Chapter 1: Exposition Time

Author's Note Part 1: Well guys, my first Assassination Classroom story… I'll admit, I watched most of this over my summer break, and then watched the last 6 episodes on September 23rd, 2017… … …I am not ashamed to admit that I broke down and cried… I cried like a fucking baby… Anyways, with that being said, I have two main reasons for writing this story. (Though in all honestly, I already planned on writing a story for this after seeing only the first few episodes…)

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The second… Well, you'll just have to wait and see. And no guessing! If you make guesses, I'm not even going to bother to reply to that part of the reviews. That'd just give you hints over the course of the chapters leading to the change for you guys to find out what it is! Especially since I want this reason to be a surprise to everyone reading… That alone should get rid of obvious changes I'd make, in order to make my story more happy…

Now, for those of you who have continued past that, and started to read this despite the pairing I've put in, thanks! Now, I'll admit that in Canon, I ship Nagisa and Kayano. Buuut, much like my Code Lyoko story… Well, I'm changing things up.

(Spoilers for those of you who haven't watched the whole anime!)

Since the two never got together in the anime (due to Kayano "acting" during Valentine's Day, and not confessing, which eventually led to the two going separate ways) I've decided to go ahead and give her someone! (Like I said, sorta like my Code Lyoko story, where Yumi and Ulrich never got together, so I had my OC get with Yumi) As such, the addition of my character! Which actually makes this a third reason I'm writing this story… So, yeah.

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Anyways, I guess I'll go ahead and get started on the chapter. Hope you all enjoy it!

(P.s. I'll admit straight out, I've made a few changes to the Anime from the beginning. However, those are pretty much all to the academy itself. Just a warning in case anyone wonders about the changes in descriptions I give.)

3rd Person POV:

The atmosphere in Classroom 3-E of Kunugigaoka Academy was tense, and the silence that stretched out was bad enough that you could have heard a pin drop, even if it was dropped outside of the classroom. No one moved, and they all stared down at their desks just enough for their hair to shadow their eyes as they thought of what was to come. The entire room even looked tense, clouds outside blocking the sun just right so that everything had a slightly different tint of color to it.

Finally, the silence was broken by the sound of something impacting the ground outside, hard enough that wind was kicked up in every direction, throwing excess dust off the ground, and making the building itself shake. When that happened, one student took their eyes off their desk, to glance outside at the figure they already knew would be standing on the pathway, while others tensed at the shockwave. A few gulped, while many had sweat trail down their foreheads, and the sides of their faces.

The one that glanced up had green hair styled in a way that made it so there were ear-like additions to the sides on top of their head, their eyes were yellow, and they had Caucasian skin. They wore the female version of the school uniform, and the look on her face almost made her look slightly sad.

As everyone remained silent, the sound of the building's main door opening and closing reached their ears, before a sound not unlike that of slithering came from the hallway outside the classroom. As it slowly got closer, one student was less tense than the others, and allowed their eye to twitch.

…It's mocking us… It's totally mocking us… They think to themselves as the slithering noise stops just outside the doorway, making it so that many of the students gulped once again, more sweat appearing on others as they think of what's to come as the door to 3-E opened, allowing the slithering noise to enter the room, as the thing that was making said noise made their way inside before closing the door. As it did so, most of the student's attention was brought to it, and their focus remained on it even as it stopped behind the main desk, and placed down a folder… With it's yellow, tentacle-like appendage.

"Alright people, let's get started shall we?" The thing asked, which, after one would usually do a double take, they would find that it was, in fact, a yellow octopus looking thing with multiple tentacles. Two of which split off at the end to create two… "Hands" that had two tentacles "fingers" each… If you could even explain it that way… Its face was large, yellow and seemed to be fixed to an expression of two small, white eyes, and one large smile filled with white teeth…

Meanwhile, the clothes that it had on were those that would fit a teacher, though not your usual highschool one. Instead they were… Diverse. And almost looked like a teacher's version of a highschool graduate's robes with colors added to the mix, along with a tie that had an orange, crescent moon shaped symbol on the front of it.

"Class monitor, if you would do the honors." The octopus-like thing, now revealed to be the teacher, said, making one student raise their head to look at it. They had Caucasian skin, bright blue hair tied to almost look like ears in the back, while their eyes were blue with a bit of green mixed in. Though despite their almost feminine appearance, they were wearing a male version of the school's outfit, with a few additions made, making it unclear if they were male or female.

