Code Rosario to Geass: Capu 1

Originally I wasn't going to even publish this chapter until I had, at least, finished my previous RosaVamp stories of "Two Guys, A Vampire, and a Monster Academy", "Rosario to Human: The First Year", and "Double of Blacklight to Vampire: Year One", with heavy emphasis on the first story. However, when Half-Dragon127 and an anonymous reader left on their reviews of my story "MonMusu Geass" that they would like to see this story or at least a few chapters, I felt compelled to oblige.

Granted, I'm probably going to only post a handful of chapters not only to test the waters to see if anyone is interested in this concept, but also because I have previous obligations to at least complete the previous RosaVamp fanfictions of mine or at least conclude Capu 1.

So without further ado, here's my fanfiction. Oh, uh, before that, the usual legal declarations.

Disclaimer: I own neither the story nor the characters of either the anime or manga cannon. My only claim of property is how this fanfiction approaches such scenarios from either media. In short, I ain't worth the lawsuit.

Chapter 1: Zero Requiem to Vampire

"Onii-sama…" Lelouch vi Britannia heard his beloved younger sibling breathed out in confusion, though barely. He recognized her voice, but could barely move even his own eyes to glance upon her face as he felt her fingers touch his hand. The horrible pain of impairment through his chest, strangely, began to subside as he felt his life's blood flow from the wound. He wasn't sure if the pain truly was subsided or if there just wasn't enough blood that flowed through his veins to fuel the chemical synaptic neurons that would cause his brain to register the sensation as pain.

"It can't be… Onii-sama…you were… all along…" It all felt so distant as he barely felt his hand grasped by the crippled young girl. "Onii-sama, I love you!"

The demon emperor of the Holy Empire of Britannia and second chairmen of the United Federation of Nations was able to glance upwards as his eyes set upon the sun in the sky as all the events of his life, both joyful and sorrow, began to replay before him. "Yes… I… destroy… worlds… " His eyelids soon began to feel heavy, as though he was tired. It did seem rather accurate since his life was so occupied with such worries as the creation of a peaceful world and to learn the ultimate fate of his mother the moment he received that geass. That power that allowed him to take that first step to realize his great goals that he set forth all those years ago. With the Zero Requiem complete, he could finally rest as he felt himself plunge into a strange, lukewarm darkness. "Create…. worlds…" He barley spoke before the darkness consumed him completely and felt his decent into the afterlife. Heaven? Hell? It no longer mattered, his life's work was now completed and this new world he had created the moment he was assassinated was in good hands. The Black Knights, Cornelia, Villetta, Jeremiah, Kaguya, and especially his distraught sister will take good care of the world he built and left behind.

"Onii-sama!" Nunnally cried out from beyond the darkness. She begged for all that transpired before her to be nothing more than a terrible nightmare, a horrible joke. "Iie! Open your eyes!"

The forsaken prince made a silent apology for his beloved younger sister, yet it was necessary for the creation of this promised future that he has given his life to create. "Onii-sama!"

"ONII-SAMA!" Lelouch eyes then opened to much confusion as he felt his body step off a bus. Was this the afterlife? It seemed strange, and unlike either the cloud-top heaven or the fire and brimstone hell that was indoctrinated into him. In fact, it appeared more like a cliché and stereotypical horror story environment. Complete with trees whose branches were populated by scarecrows and other manner of fauna rather then leaves, a crimson ocean beside the cliff to which he stood upon, and even some gothic mansion off to the distance that was highlighted by the occasional lightning bolt.

To his left he spotted a bus mirror and found, to his bewilderment, that he looked almost three years younger than he remembered. He did not know how to make of all that he witnessed before his very eyes as he now recalled the weight of a backpack and luggage. To his right he spotted a strange, pumpkin-headed scarecrow-like sign whose kanji read 'Youkai Gakuen'. Clearly he was not in the Tokyo Concession where he died by Suzaku's hands. But he did die, didn't he?

"Take care and good luck, Lelouch Lamperouge." The former demon emperor of Britannia glanced over his shoulder and immediately regretted the action as he spied the chauffer-uniformed bus driver who held a cigar between his lips rather skillfully; his eyes gave off a mysterious and foreboding aura to them. "Or….should I say Lelouch vi Britannia?"

Before Lelouch could even question the strange driver, the bus door closed and the vehicle then retreated into a nearby tunnel and left the now displaced Britannian youth to his own devices as his mind flooded with questions of his current predicament. Ultimately, he sighed in defeat as he had little choice other than to approach the gothic mansion to which he assumed was this Yokai Gakuen that he will presumably spend the next three years in attendance. If only his friends back from Ashford Academy were here, then this strange occurrence would have been more pleasant and past by before his very-

"Get out of the way! Look out!" The cry of warning had unfortunately sparked Lelouch's instinctive curiosity to which he was mentally forced to look back to see what was the danger that came towards him rather than move out of the way.

Naturally, this caused the aforementioned collision that the voice had attempted to avoid as Lelouch found himself involved in a bicycle accident that felt more of a blur than an experience. He could barely register that it had even occurred as he struggled to get back onto his two feet. However, one of the first things his hand touched in the endeavor was rather warm and soft as it produced a rather feminine squeak of surprise. The demon emperor's eyes adjusted enough to discover that the strange, yet equally pleasant sensation was actually the unknown orangette's thigh.

"Gomen, I suffer from anemia and I suffer from fainting spells and blurry eyes-" She brushed her hair away to reveal a rather beautiful set of emerald eyes that stared into Lelouch's own lavender irises. She was awestruck as to the rather attractive, almost beautiful young man that was before her very sight. The former ninety-ninth emperor of the Holy Empire of Britannia looked upon this stranger with perplexed confusion. She looked uncannily like his murdered friend Shirley Fenette and wondered if either this was some reincarnation of her or that it was the same girl that Rolo had killed all those months ago. This confusion, however, caused his hand to squeeze the thigh of the orangette reflexively. This caused a chain reaction which brought the unknown girl's attention to come back to her own limbs and caused her to hold her legs tightly against each other in embarrassed surprise. Lelouch was brought out of his own quandary of thoughts back to the present and the predicament his hand currently occupied. The shock was enough for him to panic as he pulled his hand from her person in a flurry of apologies to the orangette.

