disappeared before actually hitting the aliens. It was as if they were blocked by something.

"Let the feasting began." Cassidy smirked. The zeolets made a battle cry and charged toward the soldiers.

Minch's fear was immediately turned to anger as Cass referred to the battle as a feast. Sure, the entrance of the alien soldiers was impressive, and the aliens looked powerful. But his soldiers weren't slacks either. In fact, most of them used to be mercenaries and bounty hunters.

He found out why it was a feast really soon.

A zeolet charged into a soldier. His Psi blades, in a swift slash, severed the soldier in two. The soldier's upper body fell on the ground and screamed. The zeolet smirked and ignored him instead of putting his out of his misery. He walked, slowly, toward another soldier. The soldier backed off as he fired, but the blasts from the handgun didn't have enough to take down a zeolet's plasma shield with a few shots, especially after the shield was upgraded twice. The zeolet walked up as the soldier found himself backed to a wall. The zeolet, tired of the prey, cut his head off.

A soldier noticed how two of the alien soldiers weren't fighting. Instead, they just floated in the air and observed the battlefield. He assumed they were commanding officers. After all, commanders usually stay behind and were usually relatively fragile. So he charged toward the Ascendant...And he screwed up as his body exploded...literally.

The 5th Ascendant smirked at the soldier blown up by a mind blast. He didn't want to fight the soldiers because he didn't want to waste time fighting weaklings. But no that one of the weaklings was stupid enough to challenge him...well, that was fun.

Cassidy walked by the dead soldiers. Most of them died by Psi blades, which made the scene messy. Red blood covered the floor, but Cass didn't care as she stepped over them. It wasn't like a Tal'darim High Lord would be afraid of blood. She stopped beside one of the dead soldiers. The armored girl knelt down and straightened a camera and smiled.

"Just a second." She licked her lips. "I feel it's better if we talk in person, don't you think?" She waited for a second. The only sound was the cries from dying soldiers. All the zeolets have defeated their foe and were now standing in attention. "I'll take that as a yes." She dropped the camera and walked out of the building. Her army followed her.

"What the hell?" Outside, Minch was swearing. How should he reply? It was a camera, not a communication device! But he didn't have much time to complain. He turned to the driver. "Get us out of here!" The driver of the speedster obeyed and powered up the vehicle, but Cass was already onto him as she stepped out of the building.

The three snipers did their best. They took Cassidy's head into the cross and was about to pull the trigger when something penetrated their heart. They looked down and found that their body was stabbed by something invisible. The sniper blaster fell on the ground, along with its former owner. Three blood hunters grinned and disappeared into a puff of smoke.

Cassidy paid no attention to the sharpshooters. They couldn't really threaten her. Instead, her eyes were trained on the speedster that turned around and ran. She sensed someone on the vehicle had the answer to who ordered the attack.

When she learned the name, she would make him, whoever he was, pay for his action.

Minch let out a small smile as the speedster went further and further away from those alien soldiers. He was safe now. Within a few hours she could return with the majority of the Hutt forces. Thousands of mercenaries and dozens of ships would bring an end to the bitch and her army...After all, this was Tatooine, the base of the Hutts.

Suddenly he saw a red lightening approaching via a mirror on the side of the speedster. The driver saw that as well. He did his best to dodge the blast, but the psi powered attack was much quicker than a machine. The lightening hit the vehicle and knocked it over.

Minch groaned as his body flipped along with his speedster. He tried to move his body, but realized he couldn't.

He saw something moving before him. The driver stood up. His face covered with blood. "Help me!" Minch hissed. The driver knelt down and reached for his hand. However, before Minch could grab his hand, a red blade penetrated the driver's chest. A look of pain appeared on the driver. The man fell dead. A figure took the place of the dead man.

"You..." Minch trembled. His head was bleeding from the crash. "Your head is demanded by the mighty Jabba himself. Do you think you have won? You are on Tatooine! The entire planet is blockaded and not a single ship can leave! Your doom is near!"

"So Jabba sent you. At least I don't need to interrogate you for the one behind this attack." Cassidy stated and squashed the captain before he could say something else. "As for Jabba, he'll meet a similar fate very soon...Ascendant, prepare the warriors for a full on assault!" Her eyes were purple, the color of Terrazine.

