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When David got back to the cabin, the first thing he wanted to do was run out and start making Max's camp. He didn't need to sleep and it would be a great surprise! Noticing that the lights were off, David presumed that Gwen had went to bed.

"Must have gotten sleepy." He thought to himself. Well, that was fine. It meant he could just run out and get to work. After checking that the stove was off and disposing the now cold tea, David stepped out of the front door and took in a deep breath.

"Let's get to work!"


The next day came quickly and it was just as hectic as you would think it would be. All the campers woke up without the sound of David's usual annoying wake up calls. It was odd, but they brushed it off and took advantage of the extra snooze time. After some time, they all met up in the middle of the camp and asked each other if they had seen either of the councillors, all coming up empty. Even Max was the slightest bit worried, but was reassured by his new puppy barking happily at him.

"Huh, I'm not really sure what you do," Max patted the pup on the head, "but I'm gonna guess everything's ok if you're not upset."

The puppy seemed to nod its head and bark in response.

"Is that a fucking wolf?" Nurf pointed at said wolf and glared at it.

"Yeah, and he's mine." Max crossed his arms and smirked at the red head.

"Woah," Ered did a cool air flip, "Cool."

"Yeah and he does cool tricks, too!" Nikki shouts as she kneels in front of the pup, "Ok, Cthulburt! Do a sick flip!" "Cthulburt" barked in reply, hopped onto Nikki's back and performed the sickest flip off of her, impressing all.

Max was confused for a number of reasons at the moment. First, "Cthulburt"? Who the hell decided on that name? Secondly, did they practice that flip, cause it was way too perfect to be impromptu. Maybe he just wasn't giving the dog enough credit.

"Uh no," Max stepped in and picked up the wolf, "his name isn't Cthulburt."

Nikki frowned, "But he looks like a Cthulburt."

"No, I'll name him..." Max locked eyes with the small fluff ball in his arms and thought long and hard. "...Blue."

"Oh! What a pretty name!" The precious Dolph cooed.

"I would have named him something more DYNAMIC, like Othello. Now that's a name of DRAMA!" Preston declared.

"Well, get your own fucking dog! His name's Blue, ok?"

"Hmmf." Preston huffed and glared off in the distance dramatically.

"Where did you get him anyway?" Harrison asked as he went to pet Blue, "He seems way too well trained to be from the forest."

"He just followed me from the forest last night."

"Really? Well, he's a pretty smart wolf if that's true."

Max wasn't enjoying how it seemed Harrison was casually interrogating him and stepped away, "If you don't believe me, go into the fucking forest. I'm sure it'll work out."

"I'll go!" Space Kid shouted.

Max smirked, placed Blue down and started pushing Space Kid to the edge of the forest, "Yeah, Space Kid. You should definitely go. You might even find a space unicorn or some shit."

"OOooo-AAaaahhh!" Max pushed Other Neil into the forest, sending the kid barreling out of their sights.

"Do you think he'll be ok?" Nikki asked.

"Does it really matter, Nikki? One less Neil to worry about."

Hearing that, Neil's eyes glowed with joy, "You're right! Now the one true Neil can shine!" Neil's ego grew two times that day until he analyzed Max's statement more, "Wait… "to worry about"? Am I a liability, Max? You're not going to try and uh... get rid of me too, right?"

Max just smirked at Neil and kept walking. Nikki snuck up behind Neil and whispered, "You're going down."

Neil nearly jumped out of his skin and rushed to catch up with the aloof boy, "Max! Max! Seriously! Don't you even dare!"

The kids waited for a while to see if Space Kid would return alive, but soon gave up, declared him dead and went into the Mess Hall to get some food. The Quartermaster already had two big pots of questionable slop and eggs prepared. All the kids, except for Max, got their food and took their respective seats. Blue, noticing his lack of food, whined at Max.

"I bet you're hungry, right?"

"Bork" Blue nodded.

"Well, you're not gonna want any of this trash. Trust me. I'll find you something better."

"Bark bork" wagging his tail, Blue was happy to not eat actual garbage.

"So, do you think David and Gwen are dead or something?" Nikki asked before she started shoveling food into her mouth.