"F-Forgive me! I didn't mean to-" The very thought of his hand so close to a girl's most precious part of her body was consciously attempted by Lelouch as he jumped away. However, his train of thought was switched to the blood that ran from his nose and mentally cursed this rather strange quirk of his body. Why did it have to be that every single time whenever he thought or witnessed anything that was anything remotely risqué that it caused his nose to bleed? He swore that some inbreeding from back in the dark ages ultimately culminated in this physical annoyance and prayed that this new girl did not notice his predicament.

"Oh my! You're bleeding!" The blood in his face, if not his head, drained to Lelouch's feet as the orangette pulled out a handkerchief. "Here, let me help!"

"N-No, that won't be necessary- um… miss? Is there something wrong?" Lelouch then noticed that the unknown schoolgirl had a rather glazed look to her face. A look that was unlike one who tasted the aroma of a savory and decadent dish served in a five-star restaurant after a lengthy period of starvation.

She had muttered something about blood before she grasped Lelouch's shoulders and apologized, "Forgive me, I'm a vampire." Just a mere moment before she sunk her fangs into his neck.

'W-Wait, did she say vampire?!' The former emperor mentally panicked as he felt his blood drained from the very spot she had bit him.

A moment later, she jumped away. "G-gomen! I couldn't control myself." Lelouch went to his neck to inspect the damage, but only found a rather sensitive bruise rather than anything stereotypical of a vampire bite. Oh how he was glad that Milly wasn't here in this strange place to witness this odd encounter, and on the very first day of upper-secondary school no less.

"So um…." Lelouch attempted to change the subject as both teens stood upright. If this girl was remotely similar to Shirley, she would be so embarrassed and flustered that it would just make the situation worse than it could have if left to its own devices. "Are you a student to Yokai Gakuen as well?"

"Hai! I just arrived here! My name is Akashiya Moka! Pleasure to meet you!" The orangette who identified herself as Moka Akashiya greeted in a rather sweet and bubbly voice. However, her form then regressed to shyness as she twitted her hands and swayed nervously. "Do you…hate vampires..?"

'Is she serious?' Lelouch wondered in confusion. Granted, it would explain why not only she had suddenly bit his neck and drank his blood, but also why the wound was little more noticeable then what Miss Ashford would call a hickey. One more reason that made him glad that his former comrades of the academy were not present with him. Not only that, but would potentially explain the name of the high school that sounded too stereotypical of a Halloween Afterschool Special. Yet, he prayed that the name of the school wasn't literal. "N-no, not really. To be honest, I really don't have much reason to hate vampire, since you're the first one I've really met." He reassured the self-proclaimed vampire while he left out the footnote that his own Zero disguise was too reminiscent of a certain fictional Transylvanian count.

The reaction of Lelouch's statement was far beyond his prediction as Moka leapt into his arms and both returned to the ground once again. "Really? I'm so glad! Then will you be my friend?"

"I-I guess." The former leader of the Black Knights agreed. "I really don't know of anyone else here."

"I'm the same as well!" It was then that the orangette remembered the entrance ceremony. "Oh no! I almost forgot about the ceremony! We'll have to hurry!"

"Well if it isn't too much, I can help you with your bike." Lelouch gestured to the barely usable vehicle. Soon enough, the two first-year students hurried down the path towards the Yokai Gakuen campus. That was, after it was discovered that Lelouch's physique was still horribly weak and unable to push the damaged bicycle, let alone carry.

Lelouch's day had deteriorated from otherworldly strange to horrifically worse. Not only had his fellow classmates of the female persuasion had become enamored of his physical beauty much to the chagrin of his fellow male students, his homeroom teacher, Shizuka Nekonome, told of the rules of Yokai Gakuden toward humans such as himself in addition to the revelation that the school was indeed one for monsters.

Now he was the sworn enemy of all the schoolboys of Yokai Gakuden as he walked down the hall with the orangette vampire that clung to his arm. It somewhat helped in his position as the school girls were jealous of how Moka Akashiya was so close to their beloved Lelouch Lamperouge and plotted her demise so that they would have the human all to themselves. Well, it would have made him feel better if she was not so oblivious to the rumor mongering and conspiracy that lined the hallways.

Soon enough, the two approached a vending machine where Lelouch offered to pay for the drinks. He bought a can of iced coffee while she chose a can of tomato juice. He observed her consumption of the crimson beverage and wondered if she preferred the drink due to its similar color to blood.

However, this glance did not go unnoticed. "Is there something wrong Lelouch?" Moka asked.

"No, it's just that I was wondering about-"

"You're Akashiya Moka, right?" The bleached headed, stereotypically thuggish classmate known as Saizo Komiya appeared from a nearby pillar and startled both the self-proclaimed vampire and former emperor.

"Who are you?" Moka asked.

"My name is Komiya Saizo and we attend the same class." He introduced before he lifted Lelouch off the ground by his necktie. "By the way, why are hanging around with such a weakling like him?"

Lelouch struggled to breath and looked into the delinquent's eyes and hopped that his geass would be able to control this beast in human skin. "L-let me go!" He commanded, though the familiar sensation of his supernatural ability was absent. But the only way for him to lose his geass was to-

"I'll let you go flying!" Saizou smirked as he tossed Lelouch into the vending machine as if he was but a rag doll. Moka attempted to go to the raven-headed boy's side only to have her advance blocked by Saizou's hand upon her shoulder. Almost automatically, she brushed him aside after his offer for "more fun" as he termed it before she went to tend to the former emperor's injuries.

Annoyed in how she rejected his offer so easily, Saizou's prehensile tongue grabbed hold of one of the recently liberated cans of tomato juice and bit into the aluminum can.

