Courage the Cowardly Dog ended. Numbuh 4 walked on the set in a bath robe. "I had to take a shower to wash all that cruddy make up off!" he exclaimed.

Just then Numbuh 3 came skipping up. "We had to end the tea party early because Bubbles had to save Townsville," she said.

Numbuh 2 walked onto the set. "Well that took longer than I expected," he said to himself as he wiped his forehead. He looked at Numbuh 4. "What happened to you?"

"Don't even ask," Numbuh 4 started.

"But you can ask me," Numbuh 3 said playfully. As she told Numbuh 2 the story, the camera panned over to Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 5.

"Too bad we couldn't have spent more of the night all together," Numbuh 1 said.

"Numbuh 5 seems to remember that you wanted to host by yourself," Numbuh 5 replied.

Numbuh 1 shrugged his shoulders. "What can I say, people change. What's on next Mr. Announcer?"

"I'm glad you guys are all back together again," the announcer began. "Coming up it's the last show of the night, Johnny Bravo. Yeah baby!"

"That's all right here on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays!" they all said in unison.

Johnny Bravo ended and the lights on the set were turned off. "Maybe next week we can host together," Numbuh 3 said innocently.

"No I think Squiddly Diddly is hosting," Numbuh 4 replied.