"They're probably planning some stupid activity for us to do." Max said as he pushed his empty tray away.

"Ormf mayfee Dabid is," Nikki swallows her mouthful of food, "raising Hell! Eh, eh?!"

Neil slapped his hand on his face, "Ugh, that was awful, Nikki."

Nikki just cackled like a maniac.

Neil ignored Nikki's madness, "Anyway, Max, last night, when you were making that deal, what kind of camp did you ask for? David seemed pretty ecstatic about it."

Max just shrugged, "Nothing interesting. It's probably going to be just as lame as all these other camps."

"But you chose what it would be. So, wouldn't it be something at least a little cool?"

"David can turn anything into a lame shitshow. Trust me, all you need to know is that it'll be awful." Max honestly didn't know how this whole thing would work out. Sure, he'd be able to learn something he always wanted to do, but he also has to spend time with David and that was a fate worse than death. Not to mention, the whole demon thing was still throwing him for a loop. What else was David hiding? Was David really 'David'? It was all so confusing and he needed to figure it out.

"You guys want to go through David's stuff?"

"Yeah! Maybe he has severed heads for ancient blood rituals!"

"Sure. He probably has some ridiculous black magic books that I can analyze and debunk."

"Ok, lets-"


Max was rudely interrupted by a terrified scream, "What the fuck? Was that Space Kid?"

All the campers rushed outside to see what the commotion was all about, when out of the forest came a spacesuit tattered, dirtied and terrified Space Kid and right behind him was a fucking mountain lion.


All the kids screamed in terror as they scattered. Nurf, Ered and Preston made it back into the Mess Hall, but Nurf locked out the others who hadn't, leaving them to fend for themselves.

"Holy shit! Why are there actual literal mountain lions in this area?! Do they even show up in this part of the U.S.?!" Neil shouted as he ran as fast as his lanky legs would let him.

"There's no time to think about that shit!" Max shouted out as he pointed to a tree, "Nikki! Toss us up to that branch!"

"You got it!" Nikki cupped her hands, tossing the boys up as they stepped on them. She soon joined them, climbing the tree like an expert. The kids watched the lion prowled. It lost track of Space Kid when the children went in every direction and was looking for its next target.

"Fucking Space Kid. Can't even get mauled right," Max complained.

"Now what?" Neil asked as he clung to the tree.

"We could sick Nikki on it." Nikki was ready for a fight, already growling.

Neil wasn't sure if he was more concerned for Nikki or the lion, "Um, what about Blue? Actually, where is he?"

Huh. Where was he indeed. He was with them earlier and now he was gone. The trio looked around, not seeing any sign of the pup. Had David actually given him a scaredy cat of a wolf just to fuck with him? The guy was even more of a bastard if so.


The gang jumped at the clear crack of a branch. Their branch. Their branch that cracked even more after they jumped.

"Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck!" The branch finally gave way and sent the kids tumbling to the ground. They landed roughly on the ground and groaned as they tried to recover. Unfortunately, that whole mess got the lion's attention and it was coming right for them. Hearing the growling had gotten the children's attention and they scrambled backwards into the tree.

"Shit. I guess this is how we'll die. Well, it was nice knowing you guys." Max closed his eyes, made peace with life and accepted his new lord and savior, Death. The sweet relief of death never came as a giant wolf came barreling through and slammed the lion, sending it rolling across the camp. The wolf was a tad bit taller than an average wolf at 3.3 feet, had yellow, all consuming eyes and a pair small horns poking out from behind its ears. It growled and barked aggressively at the downed lion.

"Whoa!" The kids suddenly saw David run into view, "What's hap...pending?" Seeing the transformed wolf and possibly dead or unconscious lion, David could make a couple of good guesses on what had happened. Honestly, he shouldn't be surprised considering how much trouble the kids got into, but this was pretty quick.

"Oh my," he put up his hands defensively as he inched his way over to the lion to see if it was alive. It seemed the poor thing was trying it's damndest to recover and made a weak swipe at David. The wolf didn't like that motion and immediately pounced over David, grabbed the lion in it's jaws and dragged it into the forest to possibly be eaten alive. The red head blinked, looking at the now empty space in front of him. He coughed into his hand as he turned to the trio, who seemed just as shocked.

