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Ancient Secrets

Boogie Man's real

Chapter 1

In the Hellsing mansion stood a platinum blonde woman wearing round glasses, she had sun kissed tan skin. Her crystal blue eyes burned with an unseen fire. This woman that sat behind a large oak wood desk was Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. The head of the Hellsing organization and head of the Hellsing family as it's last surviving heir.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw something coming out of the shadows. A man with a long red trench coat, red fedora appeared. She looked at the black suit he wore under with a white long sleeve button up shirt and black riding boots. He was missing his sunglasses though. But she pushed that aside and looked at the man coming over to her desk.

"My Master. Is there something you need Sir Integra?" Asked the man before her.

Bridging her hands under her chin Integra looked up at the man. "Alucard, I am the last of my family. After I pass there will be no more Hellsing family nor Organization." She told him.

"This I know My Master. But, why discuss this with me?" Asked the now named Alucard. He arched an eyebrow at her as a grin slowly crept across his lips. His fangs showing as he looked at the woman before him. "Does My Master wish to become my No-Life Queen?" He questioned her.

She looked up at him and barked out in laughter so strong Alucard just grinned. "I wish not to become a vampire. But, I wish that you help me sire several children to ensure the future of my family as well to entrust there will always be someone to watch over you. Even if it is your own child." She told the Draco before her.

His blood red eyes flashed with amusement. "Very well My Master you will become my Life Queen till your end of days. I will not turn you unless you wish it so." He told her.

"I know Alucard I am not the first human that you had a child with. I do have a question for you." Said Integra.

He walked up next to the desk never allowing his eyes to leave her gaze. "What may that question be?" He asked her.

With a deep breath she spoke. "Will the children turn into vampire or will they need to feed?" Her eyes strong with will did give away some concern for the lives she will be bring into this world.

Alucard let out a deep and rich laugh at this question. "They will gain my abilities but on a weaker level. They will from time to time will need blood transfusion. But, they will not need to drink blood. If we where back in the dark ages then maybe. However in this day and age a transfusion would work well. The only way they will become vampires is if I turn them or they make the same deal with the devil I did and renounce their humanity and then they will become the monster you see before you." He told her. His grin growing ever so big.

She sat there like a stone. Her eyes appeared to become a storm as she thought over what had been told to her. 'Could I forsake a child? Just for my own selfish need to carry on my family line?' She thought to herself when something happen to drag her out of her own thoughts.

Alucard had taken her into his arms and placed his hand under her chin raising her face up to him as a grin crept across his lips and he lean down and kissed her. Integra's eyes grew large as she began to beat her fist on his chest. After a moment she had relaxed into his kiss. It was wild and warm. Alluring with passion and forbidden lust. She slowly open her lips to allow a moan to escape as Alucard parted his lips and allowed his tongue to go into her mouth and wage war with hers. No matter what she battled him for dominancy as they passionately kissed. Slowly Integra broke the kiss. She needed to breath. With a gasp of air she looked up at her forbidden lover.

"My Life Queen shall we continue this in a more private place?" Asked Alucard as his grin seem to grow even larger. He held the petite but strong woman in his arms. A small grin crept across her lips and with that the shadows had swallowed them.

They both reappeared from the shadows in Integra's bed chambers. Her curtains drown, the room was in total darkness from the midmorning sun.

"After today I will assure you that you will be carrying my child. Don't be frighten when you have a craving for blood. If need be I'll feed you my own or you may eat a bloody streak." Said Alucard.

She eyed him as he spoke. She did feel a little uneasy about the blood part. But, she wanted to have strong children and Alucard had proven to be the Alpha male among the sheep she had to deal with.

(I know I should wrote a lemon for them. But, I am unsure I could write one that would do them any justice.)

Before anything else could be spoken Alucard ripped off all of Integra's clothing. Only leaving her in a red lacy bra and matching panties. This only made him grin even more. Never had he thought her to wear anything like this. Slowly he laid her back onto the bed as his clothing faded away only leaving his black pants.

