Code Rosario to Geass

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Chapter 4: Editorials to Perversion

"Okay everyone! Thank you for joining!" Shizuka Nekonome thanked Lelouch, Moka, and Kurumu. "Now let's get started with running the school newspaper: The Yokai Times!"

The three new members looked around the room to find that there were no other members of the Newspaper Club. "Ms. Nekonome, are there more members to this club than the three of us?" Lelouch asked in a rather worried voice. He had no idea how to write an article for a school newspaper to begin with, let alone run an entire club. Granted, he had leadership experience with the Ashford Academy student council, but this was rather much.

"Oh yes." Nekonome answered just as the door opened to reveal an upperclassman who apologized for his late arrival. "And here he is right now."

"Late for club meeting on the first day, I'm not making a very good impression am I?" A rather handsome, older student arrived with a bouquet of flowers. "Konichiwa, I am Morioka Ginei, president of the Newspaper Club and your editor for the Yokai times." He then handed the bouquets to both Moka and Kurumu. "You can all call me Gin, or Ginbo if you really want. And I must say no editor has had a more beautiful staff!"

Both monster girls were unsure of how to react to their sempai's rather forward attitude towards them. Lelouch, however, was suspicious of the elder monster student as he held a rather questionable atmosphere but he just couldn't quite put his finger on it. After all, when he was alive he didn't have to compensate his psychoanalysis based upon one's species.

"Though I fear that your natural beauty outshines these mundane flowers, few things in this world would even compare to either one of you." Gin complimented, though he had to admit that this 'Lelouch' had a physical beauty that surpassed even Moka and Kurumu in his mind. If he didn't know any better, he could have sworn that Lelouch was just a flat chested girl. Oh how thankful he was that his father had beaten his oh so brief bisexual phase of his lower secondary-school youth.

"I am here you know." Lelouch growled in what he felt that he was ignored by the older monster student and increased his instinctual displeasures towards him even more.

"You can ask Gin-kun any questions regarding the club that you may ask." Nekonome advised the other three first year students. "After all, he is a second year student."

"Hai, you can count on me." Gin reinforced the teacher's statement. Kurumu's response was to grab the former demon emperor's arm out of nervousness for their sempai, much to Moka's chagrin.

"Anyway, I have a faculty meeting to attend." The club advisor announced to the new Newspaper Club members before she turned towards Gin. "Can you run the club meeting for me, Gin-kun?"

"As I said earlier." Gin answered.

"You're leaving already?" Lelouch asked Nekonome as he mentally questioned the faculty member's qualification to be a club advisor.

"It's quite alright for you all to trust in your upperclassmen." Nekonome advised before she slipped out of the club room. "Think of it as an exercise in cohabitation."

"…this is going to be a regular occurrence with Miss Nekonome isn't it?" Lelouch openly voiced the same thought the other two monster girls shared internally.

"Now then, I suppose all of you are asking yourselves 'What is this club about?'" Gin began "It's quite simple really: To publish the Yokai Times. Our duty as journalists is to cover and report any and all stories of importance to this school, both the student body and the faculty as a whole." He then held a very serious look upon his face. "Even if it means putting our lives in danger! Understand this: The Newspaper Club is not for slackers! When you walk in here, you give it your all, your heart and soul!"

Lelouch felt unease from such a declaration, especially the mention of putting one's life in danger for the sake of a story to be published in the school newspaper. It wasn't due to the risk of his own life, but rather the life of his little clique of monster girls. He wasn't sure how resilient they were compared to human girls but he would never forgive himself if something terrible would happen to either of them.

That and he wouldn't mind the decrease of opportunities that would allow him to experience death and reincarnation; they were rarely pleasant, if ever.

'They're never pleasant.' C.C. advised in her usual way. 'Trust me, I know.'

"He um….seems like a strong leader." Moka commented. "Doesn't he?"

"One would assume so after such a 'rousing' welcome speech." Lelouch replied.

"But the most important thing is to have fun." Gin stated which completely shattered the tense atmosphere from a moment earlier. He then showed the group some posters. "For starters, let's distribute these posters of the Yokai Times across campus."