"Well, um, it seems you kids have been having an… eventful morning."

"No shit! Where the hell were you?!"



"We should really go start activities, Gwen."

"Come on! You were working all night. Might as well watch some Bob Ross."

"But I think I hear screaming?"

Gwen just turned up the volume.

David would have gotten up if he wasn't so gosh darn distracted by the man's painterly style. It was just so relaxing.

"Ok, just a few more minutes."


"Uh… I overslept," he rubbed his arm nervously as he walked over to them, cursing Gwen in his head for her bad influences, "Anyway, are you kids ok?"

"Yeah. Totally. Almost ripped to shreds by a fucking mountain lion. I'm positively over-fucking-joyed!"

"Ok Max, I get your point. I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner, but hey, wasn't it great how your new friend jumped in to save you?"

"Yeah, took him forever, but yeah, it was pretty sick."

A trash can fell over, tossing Space Kid out, "Whoa!"

At that, the other kids poked out of their hiding places.

"Was that a wolf?" Dolph asked as he picked leaves out of his hair.

David nervously turned to the growing crowd of kids around him, "Um, yes, but everything's fine now!"

Ered flipped her hair, "Cool."

"Why don't we all go to the Mess Hall for a well deserved breakfast!"

Nerris tried to speak up, "But we already-"

"Breakfast time!" David cheerfully ignored the statement and ushered all the kids into the Mess Hall. He noticed all the messy half eaten trays and realized his breakfast distraction wouldn't work.

"Well, ok campers, since you've already eaten, today's a free camp day! So everyone can go have fun with their own camps! I already took the liberty of setting them all up last night!"

As everyone cautiously went off to their own camps, Max tried to wander off back to his tent, until David stepped in front of him.

"Hold on Max! Do I have a surprise for you!"


"Just follow me!"

David excitedly jogged along to the edge of camp, somewhat far from all the others and stopped in front of a cabin. The cabin looked similar to David and Gwen's but was slightly smaller in scale. It had little going on on the outside except for the sign hammered above the door: "Music Camp"

David turned to Max and stretched his hands out in flare, "Surprise!"

Max raised an eyebrow and eyed the cabin up and down, "The fuck is this?"

"It's the brand new, just-for-you, Music Camp!" David opened the door and waltzed in with Max in toe, "I have so much to show you, not to mention teach you! Hmm, where to start? Maybe the trusty guitar? Or the bombastic drums? Or even the delicate violin? Or…"

As David rambled, Max scanned the room. It was covered in every instrument one could possibly imagine and in the center was a small stage with a couple of stools and a mic stand. It was all so overwhelming and he wondered if David expected him to learn how to play all these things. He watched as David moved and rambled. Was David really doing this just to make him happy? Hell, just watching the guy be so cheerful made him question if David really was some sort of freaky ass demon and if he had just dreamed up all of last night. But of course it wasn't a dream and now he was alone with a fucking demon. This would probably be the perfect time for the bastard to drop his happy-go-lucky act and do some real fucked up shit, cause there's no way a demon from literal Hell can be any good. He just had to get a reaction.

"...Or maybe the kora? Now that's a beautiful instrument. Maybe a kazoo? Not the most complex instrument, but still a good start for a beginner or just for fun. Maybe even-"


David jumped as he turned back to Max, "Oh sorry, Max. I just get so gosh darn excited when I get a chance to talk about music! I'm sorry if I'm overwhelming you. Is there anything that grabs your interest?"

Max rolled his eyes and looked at the instruments closely. His eyes landed on the electric guitar, "How about that?"

"Oh, that's a perfect start!" David clapped his hands and started grabbing the guitar and amps, "The guitar is one of my favorite instruments! Oh, but I'm sure you already know that."

Max ignored David as he climbed onto one of the chairs. David placed two amps on the stage and plugged in the guitar. He passed it to Max, reached behind himself and pulled an electric guitar out of nowhere.

"How the hell do you do that?"

