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Kurt is Diane's son

Follows Will's death

Kurt was assisting in the Jeffrey Grant case and was in court when the shooting started

Finn protected both Kurt and Will

Kurt and Finn had been flirting with each other for three months prior to the shooting

Kurt stayed at Lockhart/Gardner but is still friends with Carrie and Alicia

Carrie is Kurt's best friend

Legal Strategies (CH.1: You Saved Me)

He's dead. Will is dead. Four hours had passed since they learned this and their world was shattered into a million pieces. He remembered staring at his former friend/boss's body and going numb. Numb a feeling so much worse than pain or anger. He remembered his mother pulling him into a tight embrace that Kalinda joined as the two of them sobbed for their fallen friend. He remembered than embrace lasting for a whole hour before his mother pulled away and told him she had to go and inform their co-workers. He had to stay until the doctor's stitched his arm up and while Diane wanted to stay for it both he and Kalinda promised he was fine and with reluctance his mother left. Not long after that he replayed the horrible events that happened in that room. It came in flashed until the reason he was alive came flooding through. Finn, he had to find Finn. He was on his way to the nurse's desk to ask for his room when Kalinda stopped him.

"Your mom is still busy at Lockhart/Gardner, are you ready to go?" She asked gently

"Not yet, I need to find Finn."

While he expected shock or protest all he got was understanding and a gentle hug.

"Go, take as much time as you need but at some point, call Carrie he's freaking out but can't leave his firm, he's still in negotiations for his client. That hasn't stopped him from apparently blowing up your phone with voice mail and text messages the past four hours"

Looking down at his brief case he realized that he left his phone inside it. Opening it he quickly saw the phone and touched the screen revealing a screen full of missed calls and text messages. In total, there were fifteen missed calls and texts from his brothers Sam and Ryder.

"I'll call him on my way to Finn's room. Just give me about forty minutes okay? If you have to leave that's fine I'll have Carrie pick me up." Kurt said and once he got a nod from Kalinda he was racing to the elevators all while dialing his best friend's phone. It rang once before a worried voice answered berating him with questions.

"Are you okay? I mean I know it's a stupid question considering but physically are you okay?" Carrie asked concern evident in his voice

"It depends." He answered pressing the number that would take him to Finn

"On what?" Carrie demanded with even more concern than before

"Technically I got shot in the arm but…" Kurt couldn't get anymore out before Carrie was screaming that he had to get to the hospital followed by the sound of his heels running down the stairs and into the parking lot of Florrick/Agos.

"I'll be there in twenty minutes before you tell me to calm down just don't okay? Kurt, I almost lost you today. Sometimes I think you forget just how much you mean to me, my best friend, my strongest advocate and my best wing man."

That got a small laugh out of the pale boy before his friend was speaking again.

"I love you, in a lot of ways you're the love of my life if only I were gay life would be so much easier." He whispered and though it was meant as a joke Kurt could hear the sincerity in his friend's voice, it made the eyes start to tear up before he brushed them away and turned away from the couple staring at him.

He knew they knew who he was and what he had gone through and it was obvious they wanted answers. Well fuck them, they don't get those from him. They can hear about it on the news. Once his back was to them he started whispering.

"I love you too Carrie, but let's be honest you and I wouldn't work overall. You don't want kids and I want a house full of them, that's a deal breaker friend sorry." Kurt replied though he made sure to let his friend's brain hear the joking tone he was using that said while what he said was true he wasn't saying it to hurt the other man.

"So true, shit you've already got three huskies in your new apartment not even a day after moving in. You're for sure a family guy."

Before he could respond the elevator, doors opened and Finn's assistant was pulling him out and herding him to Finn's room. He quickly told Carrie where he would be when he got there and told him where to meet Kalinda and to just give him time which his friend agreed to. Once the call was ended it was if time had stopped because before he could reach the handle the door flew open fully and there laying in a bed, staring straight at him was Finn.

They stared for only a second before Kurt was rushing to the man and pulling him into a soft embrace, burying his face inside Finn's neck and sobbing. Minutes later Finn's embrace had calmed him and when he began pulling away he found himself being pulled into the bed and held tightly against the taller man's side as he stared down into Kurt's eyes he could see he knew.

"I just found out about fifteen minutes before you got here. I tried to find you but they wouldn't let me out of bed. I'm so sorry, I know he was like another brother to you." Finn said softly while stroking Kurt's cheek.

"You saved my life" Kurt whispered back making Kurt stare him down before leaning down only leaving an inch between their lips.

"We've been doing this little flirting dance of ours for six months. Do you really think I was going to let you go before getting the prize?" He asked with a smile leaving with Kurt with a timid one of his own face.

"What's the prize?"

An answer never came, not through words anyway. As soon as Kurt asked Finn and separated the distance and pulled him into a passionate kiss. It lasted longer than air would allow and when they pulled back Finn simple smirked before saying.


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