Sabine ran as fast as she could. The tall grass of Lothal keeping her hidden. From the sight of the ships above. She ran to the small farmhouse. The ghost crew had taken refuge. Sabine burst through the door.

"Hera it's happening," Hera said nothing in reply.

Only looking at the rest of the crew with worry. Then all of the members looked in Sabin's direction. Sabine ran over to a comlink. Dialing in the numbers for the contact.

"Fenn Rau the time has come." She said speaking quickly.

When his face appeared on the screen. Sabine turned her head. Looking over at her crewmates. Only to see their faces filled with fear. A tear came down her cheek.

She had wished that she had kept her helmet on. Hera walked over to her. Pulling her into an embrace. Sabine didn't want her last moments to be filled with sadness. She turned back to the comlink. Giving a nod to Fenn Rau.

"You know what to do."

At that comment, he gave a smirk. The screen went blank.

"Go now all of you."

A sad smile crossed her lips. Five team members shot out the back door. Past the kitchen area. She went over to the seat. Where she had placed her helmet. Setting it on top of the table.

Sabine quickly retrieved a book from the kitchen counter. Setting it down neatly in front the first object. She swiftly went out the door.

Surely enough there was an imperial official. Accompanied by a few stormtroopers. Coming towards her direction. When Sabine had a clearer view. She saw that the imperial was governor Pryce. Pryce started asking questions. As soon as she approached Sabine.

"What are you doing out here? In the middle of nowhere on Lothal?" Pryce asked coolly.

"I like the farming life. The rebellion didn't need me anymore. So, I figured I'd head out. Found a husband and we moved in here." Sabine turned her head away. Tears began to fall. "Sadly, he passed away. Just before I found out I was pregnant." She finished.

Price lightly cupped Sabine's chin. Turning her head towards her. Before beginning to speak.

"I'm so sorry to hear that."

Pryce's tone was full of sarcasm. Her eyes piercing into Sabines. Pryce turned to the stormtroopers.

"I want every part of that house searched. If you find any evidence of her rebel companions. Report it to me immediately."

She turned back to Sabine. Striking her swiftly with a backhand. The blow was hard enough. That it sent Sabine crashing to the ground.

"You are such a terrible liar," Pryce commented.

Sabine slowly rises to her feet. A moment of fear struck her. Now more than ever. She wanted the sun goddess to be a reality. Savitri had more than enough power to end the war. Helping to create peace and freedom.

Savitri would begin the world anew. In anger that the galaxy was at war. Who was she kidding? The dragon sun lord sided with no one during wartime. Only to destroy demons. Created as a result of greed and other evils. Caused by it alone.

At least that's what the stories told. Sabine heard footsteps approaching.

"No rebels in sight." The first reported.

The second spoke. "All we found were these." He said holding up Sabine helmet and a book.

The book embordered the following title. The Solar Flare Cycle: A Series of Fairy Tales. Pryce retrieved them from her empire companion. Examining both items carefully. Pryce shook her head.

"What a pity. That you rebels look to children's stories. Hope, light, love, trust, truth, ideals. What are these things really?"

Sabine didn't answer. She only continued to wish Savitri existed. As two of the stormtroopers pressed on Sabine's shoulders. She was now on her knees.

Something was coming at a fast rate. This caught Sabine's ears. However, she didn't dare look away. Was it a speeder maybe? The Ghost? Sabine looked up.

Only seeing Pryce and the moons in the sky. Either Pryce and her team couldn't hear that sound. Drawing ever closer or they simply didn't care. Pryce pulled out a blaster from her holster. Giving a shrug of her shoulders.

"It no longer matters." She continued. "These things the empire will destroy."

Sabine lowered her head. Hearing the cock of the blaster. She closed her eyes. Then came the sound of a loud blast.

The wind was now whipping at her face. Sabine was moving fast. She opened her eyes. Only to see that the sun was rising. She pressed her hands into something soft. She was looking down now.

She was riding with the great sun lord. Sabine was in awe. Hearing the sound of shots ringing out. From enemies on the ground below. The shots were missing but who knew for how long?

Sabine was starting to feel warm. Particularly on her back. When Sabine looked behind her. She saw Savitri cylindrical torch-like tail began to glow orange. She quickly turned around.

Grabbing on the creatures neck tight. Flames burst from the tail. Sabine had at the last second. Readjusted her grip. Fearing she was about to slip off.

They were flying way faster than before. The two were over the ocean now. Sabine carefully peered over Savitris neck. Seeing her reflection in the water. She sat up and held her arms out. Laughing and cheering.

As they suddenly ascended higher into the sky. Sabin held on for dear life. Having almost fallen off. The two passed through the clouds. Two ships were visible ahead of them.

Fenn Rau's Fang fighter. Next to it was the Ghost ship. Sabine was home.

She sat up in her bunk taking a deep breath to calm herself. All of it was nothing more then a dream. Sabine jumped down. Walking over to her nightstand. Opening the door. Pulling out her copy of the fairytale book.

She glanced over at an empty space on her cabin wall. Then to the cover of the book. She knew exactly who she was going to paint today.