"Right!" They exclaim, and their voice didn't help in deciding whether it was a boy or girl. "Ready?!" They yell out to the rest of the class, and in the next couple seconds, everyone was standing, and holding a firearm of some kind… And they were all aiming at the teacher. As they continued to aim, everyone remained silent. Although, there was some clicking that echoed through the air, either made by safeties being shut off, or some of the students shaking as they held their guns. "Aim!" The class monitor continued, even as everyone else remains silent, the octopus-like thing continued smiling silently even as guns were aimed at it. Meanwhile, the class monitor seemed to hesitate a bit, before they schooled their expression.

"Fire!" They exclaim, and like that, everyone began to fire their guns. However, unlike conventional firearms, these ones definitely weren't as loud. Nor did they fire actual bullets. Instead little, pink pellets were launched at the thing standing in front of the class by every student standing in front of it, a barrage of these pellets covering quite a bit of the front of the room as they raced towards their target, or at points around it. However, as the pellets neared the octopus-like entity, it didn't even move an inch. Then, at the last second, the thing seemed to disappear, and the pellets impacted the blackboard behind it, and bounced off onto the ground.

However, if one were to stare for a few more seconds, they'd see that the octopus-like entity had not disappeared. Instead… It was just moving so fast that it looked like it disappeared from that spot. After all, it was leaving afterimages in a few different spots along the front of the room, making some students change their aim to random spots along the front wall in hopes of getting a lucky shot in. "Oh! Oh my! Weeell, why don't I just call roll while you children wear yourselves out?!" The thing asks rhetorically, not expecting a response. "Isogai?!" It exclaims at the group of students.

"Here!" One of the students replies amongst the gunfire.

"What's that?! I'm afraid I couldn't make it out over all the gunfire!" The octopus-like thing exclaims to the student it had just called out.

"Here!" Isogai exclaims back, even as the octopus continues dodging the student's shots, a few extra afterimages appearing here and there as it moves at varying speeds.

"Okajima?!" The entity calls out.

"Here!" The student in question replies loud enough to be heard over the gunfire.











And the roll continued after that, all the way until the last student had been called, and almost every student in the classroom was either hunched over from exhaustion, or just looked somewhere in defeat. Some tried to twist their wrists to get the feeling back into them, and others looked somewhere random in annoyance. "Excellent." The teacher says as it closes the roll book in its tentacles. "All present and accounted for." It says, raising its head to look up as it raises a single tentacle-finger, and its face changes colors to orange, with a red circle on it. "No tardies! Congratulations!"

At the shout, the students in the class just continued to look in different directions, looking defeated, before a few started to speak.

"He's fast." Says one girl, who had a Caucasian skin, blue eyes, and long blonde hair.

"The whole class opened fire on him and he doesn't even have a scratch." A male student added. He had Caucasian skin, yellow eyes, and black hair. His words also reveal the entity is male. While the voice suggested that, no one would really be able to tell at a glance, or listen, since it was just that. An Entity. Meanwhile, in one of the desks at the back of the class, a single student unlike the rest sits down, twirling a revolver on their right index finger. He has Caucasian skin, green eyes, and black hair. He's also the only transfer student from America in the classroom. At the moment, he's wearing the academy's male uniform, and staring at the octopus-like entity at the front of the classroom.

Yup… All of the students here are hopeful Assassins in training. At least in a way that is. And with that being said, our target… Well, if it wasn't obvious from the hailstorm of bullets we shot, our target was our teacher.

As the students all stare at their teacher, he raises its two "arms", and uses a "finger" on one hand to point at them. "No luck today either, eh? That's really too bad." He says, holding out the tentacles in a "what can you do?" manner, even as his face remains the same. "What's the lesson here? Numbers are no substitute for inventiveness perhaps? That any hack can point a gun and pull a trigger? Some of column A? Some of Column B?" He asks, lowering one tentacle, and raising the other, before moving it to wave a "finger" at them.

"I get that you're trying to cast the net as widely as possible so to speak. But the approach lacked originality. When the target clocks at Mach 20 an assassin has to think outside the box." The teacher continues, making the student at the back stop twirling his gun as another student speaks up.

"Heh, right, Mach 20." He says, bringing most of the student's attention to him, while the octopus-like entity turns to look at him as the student points their finger at him. "No freaking way did you dodge that hail of bullets!" The student exclaims. He has Caucasian skin, orange hair that turned slightly yellow at the tips, and orange eyes. He's wearing the male version of the academy uniform, though the vest is a pale yellow, and the tie is green.