Sometime after the events of the vending machine had past and Saizou walked in solitude as he reflected in how he would approach the orangette vampire to make her his woman. Just then, he felt the aura of murderous intent just behind him. In his grave mistake, he turned around and saw a rather large group of very angry and annoyed schoolgirls.

"You hurt Lamperouge-sama." One girl spoke in eerie venom.

"That cannot be forgiven." Another stated in a rather threatening tone.

"You must pay for your crime." The mob then slowly approached Saizou not unlike a predator that had cornered its prey. He could do little more than scream in bloody terror.

"Did you hear that just now?" Lelouch asked Moka as the two observed the surrounding landscape.

"Hai, but it wasn't as scary as what happened earlier." Moka confessed. "Are you alright?"

"It's not something to worry about." Lelouch then pondered. "Though that was a rather impressive throw." It was certainly a physical feat that not even Kallen or Suzaku could match was the thought that he added mentally.

Moka chuckled. "You're funny, acting like you've never seen a monster before." The vampire reassured Leouch by patting him on the back.

'Not the literal kind.' Lelouch noted mentally.

"Oh, what kind of monster are you?" Moka then took back her question. "Never mind, asking is against the rules right?"

Lelouch mentally sighed in relief; he wasn't sure how he would answer that particular question. "Yeah, but you told me what monster you were."

"But that was before I knew that it was against the rules."

"To be honest, you don't really act the part."

"Oh, that's because of this." The orangette showed Lelouch the Rosario that hung from her leather choker. "If this was ever taken off, I'd become a verrry scary vampire. However, I can't take it off myself."

'Probably for the better.' Lelouch thought. 'I rather not find out exactly HOW scary a vampire could become.'

"Even so, a vampire still has the need to consume blood." Moka then looked back to Lelouch.

"Um…" Lelouch chuckled nervously. "Why would you be interested in a mediocre person like me?"

"Don't say that! You should be proud of yourself!"

"Oh? Why's that?"

"Because your blood is absolutely perfect! Full bodied and ideal mineral balance, not to mention such flavor and fragrance!" Moka exclaimed. "It's far better than the transfusion packs I've had in the past and especially- Um….why are you on the ground?" Lelouch collected himself after the shock in how she praised how much his own blood tasted so great. Though it was a change compared to how even the schoolgirls of Ashford praised his intelligence and physical beauty.

"And is this a comparison to all the other, um necks, that you've bitten before?"

"To tell the truth," Moka then reverted back to her shyly form as she twitted her fingers. "You were my first." For some odd reason, Lelouch could almost hear Milly playfully call him a pervert in the background of his mind. She then gently embraced him as her lips were dangerously close to his neck. "It was so warm and pulsed with life…. A girl simply can't forget such an experience."

Lelouch's eyes then widen as an image of a silver mane, crimsoned eyed version of Moka flashed before his eyes. An image that shocked and startled him enough to dash away from the now confused orangette. "S-sorry! I just remembered something!" He apologized rather weakly and frantically before he dashed down the stairwell, out of the main class facility and barely reached the campus gate with lungs that starved for oxygen, legs burned from the physical activity it was not able to cope with and his sight blurred from either the adrenaline rush or pure exhaustion, he was unsure as to which as he leaned against the side of the gate.

Soon enough, Lelouch's heart had calmed enough so that the rhythmic beat in his ear had dulled enough to allow him to think properly. All he knew was that he recalled how horrifically painful the blade penetrated his flesh, the herculean effort it took to not only walk but to also mentally gather the information presented before him as he felt his life's blood drain from his very body, the confusion of how he found himself step off the bus and how the driver knew his true name, the painful sensation of fangs that penetrated the skin of his neck and the sensation of blood drawn from his veins, that he was at a secret school for monsters to learn how to mimic human behavior, that strange flash of danger when Moka embraced him so close to her own, and how he could not feel the familiar sensation of the geass when he ordered that delinquent monster to release him. Granted, it was a roulette gamble that his geass ability would have been able to affect a non-human sapient being but he should have felt the sensation of its activation and cast. And the only way he could have lost his geass is if he gained the code of an immortal. He could rule out C.C., and the only other immortal he knew about was his father and he certainly didn't pass on his own code to the son that just killed him. All that Charles zi Britannia did was reach out and grab his throat to-

Could Lelouch have gained that code in that one instant of physical contact? He knew neither of how the transfer could occur nor of what the obvious signs that the code was transferred from one host to another. Perhaps it was more of a matter of survival of a code to leave a vessel that was clearly dying through non-corporeal means and simply leaped into his own body. There was still so much he did not know of geass and immortality code and the World of C that the possibilities were endless.

"L-Lelouch…?" The former demon emperor was barely able to turn to face the orangette vampire. Or was it three? He wasn't completely sure. "Is there something wrong?"

"N-no, no, everything is alright. J-just tell the other two to stop spinning…." Lelouch shook his head to clear his confusion. Oh how he wished he wasn't so physically impotent. Moka, meanwhile, was quite perplexed as to what was presented before her. Was his yokai species really that physically weak? "To be honest, I'm not sure if this school is really the right environment for one such as myself." He finally spoke. However, he had no further plans beyond the cancelation of his enrollment to Yokai Gakuden. Was there any home for him to return to beyond the realm of monsters and to the human world? "I think it would be most beneficial if I were to attend a human school instead-"

"You can't!" The vampire's outburst nearly had Lelouch fall onto the ground. "I hate those humans!"

The outburst and declaration alone was powerful enough to bring Lelouch's mind out of its exhaustion-induced stupor. "What? Why?" Oh what troubles he had found himself in this strange world.

"Before I came to Yokai Gakuden, I attended lower secondary school in the human world." The orangette vampire confessed. "They treated me as some kind of freak, saying that monsters don't exist and made me feel all alone, like I didn't exist." Moka then looked into Lelouch's lavender eyes as tears ran from her own. "But then you said that you liked vampires and for the first time, I felt like I truly had a friend, that I existed."

