The Princess and the Nerd

Dipper and Mabel were on there way back to Gravity Falls after a whole school year of being away. A few things had changed since they'd been gone. For one thing, Dipper had gone through a growth spurt and was now a couple inches taller than Mabel. Who's the alpha twin now? As they came up to the bus stop, they were about to see just how much else had changed.

"Ah! It feels great to be back, doesn't it, D-bro?" said Mabel.

"Sure does. I can't wait to see how everybody's doing," Dipper agreed.

The bus came up to a halt and as the twins climbed off, they were met with the faces of all their friends. Soos, Melody, Wendy, Candy, Grenda and Pacifica had all been eagerly waiting for them. "Look out, Gravity Falls, 'cause the Mystery Twins are back in town!" Mabel shouted. She suddenly found herself being tackled by Candy and Grenda and lifted off the ground by Soos.

Dipper stepped off the bus and Wendy greeted him with a fist bump. "Wow, dude. You really shot up," she remarked. Dipper was now almost as tall as her.

"Yep. Got my growth spurt on this year," he bragged. Before he could react, Soos snuck up behind him and scooped him up in a tight bear hug. "Soos I… I can't breathe!"

The big guy put him down. "Sorry, dude. I'm just really happy to see you again. And I got a big surprise for you dudes." Just then, Melody nudged him in the side with her elbow. "But it's gonna have to wait until later."

Mabel gasped. "A surprise! Soos, I command you to tell me now! TELLMENOWTELLMENOWTELLMENOW!"

"Mabel, chill!" Dipper said, grabbing her by the shoulders. She took a couple of soothing breaths and he let her go.

"Guys! It's so great to see you again!" said a familiar voice from behind.

The twins turned around to face Pacifica. Mabel gave her a big hug that she gladly returned. When they let go, Mabel noticed that Pacifica had also gotten taller with age. "Aw man! How come everyone's growing except me?" she whined, giving an adorable pout. Pacifica laughed and turned her attention to Dipper. "Hey, Dipper."

"Hey, Pacifica."

"Wow, look at you. You really have grown up," she commented, taking note of his new features. "Is that a facial hair I see?" She pointed to a couple of tiny hairs on his chins.

"Yep. What can I say? I'm becoming a man."

She chuckled again at his faux cockiness. "Well you look… great."

"Thanks," he said. Then he started to take notice of her new features as well. There was definitely something different about her and he liked it. "You look, uh…. you look great, too."

"Thanks," Pacifica replied, pushing a loose hair behind her ear.

This little exchange did not go unnoticed by Mabel, who did her best to contain her rising giddiness. "Well, well, well, Dipper. Looks like the pheromones are in bloom yet again," she thought with a raised eyebrow.

Soos jumped in and broke the silence. "Say! You dudes must be starving after that long trip. How 'bout we grab some grub at the diner?"

"Provided Lazy Susan picks out all the actual grubs," Melody added.

Everybody agreed and they all headed towards the diner. The whole time, though, Dipper was unable to take his eyes off of Pacifica. She was just so alluring, he could hardly believe it. When she turned to look back at him, he tried hard not to look like he was staring. He practically made his whole body go stiff. Pacifica looked away and blushed with a small smile. Mabel watched the whole thing with giddy amusement.

After the diner, Soos and Melody took the twins back the Mystery Shack to unpack. Dipper felt a pang of nostalgia being back in their old bedroom, even though Soos had taken the liberty of replacing everything that reminded them of Bill Cipher. Even the window had been replaced with one that had a regular floral pattern.

"I really missed this room," Mabel said as she placed her suitcase on her old bed.

"Me too," Dipper agreed. "I love being back in town. It sure is great seeing everybody again."

"Yeah." Mabel's voice had turned a little smug. "And, hey, Pacifica's gotten a lot cuter. Don't you think? She's a real knockout."

"Yeah. WAIT! Uh, I mean…. I-I guess! I dunno. I… I hadn't really noticed."

"Oh, knock it off. You can't hide it from me. I saw you checking her out."

Dipper realized there was no sense in trying to deny it to his sister. "Okay, fine! I was staring. I don't know what happened. She just sort of… caught me by surprise and I couldn't stop looking at her. It's like I suddenly saw a whole new side of her that I never knew was there."

"Puberty in action! Ya gotta love it. Dipper, you should go ask her out."

"There is no way that's happening. She'd probably just laugh at me and slam the door in my face."

"No she wouldn't. She's nice now. Remember?"

"I know, but still. Pacifica comes from the richest, most powerful family in town. She's an heiress, Mabel. She could get any rich boy she wanted and she wouldn't even have to pay him. What kind of chance could I possibly have?"

Mabel grabbed her brother firmly by the shoulders. "Dipper! Don't you see what you're doing? You're putting Pacifica on a pedestal just like you did with Wendy. The more you worry about being rejected, the more you lose your chance to be accepted. Well I'm not letting make the same mistake twice. You are gonna grow a pair, march right over to Pacifica's house, knock on the front door and when she answers, what do you say?"

Dipper only stuttered, not a single coherent word coming from his mouth.

"I SAID WHAT YOU SAY?!" Mabel shouted.


"That's what I'm talking about! Now get your butt down to that mansion and let the sparks start flying!"

Dipper quickly brushed his hair, straightened his hat and power-walked down the stairs to the front door. When he opened it, however, his confidence suddenly flew south for the winter, as standing right in front of him was Pacifica Northwest herself, shocked to see him opening the door before she could knock. "PACIFICA!" he said louder than he should have before covering his mouth.

"Oh, uh… Hi D-Dipper. I was just, y'know, out for a jog and I…. thought I'd stop by to… y'know." She seemed almost as flustered as he was.

Dipper straightened up to try and reply. "Uhhh yeah, totally! Uh, as a matter of fact, I was just on my way to your place to, uh… y'know."

"Hehe. Eeyup," Pacifica responded.

Both kids turned away from each other and gave themselves some quick mental readjusting. Then they turned back to face each other squarely in the eyes.



They each took a deep breath and, at the same time, said "Do you wanna go on a date with me?" It took them each a second to recover from the shock.

"I-I… I'd love to," Pacifica replied, her cheeks turning red as a stop sign.

"Dyy-uhhh… G-G-Great. Great! Awesome!" Dipper coughed as he tried to maintain whatever composure he had. "So does… tonight at seven work for you?"

"Totally! I know this great new restaurant in town we can go to."

"Cool, so I'll swing by and pick you up at seven."

"It's a date. See you tonight, Dipper."

"Yep. I will see you to-night."

Pacifica walked away and Dipper closed the door. She kept on walking until she was several feet from the porch and then stopped. "YES! Boo-yah!" She exclaimed, pumping her fist in victory. Aristocratic civilities be darned. This girl just got her first date.

On the other side, Dipper was suddenly tackled by his excited twin. "Dipper, you did it! I'm so proud of you!"

"I did it. I did it! I have a date!" He was beaming with pride, until it started to really sink in for him. "I have a date!" Pride turned into light-headedness as he felt his body shutting down. "Goodnight, world." And just like that, the boy was out cold.