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Undyne clutched her small backpack to her chest as she stared at the foreboding building in front of her. She couldn't believe that today was the day she would begin work as the new royal scientist. Never would she have dared to dream that something this incredible would ever happen to her, a genius nobody. She hardly had any close friends and usually just hid out in her room surfing the Undernet instead of actually interacting will monsters. The only person who encouraged her to take the job was a small blue ghost named Nabstablook who wanted nothing more than to be the center of attention. Undyne, in one of her impulsive brilliant moments, decided to create a blocky robot body for him to inhabit so he could be more noticeable. They immediately became fast friends and visited each other frequently. One day, Nabstablook (now called Nabstabot due to his new form) was reading the news and came upon an article offering a job as a scientist. He pointed it out right away and encouraged Undyne to check it out. She was nervous but interested at the thought of becoming more adept at the things she loved most and put in an application after careful consideration.

A day later a turtle trudged up to her front step and knocked on her door. Undyne had startled at the noise and wondered who it could be because Nabstabot never visited at this hour. Her surprise was not lessened by the fact the the postman was there to deliver a letter. She dismissed the postman and tore open the envelope, eager to see what the contents were. When she saw the acceptance letter she almost fainted with excitement and fright. Then she actually swooned when she saw that the job she received was actually The Royal Scientist.

Now here she was, pushing open the big door in the side of a cliff face in Hotlands. She was anxious to get out of the terrible heat that was native to Hotlands and sighed at the cool temperature inside. Her scales were now a slight shade of red and sore to the touch. Wincing as the door scraped her arm as it closed, cutting off the rest of the heat, she took a moment to study her surroundings. She had been greeted by a long hallway with a series of identical doors stretching for as far as she could see. Undyne flipped on the light and set her Mew Mew Kissy Cutie bag beside the small pile of boxes that contained all her belongings. From this moment on she was living in this mysterious lab so she could be closer to her royal work, although she didn't know what that would be yet. Nabstabot had promised to come over and help her unpack so she left everything where it was and began to explore.

She poked her head inside the first room and looked around. A creeping feeling of unease invaded her body and Undyne jerked her head out of the office and hurried to the next. Door after door revealed the same oddly creepy sight. She worked her way down the hall until she reached an elevator. She pressed her back up against it looked around with confusion. What had happened here?

Every single room looked like a scientist had been working there not five minutes ago. Chemicals were out and mixtures had stirring sticks resting in them. Papers were strewn everywhere and drawers were open and unorganized. However, the thing that struck her as being unnerving was the fact that every single object and surface in these offices were covered entirely in a thick layer of dust. Suddenly, she felt a presence coming toward her...

Muffet let out a shriek when Sans hit the floor before her. Even though he was a skeleton, she was sure he was turning blue from cold. In a second Papyrus was beside her and covering Sans in the blanket even though he had been unresponsive seconds ago. She slammed the door behind them and turned around frantic to help. Papyrus was curled up next to his brother trying to share body heat. There was no holding off now, she had to contact a doctor. Without a word she rushed into the kitchen and picked up the phone, quickly dialing the number of a doctor she knew from school and trusted with her life. He answered sleepily from the other end.

"Hey.. What's up? I usually like to sleep in on Sunday.. What time is it?"

"NO TIME! Oh, I mean 12 something, but I need help! Come over now!"

His voice sharpened and he answered, "Stay calm Muffet. Are you hurt?"

"I'll explain when you get here Aaron! Please I need you now".

"Yes, yes. I'm coming as fast as I can. Medical emergency?"

"Very much so."