"Well My Life Queen you do surprise me." Said Alucard with a chuckle.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. Her crystal blue eyes gazed up at his blood red eyes. "I do enjoy surprising you My No-Life King." She told him as she pulled herself up to kiss him.

Present Day Konoha

In the bowels of the Konoha lays an ancient secret that time has forgot. A secret so dark, so bloody that it would make the bravest of shinobi run for the hills. Even the Hokages of past and present fear what lays dormant below their feet.

Naruto Uzumaki had been hiding and exploring the tunnels below the Konoha after learning of there existence from the Forbidden Scroll she had been sneaking peaks at. At the tender age of 13 Naruto had developed a skill rarely seen in young and upcoming shinobi. She had taken a book on fuinjutsu form the Hokages personal collection he had in his office. That happen when she was only 6 years old and had spent every waking hour studying the book and copying every page into a journal the Hokage had gotten her for her 5th birthday. Seriously what does a 5 year old need a journal for? 'Come on old man. A doll or a stuffed bear would have been a more suitable gift for a girl.' Thought Naruto. But, in the end she was great full for it. The thing was huge with over 3000+ pages. She was able to combined 5 of the sealing books she copied into it. But, as time passed Naruto had copied all the books into several journals and at the age of 10 she began working on her skills of breaking into the old man's office while he was gone.

At this current moment Naruto was running from a few angry people and a few drunks she had ran into after she had finished copying the last part of the forbidden scroll in her black leather bound journal. 'Good one moron. Why wasn't I watching when I snuck out of the Hokage tower.' She thought. As she rounded the corner of the market place she darted towards the Hokage mountain. 'If I remember right there should be a secret passage to one of the many tunnels I mapped out of all the scrolls in jiji's office.' She thought to herself as she came to a section under the stairway. She felt along the wall till she felt a small piece of stone sink in. As it sunk in a small doorway open up by several bushes. 'Yes, I found it.' She thought to herself as she slipped in and just in time as well as the mob of angry and drunken villagers appeared.

"WHERE IS THE DEMON BRAT?!" Yelled a angry villager as they looked around to see nothing before them. Even the low level shinobi with them couldn't find Naruto. She had given them the slip once more. This only cemented the idea that the girl was the Kyūbi reborn.

The hidden door had slide shut just before anyone could notice it and Naruto looked around her in the dark tunnel she stood. She slowly pressed her back against the wall with a heavy sigh. "Damn, I hope they will stop once I became a ninja. The Shinobi council have told me they would be able to protect me a little more." She told herself as she reached into her pouch and pulled out a glow stick. Quickly she snapped it between her fingers and began to look at the tunnel walls. To her surprise it looked like someone had clawed the walls.

"What the heck?" Said Naruto as she felt along the walls. The claw marks looked to have been made by a human? But, she wasn't to sure for they still liked animalistic in some places. The deeper she walked into the tunnel the wider and higher the ceiling got. To her surprise she had stumbled into a crypt of some kind. In the center of the crypt like room was a large black coffin and it appeared to have chains and seals around it.

Curiosity had gotten the better of the girl as she slowly descended the steps leading to the coffin. The closer she got to the strange looking coffin the torches on the pillars around it burst into flames. The crypt now had an eerie glow to it. She could feel her skin begin to tingle. It was that feeling something bad was going to happen. But, you just didn't care. That was what she was feeling.

Naruto slowly step in front of the large black coffin and put her backpack down. Inside of it, held all of her journals of all the secrets she could find out about her home. Even a couple scrolls she had found addressed to her. She still needed to open them. Maybe after this she could relax at home and read them. Shaking her head of these thoughts Naruto opened her bag and pulled out a crimson journal that had what she was seeking. The information about this crypt and tunnel and maybe this coffin before her.

Sitting down at the base of the coffin Naruto opened her journal and looked at the index she had put in it. "Let's see." She said as she trailed her finger down the page and flipped to the next page. 'Uzumaki Devil' page 666. "Hmmmm… I never really paid attention to that name." She said as she flipped to that page.