Sometime later at the shoe lockers, Lelouch returned to the group with an armful of posters whose content were strange and questionable at best. However, upon his return he found both Kurumu and Moka stretched to the physical limit upon the footstools as they attempted to place the posters upon the wall all the while Gin swatted down upon the ground and looked upwards. It didn't require a grand leap of logic as to what the upperclassman's ulterior motive with the two monster girls were at that moment in time.

"For someone who acted so suave, he doesn't hide his intentions well." Lelouch groaned as he sat the posters down and approached Gin.

'The price of arrogance I guess.' C.C. mused. 'It had happened to you once or twice before.'

"I was never as vulgar as him and you know it!" Lelouch argued back under his breath as he stepped before Gin's view and blocked the otherwise risqué angle into Moka and Kurumu's skirts.

"Ah, Lelouch-kun, can I-"

"And just what are YOU looking at Morioka?" The former seventh prince interrogated.

"What ever do you mean?" Gin asked in an innocent tone to feint ignorance. "I'm just directing Akashiya-san and Kurono-san on the poster-"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but a rule of this school requires all students and faculty to be in human guise and I seriously doubt that there are students whose alternate form is of such a short stature as you held just now. And especially in not how high the placement of the posters." Lelouch argued back which brought the attention of the orangette and bluenette schoolgirls.

"What's going on?" Moka asked.

"Lelouch-kun here was just bragging to me how he had a nice look up your skirts." Gin answered.

"That is a self-serving lie and you know it!" Lelouch defended his honor. "I had just arrived with those poster copies that YOU had told me to retrieve back at the club room while you were here 'directing' Miss Akashiya and Miss Kurono on the placement of said posters. I didn't even see their knickers, for all I know Miss Kurono would be wearing sky blue underwear while Miss Akashiya's own could have been lime-green striped!"

"You were looking up our skirts!" Kurumu covered herself out of instinctual modesty as Moka did the same just after she heard of the succubus' outburst.

"What?" Lelouch had ultimately succumbed to the human need of curiosity when his random guess was proven correct. Unfortunately for him, he turned his head just in time to meet with the palms of two embarrassed and angry monster girls.

"You could have just asked me to show you instead of doing such underhanded schemes!" Kurumu chastised as both monster girls left the shoe lockers.

"You're one unlucky bastard, you know that?!" Gin guffawed as he slapped Lelouch's back. "I'm so glad that I met you! You're a laugh riot!"

"What did I do to deserve this…?" Lelouch groaned in pain from the sting of the slaps that he felt that he was unjustly given.

'I assume you mean your new life there at that monster school?' C.C. teased. 'Otherwise there are multiple things that you've done back here that would have given karma plenty of reason to deliver.'

"Oh shut up you."

"What was that?" Gin asked in sudden confusion.

"It was nothing." Lelouch replied. "I was just talking to a voice in my head."

"Oh! Is that all- Wait…."

The next day after class, and after a succession of failed attempts to logically explain to Moka that his guessing of what color of panties Kurumu wore was pure coincidence, Lelouch had crossed paths with Gin who told the former demon emperor of a change of meeting locations for the Newspaper Club. When it turned out that it was in some back alley between the school buildings, he was naturally suspicious. "Why are we even meeting here?"

"Don't worry; the others will be here soon." Gin attempted to reassure Lelouch. "Anyway, the location isn't that far now, follow me." With some reluctance, Lelouch followed the upperclassman with both ignorant to the fact that they were followed by a certain bluenette.

"What is this really all about?" Lelouch asked once more as Gin led him to another empty space behind the school buildings.

"I saw some interesting things through that window over there that might make for a good scoop for the newspaper." Gin pointed to a half opened window. "I just need a second set of eyes to confirm what I saw."

"Which is?"

"You'll know what I'm talking about when you get a look, trust me." Gin answered cryptically as he pointed at a steel drum. "You can even use that to climb up."

As Lelouch stepped onto the rather conveniently placed steel drum, the upperclassman then went into a kind of confessional speech. "Oh…and one other thing. Moka-san's even more beautiful than the gossip says." The former emperor simply groaned from what is basically a standard "I am obsessed with Moka-san and I will make her mine" rant by then. It started to irritate him to no end, especially in the lack of originality in between the lines and the content.

"I swear; he'd probably be an elite student if he pulled his head out of the gutter and ceased all his 'primordial brain' thoughts from his undergarments."

