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Nick and Gem


Eileen (Psycho Tangerine)

"Fine! Be that way!" Nick shouted as yet another person walked past his stand. "But you won't be laughing at me when the lights go out and you can't find a flashlight!" He turned around and re-adjusted his sign: 'Lights by the One and Only...THE LIGHT!' Displayed on the upside down cardboard box in front of him were flashlights, light bulbs, lighters, matches, lanterns, laser pointers, fireworks, and whatever else he could think of that lit up. Nick had found himself resorting to selling things on the busy main street of Corinth when he found himself unable to obtain work within the city. Potential employees just weren't impressed with him putting 'Magician of the Light who out-heroes Tommy Oliver' on his resume.

"Hey awesome! Can you light this for me?"

Nick looked up into the face of a grinning Asian man. Then he looked at the thick piece of string in his hand. "Lighters are a dollar," he said as he handed one to him and collected the money. He then closed his eyes in order to resume his favorite daydream about a certain mermaid. If only that stupid Blue Lightspeed Ranger hadn't found her and married her first. Oh well, he sighed. At least he still had his lovely Blue water Ranger to visit every night. The trips to Blue Bay Harbor were well worth it.

Kaboom! Nick fell back at the sudden explosion near him. "What the hell was that?" he cried.

"Aw!" said Gem as he examined the pieces of marble. "There's no gold or silver in here." A few passing citizens glared at him for detonating the statue that had dominated the town square of Corinth. Then they just shook their heads and went back to whatever they had been doing. At least they would no longer be subjected to the Red RPM Ranger sneaking over every night to paint clown faces on the statue Colonel Truman had commissioned of himself after the defeat of Venjix.

"Are you some kind of raving lunatic?" cried Nick as he straightened out the inventory that had gotten jostled with the explosion. "Why are you blowing, wait a second. Magical Source Mystic Force!" he cried as he morphed. "Which of my evil nemeses created you to finally destroy me? Calindor? Did he come back? No, wait, I bet Necrolai finally got sick of Toby kissing that poster of Jake Bonebreaker every night instead of her. Oh, but what if…No!" Nick sobbed as he fell to the ground. "Daddy! Why? Why would you leave Mommy and go back to being an evil Wolf just because she's a nagging shrew? Why?"

Gem stared at the other man. "Do you need a few hours of psychotherapy with Dr. K.? She did wonders with convincing Gemma not to marry that stupid smoothie guzzling Scotsman." He didn't regret owing his friend a million boxes of Mr. Marshmallows for that special favor. He also didn't know that Flynn was at that moment stuffing all of his brightly crayoned journals into his industrial strength blender.

Gem look on in bemusement as the Red Mystic Force Ranger continued to tantrum. He was now crying about someone name Lida, Nida, or something wanting revenge over some earphones. Then he examined the merchandise Nick was selling. "Oh! I could really use more dynamite!" he said enthusiastically. "If I remember correctly there is a large cave just outside of Corinth…"

Nick jumped back up and aimed his Mystic Sword at Gem. "I will not allow you to blow a hole into the underworld and let an evil army invade again!" With that he began to shoot fire from his sword.

Splush! "Pfffffft!" spluttered a now soaking wet Red Ranger. "What the?" He looked up and saw what appeared to be a giant flying whale.

"All right! Whoohoo!" cried the now morphed Gold RPM Ranger as he jumped up and down. Summer had actually come up with a great way to distract Dr. K. long enough for them to all sneak their morphers back out of the case. By the time their young mentor realized that she had not actually won the 'Super De Duperiest Magnificent Genius in the Whole Universe,' award, the morphers were back in the hands of the Rangers.

"You've got to be kidding me," scoffed Nick who had demorphed out of his wet Ranger suit. "I guess they're scouring the mental wards for Rangers now." He paused in thought. "That could explain Chip…never mind," he said with a shake of his head. "Why in heaven's name do you want to blow stuff up?"

"Because I really want to…" the now demorphed Gem paused for a few seconds... "find some gold. So I can…" he paused again… "make myself yet another super stupendous medal. That way I can…" yet another pause… "lord it over that jerk, Scott, yet again..." and still another pause… "because he won't let me do really crazy stunts with the jets." He breathed a sigh of relief when he finally finished. He really had to stop forgetting his twin was no longer around to finish his sentences anymore. Gemma was currently on Miranoi. To her brother's chagrin, she had taken an interest in yet another Ranger mechanic.

"Why don't you just go do whatever it is you did to get the first medal?" asked Nick, hoping this lunatic would go away to do that. It had just occurred to him that if Venjix was truly gone, then he could go back to Briarwood and let his long lost parents take care of him. After all, he reasoned, they had about twenty years of abandonment to make up for.

"What a great idea! Whoohoo!" cried Gem as he ran off towards the edge of the city.

"Thank God that's over with," mumbled Nick as he began tossing his things haphazardly into boxes. He was still in the middle of deciding how to sneak back into Rootcore without that clingy Madison finding out when… Kaboom!

"Yeah! All right! Come at me!" shouted the Gold RPM Ranger as he ran back into the center of town, battling the creatures from the underworld that he had just brought back to the surface. "This is sure to get me another stupendous…hey!" he cried as Truman's soldiers ran in and shot the weak leaderless minions and then tasered Gem until he demorphed. "I'll get my medal!" he cried as he was dragged away. "Just wait and see!"

Nick shook his head then lifted the last of the boxes he had packed to put into his car. 'So glad to be getting out of this loony bin of a city. I wonder if Briarwood will have a parade to honor my return,' he thought to himself. 'Maybe I can give them a nice fire show.' He moved his hands around and let out a little flame…which flew right to a box of explosives in his still open trunk. Kaboom! "No!" sobbed Nick as he watched his car go up in flames.