"He's got a point." Another student adds, raising one of the pellets up and closing an eye to get a better look. "I mean, these are only BB's, right? For all we know, you just stood there and took 'em like a champ." He states. He has Caucasian skin, grey eyes, and light black hair. He's wearing the male academy uniform, but forewent the vest, and had a red wristband on. At these words, almost the entire class starts to agree with them. In response to this, two sighs sound through the room.

"Collect the ammunition and bring it here." The octopus-like entity states, while the student at the back looks over the other students standing behind their desks.

"You guys really don't understand, do you?" He asks, making some people turn to look at him. "Did you not listen to what was said a few days ago?" He asks, making everyone continue to stare at him. In response, he rolls his eyes, before looking over at the octopus-like thing. "Hey, Teach! Hold out a tentacle? Or would you rather shoot yourself?" He asks, holding up his revolver and taking aim at one of the tentacles. When he asks this, the teacher's smile seems to widen just a bit.

"Nyu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu. I think I'll shoot myself, thank you very much. Can't let a student get a free shot on me now, can I?" He asks as he takes a gun with his tentacle from one of the girls in the front row, getting a smirk from the exchange student as he shrugs his shoulders.

"Eh, can't say I didn't try." The student admits, getting another laugh from the teacher in response, before he turns to face the students standing in front of him.

"Now, as was explained, these are Anti-Me BB's. Harmless to you, but…" He trails off, smiling at the class as one tentacle holds the gun, while he raises the other one so that it's in front of the muzzle. Then, a second later he's fired the gun, and his tentacle almost appears to be cut in half by the BB that goes through it, making the top part fall to the floor, while a substance almost like blood explodes from where the wound was created. At the sight, every student but one either gasps, or cries out in shock at the sight.

As the tentacle falls to the floor with the "blood", the lower part starts spewing the liquid, while wiping around in the air. Almost as if it was a hose turned on high, and held in a lose grip by a kid in their backyard. "Able to split my cells like a knife through warm tofu." He states, getting a raised eyebrow from the transfer.

…Guess that's his way of saying the expression "Like a knife through warm butter". He thinks to himself with a shrug as he goes back to twirling the revolver on his finger.

"Developed by your government for that express purpose." The octopus-like Entity continues, some of the students looking at the tentacle part wiggling around in the pool of its own "blood" on the ground beside him. "Of course, after a few seconds, I can regenerate good as new." He states, his own tentacle shaking just a little after it stopped leaking blood, before a new, upper part of the tentacle grew out of what was left. "A luxury you won't have if you accidentally shoot your eye out." He says, pointing with his newly grown "hand" at the students in front of him. At that, the students all stare at him, some in shock, and others with frowns on their faces.

"From now on, no discharging guns in the classroom. Safety first." He says with the smile still on his face. Then, a few seconds later, the grin on his face grows as his eyes slant a bit, and green horizontal stripes appear on his face as he stares out at the students in front of him. "And good luck killing me before graduation. You're going to need it." He says, his voice becoming smug as the students all flinch, some gritting their teeth at his words. "Fire arms and government issue Anti-Me BB's away please. Time to get to work." He says, getting groans from the students in response.

Then again, these weren't groans of disappointment at failing to kill their target. No, these were typical groans that every teenager the world over knew… After all, it was a groan let off by teachers, and adults alike, when it came to do the one thing nearly everyone hated.


Kunugigaoka Highschool, Class 3-E. The Assassination Classroom. (Roll Credits!) The bell rings, another day begins. Then again, you didn't always need to wait for the bell to ring for your attempts to begin. You could always try if you saw him beforehand…

"Nyu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu…" As the teacher chuckles, the students frown as they do as he said, and put away their guns and BB's, and take out their papers and pencils. Only a few minutes later, the octopus-like thing at the front had written four different sentences on the board, before turning back to face the class. "Okay, here's a puzzler for you. Isogai." He says, turning to face the student in question.

"Huh, sir?" He asks, though you could hear the slight nervousness that was in his voice. Then again, if your teacher was some sort of entity you had never seen before, had a shit ton of superpowers and had an end goal that he would carry out once your school year was over if you couldn't kill him, it's fair to say you would be nervous as well…

As Isogai turned to face the teacher, the octopus-like entity brought out four extra tentacles from his sleeves, green, pink, blue and white in color, and uses them to point at the four different sentences, each of which had a the word "who" in a box at a certain point. "Which of these four tentacles is the odd man out?" He asks.

"Umm… The, blue one?" Isogai asks, not entirely sure about the answer he's giving himself. At his answer, the octopus-like creature's face became that same orange with a red circle from earlier, while his tentacles turn back to their normal yellow color.