'Well he IS a hormone charged teenager, regardless of species.' CC mused. 'The same could have been said of you, of course it was about gambling.'

"I had a legitimate reason for all those chess matches!" Lelouch defended. "Not to mention that the idea of hiding was to have a low profile so that no one would investigate me and lead to the discovery that the reports of Lelouch vi Britannia's demise were 'exaggerated' as they would say. If I really applied myself as I did as Zero, it would defeat the purpose of hiding in the bloody first place!"

'Yes, but even as Zero you had much to learn as a military strategist.' CC mused. 'Oh of all the traps that you fell for back then.'

"I admit that theory and practice don't go hand to hand well, but I was still learning. I did avoid that oh so obvious trap of-" It was then that Lelouch realize that he was being tricked, a fact that was made even more obvious as the trickle of feminine chatter laughter leaked into his ear. "That traitorous bastard!"

'Well that boy wasn't exactly one would call 'trust worthy' in the first place so what should you expect?'

"If I assume correctly, gullible." Lelouch smirked as he climbed down from the steel drum.

"I'm serious! I'm gonna make Moka-san mine!" Gin declared.

"That's nice and all," Lelouch replied in a rather monotone manner. "But tell me what you saw exactly? All that was in there was just an empty room."

"Oro?" The Yokai Times editor asked in confusion.

"Just an empty room, that's it." Lelouch lied as he waited to see if Gin took the bait.

"Well that couldn't be right." Gin then climbed the steel drum and looked into the window. "I could have sworn that the-" His face then met with a semi-nude schoolgirl who poked her head to see what all the noise was all about outside.

"Eeek! It's a peeping tom!" The scream was enough for Gin to lose his balance and fall unto the ground on his back. Just how did the roles get reversed? It was supposed to be Lelouch accused of being the pervert and Gin with the condemning 'evidence' and being the mastermind who tricked the first year, not the other way around.

"I'm pretty sure that peeping is a very serious crime, Morioka." Lelouch grinned, the same grin he held as he witnessed his stratagem executed perfectly back when he was the terrorist Zero.

"Bu- How- When did you-?"

"I must confess, you almost tricked me into the frame up that you planned out for me. However, it was your little confessional about Miss Akashiya that gave your intentions away." Lelouch explained before he left the upperclassman to the wrath of the occupants of the girl's locker room. Gin's attempt at accusing Lelouch of the frame-up fell upon deaf ears.

'That was rather cruel of you.' CC mused. 'As if the Demon Emperor had reawakened.'

"I am merely acting in self-defense. A pre-emptive strike if you will." Lelouch logically explained. "Who knows? He just might back off from any acts of hostility."

'Towards you, perhaps.' CC advised. 'However, there's that other girl….' It was enough for Lelouch to stop in mid-step.

"What would Miss Akashiya have to do with all this?"

'Well you did hear it from that boy right? That he would do whatever it takes or whatever to have her.' This rather innocent statement then caused Lelouch's sweat to run cold.

"Why do these things have to happen to me? Haven't I suffered enough when I was alive last?"

Sometime later, Lelouch finally caught up with Moka in the vain hope that he could warn her about Gin. "Miss Akashiya!"

Moka turned to see Lelouch approach her and for a moment her heart skipped a beat. The only time the former revolutionary had approached the vampire was if it related to class work. Perhaps he called upon her for a personal reason. "Oh, Lulu! What is it?"

"There's something I need to tell you about Morioka." Lelouch began his warning, but it did not come out fast enough as Gin appeared around a nearby corner with a ragged appearance not unlike one would look when they escaped their pursuers.

Gin then spotted Lelouch and marched towards him with an accusing finger. "Bastard! Did you really think that you would get away with that?!"

"With what?" Moka asked as the situation quickly turned sour for Lelouch.

"He tricked me into peeping into the girl's locker room!"

"Which is justifiable since you were just about to do the same thing to me!" Lelouch defended, only to realize that he really put himself in a troublesome situation with the ornagette vampire.

"That…that isn't true, is it..?" Moka asked, worried of what answer he would give. After all, he had told enough of his past life for her to question his integrity.

