I know, I know. I just finished my last fic yesterday, why am I starting a new one so soon? Well, I think I mentioned that the DW one, though I completed it, was a bit of an in-between story to get me in the writing mood again, and boy am I in the writing mood- which is why I'm beginning this one. I love the Georgia Nicolson books (though I haven't read them all because they're not all in my local library) and I wanted to try something a little different. Anyways, enjoy!

Saturday 2nd September
Packing for uni

As I'm officially an adult now, I must be sensible and chic and full of maturiosity and pack the stuff I need.

Three hours later

Got in Himmel, I can barely squeeze this seventh case shut with my entire magazine collection in it.

One minute later

Well, I suppose tres sensible people like me should take something out.

Two minutes later

I can do without a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Two hours later

My dearest Vati has just had a nervy b. at seeing my toothbrush and toothpaste on the rejects pile.

"Georgia, how do you expect to look after yourself if you don't have something to brush your teeth with?" he shouted, his moustache as always impersonating a dancing squirrel. I tried to explain that I had a magazine collection to bring and I could just buy some when I get there but there's no reasoning with some people. Maybe there aren't any toothbrush shops in Och Aye land, which is where my uni is. Maybe everyone just walks around with stuff in their teeth from ten years ago. Erlack! I will bring my teeth-cleaning appendages just in case of a lack of dentists.

Two minutes later

Oh Lord Sandra, what would the snogging be like?

I must make it a point not to snog any Scottish boys.

Thirty seconds later

But then I would die from snogging withdrawal as I am in fact single as an especially single pringle from Single City.

I suppose before I got to such a level with them I could gift them a toothbrush and toothpaste, saying they were magical machines from my country to clean your mouth.

I am absolutely a genius of the first water.


Just went downstairs and asked my darling Mutti whether teeth-cleaning stuff exists up in Scotland. She just laughed at me before Angus tried to eat her foot. At least I have one defender in this cruel world.


Make that two defenders. Libby just ran into the room and ploughed herself straight into Mum's legs as she was going to make some tea. She must have come to rescue me from unjust mockery.


It turns out that Libby was playing at being a rhino. Sandra only knows what she's going to be like when she gets older, she's scary enough as it is at the age of six. Last week she forced me to be her 'car' by making me get on all fours (oo-er), climbing on my back and using my messy bun as a control stick. She and Josh, by the way, are still going strong- though I think it's a relationship based on fear. She'd better not kill him while I'm away; often I walk in on her halfway through strangling him. I'm the only reason the poor boy hasn't died yet.

Mum, post-attack, has charged me with putting her to bed. This, if you haven't guessed yet, is a lot easier said than done as she was still playing rhino and keeps ramming into my legs. Not to mention that she has this notion that rhinos eat pyjamas.

"Libbs, stop chewing your jimjams."

"RAAAAR!" Since when do rhinos roar?


I practically had to tie up Libby to get her into bed. This is not a good last night before I drive to uni.




I've decided to go au naturale for the first day on makeup. Mostly. Concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blusher, bronzer and lipstick should do it. As for the outfit, my favourite jeans, boots and a white crop top complete with studious messy bun will promote the smart and sexy look. I should probably go to sleep now.


Or I could watch an episode on Netflix.


Well, that's two seasons out of the way. There's no point in sleeping n...zzzz

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