The official first chapter of my revamped series. I know that I've been absent for a while but it was just to get myself back on track in order to write another story for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Although I am using chronological events and timelines to shape my story, this is still very much an AU. Please keep that in mind as you continue reading.

As I brought the jet to a stop in the middle of a circle of trees, I quickly shut off the engine and began to stare blankly out the windshield. I was always the person to think everything through, but I found myself diving in head first. There was no time to think this through.

I closed my eyes and took a heavy breath before jumping out of the vehicle, not bothering to encapsulate it. I began walking forward through the slowly darkening forest.

As calm as my posture may have portrayed me as, my heart felt as if it were being ripped from my chest, piece by piece, little by little, and all that remained was just barely enough to keep me from crumbling to my knees under the weight of the situation.

I walked with my head held high, passing tree after tree, easily navigating the all-too-familiar forest, nothing but the deceptively soothing sounds of nature as my only companion. I looked up. The sunset coloured sky highlighted the greenery and the gentle breeze of the evening caused the leaves to flutter in the wind.

It was picturesque in my mind.

In that very moment it occurred to me. I had spent a decent amount of my time there over the years, and yet it was seldom that I actually took a moment to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery. That day would be no different.

Very suddenly, the ringer of my cellphone cuts through the silence, causing me to flinch a bit, having forgotten that it was even on my person. I removed it from my back pocket and stared at the screen in contemplation for a moment before answering.

I slowed my pace as I tapped the green icon and placed it against my ear. I gave no greeting.

"Bulma?" the voice on the other end said. It was Vegeta. "Bulma, is that you?"

"What is it?" I calmly said.

"I've been trying to tell you that the location was a bust and I still don't know how I'm going to find them, or even where to look."

"I know,"

There was a pause before the expected confused response came. "What do you mean you know?"

I sighed quietly. "I knew that you wouldn't find them there," I confessed.

"If you knew then why the hell didn't you say anything to me before?" It took me so long to answer that he must have drawn his own conclusion. "Bulma, where are you right now?" I said nothing. "Bulma!"

"They're coming for me, so I just thought that I'd meet them in the middle." The reply was one I knew he didn't want to hear, but I gave it nonetheless.

"Where are you?" he angrily repeated.

"I need to do this on my own," I solemnly told him.

"Are you insane? You have no idea what they'll do to you if they find you by yourself. Now tell me where you are!"

"I can't do that."

"What could you possibly hope to achieve by doing this?" He was angry, but I knew that he was trying to contain himself for my sake.

I came to a stop as I crossed a row trees that opened to a cliff. "Vegeta, I have spent far too long running from this." My voice was becoming shaky with each word that passed through my lips. "I'm so tired of running. I can't do it anymore."

"So you're just giving up? Just like that?"

"What else can I to do? I messed up, so I have to handle it."

"You are the most brilliant being I have ever known in my life. Just take a moment to think about what you're doing right now."

And I did. I thought about my family and the bitterness of what had took place. I thought about the hateful words that were regurgitated out of anger and regrettable actions and the aftermath of it all. I shook my head to rid myself of such images. "The time for thinking is over." No more thoughts of the past distorting my path.

"Bulma, what are you saying?" he frantically asked me.

With a heavy heart I said to him "I love you, Vegeta," before pulling the phone away from my ear.

I could still hear him speaking. "Bulma, don't you dare hang u-"

I hung up the phone before he could finish. I removed the sim card and tossed the phone over the cliff's edge.

I walked over to take in the view of the land below. There wasn't a house to be found, not another soul around for miles. I slipped my hands into my front pockets and just stood there silently.

"Well what do we have here?" a voice said from behind me. For whatever reason, I was unaffected by the sudden appearance and just continued to stare out at the open space with my back to them. "What are you doing out here all by yourself?"

"Just taking in the view," I calmly replied. I look back over my shoulder to see two black-clad figures standing there.

"Where's your brute?"

"I don't know. Probably on his way to the compound to try tracking my phone."

"You've got some nerve coming here alone," the taller of the two said, and the one doing all the talking.

I ignored the words and turned my attention towards the shorter of the three of us. "Don't you have something to say to me as well?"

"Oh I have plenty." the mask over their mouths slightly muffled their voices and placed shocking green eyes on full display. "But not until I've proven my point."

I turned around completely. "Which is?"

"All in due time." I couldn't see a mouth, but I knew that there was a smirk behind that mask.

"I think you've more than proven your point, don't you think?"