The 5th Ascendant walked up. He didn't obey the order. "High Lord. Observers spotted large number of enemy units on the planet. They are well trained and well equipped. The sky is controlled by dozens of enemy ships. We are outnumbered."

Cassidy frowned. She glanced at the ascendant with a forceful look. The ascendant felt the air around him tensing up. In order to prevent a pointless death, he spoke quickly. "The duty of the High Lord is to make sure the Tal'darim survives. Among our society, the High Lord accepts the privileges but also has to fulfill the duty. Assaulting the humans is going to damage our race. We need to pull back."

Cassidy groaned, and a powerful Psi energy wave erupted. The 5th Ascendant assumed he would be killed for disobeying the High Lord, but then realized he was still alive. A speedster behind him erupted into flames.

Cassidy, who calmed down after the eruption, took a deep breath. For a moment her mind was covered with the lust for battle. She wanted to ignore all the planning and kill everyone who challenged her, starting with the 5th Ascendant. But then she regained control. The ascendant was right, and she knew it. Her mission failed. She needed to find other ways to gain more power.

"Lets go." Cassidy said. The 5th Ascendant obeyed swiftly as dozens of light beams engulfed the Tal'darim. When an army of mercenary arrived ten minutes later, all they saw was dozens of severed bodies. Their target was nowhere to be seen.

As Cassidy felt her body phasing, her mind was turning fast. She was starting to realize her mistake. She could've, should've realized something was wrong when the shop owner left and never came back. She should've kept some scouts outside. She could've done so many things to prevent the mission from going abroad, but she didn't. Why? She never imagined those puny mercenaries could truly hurt her.

There was a time period when Cassidy continuously inhaled Terrazine to enhance her strength. She became much more powerful than before, but as a consequence the Terrazine was starting to make her mind dull. Her thoughts were not as clear as before. She perfected doing things before thinking.

And it had cost her dearly.

Now that Shmi Skywalker was dead, Anakin Skywalker would come at her with all his might just like the way he went for the Tusken Raiders in the original timeline. Never mind an alliance. He would kill her the second he saw her. The Terran would undoubtedly tell Skywalker that she killed his mother. After all, they were enemies.

The empire would be her enemy. But even before that, the republic and the Jedi Order will not welcome someone that killed innocent to their side. Her plan to make an alliance against Anubis would backfire.

Well, if outside force couldn't be gained, then she might as well harness the force within.

Cassidy searched for the information on the Tal'darim forces. The Tal'darim had outposts on dozens of planets around Slayn. Hundreds of probes and dozens of zeolets and slayers, as well as one ascendant, were posted there. These outposts functioned as both a source for minerals and vespine gas and the first line of defense against potential enemies.

On the planet of Slayn, there were 7 destroyers and around 1000 ground units, including zeolet, havoc, slayer, ascendant, and 15 immortals. 500 probes moved around the planet to gather resources.

In fact, the Tal'darim forces could've been way stronger. The mineral income per planetary rotation could produce one destroyer. Unfortunately, destroyers had to be piloted by ascendants. The Tal'darim Nexus could produced Tal'darim warriors with one warrior per rotation per Nexus. The problem of efficiency was solved by producing more Nexus, but the newly produced individuals were weak. They had to remain the position of zeolets for a period of time before getting strong enough by Terrazine and meditation to become an ascendant. Currently, Cassidy was in an awkward position with more ships than pilots.

Then his thought turned to the other fractions. Even though the Aiur fraction fled, the other two Protoss fractions, Nerazim and Purifier, still remained. The Nerazim were not the best counterpart of the Tal'darim, but the strength of the Purifier could not be underestimated.

The Purifier program was created by the Aiur Protoss, who faced a similar problem as Cassidy as their number couldn't afford large amount of losses. Even though the Aiur units were durable, and most of the warriors could warp away before being hit critically, the rate of natural growth couldn't match the number of decrease in population due to war. Thus, the Purifier were created.

Purifier were essentially robots. In some cases, the conscious of dead Protoss would be copied and transferred into Purifier bodies. These robots would have all the experience and memory of the warriors they were replicated from. In fact, some of the warriors became more powerful after the copying because of their mechanical bodies.

Purifier were killing machines, and they were the exact thing Cassidy needed.

War is coming...

Cassidy opened her eyes on Slayn.