The vampire's confession, though explained rather well her justification for her dislike of humanity, did not improve the former demon emperor of Britannia's current situation. Oh how troublesome this little misadventure had evolved into the very moment he stepped off that bus. Yet the thought alone did not explain why he asked the orangette this question. "If you hate them so much, what would you do if I were to say that I was human?" Lelouch regretted those words the moment they flowed out of his mouth and had truly feared for his own life. He wasn't desperate enough to know if he had gained the code and thus consequently immortality.

"Wh-what? Why are you asking that? It's not funny." Moka nearly scolded Lelouch.

"Either way, I don't think that I would be able to survive this school. Not when I'm this weak compared to everyone else." Lelouch stated as he turned and began to walk down the path that lead to the dormitory, or at least what he hoped was the right direction to the student dormitory. He wasn't that familiar with the layout of Yokai Gakuden's campus grounds and his own luggage was delivered to his assigned room ahead of himself.

"But why?" Moka grabbed Lelouch's shoulder. "Whatever it is, I'm sure that we can work it out-"

"It's because I'm human that I have to leave!" Almost immediately, Lelouch mentally cursed up a storm as the orangette retreated her hand and stepped away in shock from the revelation. "Um…well, it wouldn't have worked out anyway. Sayonara!" The dark headed royal then dashed down the path before Moka could respond. It wasn't long before he mentally cursed that he was so physically impotent as he barely had the strength to climb the stairs of the otherwise disturbed design of the student dormitories to the very level in which his assigned room was located.

Lelouch had finally gathered what possessions he had the moment he stepped off the bus earlier that day, unwilling to search its contents for clues as to what his life was like before he attended this school for monsters until he was in a more secure, safer location. Yet he was recovered enough to carry his luggage down the forest path to the bus stop beside the cliff. He would have arrived at the bus stop much sooner if his own physical endurance was on par with the average human at the very least. However his less than physically fit body, combined with two previous escapes for his life that pushed his body to the very limits did not help with the sojourn to where this strange affair began.

It was somewhere in the middle of this trek that he heard the screams of a young girl in peril. Lelouch recognized the voice as Moka and soon dashed towards the epicenter of the calamity he had little clue into the exact details. He was not even sure why he was determined to save this vampire who had announced her hatred of humanity some time before hand. Perhaps that it was because she reminded him so much of his murdered classmate and precious friend or that it was due to his upbringing and chivalry. Whatever the cause, he arrived just as a massive and bone armored giant was about to take advantage of the ornagette's condition. Though for some odd reason, he had bandages and gauzes upon the exposed portions of his body.

"STOP!" Lelouch yelled just mere moments before the exhaustion finally ravaged his entire body and mind, forced him to lean against the trunk of a nearby tree to recover and breathed rather heavily. "I-" He could not complete a single sentence as his lungs burned for oxygen.

The bone armored assailant simply looked back at Moka and asked. "Seriously, what do you girls see in this weakling?"

"Lelouch, run!" Moka warned. "It's Saizou!"

'Perfect,' Lelouch groaned internally. 'I just picked a fight with a monster in its true form.' The mere recall of how physically strong Saizou was in his human form did little to improve upon the situation.

"Whatever. I suggest that you turn around and walk away runt!" Saizou growled a warning. "This doesn't concern you at all."

"No, it does." Lelouch declared once he was mentally able to retort despite the exhaustion. "Miss Akashiya is still a precious friend to me and I can't just-"

"Just shut up and die already." Saizou grunted in annoyance just before he grabbed Lelouch's with his massive fist into the air and a sickening snap was heard. All that Lelouch was able to comprehend before darkness embraced him was the horrified scream of the orangette vampire.

Lelouch slowly awoke to find himself in the arms of a very mournful vampire whose own tears ran like spring floodwaters as she cried out in anguish. The hulking form of Saizou slowly approached the two from the edge of the leaf barren forest with a predatory look to his eyes. The former emperor looked around and found that he was at his intended destination of the bus stop beside the cliff, and mentally wondered how he ever got here. Was he not deep in the forest?

Moka then noticed the movement of the precious friend that she had thought lost and turned towards Lelouch. "L-Lelouch…?"

"What happened? I thought that-" Lelouch nearly suffocated as the orangette embraced him in joy.

"Thank goodness you're alright! I thought you were dead!" However, the declaration was not lost to Saizou's ears.

"What the fuck?! I heard his neck snap!" Those words confirmed to Lelouch that he had indeed inherited the code. That, and explain the strange stiffness and pain in his neck. Though he would not be able to die due to his human nature, it did not mean that he would not enjoy the deadly executions that the resident monsters of this school would perform in the attempt to keep him dead.

"We have to leave, now-" Lelouch attempted to get back to his feet to flee, but a misplaced foot caused him to slip and instinctually grab onto the Rosario that hung from Moka's choker. When he learned immediately afterwards that the silver cross was in his hands and not attached to the chain that hung from the orangette's neck, needless to say he was not pleased with the implications. '….oh fuck me!'

Both Lelouch and Saizou's were senses were flooded with the strange yoki that erupted from Moka's frame as it transformed from the schoolgirl build of the schoolgirl orangette to a silver headed and crimson iris silted body that was rather voluptuous for her age. Yet this form casted an aura of one that was no mere super model of a beauty, but rather one that was well adept at martial combat.

'This will not end well for either of us.' Lelouch noted internally as he was able to rise from the ground.

"Th-this overwhelming yoki! Those silver locks and crimson eyes! So this is the power of an S-Class monster, a vampire?!" Saizou exclaimed.

"What's wrong, little boy?" The silver-haired and unsealed Moka Akashiya taunted the larger monster before her. "I thought you wanted to 'play' with me?" She then extended her hand towards Saizou. "So why don't you show us your strength and give me a 'hug' that you promised?"

"This will definitely going to be messy." Lelouch noted almost in a dry tone as Saizou struck out its claw towards the silver mane vampires. Yet the blow was not even enough to move the superior monster a centimeter from her place.