Uzumaki Devil

My wife Mito as the eldest daughter and seal master was given the task of guarding the family secret. This secret I fear no one but of her bloodline can handle the Devil that lies in this coffin. He is only allowed his freedom in times of grate need. My wife regretted the day she took this coffin from her village. For the fall owing day the village fail to their enemies. But, lucky her little sister made it out. She will be the holder of this Devil. Mito doesn't want anything to do with it. Kushina Uzumaki will now be it's keeper. Once she passes her children will pick up the mantle of its keeper. But, if the girl dies. I fear my children and theirs will suffer that fate as it's keeper.

During the times before the Great Demon Wars. Humans lived in the light of day never truly knowing what went bump in the night. Demons, Monsters, Vampires lived in the shadows and in the darks pits of hell.

The Hellsing family and organization for Generations fought these beast and kept them at bay. Making sure the human race would live another day in their world of illusions. Never truly knowing of the things that went bump in the night or stalked them from the shadows.

But, as time went one the Hellsing family became the keeper of a Devil of immense power. They have became the keeper of The No-Life King Alucard. King of all Vampires.

As time went on Alucard was not needed by the family and he slept in his cell till the day his services were called upon once more. That day came when Integra Fairbrook Wingate Hellsing was being hunted down by her Uncle. He was furious that her father had named her the new head of the Hellsing organization and family. He had believed once his brother had stepped down that he would take up the mantle of being the head of the family an organization. But, sadly he was gravely mistaken. His brother had saw the list of power that he wanted and feared if his younger brother would take control the world would be doomed. He would bring nothing but dishonor to the family name.

That night while Integra's Handler Walter was away he would killed the girl and make it look like suicide or a robbery gone wrong. The girl had gotten away from him and had crawled into the air ducts to get away. Along this time she had made her way into the lower regions of the mansion. She stood before a cell. Inside she could see a figure of a man hunched over. Thinking quick she had grabbed the key that hung near the cell door and open it. She would free the man and see if he would help her. But, before she could get close to the man a shot had rang out and she had been shot in the right shoulder. The force from the bullet had spun her around. Now she faced her attacker and his loyal lakis.

"Now dear girl. Be a good girl and die." Said the crazed man.

She had fallen back onto her but as she looked up at her Uncle. "But, Uncle why? Why do you do this?" She asked in a shaky voice. Fear and shock could be seen in her eyes.

"Why? Why do I do this to you? WHY HAVE I SHOT YOU? It is very simple my foolish girl. I have done this all for POWER! What can a snot-nosed brat like you would know anything about power and what it truly means to be a HELLSING!" He roared at that final part.

"Father and Grandmother saw you unfit for this title. When they return they will be furious with your actions and they will appoint someone within the organizations ranks." Said Integer as she moved a little closet to the person behind her. 'Why haven't they spoken or done anything to help me.' She thought in her panicked mind.

"Well my dear that would be quite impossible to do on their part. For they had an accident on their way to the round table meeting this morning. That is why your handler isn't here to protect you." He said with a smirk on his face.

Before anything else could be said they heard a creepy breathing and what sounded like licking sounds coming from behind the teenage girl. Slowly and carefully she turned her head to see a long wicked looking tongue licking her blood up from the flood behind her. She was then met with wicked crimson eyes.

"My dear girl your blood taste divine." Said the mummified man. His crimson eyes met with the other three men and a wicked smirk crept across his lips. "My Master are they causing trouble for you?" He asked as he slowly stood and his long raven hair shadowed his face. His white puffy selves bottom down shirt softly glowed in the faint light from the hallway.

"Why do you call that girl Master. She is nothing but a nuisance. I am the head of the Hellsing family." Spoke the fat man.

The strange man laughed and his crimson eyes flashed at the tub of lard. "For Lady Hellsing gave me the girls blood and told me to protect her. She knew something was going to happen and planned for it." He said as his grin grow even more.

