A long time ago there was one who awakened Reshiram…

A young pilot named Hera Syndulla fought to test her truths. She focused her thoughts on all the members of Phoenix Squadron. Yes, there was no doubt in her mind that this is what awoke Reshiram. Thinking about the squadron she led. How it gave her courage and strength to keep going. However, she needed to get back home. Participating in the war back home in her own world. For freeing the whole galaxy from the empires rain.

Things were not looking good in this battle. Hera's Pokémon was struggling against the great master of truth. The several luxuryballs she had thrown hadn't worked. How many more times was she going to miss her target? This just kept getting worse as the loud flapping of Reshirams wings came about. The legendary made a turnaround. Dogging yet another attempted capture. Inside the room suddenly felt as though a warm glow preceded throughout.

Hera's head shot up to see massively brilliant embers descending to the ground. Clustered in the form of one large ball collapsing on her most trusted companion. She released a breath that Hera hadn't realized she had been holding. Her Pokémon had hung on but just barely Hera had noticed as the smoke disappeared. She needed to call forth the move that would make a difference turning the tide of this battle. A loud thud of Reshiram landing to rest its wings. Yes, this was the moment Hera and her ally needed to strike.

Hera called for Glare from Serperior which was a hit. Leaving the vast white Pokémon in a roar of pain from fresh paralyzes. Hera's eyes followed as Reshiram's wings slowly dropped to the ground. Hera's arm reached for another luxuryball in her bag. Tossing it forth as the ball encased Reshiram inside just before it could dodge another attempted. A light cluttering on the ground then shaking form the ball one…two…three… A roar came forth to Hera's ears as the Pokémon broke free.

Spreading its wings majestically a light stream of a purple shot from Reshirams gaping mouth. Serperior gave an uncomfortable shutter at the moment of contact. Hera grabbed Serperiors Poke ball and returned the Pokémon just before it crashed to the floor. Hera felt her knees begin to shake now. Reshiram still towering over her looking as imposing as possible. She sank down on her knees. Hera caught Reshiram breath heavily this was a good sign that the legendary was tiring out from the battle. The paralyzes that Reshiram received was also in her favor.

Regardless of this Reshiram seemed truly uncatchable. A Pokémon unlike any other she had seen since her journey had begun. Beginning able to fly at high speeds using its turbo blaze ability. Dropping large hot unstoppable flames that had wiped out almost all of her team. Along with a cry that was noble sounding and yet terrifying. Hera reached for her final Pokémon. Sending the ball forward out came her final Pokémon Eelektross. Hera's Pokémon was now staring down its weakened opponent eye to eye. After a few moments, Eelektross turned to face Hera out its paw to her.

It was as if her Eelektross was saying "We can do this." Hera looked at her Pokémon's face then back down at its paw. Hera felt hope causing her heart to leap with joy. Hera was down but not out. She grabbed her friends' paw and rose to her feet. A new-found sense of hope had arisen within her. The two now kept their focus on the next attack from Reshiram. Suddenly Elektross had a glow engulfing its entire body. It happened so fast that Hera barely saw Eelektross tossed a crossed her rivals castle. Before Hera could react to what had just happened. Several streaks of lighting flew past her.

Then a cry of pain sounded from none other than Reshiram. Eelektross felt the need to act quickly without so much as a word from Hera. She shook her head in disbelief. Sometimes she regretted trading her Zebstrika for this Pokémon. Hera's disbelief turned into shock as she saw Reshiram collapse to the floor. She looked at her Pokémon who now floated up next to Hera. She closed her eyes at peace for a moment. This was now there chance.

Hera grabbed her bag and from it one luxuryball. Giving her best throw Reshiram became enclosed once more. One…two…three…four "click." Hera walked over to the ball downsized it placing Reshiram at the front of her party. With her team now having gone from five to six Pokémon it was time to deal with N. Faith had earned her bond with Reshiram. So, there was no doubt that her faith was her truth. It was this truth that would win Hera the day and send her home.