Saizou was too shocked from how his most powerful blow was not even enough to sway the vampire long enough for her to take advantage of the situation. "Is this all you have, what you call 'strength'? Know your place!" A swift kick delivered to the monster's chin was enough for the delinquent to fly into a nearby cliff face and forged an impressive crater.

'So this is the power of a vampire..?' Lelouch wondered as his body suddenly felt weak. Could it be the amount of supernatural aura that radiated from the vampire's own body?

"Typical monster, all size but nothing to back it up." The unsealed Moka snorted in annoyance before she turned towards Lelouch and approached him. However, he was unable to stay conscious, let alone upon his two feet before the strange fatigue finally claimed him. The silver haired beauty then caught the former emperor's form and he could not help but notice how nice she smelled.

After the former demon emperor had awoke from the rather comfortably soft thighs of the sealed orangette, and subsequent sample of his own blood donation to said vampire, both Lelouch and Moka walked down the path toward the dormitory complex. The stares of both genders of the student body who would like nothing more than to murder their rival in order to gain their beloved as their own did little to make the overall situation of his stay upon school campus, nor did the strange ascetics of the outer architecture.

"I still don't think I'll be able to get used to this 'school life'." Lelouch half groaned.

"Don't worry Lelouch," The Orangette reassured the raven mane young man. "I'll make sure that you'll be alright."

"Personally, I don't want a repeat of Saizou's murder attempt." Lelouch countered, though his words did not fall upon death ears.

Later that night, Saizou recovered upon the hospital bed with his body affixed with bandages, gauzes and casts. Internally, he fumed in how he was defeated by the resident vampire and hoped that he would one day gain his vengeance upon the two.

"You tried to kill Lelouch-sama." Saizou's blood froze within his veins as a familiar sensation returned with a vengeance. He then noticed from the dark shadows of the room the glows of rather angry schoolgirls and he was reminded of the last time he incurred the wrath of the female population that was so enamored by one Lelouch Lamperouge.

"That could not be forgiven." One schoolgirl added.


"Punishment must be delivered."

"You will not hurt Lelouch-sama ever again." Saizou then screamed in horrific terror as the cry for aid echoed throughout the night, unanswered.

And that, my dear readers, is chapter one of the crossover fanfic Code Rosario. Probably not the best way to start things off, but it's what I got to work with and I'd like to think that I did an admirable job in conveying the humor in Lelouch's reactions and effects of his very presence alone.

And I know many of you will be asking a variant of this question "Omote Moka's hair is pink in the manga and anime, why did you change it?" To which the answer is simple: In the official translation of the scene by Vis Media when Kurumu describes the Rosario transformation scene to which her hair was from a brown to silver color. In my earlier forays into reading the manga online, the scanilation translators described the transition the same way. Once I read the official translation, wheel's started to turn and the end result is an orangette Omote Manga rather than a pinkette. Many of you by now would have at least a faint idea as to what I'm going to do with this minor cosmetic change.

Oh right! Speaking of humor, let's try my first attempts at fanfiction Omakes. Though I gotta warn ya, they're pretty random. Well, not "random" per say but don't really have a connection to this chapter's outtakes.

Granted, not ALL of them will be humorous…


Within one of the Order of the Black Knight's many secret warehouses beside the Tokyo Concession Harbor, the members of Zero's band of rebels admire this shipment from the overall sponsor of all insurgent activities within Area 11 known as the Kyoto House. This shipment was the donation of Knightmare Frames with all but one of the machines the locally produced Glasgow model dubbed Burai. Many of the younger and even senior members of the order knew that sponsorship by the Kyoto House meant that they were now officially recognized as contributors to the liberation of the Japanese nation.

The veteran members of the Black Knights, originally the survivors of a rag-tag resistance cell, stood before a more original design of Japanese Knightmare Frames: the Guren Mk. II "Those guys from Kyoto, they believe in us. They sent us this: a completely Japanese Knightmare!" The words from Kento Sugiyama accurately summed up the shared thought of the group.

"The Guren Mk. II…" Kallen Stadtfeld, or Kozuki as she preferred, breathed in amazement at the machine that stood in a completely different league compared to her old Glasgow unit.

"Did you look over the manual?" Yoshitaka Minami asked the group collectively.

"Hehe, I'm really loving this!" Shinichiro Tamaki smirked in anticipation. His very bones told him that he would be the best pilot for the advanced Knightmare Frame, even if the facts reported otherwise. "The big shots in Kyoto are recognizing us! We got their approval!"

However, it was at that moment in time when a junior member of the Black Knights, a young girl to be precise, called for Tamaki's aid in how to use the equipment bestowed upon the organization. The rest of the group then followed Tamaki to show the other recent recruits how to properly use the equipment without said item explode in their face. Only Kallen stood beside the Guren just as Zero approached from the shadows. "First Tamaki, now Inoue and the rest are treating this like a party."

"Huh?" Kallen was perplexed by the words Zero had spoken.

"Kyoto is supporting multiple resistance groups correct?"

"Yes! Which means we finally made it in, they know that we're worthy-"

"No, you're wrong there Kallen." Zero interrupted. "This is merely a test they put to us."

"Even if it is, it's still incredible!"

"You're an optimist." The masked revolutionary then tossed the activation key to Kallen.

"What's this?"

"The Guren Mk. II is yours now Kallen."

"Mine?" The half Britannian then looked up from the activation key in her grip. "But we have a lot more people now and we can't afford to lose you! We need the Guren's defenses to protect you-"

"You're a top notch devicer, I'm a commander. I'll use a Burai, but you're our only ace to play in a battle. Besides, you have a reason to fight." Zero subtly reminded Kallen of her own family situation from the previous mission. It was enough to convince her to accept the Guren as her own machine.