The two lakis began firing their guns at him. He just laughed and vanished with insane speed and ripped the men's that's out and drinking their blood. The other pissed himself and began firing his 9mm at the No-Life King. Before he could do anything else his life was taken and there laid his lifeless body.

Alucard turned and faced Integra and knelt down into one knee. "My Master. What are your orders?" He asked meeting her crystal blue eyes with his crimson red eyes.

This was the meeting of the two future lovers. From them our Uzumaki clan was born. We are the last of their blood line and when times grow dire we call on our great ancestor to come aid us in our times of need. Alucard will only answer to those of his lineage and forsake all others. For only one of pure heart and strong will could ever calm The No-Life King.

Naruto jaw hung open. As she looked at the names of the people in the past that had stood watch and acted as keeper to the one that lays before her in this coffin. There she saw the name of one Kushina Uzumaki and below her name she saw Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. She looked at that last name for what felt like hours but was only a few minutes.

Her name was in this book. But, why did she have the 4th Hokages last name with hers? That would have to wait. She thought to herself and turned back to what she was doing.

Hokage Tower

The 3rd Hokage had returned from his late dinner to see if he could get some of this infernal paperwork done. He sighed as he walked though his office door. He took his hat off and hung it on the hook next to his bookcase when he noticed something. It was shifted a little indicating someone had moved it and was in the secret vault behind it. 'This isn't good.' He thought to himself as he slide open the secret door to the Hokage vault. He looked around and saw nothing was missing. But, what he did find made him very worried. There on the ground was a silver chain with the Hellsing and Uzumaki crest on it. It belong to one person and he had given it to her earlier that day. Telling her it once belong to her mother and that one day she would be the clan head.

He quickly picked it up and closed the vault behind him and rushed to his desk. He needed to know where the girl was at this very moment. If she had been there then she knew a lot more then she had ever let on. Sitting down he open a large draw on the right side of his desk and inside of it laid a clear ball made of crystal resting on a silk pillow. He pulled it out and focused his chakra into it. He then focused on Naruto's chakra signature. Hoping to find her in some training ground or at home studying. 'I know one could only hope.' But, what he saw made him pale. She was in the crypt of the devil Mito had brought with her from her home village. Quickly getting up he looked around him and snapped his fingers. Before him appeared Inu and Neko. "We have a problem and it centers around Naruto." He told the two ANBU before him. "Fallow me and pray she doesn't awaken it." He then vanished to the stairs leading to the Hokage mountain. Behind the two ANBU appeared. They looked at their leader in wonder for why they came to his place. No one was there. But, they did see several broken bottles of beer and sake. 'Please be safe Naru-chan.' Thought Neko as she saw these things. Inu looked around and caught some blood in the air. 'Dammit. I hope she isn't hurt. Why did I help Raven with that stupid task.' He thought to himself in anger.

Inside the Crypt

Naruto looked at the seals on the coffin. 'Hmmmm…they appear to be blood seals. Strange thing to put on a vampire coffin.' She thought and just shrugged her shoulders and went to the chains. They had they symbol that was on the neckless that Jiji gave her this morning. Reaching for her neck for the neckless. Her eyes had gone wide. "Oh no! No no no no no…. I lost it. How could I be such a moron." She cried to herself as she looked around the crypt for it. Just maybe it just fell off in here.

Sarutobi open the secret passageway and the two others fallowed behind him. They saw the faint glow at the end of the long tunnel. When they reached the end they saw Naruto looking around with some blood on her cheek and right leg.

"Naruto? What are you doing?" Asked the aged leader. This brought the girl out of her panic and she looked at her Jiji standing there with Inu and Neko. She gave them a foxy grin as she rubbed her right hand behind her head. "Well you see Jiji. I was being chase by villagers and some rookie shinobi. I had to get away. They said they would kill me if they caught me. So, I found the secret passage for this place and hid in here to get away from them. I could still hear them so I took one of my glow Sticks and snapped it so I could see and went for a walk and found this strange crypt." She told them.

He raised his eyebrow at her and looked at the crimson leather bound journal laying next to the coffin and another Jade colored one next to it with the same seal design as the one on the coffin. "Then explain to me what are in those two journals?" He asked.