A scoff was heard. "Big, bad Bulma still thinks that she knows it all." they began walking towards me. "You don't have the slightest idea of what my point is."

I decided to meet the figure halfway. "I never claimed to know it all, but I do know you."

She rushed forward, stopping me in my tracks, nearly nose to nose had it not been for the two inches of height I had over her.

"You don't know a damn thing about me!" the figure growled at me.

I stood unafraid and unflinching, staring down into enraged green eyes. "Then enlighten me," I gently said. "Because if your actions were meant to gain my attention, congratulations, you've done it."

"Don't insult me by playing ignorant. Don't stand here as if you've done nothing wrong, as if you were innocent."

"Yes, I have done my share of dirt. No one gets through this life completely unscathed by their trials, and we are of no exception. There are things that I regret, but I have never not owned up to my sins," I said, feeling the need to explain.

"Except the one,"

My eyes broke contact at the realization of what was said to me. "I didn't do it to hurt you."

"Then why?" the figure demanded. I hesitated for a moment. "Tell me why!"

"I'll tell you why," the taller figure interjected. "She did it because that's the type of person she is. Since she couldn't control you, she chose to manipulate you,"

"That's not true," I said to the one in front of me. "I did what I had to do in order to help you. I promise you, my intentions were good. I never thought, in a million years, that my actions would hurt you like this." My voice was pleading at this point and I could have sworn that the green orbs staring at me flickered. "I did what I thought was best at the time,"

Green stared me down for the longest time before a response was made. "I know," and the figure turned and began walking away. "But," they suddenly said, stopping to turn back around. "What was it that you once told me about good intentions?"

I immediately knew what they were referring to, and I sighed heavily before answering. "The path to hell is paved with good intentions."

A hand was raised and aimed towards my face. "Exactly," they said as their palm lit up.

As I closed my eyes, waiting to get what I've had coming, I couldn't help but think about all the mistakes I made that led us to this cliff in the first place.

"I'm sorry,"

{Weeks Earlier}

As I pulled myself up, small chunks of debris falling off of my back as I did so, I looked around at the ruined space of the always pristine room. The nearby fires and the deafening ringing in my ears confirmed my assumption of what just happened. An explosion.

As I attempted to gather my bearings, vision and hearing now impaired and my head swimming with nausea, I was grabbed by the back of my hair and had my head yanked backwards. I winced and screamed at the pain.

"I was hoping that wouldn't be enough to kill you," a voice said in my ear.

"Why not just get it over with already?" I hissed.

The grip on my hair tightened. "Because your misery has only just begun. I will make you suffer for the pain you have caused, and once you know true suffering, only then will I consider ending your wasted existence,"

"You don't understand, I h-" my hair is yanked hard, silencing me.

"I understand plenty! I understand that you have everyone fooled about you. And with that understanding I will take from you as have from me," the words were spat at me.

"I know how you must be feeling right now, but this will not bring you peace, I promise you," I said, feeling the agony within the words.

"I'm not looking for peace,"

With that, I was released and kicked in the back, sending me falling through what remained of the glass doors. My vision began to darken, the last thing I saw were a pair haunted green eyes.

{10 Years Earlier}

"Get out of my way!" My heart was thumping in my ears as I shoved my way through the crowd of the shocked and saddened faces of my friends and family. Before I could get to the middle of them all, I was grabbed by Yamcha and held back. "What're you doing? Let go of me!"

"Bulma, don't look, please," he sadly pleaded.

I could see just enough past him to be able to spot the pale, bare feet of someone being held by Goku. My eyes went wide with the realization.

"Yamcha, let go of me!" I yelled as I began struggling against him. When he wouldn't let up I grabbed hold of his arm and applied enough pressure to force him to release me.

I ran over to where Goku was standing and stood in front of him. My voice got caught in my throat from the sight of the still form in his arms.

"I'm so sorry, Bulma," he told me through restrained tears.

That was it. The tears fell down my face like a waterfall as I couldn't take my eyes from the person in his arms.

"What did you do?!" I screamed at him.

{23 Years Earlier}

Vegeta came up behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "There was nothing more you could have done,"

I stare down at the wasted possibilities that laid before me. "I really wish that were true," I whispered.

Excuse me for being so vague. Did that make you want to keep reading? I hope so. My revamped story is about to begin, and each of those last three passages are from a different entry in this series. If you got the chance to read the original version of this then you will definitely be able to recognize some plot points and notice what I changed. Hopefully I get it right this time. Review this with your thoughts on what you think of me starting it out this way. I need you all to be honest. MLH out!