"Zero! You got a second?" Ougi called out as he approached the duo with a file in hand. "We got some intel from a Britannian who wants to join up with the Black Knights." Zero looked over the manila folder with interest. "This may be a trap to draw us out. I'd say even if we want to confirm the information, then it's too risky to contact him directly. But news like this isn't something we can just ignore. What should we do?"

Zero slapped the manila folder closed with but one hand before he replied. "This weekend, we're going hiking."


"Narita Mountains."

"V-very well then." It was then that Ougi noticed an unassuming envelope that was also within the masked vigilante's hand. "What is that?"

"Hn? Oh this. I almost completely forgot about it." Zero confessed as he handed over the folder before he began the process to open the envelope in his possession. "A letter from another possible sponsor organization for our cause; a precaution in case Kyoto decides to abandon us."

"Another organization?" Kallen was deeply confused from this revelation. She could not think of another group that would sponsor anti-Britannian activities off the top of her head that would even supply the kind of equipment that Kyoto House had provided.

"Do not worry, I have done some research on this group before I contacted them and they know full well our organization's intentions and overall objective. So far, they have not rejected our proposal." Zero reassured his loyal subordinates before he began to read the letter.

"But who-" Ougi began when both he and Kallen were surprised by the most peculiar sight to behold.

"Bad Horse!" The three stereotypically dressed western cowboys that framed Zero as he read the letter chorused four times before they continued their song.

He rides across the nation
The thoroughbred of sin
He got the application
You just sent in

It needs evaluation
So let the games begin
A heinous crime, a show of force

"A murder would be nice of course" One of the cowboys sung the line uncomfortably close to Ougi's ear, but reappeared back with the other singing cowboys before the now bewildered Black Knights veteran could respond.

Bad Horse
Bad Horse
Bad Horse
He's Bad

The Evil League of Evil
Is watching so beware
The grade that you receive
Will be your last we swear

So make the Bad Horse gleeful
Or he'll make you his mare….

You're saddled up
There's no recourse
It's "Hi-Ho Silver"
Signed: Bad Horse

And just as suddenly as they had appeared, the singing cowboys disappeared and left two Black Knights horribly confused and Zero oblivious to their sudden chorus. "Hn… Rather colorful in execution, but I think we can pass this little request- Um…are you two alright?"

"Wh-what just happened just now?" Kallen wondered out loud to the rather strange affair that just occurred before her.

"How the hell did they get in here like that?" Ougi looked left and right to try, in a very vain attempt, to piece together the puzzle of where the cowboys had entered and left without anyone's notice.

"Who got in here?" Zero asked in a tone too honest and naïve to suggest that it was made in jest.

"How- HOW DID YOU NOT NOTICE THEM?!" Ougi exclaimed.

"Notice what?" The Black Knight veteran's response was to simply pull out the hair from his head in frustration.


The two thousand and seventeenth year of the Ascension Throne Britannia calendar…

Within the secret military facility near the city of Narita and its namesake mountain, an ambitious genesis was created by the Code-R research group. Many of the scientists overseen the sensors and data gathered from the project based upon what is known by their research of the only known immortal being who called herself "C.C.".

If successful, it would mean that the strange phenomenon that fueled C.C.'s own immortality could be manufactured artificially.

The Prime Minister and Second Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire, Schneizel el Britannia, created me; an artificial human codenamed: Project G.K.R.

"What's the progress of the 'homonculus'?" General Bartley Asprius, project leader of the Code-R group, asked one of the scientists.

"Data stream suggests that everything is optimal, nothing out of the ordinary." The Code-R scientist reported.

"And the obedience initiative?"

"We are still fine tuning the bugs in the program itself. Should the subject itself prove to be more problematic in its control-"

"I know. We have created this artificial being with not only what we have gained with Code-R, but also advancement in bio-organic engineering and nano-machine network construction." General Aspirus then turned towards the canister which contained the aforementioned lifeform. "Something with that much power at their command is not something we can risk letting loose to the world. It could be disastrous."

I am known as "G.e.e.K.e.R." and my synthetic body has almost unlimited power.

"I'll assume that His Highness has plans for the homunculus prototype other than presentation to His Majesty?" The Code-R scientist inquired, though in a tone that suggests that he already had an idea as to what the Second Prince had planned.

"Knowing His Highness, that is most likely. And to be honest, I fear of what he would do with-" A sudden explosion echoed throughout the facility.

"It's Zero! The Black Knights are here!" One of the Code-R security personnel reported.

"Damned him! It's too soon!" General Aspirus cursed as he turned towards the canister. "We can't let him find the prototype or else-"

"I would use it for my own purposes?" Zero mused as he appeared from the shadows along with several of his armed Black Knights. He then took the canister and held it in observation. "I presume 'this', is some kind of new weapon of Britannia?"

"You fool!" General Aspirus growled, though mostly from fear than from anger and frustration. "You don't know what you will unleash with Project G.K.R.! You'll destroy us all!"

Schneizel plans to use me to conquer the world but Lelouch Lamperouge, the former eleventh prince of the empire under the guise of the revolutionary Zero, stole me before I could receive the programming which would force me to be Schneizel's fighting machine.

"I'll be the judge of that." Zero verbally smirked before he ignited a smoke grenade that covered the escape of the Black Knights into the subterranean sewer system of Narita. By the time General Aspirus recovered from the diversion enough to send security personnel in pursuit, the Black Knights were long gone.

Lelouch was aided by his Organization of the Black Knights.

Within one of the various warehouse bases of the Order of the Black Knights, the veteran members of the group debate on what to do with the mysterious canister before them.

"I say we open it up and see what's inside." Shinichirō Tamaki argued.

"We don't even know what's inside of it!" Yoshitaka Minami argued. "For all we know, it could be some weaponized virus inside that canister."

"Minami's right, we have no idea what this 'Project G.K.R.' is that Britannian General mentioned." Kaname Ougi agreed.

"Even so, we should send this thing to Kyoto house for them to analyze." Zero then picked up the canister. "Who knows? This could be a useful propaganda victory that would gain global-" However, the fashion to which Zero held the canister accidentally allowed him to open the canister. The group gasped as they were blinded by a strange light.