"Do you mean the whole "pulling-a-guitar-from-behind-my-back" thing?" he plugged his guitar in and took a seat on the other chair, "It's just a little demon trick. Just teleporting something from one place to another. It also helps that I am the demon of music, so making instruments appear just comes with the territory. Now," David strummed his guitar and gave Max a bright smile, "let's start with something simple. First, let's play the A chord a couple of times."

And so began their guitar lesson. David slowly taught Max the different cords on the guitar, even going as far to combine the different cords and form melodies. Max took great interest in the lesson, sometimes forgetting his little interrogation plan altogether, but he remembered enough to ask David questions throughout the teaching.

"So, you like control music and nature? Sounds like some pussy shit you'd be into."

"Max, language," David laughed at Max's side eye glare, "Actually, many demons have an element that either goes well with what they mainly do or are just weird and unrelated. I used to really dislike having nature as my element and didn't see any use for it, but when I came to Camp Campbell and really took in the beauty of it all, I finally understood how amazing nature really was."

"Ugh, stop getting all gushy about nature."


"So, do you just hang out here as a camp counselor for fun or something?"

"Actually, I was summoned here. It was about, gosh, nearly 15 years ago."

"You were summoned here, huh? By who?"

"Mr. Campbell, of course."

"Of course that sleazeball summoned a demon to do some shady shit. So, what kind of illegal shit does he have you doing?"

"...Well, my main job is to protect the camp's more… questionable going ons. Mainly, I keep any government agents from investigating to deeply into Campbell's affairs and run the camp to the best of my abilities."

"Ha, well you failed on both of those, since this camp is a shit hole and Campbell is in Super Guantanamo now."

David sighed, "It's true that he's in jail now, but at least the camp is still running, so I haven't completely broken this deal."

"Oh yeah, what exactly do you get from this deal anyway?"

"... Mr. Campbell's soul."

Max stopped what he was doing and turned his full attention to David, "Woah! Seriously? You're going to steal the soul of the guy you admire so much? Holy shit. When is that going to happen so I can see it for myself!"

David rubbed the back of his neck, "Soon, actually. Once this summer is over, well, his soul is mine and he'll… die."

"What will happen after that then? No Cameron, no Camp Campbell, right?"

"...I don't know."

Max dropped that line of questioning, sensing that it was something not even David had the answer to.


"So, that page said you were a Duke and ran twenty-nine legions. Sounds like you were a pretty important guy."

"Were? I still am. I'm still a Duke of Hell and still in control of those twenty-nine legions of spirits and demons."

Max scoffed, "Twenty-nine doesn't sound like much to me."

"Times twenty-nine by six thousand and you have how many soldiers I have."

Max did some mental multiplication, "... Woah."

David laughed, "Yeah."


"Have you killed people?"

David's eyes widened at the suddenly intense question, "Well, um… Yes, I have actually."

Max glared, "Have you killed anyone at camp?"

"Oh um…," David held his guitar closer, "Maybe we should end this session for now. We can come back later."

"You have, haven't you? You're just too much of a bitch to admit to it," Max leaned in, invading David's personal space, "Do you like it, David? Do you like killing people? Does it make you feel all powerful? You fuckin-"

"Max!" David shot out of his chair, startling Max and himself, "Max… I don't- could you- could we just stop," he gave Max a stern glare, "I know this is weird and you don't trust me, which is completely understandable, but I don't think this is something you really need to know about."

Max glared back at David. He was pushing the guy's buttons good, but maybe it was too much. At this rate, David would just start avoiding him. Sure, that would be a dream come true, but it would ruin his plan. So, Max shrugged and broke eye contact with the counselor, "Ok."


"Yeah, ok. I'll stop. I was getting tired of practicing anyway," Max place the guitar down a little too roughly for David's tastes and started walking to the exit.

"Oh um, ok…," David slowly placed his guitar down, "Don't forget you can come back here anytime to practice!"

The grumpy kid slammed the door behind himself, leaving poor David alone in the cabin. David felt the tension leave his body as he slouched against the wall. That was getting too intense for him. He was starting to think having three, far too curious, kids know he was a demon was actually bad and possibly disastrous. Not like he could do anything about it now.

"What have I gotten myself into?"

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