"Miss Akashiya, look…" Lelouch began, but the look in his eyes was enough to convince her that it was intentional. Her only response was to run away from Lelouch. It would appear to the upperclassman that his plan had succeeded after all.

"Even after that little debacle, I was able to get Moka-san to hate you in the end." Gin smiled sinisterly. "So what can you going to do now?"

"This." Lelouch responded as he grabbed hold of Gin's exposed hand and began the Resonance of Consciousness which effectively made the upperclassman think twice before he dealt with the raven-headed youth in the future.

Collapsed to the ground from psychological fear, he looked up at Lelouch and demanded. "What did you do to me!?"

"Not as bad as what they'll do to you." Lelouch gestured to Gin the mob of angry monster schoolgirls who had found him. Needless to say, it did not end well for him.

Later that evening, Lelouch wandered the campus grounds as he attempted to strategize how he can convince Moka that his trick with Gin was in self-defense and that she should be wary of the upperclassman. If there was any indication of his earlier attempt at his rather unfortunate correct guess of Kurumu's undergarments were any indication, it would not be any easier.

"Lulu-kun!" Lelouch turned to find that Kurumu flew towards him. The former revolutionary then wondered if he could somehow convince the bluenette succubus to warn Moka of the danger that is present from one Ginei Morioka.

'It would be problematic.' C.C. warned. 'After all, her infatuation with you would make her very hesitant to help out a rival of hers even if she is of the mindset to do whatever it is you say. Personally, I don't see why you can't take advantage of that more often considering your own-'

"I will not stoop so low for such a reason, so shut it!" Lelouch nearly roared under his breath before he turned towards Kurumu. "Miss Kurouno, I was wonder-"

However, he found himself enveloped in what many browsers of the internet would refer to as 'marshmallow hell' when Kurumu embraced his head deep within her bosom. "I came as fast as I could! Gin-sempai didn't do anything else to you did he?" Her response was Lelouch's muffled pleas for oxygen. She immediately released his head and quickly and frantically apologized.

"Wait, you saw Morioka-" Kurumu nodded in response to Leouch's inquiry. "Then why didn't you-"

"I was forced to do remedial work before I could do anything else!" The succubus nearly wept. "I just got out of the faculty room and came to find you as fast as I could."

"You should take your studies more seriously, but that is a discussion for another time. Right now Miss Akashiya is in trouble and I have no clear idea as to where-" It was then that Lelouch noticed the familiar head of orangette hair and silhouette on the rooftop. "Actually, there she is right there."

"And with Gin-Sempai too!" Kurumu pointed out, though she tried her best to hide the smirk from her lips.

"Miss Kurouno, can you carry me up there?" Lelouch requested, to which Kurumru complied with some reluctance.

"…And.. I did warn you, under the full moon my appetites grow strong…" Gin smirked as his body transformed from his human guise to the true form of a werewolf despite the bandages and gauzes. "And when I get like this, I simply can't control myself! Now Akashiya Moka, you are mine-"

"I think you've gone far enough Morioka!" Lelouch called out.

"What? You again?!" Gin growled.

"Lulu?" Moka gasped. "Kurumu-chan?"

"Why would you even help someone who would go so low as-"

"Because you tried to do the same thing with Lulu-kun!" Kurumu accused. "I followed you both and saw you try to trick Lulu-kun into peeping into the locker room!"

Gin then growled in frustration. "Don't think that I'll let you get away with this, lelouch-kun! I will make you suffer for what you did to me and then I'll make Moka-"

"I must admit, being a werewolf does explain a few of your behaviors." Lelouch interrupted.

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"To begin with, your carnal obsessions such as undergarments." Lelouch teased, much to Gin's chagrin. "Though it must be difficult to deal with fleas and ticks as a werewolf."

"Not really if you have the right- OI!" Gin growled. "Are you trying to make fun of me as a werewolf?"

"To try suggests some sort of effort to produce a desire effect. " Lelouch explained. "You just make it too easy."

"Be careful Lulu-kun," Kurumu warned. "Werewolves are in the same class as vampires, they're too powerful for you to face!"

"I have advantages of my own." Lelouch smirked before he dashed towards Gin with an open hand ready to grasp onto the werewolf.