"Excellent! "The boy who is standing" employs "who" as a relative pronoun!" He says, before going more into the topic as the students pay attention to the lesson. Or at least, most of them do. For three students, they're paying less attention. Two were the ones with green hair and blue hair, and the third was the transfer student. Although, he was paying less attention in this class because he could easily ace it with no problem since the subject was "English". That's not to say that he ignores it, since he could always go for "revision", he just didn't need to learn it again.

As he allows himself to pay less attention, he sees the green haired girl point out the window while facing the blue haired… Student. When he sees this, he turns to look out the window as well, and realizes that she's pointing to the moon. The moon that was now a permanent crescent for the time being. When he sees it, he can't help but think back to a few days ago, the same day he'd transferred to this school. Unknown to him, the blue haired student is thinking of that day as well…

"Hello! How are you? Soo… I'm the one that blew up the moon." The octopus-like entity states with his always present smiling face, standing at the front of the class with a few government officials standing at his side. In response to that, there was total silence in the classroom for a few seconds… Before all the students responded as one.

"…Huh?" They all questioned, everyone's faces changing to shocked looks, their eyes shrinking, as their mouths dropped.

"Next year, I intend to do the same to planet earth. But never mind that now, I'm going to be your new teacher. Isn't that exciting?!" He asks them, completely disregarding the machinegun aimed at his side. In response, the class stopped looking at him in shock, and could only sag slightly. Sweat appearing on their face, while they became slightly blue as they processed what he just said.

There are so many things wrong with this picture… They all thought as one. At the back, the transfer student broke out of it, and let a small snicker past his lips.

"Way to make a first impression Teach." He states sarcastically, making the rest of the class turn to look at him in shock.

He's so nonchalant about it! They all think together, shocked that the "new kid" would be acting this way towards the thing that blew up the moon! In response to the transfer's words, the government officials simply sigh, while the octopus thing gave his trademark laugh.

After getting past the teen's sarcastic remark, the government official that looked like the "leader" of the group looked out at the class. He had slightly tanned Caucasian skin, sleeked back black hair, and ebony eyes. "Uhh… I'm Karasuma. I'm from the Ministry of Defense. What, uh… What I'm about to tell you, we in the business call "classified"…" He says, before trailing off as he closes his eyes and tilts his head down. After a few seconds, he takes a deep breath. "Ah hell, I'll just come right out with it. I'm gonna need you to kill this thing for the sake of mankind." He states, getting confused looks from the class.

Finally, another student breaks the silence that had stretched through the room. He has orange hair, Caucasian skin, and slightly green eyes. "Excuse me, no offense, is this a joke? Cause if that's the alien that blew up the moon-" He starts, but is cut off by the "alien" in question.

"Ah-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup! I am an earthling born and bred, thank you very much!" He exclaims, steam coming out of his head as he rages. At that, the blue haired student blinked in shock at that information, while the transfer at the back raised an eyebrow in slight confusion, before shrugging it off.

"I'm not at the liberty to discuss the details at this juncture. I'll just say he's telling the truth." Karasuma states. "His threat, is all too real. As of this coming March… He'll obliterate the earth." Karasuma states. Making the students in the class flinch, while the transfer narrows his eyes.

"Apart from you, the only people who know this are world leaders. If word of this leaks out to the public, we'll have widespread panic on our hands." Karasuma states, making the students let out light gasps. At the back of the room, the transfer leans back slightly and nods his head.

"First panic… Then chaos." He starts, making everyone turn to face him as he mutters this loud enough for the others to hear. "Then, chaos would lead to a disruption of order. And once that order is disrupted… Well, might as well just let the octopus blow up the earth early." He states, shrugging his shoulders. When he says this, Karasuma nods, before turning back to the rest of the class.

"Exactly. And that's why he needs to be terminated soon. And with extreme prejudice. Which means that you…" He trails off as he reaches into his vest, and starts to pull something out, only to attempt to slice the octopus with it. However, the octopus showcases his speed by leaving an afterimage for Karasuma to slice through, while appearing on the man's other side. The class gasps at the sight, while the transfer student's eyes narrow. Taking in the octopus' speed, yes, but also focusing on the green knife that was held in the government official's hands. "Must become assassins!" He finishes, attempting to stab the octopus again, only to stab another afterimage instead.

