A new story! I am jumping on the bandwagon of those who write about the Newsies being in high school, and I am excited! Just a few quick notes before we get started, I'm not planning on including a modern version of the strike in this story, but instead will be writing about the Newsies going through the everyday trials and tribulations of high school. Also, I will be including as many easter eggs as I can, so feel free to shout them out when you spot one. They could be references to the movie, the actors, or other broadway musicals, so be on the lookout! I think that's it for now, so let's get started. Enjoy!

David's heart was pounding with nervous energy, his throat constricting and palms sweating in a way that was extremely uncomfortable. All around him, students were entering the large redbrick building with the faded words Francis Sullivan High School painted on the front, but he stood rooted to the spot, unable to move. When his father had first told him and his younger brother, Les, that they were moving across the country for his job, David hadn't cared much. He didn't have many friends at school, having been labeled as an outsider from a very young age on account of his love for school and learning. He had thought he wouldn't miss his old school in the slightest, but now he would have given anything to be sitting in first period Algebra instead of trying to work up the courage to go inside a building. A bell rang, startling him out of his thoughts. The last thing he needed was to be late on his very first day of school, so he slowly began to climb the steps that led to the front door of the school, trying unsuccessfully to quell his nerves.

Jack sat in English class, doodling on a small scrap of paper and trying to ignore the dirty looks his girlfriend was giving him for not paying attention to the teacher. "Mr. Kelly," the teacher's voice rang loud and clear, and Jack hurriedly shoved the paper under his notebook and sat up straighter. "Yeah Mr. Weisel?" The teacher sighed heavily. "Mr. Kelly, could you please tell us what the main theme of the book Children of the City is?" Jack blinked, silently cursing himself for not doing the required reading for this class. He cleared his throat nervously. "Uh, well, the main theme of the book Children of the City is-" he was interrupted by the door to the classroom opening and the principal walking in, closely followed by a nervous looking kid with dark brown hair. "Mr. Weisel, a Mr. David Jacobs?" the principal said, looking impatient. Mr. Weisel looked confused for a moment, before checking his class roster and nodding in recognition. "Of course, of course. Thank you, Principal Davis." The principal nodded, and quickly exited the classroom, slamming the door shut behind him. The new kid looked at Mr. Weisel expectantly. "David, welcome to our class. Please, have a seat anywhere there's an empty desk." David nodded, then took a look around the classroom, before his eyes landed on the desk next to Jack. He slowly made his way to the back of the classroom and sat down, carefully setting his backpack on the floor next to his desk. After looking at him curiously for a moment Jack turned his attention back to Mr. Weisel, who had thankfully forgotten about him.

When the bell rang at the end of fourth period, David slowly gathered up his belongings. He had lunch fifth period, which meant that he could take his time putting his things away. Pulling out his schedule, he could see out of the corner of his eye the kid sitting next to him was looking at him curiously. "Need some help?" David looked up, confused. "What?" "Need some help findin' the cafeteria?" The boy repeated, gesturing to his schedule. "Oh, uh, sure, thanks. I'm David by the way." "The names Jack Kelly, but my friends call me Jack." He grinned, standing up and making his way out of the classroom. David followed, hoping he didn't look as nervous as he felt. "It ain't that hard to find once you get used to this place," Jack continued, expertly dodging kids as he walked down the hallway. "But I'll help you for now, and if you want I can introduce you to some friends of mine. I'm guessing you don't know anyone yet." David nodded, smiling slightly. "Unless you count Principal Davis, no I don't." Jack laughed at that, and taking David by the arm pulled him towards the cafeteria.

"Guys, meet Davey. Davey, meet guys." Jack gestured towards a table filled with boys, sitting down and motioning for Davey to sit next to him. "Um, hi," Davey said, attempting to smile. A kid with blonde hair sitting across the table from him grinned, and reached out his hand for Davey to shake. "Racetrack Higgins, but you can call me Race. And these are Specs, Romeo, Albert, JoJo, and Mush," he said, gesturing to each boy respectively. "The only ones who are missing are Katherine, Jack's girlfriend, she has a school newspaper meetin', and Crutchie, who has the flu." Overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught of names, Davey managed to squeak out, "Crutchie?" A look of understanding dawned on Race's face, and he smiled apologetically. "Oh, yeah, we'se all got nicknames. Crutchie walks with a crutch 'cause his legs messed up, so we call him Crutchie. I'm called Race 'cause I'm on the track team and I like to run. Specs has glasses, Romeo flirts with every girl on the planet, Jojo's real name's Joseph, Mush gets real emotional and questions our existence on a daily basis, and we couldn't come up with a nickname for Albert so we just use his real name." Nodding, Davey attempted to match people's names to their faces, but he had never been good with meeting new people. Oh well, he'd learn eventually. Taking out his lunch, he began to eat, occasionally answering questions about his family, where he was from, and what he liked to do, but he mostly listened as the boys argued with, teased, and laughed with each other. When the bell rang to signify lunch was over, Jack turned to him and said, "You should eat lunch with us tomorrow, too." As he walked away, Davey smiled to himself. One thing was certain, this would be an interesting year.

A/N: And there it is! If you have any suggestions on what could make this story better please let me know, but also let me know if you have requests for things you want to see in later chapters!