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Chapter 37

It had been several days since Nico had meet her new sisters and family. During that time Nico had learn all about the treatment of her little sister from the villagers and how they showed disrespect to the late Hokage's wishes. Sitting in her bedroom Nico looked over scrolls of the family fighting styles and smiled. 'To think. If Naruto wouldn't have done what she would have. I wouldn't have never met my mother. My father nor both of my sisters. For I don't think she would have ever been given our mother's letters or diary about me.' She thought letting out a sigh.

Nico falls back onto her bed letting out a sign looking out to her window as the full moon rises into the night sky. "I wish I was there for my little sister from the beginning." She said from the beginning" She said to no one to herself.

Sitting out on the roof looking up at the night sky Naruto let out a sigh. 'I wonder if Alucard-Jiji will help me escape the village?' She thought to herself as she looked back up to the full moon.

Stepping out of the shadows Alucard placed his hand on the girl's shoulder. "What is weighing heavy on your mind little one?" He asked as he sat down next to her.

Naruto looked up at him into those deadly crimson eyes. She let out a sigh. "Well. I want to know if you would help me escape the village. I know I have just began something special with Shika. But something deep in my soul keeps telling me something wick is coming, and I need to leave before it happens. But I know I shouldn't run…" She said trailing off looking away.

Alucard studied the girl before him. "I see." HE said looking away.

"I know I am asking a lot from you Jiji. But this is something I have been thinking about for an exceptionally long time. Since I was a small child. But I would have to quit being a shinobi and give up my dream of Hokage to escape this village. But there are other in the shadows that would do everything in their power to hunt me down and bring me back to this village for who I have sealed within in me." Said Naruto as she looked at Alucard who was too quiet for once.

"Allow me time to think and I shall come to you in a few days' time." Said Alucard who stood up and vanished once more into the shadows of the night.

Naruto nodded her head letting out a sigh.

Within her office Integra sat before her granddaughters, Zabuza, Father Anderson, and Shikamaru. As Alucard appeared from the shadows in the corner of the room.

Her icy blue eyes look over to her husband as Alucard hid his crimson eyes behind his orange tint sunglasses. "What do you have to report?" She asked him as she knew something was off with him.

"She asked me in adding her to escaping this village. For she has a foreboding felling that something bad is going to happen and needs to get to safety now." Said Alucard as he looks up at his wife with hard cold crimson eyes.

She nods her head to this. "If the child is having the same feeling as us. This isn't good." She tells the others in her office.

"Then while you are in the office begin the paperwork to file her into retirement as well the paperwork for her to leave the village." Said Shikamaru as he looks at the woman before him as he pulls a scroll from his pouch. "It will be time before I will be able to follow for, I can't leave my time just yet. I need to know they will be find without me." He tells her.

Integra takes the scroll and sees all the papers and document's she would need to file within it. She looks back up at he boy. "It appears you have been getting everything ready for her for awhile now." She tells him with a smirk.

"I must for many here wouldn't mind seeing her dead on a cross." Said Shikamaru as Father Anderson looks down at him with hard eyes as he knew he couldn't fight the truth being spoken by the boy sitting next to him.

"What of you boy?" Asked Father Anderson. "Don't you love her?" He asks.

"I do. My family has given me their blessing to leave with Naruto and never look back and that shall follow behind us." Said Shikamaru looking up at everyone in the office.

"Then we shall send her to the family land we have and only when the others are ready to leave a summons will come and bring them to our new homeland. As it would be unsafe to allow them to know where it is early on." Said Alucard as he looks at the others.

They nod their heads to his words.

"Master is your Castle still standing there?" Asked Police girl as she walks into the room as she hand gathered what Integra had been asking her to find for her.

Alucard grinned. "Yes. For seals are a truly lovely thing." He said looking over at his two granddaughters. Who smile looking away from him.

Naruto is ready to leave the only home she has known, and her sister is worried about never knowing her. Where are they going and Alucard is planning along with the others.