And with that he hung up. Muffet felt a burst of gratitude for her horse friend who would do anything for her. She ran upstairs and grabbed all the bedding from both beds then dashed back down to the skeletons. She brought them over to Sans and tried to wrap him up, but Papyrus snatched the blankets away and wrapped Sans up himself. A cold glint of resentment lay hard set into his eyes whenever he looked at Muffet and the way he turned his body away from her suggested that he blamed her for what had happened to his brother. Muffet closed all the windows ashamedly and turned the heaters on full blast in the hopes that Sans would warm up soon. Right after he had been wrapped up tight in the blankets he lost consciousness so he couldn't tell them anything about how he was feeling and what had happened so both the skeleton and the spider were working on instinct. Muffet sat down a couple chairs away from them and waited anxiously for the doctor to arrive.

Three minutes later a knock sounded on the front door of the shop. Muffet was out of her chair in an instant and threw open the door to reveal Aaron. He was well muscled horse with a mermaid tail instead of back legs. He had the hoofs of a horse which would normally make precision work difficult, however he hadn't let that stop him from following his dreams. He had become quite adept at using his magic to hold and maneuver medical tools with incredible dexterity. Aaron had shared the same high school as Muffet and they had been great friends ever since even with his prolonged absence when he attended medical school.

The second he saw the skeleton boys, his face darkened and became emotionless. However, Muffet knew his well enough to see the repressed flurry of sensations attacking his senses. Muffet quickly pulled him aside and explained the situation. In her embarrassment, however, she left out the part where she scared Sans with her impulsive comforting because she felt the whole situation was her fault. She stared pleadingly at him and urged him to help with her eyes. Without hesitation, Aaron agreed and slowly moved to the two skeletons on the floor.

Aaron's eyes were soft and kind as he glanced slowly at Papyrus. "Why, hello there." He spoke with a gentle yet slightly husky voice. Papyrus stared silently back at him and stayed put which was a good sign. At least he wasn't trying to run away. "Do you mind if I help your brother? I can make him better."

Papyrus swayed back and forth like he was trying to decide what to say. Finally, he turned to face Aaron and offered his brother to him with a barely noticeable nod. Gently, the horse monster took Sans and laid him out before him. Muffet turned her attention away from the doctor for the time being and focused on Papyrus. He was watching the proceedings with careful scrutinization and a worried look. Suddenly, he caught her stare and returned it but with more ferocity. Blame and disgust were written all over his face and he narrowed his eyes before returning them to Sans. Muffet sat down heavily on a chair and buried her face in her hands. She couldn't blame Papyrus. Even she thought this whole ordeal was her fault, and she felt all the worse for it. All her worries piled up on her soul, making it feel heavy and weak. Never once had she felt so responsible for such a horrible thing in her life. Just as she thought that, a nagging feeling pulled at her already heavy soul, as if she was forgetting something. Muffet focused hard on the feeling but right before she caught hold of the answer, a terrible headache blossomed in her skull forcing her to give up pursuit.

Just then, Aaron called for her. Muffet rubbed her forehead tiredly and came over. She did not fail to see the subtle shift in Papyrus's movement as he came the tiniest bit closer to his brother. "He had hypothermia." Aaron explained. "There's nothing much you can do to treat this other than keeping him warm. One thing I can't explain is how tired he is, he is experiencing extreme magic fatigue. I have some medicine for that, at least." He reached into his medical bag and brought out a jar full of powder. Papyrus stiffened slightly as Aaron explained how to mix it with Sans' food and looked extremely uneasy with the concept of 'medicine'. "Hey, Papyrus. Can you watch your brother for a moment?" Aaron asked politely. Papyrus nodded dutifully and gathered Sans up in his arms again. While he was distracted, Aaron pulled me aside.

"These skeletons have endured extreme physical abuse. I haven't gotten a good look at Papyrus yet, but I can tell that he's the same as his brother." The doctor sighed.

"What exactly do you mean by 'physical abuse'?" Muffet answered, getting angrier by the second.

"They have pockmarks in their bones from numerous needle wounds. All over their body. And that's not the worst of it. It looks as if their bones were broken multiple times in the same places deliberately. Whoever hurt them meant to do it." He said with a grim face.

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