"Did you think I would fall for it twice in one day?!" Gin snarled sinisterly as he pivoted out of the way of Lelouch's hand and simultaneously swiped his leg to cause him to fall upon the ground after he flew past Moka. The werewolf then quickly caught up to Lelouch and slammed his foot into his back. "Did you really think that you were strong enough to that of a werewolf, let alone their raw talent in speed?"

"Only enough to pull off a feint." Lelouch smirked as he showed Gin the Rosario within his grasp.

"Wait, wasn't that on Moka-" Gin then felt the indisputable pressure of a powerful aura as he turned to see that Moka's unsealed self. However, instead of fear he found attraction. "So Akashiya Moka's true form is that of a vampire? That just makes me want you more!" He declared as he leaped towards her.

"Not even in your dreams." Ura Moka countered when she swung her hand towards the werewolf, only to meet up with empty space.

"What are you looking for, I'm over here?" Gin teased as he stood atop the roof access.

"He moved so fast!" Kurumu exclaimed.

"So that is what Morioka meant by raw talent in speed of a werewolf." Lelouch mused.

"Though vampire's are superior in pure strength, we werewolves are unequaled in terms of speed! And the brighter the moonlight, the faster we are!" Gin explained as he literally ran circles around Moka. "A werewolf under a full moon is invincible!"

Lelouch then smirked from the words Gin had said. "Then you have already lost this fight."

"Nani?!" Gin stopped in his tracks, befuddled and annoyed from such a boast.

"You have said it yourself that the speed advantage of a werewolf is determined by the strength of moonlight, correct?"

"Yes, what does this have to do with-" Gin then noticed that the area had visibly darkened when a realization had set into his mind. "..oh no…"

"Your advantage is strongly weather related." Lelouch gestured towards the moon that was then covered in clouds. "Miss Akashiya's strength on the other hand, not so much." Ura Moka then cracked her knuckles as she approached the werewolf.

"Even without the moon, I will show you the strength of a werewolf runs deeper!" Gin growled in anticipation as he leaped towards Ura Moka. "Now submit to me-" The silver locked vampire's response was to kick the werewolf in the head and send him in flight. He barely had enough sense to maneuver himself so that he would land against the rod iron railings to recover and had succeeded for a moment before it broke away and allowed his unwilling body to make contact with the ground below.

"Not worth my time, even if you spent more time at the gym, dog breath." Ura Moka taunted. "So learn your place."

Lelouch's attention was distracted from the conclusion with Gin as he turned towards the broken railing. "You know, they should give this a stronger reinforcement now that I have thought about it. Someone could get seriously hurt if they're not careful even if it is for ascetics when safety is a concern."

Neither the succubus nor the vampire was sure if Lelouch said so out of sudden jest or with seriousness.

The next day, the Newspaper Club san their self-proclaimed editor had published their first story which detailed the exploits of one Ginei Morioka's attempts to frame Lelouch to win Moka's favor. The newest staff members of the Yokai Times were occupied that very morning with the distribution of the paper to the student body. Lelouch and Kurumu handed out the issues while Moka stood upon a foot stool to hang one of the copies upon the outdoor bulletin board.

"I doubt many of us would have guessed that this would be the first story we published together." Lelouch mused to the succubus.

"Yeah, seriously!" Kurumu agreed.

"Don't you think so as well Miss Akashiya-" Lelouch turned towards the orangette vampire to discover that he had accidentally looked up her skirt. He immediately turned away. "I saw nothing!"

Surprise and embarrassment caused the vampire to lose her balance and fell to the ground. However her rather shapely backside landed upon Lelouch's head and thus cushioned her fall. "Why me…?" He groaned in pain.

"Gomen nasai Lulu!" Moka frantically apologized. "I didn't mean to-" It was then that the scent of Lelouch's blood wafted into her nostril and caused her mouth to salivate. She simply could not control herself as she bit into his neck and drank his blood. "Capuchu!"

And there we have it, Lelouch's first foray into the world of amateur journalism. Will future articles be just as exiting in their investigation and writing? Absolutely! Will Lelouch enjoy it? Personally I doubt it, but I've been wrong before.

And for those of you who are familiar with the manga storyline, next chapter we'll see the introduction of a certain witch and another familiar, unexpected face. Will Lelouch enjoy this encounter as well?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

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