As the strange light faded, they saw a rather physically imposing being in a yellow jump suit that one would expect from a superman. What the Black Knights saw was no weapon of mass destruction as they were lead to believe, but a strange humanoid being whose abilities could be theorized to the brink of one's imagination.

That's me… G.e.e.K.e.R.

Suddenly the being shriveled into a nerdier, even stereotypically geeky physique before it transformed into a multitude of impossible shapes and forms that were best described as cartoonish. He returned to his humanoid form, but the features of his face were misplaced and disoriented to which the being fixed with his hands. Yet it had not removed the constant drool from his mouth.

And that's me, and me and me and me!

After an awkward moment of silence, Kallen leaned towards Ougi. "Is…any of that normal?" He could only shrug in response.

An explosion ripped open one of the outer walls of the warehouse, caused by Knightmare Frames as Second Princess Cornelia li Britannia and her Glaston Knights emerged to ambush the Order of the Black Knights.

"I got you now Zero! Surrender and your death might be quick!" The Britannain princess and viceroy of Area 11 demanded over the speaker system of her customized Knightmare Frame. The response of the Black Knights was to fire RPGs and other Anti-Armor weaponry at the Sutherlands to create a diversion to escape.

The being, G.e.e.K.e.R., simply waved at Cornelia as if greeting a friend. He was interrupted when Tamaki pulled him towards an evacuation tunnel. "Move it you idiot!"

"Princess, they're taking the target!" Gilbert G.P. Guilford, Cornelia's knight of honor, called attention towards the being as he is lead into the underground of the Ghetto.

It's too bad that I can't control my powers better, 'cuz Mister Schneizel want's me back really bad.

"Damned them! Do not let them get away! Do whatever you can to capture the target, this 'Project G.K.R.'!"

"Yes, my lord!" The Britannian soldiers answered as they gave chase deep into the ghetto underground, but Zero and the Black Knights have long eluded the dedicated soldiers under Cornelia's command.

Without Zero and the Black Knights, I'd be a bucket of extra crispy!


Tsukune Aono is filled with mixed feelings about the entire scenario that was laid bare before him. Not only did he and the two gaijin exchange students, Beavis and Butt-Head, witnessed the transformation of the cute, pink-haired Moka Akashiya into a crimson eyed, silver-lock and noticeably more voluptuous true form of a vampire, but the earlier declaration by Saizou Komiya that the vampire was the most fearsome of the S-class monsters if not THE most powerful made the human slightly worried for the safety of the Americajin duo in addition to himself.

But, more importantly, Tsukune could not fathom why Beavis still had that can of energy drink in his hand after all this time. "Whoh! Hehehehehehehe, instant hottie!" Butt-Head commented on Moka's new look.

"Boooooiiiiiinnnng! Meheheheheheheheheh!" Beavis agreed as he finally opened the can of energy drink and took a sip all the while he gazed lustfully at the more seductive vampire form. Then he took another, and then another, and another all the while he became frantic and skittish not unlike one would be if under a sugar rush.

So entranced was Tsukune that he was ignorant of the exchange Moka had with Saizou until the latter had made a grab with his massive claws and by then it was too late for the human to warn the vampire. However, the vampire was perfectly fine as she lazily blocked the full blow, more than likely able to crack reinforced concrete if not produce a hole.

"Really?" Moka spoke in a disappointed tone. "Is that all you've got?"

"I AM CORNHOLIO!" Beavis exclaimed with his t-shirt pulled over his head as if a makeshift hood; the sudden outburst halted any possible reaction to Moka's block of Saizou's otherwise lethal blow. "Mehehehehehe, I NEED T.P. FOR MY BUNGHOLE!" He continued to chant in a poor, stereotypical latino accent, with hands raised in faux-surrender and paced back and forth.

"Beavis, you butt-munch!" Butt-Head chastised his compatriot of idiocy. "Hehehehehehehe, it was all getting cool too, hehehehehehehe!"

Saizou, with a look of great frustration upon his face, pulled his arm back from Moka and turned towards Beavis. "You know, gaijin, I'm probably doing the world a favor by just killing you right here, right now."

Beavis halted his chant and pace as he turned towards Saizou. "ARE YOU THREATENING ME…?"

"Of course, you idiot!" The yokai answered gruffly as he readied a powerful swipe with his bone-plated arms. "I'm going to-"

"BUNG!" Faster than Saizou could even react, Beavis had closed the gap between them and delivered a swift kick to the nether regions. He then began a series of rapid punches against Saizou's torso. "HOLI-HOLI-HOLI-HOLI-HOLI-HOLI-HOLI-HOLI-HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI! BUNGHOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI- HOLI!" Impossibly enough for someone so small, cracks began to form in the yokai's bone armor as Beavis performed a powerful uppercut to Saizou's jaw. "O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!" Imossibly enough, the blow was of such strength and power that Saizou's form was little more than a twinkle in the sky as he flew towards the horizon. "I NEED T.P. FOR MY BUNGHOLE!" Beavis exclaimed in victory.

Ura Moka, for her part, could not believe that this mere human, with only an energy drink as fuel, was able to not only crack Saizou's bone armor in numerous places, but also punch the yokai so hard as to make his ballistic form barely visible to even vampyric eyes. Not even a vampire as strong as her was able to perform such a feat; in fact in her current state she could only kick Saizou dozens of meters away.

Tsukune, after all he had witnessed, knew of only one truth: Do not, under any circumstances, allow Beavis to consume any energy drink whatsoever.


Zero, or rather Lelouch Lamperouge, had ensnared his target brilliantly within the ravine below his position. Cornelia li Britannia's custom Gloucester Knightmare Frame was cornered between Kallen's Guren and his escort Burai units. Soon enough, he will win this engagement at Narita and gain the answers that he seeks in regards to his mother's assassination as he opened a com-link to his target below. "Can you hear me, Cornelia? This is checkmate."