She paled a little and took a deep breath. "Well the jade book has all the seals I have copied from your books and learned since I was 6 years old and the crimson book has the information on this place and my great million times over grandfather's information." She said with a nervous look on her face.

Inu stepped forward and looked at the girl. "What do you mean grandfather?" He asked puzzled.

She pointed at the coffin behind her. "Here lies Alucard. The one who originally began the Uzumaki bloodline." She said as she turned to look at the coffin. There was wonder in her eyes on how this man would look. Would he be a mummy or just bones or would he look just like someone sleeping.

"How can that be? He should just be nothing more then just bones." Said Neko looking at the girl and coffin.

Naruto saw her neckless hanging from Jiji left hand. She ran over to him and pulled it out of his grasp. "Oh thank you Jiji. I was so scared I lost this. I don't want to lose the only thing linking me to my family." She said as she turned around and walked back over to the coffin.

"Naruto-chan, why don't we leave here and get you cleaned up and get some Ramen?" Asked Sarutobi. She turned and smiled at him. "That would be great. But, first I really want to see what's in the coffin." She told him. Before anyone could stop her she put her neckless in the lock and had already ran blood over all the seals. The chains fell to the ground with a heavy and loud clanking sound and the seals all fizzled as the blood on them all rushed into the coffin. Seconds later the lid of the coffin slowly open and there before them sitting up was a man with long raven hair and crimson eyes. He looked at the three that stood before him and the young blonde before him. 'Integra is that you my No-Life Queen?' He asked himself in his thoughts.

When he got a better look of the blonde hair girl he saw the whisker markings on her cheeks and he caught her scent. She was of his bloodline but the girl also smelt of Fox?. The two ANBU stood before their Hokage ready to protect him from this man? That just woken.

Naruto looked at the No-Life King with huge eyes. "Your my great grandfather from a million times over?" She asked him.

He grinned at the girl. "I guess you could say that little one. Tell me what year is it and where are we?" He asked. She scrunched up her face as she thought. "It is 2017 ADW (ADW= After the Demon Wars) and we are in Konoha the village hidden in the leaves." She told him.

"So, I have been sleeping for 1,987 years." Said Alucard as he looked at the girl. He knew of the new name his family had taken on and he saw their new crest resting in the girls hands. "Tell me. Where are the other Uzumaki's?" He asked watching her face change and sadden. "They are all dead. I am the last." She said as tears began to roll down her cheek that had dry blood on it.

He looked over at the Hokage. "Is what she says true?" He asked with power and authority in his voice. The Hokage studied the man before answering him. "Yes, she is the last of the main clan. There maybe some other Uzumaki out there but of lesser birthright then her. But, as far as we know. The clan had been wiped out during the 2nd war shinobi when Iwa and Kumo attacked them. We were too late to aid them. When we arrived all that was left was a child. The baby sister of Mito-sama. We brought Kushina back here and she was cared for by her eldest sister till the day she passed away. Kushina had became your caretaker." He said as he watched the man as he slowly raised himself out of the coffin and looked over the girl.

His crimson eyes took on a deeper richer crimson color. "Who hurt you child? Tell me." He said as he looked her in the eyes. She turned away from him and looked at The Hokage. "It was some stupid drunks. They hit me with a few beer bottles. But, I'm alright. My cuts have healed and my bruises are now fading." She said as she pointed at the ugly purple green bruise on her cheek.

Alucard looked at the other three. He didn't smell any of her blood on them and knew they didn't mean the girl an harm. "Why is she being attacked? Does it have anything to do with the scent I am smelling from her?" He asked. The Hokage paled looking at the man.

"Wh….what do you mean." Sarutobi stuttered out as he tried to keep himself calm.

Alucard arched an eyebrow to this. "So, she doesn't know? Is that what I am gathering from you three?" He asked as Naruto looked at him puzzles. "What do you mean I smell like a Fox?" She asked as she turned to look at her Jiji and the others.

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