"Now! You'll notice that he's incredibly fast!" He exclaims, attempting to attack the octopus multiple times as he says this, and when he misses the last time, the octopus appears behind him, using his tentacles to groom the man's eyebrows. "And for some reason, he likes grooming eyebrows! Immaculately!" He continues, the octopus' face turning pink with a blush appearing on his "cheeks" as Karasuma once more tries to slice him. While this is happening, the air displacement caused by the fast moving entity creates winds within the classroom, making students hold their arms up to block said wind.

"You're looking at a being so powerful he can obliterate over half the moon in seconds… So fast he's been clocked at Mach 20. A world where he's allowed to live is a world waiting to be destroyed. Plain and simple." Karasuma tells them as the entity stands a few feet away, appearing quite terrifying… If you take away the beauty products held in his hands.

"He makes it all sound so grim doesn't he?" The octopus states, putting his beauty products away in a small case. "Cheer up! I graciously made your government an offer. "Stop making fools of yourselves trying to kill me" I said." He starts, placing a hand on Karasuma's shoulder and causing the man to gain a tick mark on his forehead. "And let me teach Class 3-E at this illustrious institution!" He exclaims, and when he says this, most of the class can only look at him with slightly shocked and confused looks.

"We didn't have much of a choice." Karasuma says, answering any unasked questions as another tick mark appears on his head. "We have no idea what his motives are, but we agreed on the condition that none of you students would be harmed, in any way." Karasuma states, making the transfer at the back narrow his eyes at the octopus. Said octopus seemed to notice his gaze, and his smile seemed to widen the slightest bit.

Smart one… The octopus thinks to himself as he sees the narrowed eyes glaring at him.

"The advantage is twofold. On one hand we'll know his whereabouts a good portion of every weekday. Which, is something. On the other, he'll be in close range. To thirty people with the incentive to kill him." Karasuma tells the class, his gaze sharp, even as he misses the looks transferred between the octopus, and the transfer student at the back of the class. "Do the deed, and you get… Ten billion." He says outright, and the reaction is what he expected.

"WHAT?!" The entire class exclaims in shock and awe at the number.

"It's only fair. Kill him, save the earth. If that doesn't deserve a life on easy street, what are we fighting for?" Karasuma asks, before the student's attention is brought to the octopus when they see his face change once again, this time having green stripes. "He doesn't think you can do it. Use that. Green stripes indicate he's feeling superior. Weee, have some experience with that." Karasuma admits.

"Freaky…" One student mutters quietly at the sight, the Transfer student rolling his eyes, since the entity standing in front of them was just that. An entity. They had no idea of its full range of capabilities.

"To be told, I'm not worried. The military couldn't kill me, why would anyone assume students could? After all, you don't even have fighter jetsHard to keep tidy fighter jets…" He mutters the last part, though everyone hears him and can't help but sweatdrop at the mental image of him cleaning one… Midflight…

"What's with the cleaning fetish?" One student asks, though there's no answer that comes from the octopus. A few seconds later, Karasuma speaks up again as two more government officials walk in with containers of guns, and what the class can assume are copies of the knife he's holding.

"It's on you. Find the cracks in this smug bastard's defenses and exploit them. The weapons you'll be provided are harmless to humans, but extremely fatal to him. And it goes without saying, we'll need to keep this between us. The clock is ticking." Karasuma states, making some of the students share looks between one another. "Decide whether you'll be standing for our home being blasted to space dust." He says, getting frowns from the students.

"That should just about cover it I think. What do you say we hit the books and make the final year of your lives a productive one?" The octopus-like entity asks with his smiling face the same as before, though the smile might have been just a bit bigger… Needless to say, his smugness from earlier was likely warranted, and killing him would not be an easy task… Nor would it be done anytime soon…

Author's Notes Part 2: Alright guys, and this is the first chapter! Halfway through the first episode, and I've already hit my normal world count! (I count both the AN's… Sue me.) With that being said, I am definitely about to go through this chapter a second time even before I start the second one, since just from what I can remember about writing this the first time, while I've put in good detail, I don't really think I've had my character contribute all that much… Then again, the first part of the first episode didn't really have anyone participating too much, and instead was really exposition.

Now, in case you haven't noticed, there's a lack of names… That's on purpose. The way I'm going about this is similar to the show. Much like actual school, names will be learned eventually. I highly doubt that everyone reading this story went through school learning everyone in their class' names on the first day, every day. So, over time, names will slowly be "introduced". Of course, not as spaced out as they are in the anime, but still spaced out over time. As such, the lack of names for the "main canon characters", as well as my own character. His name should be introduced in the next chapter though, so you can look forwards to that.

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