"Zero!" The second princess of the Holy Britannian Empire snarled.

"Yes. Shall we celebrate or reunion? Of course, you'll have to surrender to us first." Lelouch demanded confidently. "And after that, there are some questions I want to ask you. And in case you were wondering, your reinforcements won't get here in time. I win Cornelia."

"You're a fool, Zero." Cornelia then aimed her weapons at the Guren. "If I take this one out, I'm free and clear!" She opened fired, however Kallen countered each of her attacks gracefully and elegantly enough to impress the second imperial princess. "You've got some moves!" She responded with a thrust with her lance, which was immediately destroyed once the Guren's Radiant Surger was activated and forced to eject the right arm or else risk destruction of her only means of escape.

However, that reaction turned into a boon for Lelouch as he shot off the assault rifle that was held by the left arm of the Gloucester. "Coward! Attacking from behind!"

"Really? And your own attack methods don't show acts of cowardess?" Lelouch spurred, assured that victory was his and his alone. Even the approaching fog was seen as a symbol of Cornelia's defeat and capture.

It was then that Cornelia gave her Knight Gilford her orders to protect Euphemia before she charged straight towards the Guren in a final bid of defiance that would surely end in the death that the desired over captivity by the rebel commander Zero. "So predictable…"

Suddenly, the Lancelot exploded from the side of the ravine as he used the VARIS to tunnel out a path towards the imperial princess. "Viceroy, are you alright?" Suzaku inquired. "I came to help your highness!"

"Special Corps? Who authorized you?" Cornelia demanded.

"Hey, isn't that the Kightmare-" Yoshitaka Minami began.

"Yes." Kaname Ougi answered. "The one from Shinjuku and Lake Kawaguchi."

"Again?!" Lelouch roared in frustration. "It's him again?!" Shots were fired in an attempt to damage the Gloucester enough to make escape difficult, only for the Lancelot's Blaze Luminous block the blows. "Mk. II, destroy that unit immediately! It's interfered with us enough!"

"Right!" Kallen answered and soon enough the Guren and Lancelot dueled for their respective commander's sakes.

"You handle that thing! I'll take out Zero!" Cornelia ordered as she launched her Slash Harken at Lelouch's customized Burai.

Then out of the fog bank came two Knightmares that interrupted the fight; one was a Sutherland while the other was a Japan Liberation Front Burai and both were equally damaged though many were not characteristic of Knightmare fire. Rather they resembled more like wild animal attacks.

"Princess Cornelia, run!" The Sutherland devicer begged. "There's something in the fog!"

"What was that?" Cornelia was puzzled from the devicer's warning; was it more insurgent Knightmare Frames? Then why was the JLF Burai damaged as well?

"Zero, flee! There's something worse than the Britannians in the fog!" However, before any more questions were raised, a second Sutherland landed in the middle of the group not far from the two new arrivals. However, this individual Knightmare Frame was different; nearly half of its body would be best described as grotesquely attached pieces of flesh in such a manner that Victor Frankenstein's own creation was angelic in comparison, a manifestation of gothic body horror.

"They're already here!" The Britannian devicer gasped in horror as the ghastly Knightmare slid open the protective armor plates that hid the fact sphere to scan the area. However, the fact sphere was replaced with an equally ghoulish and massive eye to the shock of the Black Nights, Suzaku and Cornelia, before it made a horrific, unnatural metallic roar and leapt towards the Lancelot and disarmed Gloucester.

Almost immediately the strange knightmare was shot down by the two new devicer arrivals. The attacks also revealed that the strange machine actually bled a strange slime from its bullet wounds, much to the amazement and horror of those who had just learned of the horror that hid within the fog. It attempted to grapple onto its intended target but Suzaku shot several more rounds into the unnatural machine. As it collapsed onto the ground, it made one last desperate roar.

To which the roar was echoed from other similar abominations that hid within the fog. "We're surrounded!" The Britannian devicer exclaimed when he felt his Sutherland jerk from impact. He then learned to his horror that the wounded creature had ensnared him with its newly generated tentacles and pulled him towards the living nightmare.

With the quick discovery that the ejection system no longer functioned, the Britannian devicer attempted to leap out of the now damned Sutherland and seek salvation by foot. Yet it was an action performed too late as the tentacles moved through the frame and emerged from the hatch just as he was about to make that leap of faith. He screamed horrifically as the metallic flesh-like tentacles dug into his flesh, his body, assimilating the living tissue into its own as he was brought back to the regenerating mound of pseudo-flesh and metal alive and conscious.

"No! They won't get me!" The JLF devicer attempted his own escape, but far larger tentacles ensnared the Burai and dragged it deep into the body of the fog. Kallen, Suzaku, Cornelia, Ougi, Minami, and even Lelouch heard the screams of the poor soldier over the radio as a repeat of the Britannian devicer's assimilation occurred just beyond the visible fog bank. The group continued to listen in absolute horror as the radio transmission ended in a bloody gargle and finally static.

"Wh-what just happened?!" Cornelia demanded. The situation then turned for the worse as radio reports came through the Britannian and Black Knights communication lines about strange Knightmare Frames assimilating other units regardless if they were friend or foe and had even detailed the body horror assimilation of soldiers on the ground.

"Is Euphie alright?!" Suzaku asked over the video feed with Lloyd and Cecile.

"Not for too long." Lloyd answered. "Don't know who they are, but they're definitely outnumbering the army by a huge margin. Only a matter of time before they finally take the G-1 and-" Noise suddenly drew the attention of the Camelot Research and Development members away from the communication monitor.

"They're breaking through!"

"And here I thought they only had Knightmare Frames-"

"Lloyd, this is serious! Don't we have any-" The video feed then turned into static as an aura of dread fell upon the two lone members of the Britannian Army. It would appear that there were more uninvited guests to the Battle of Narita; a foe whose lethality and brutality was simply too alien for Lelouch comprehend logically. To him, it felt all too much like he fell right into a horror movie.

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