Chapter 3: Baseball Time

Author's Note Part 1: Well guys, Chapter 3 is here. I'll admit, for this one, I'm unsure if it'll take up half an episode like the last two have, or if it'll go over the entire episode. Well, either way, I guess it doesn't matter, since you'll hopefully enjoy reading it either way. That being said, I'm glad to say that after re-watching the second episode, I have no doubt in my mind that my character will start to play a larger roll from here on out. And hopefully, I'll be able to get that main relationship at least started over the next few chapters.

Another thing I've been thinking about… With how the chapters have been going so far, I have no doubt that this will be quite a long story… However, I'll also admit that I'm tempted to take from other animes, simply because this one will skip weeks at a time. So, with that being said, I might take from other sources to add in some situations for E-Class and Korosensei to go through. Though no promises, since I'm still unsure at the moment.

Anyways, all this being said, I'm gonna go ahead and get started on the chapter. Hope you all enjoy!

3rd Person POV:

A few days after Nagisa's failed suicide bomber run, three students could be found standing in a treeline surrounding a clearing that Korosensei was lounging in, drinking some type of fruit juice while reading a newspaper. The three students that were present were Nagisa, the student with the red wristband, and Marcus. As the three look out at their teacher, the student with the red wristband speaks up in a whisper to the other two.

"There he is… Chilling out back before the first bell. Not a care in the world… Reading a Hawaiian newspaper, casually picked up from Hawaii on his way here. Nice." He says, turning around to face Nagisa and Marcus. "Good work Nagisa, thanks. I owe you one." He says, getting a nod from the blue haired teen in response.

"You're welcome. Best of luck Sugino." Nagisa says, getting a nod from the teen as he turns to face Marcus.

"And Marcus, thanks for helping me out with this." He says, holding a baseball that had Anti-Sensei BB's imbedded into it. In response, Marcus gives Sugino a nod with a small smile on his face.

"Figured I'd help out a bit. Took some work, but those BB's will stay in the ball even after hitting something. Whether that be Korosensei, or a tree. I made sure to test that myself." Marcus says, getting a smile from Sugino in response.

"Right. Thanks again." He says, before turning to look out at their teacher. "10 billion big, here I come." He mutters, before getting into position, making the windup, and then throwing the ball at the stationary target, letting out a quiet yell as he lets go of the ball. When Marcus hears said yell, he frowns, already knowing the outcome. And he's proven right by a voice speaking from behind them a split second later.

"Top o' the mornin' to ya'." Korosensei greets them, making Sugino and Nagisa gasp in surprise, while Marcus' eye twitches as he slowly turns around to face their teacher. "It's usually considered polite to reply." Korosensei says to them, while Sugino looks between the slowly falling newspaper in the middle of a dispersing cloud of dust, and their teacher.

"…And a good morning to you too, Jack." Marcus says to Korosensei, making the teacher's grin widen as he lets off his trademark laugh in response to Marcus' words.

"Yes sir. Sorry sir. Good morning sir." Nagisa says in response to their teacher's words.

"A baseball imbedded with government issue Anti-Me BB's? Creative. Points for choosing a method of delivery quieter than the pop of a standard air rifle. Unfortunately, once airborne, the weapon gave me nothing but time. Ample opportunity in fact, to organize a defensive maneuver. A quick visit to the equipment room, and ta-da! I had, pardon the pun, a handy solution." Korosensei tells them, explaining how the attempt at his life failed, while making a joke about the catcher's mitt he'd used to catch the baseball.

In response to the sight, Sugino could only stare in surprise as a sound of disbelief and shock came out of his mouth, while Nagisa gave a sigh while sagging in response to the sight. A few feet away, Marcus gave his own sigh, watching as his teacher's face gains green stripes while he tosses the ball up and down in the mitt, and the bell back at the classroom begins to ring. "Tick-tock children. Graduation will be here before you know it." He says, turning and heading towards the classroom. "Right then… Homeroom, if you would, please." He continues, making Sugino sag in response.

"Yes sir…" He mutters dejectedly, making Nagisa and Marcus turn to look at him, and see the slight depression present in his face. "Damn it… Well, so much for my fast ball. No shock there, I guess." He mutters, getting a sympathetic look from Nagisa in response.

"It was a good throw." The blue haired teen states, while Marcus rolls his eyes, and bops Sugino lightly on the head.

"Dude, be reasonable. It was had a slim chance of succeeding to begin with. Maybe, maybe if you'd attacked from the back you would have at least gotten a hit, but it's unlikely since no matter how fast you throw, there's no chance of you having a throw that can go Mach 20… And besides, this probably wouldn't have killed him anyways. You learn from mistakes, and move past them." He tells the teen, placing a hand on his shoulder and patting it. "Next time, you'll make sure to get a better position, and not to make a sound when you release the ball." Marcus says, making Sugino slouch a bit in response to that last part.

Patting the teen once more on the shoulder, Marcus turns to follow Korosensei. "Learn from your failures, and build on them." He says as he walks away, leaving Nagisa and Sugino to watch him, thinking about what he said…

A few short hours after Sugino's failed "Baseball Assassination", Korosensei was teaching the class as usual, going over a chapter in one of the books they were required to read. Even as the class went over the chapter however, the students all had something that was fatal to him nearby, or in hand. At the moment, Marcus actually wasn't paying that much attention. Though that might have had to do with the fact that he'd already gone over this yesterday afterschool with Korosensei.

He could have waited and gone over it with the class, but he figured he'd check in with Korosensei afterschool instead, since the book actually ended up peaking his interest. So, he went to see Korosensei about going over what the rest of the class was currently going over, so that he could read further into the book… In all honestly, Marcus probably would have read ahead anyways, but he figured he'd kill two birds with one stone.

As such, Marcus was free to look around the classroom as Korosensei taught the others, taking into account what some of his other classmates were doing. Such as Nagisa and Kayano speaking to one another in hushed voices, Sugino still looking slightly depressed, though probably less than he would if Marcus hadn't spoken to him after the attempt, and one student who, from what Marcus could assume, was doodling in his notebook instead of taking down notes on what Korosensei was saying. Said student has Caucasian skin, silver hair, and ebony eyes.

As Marcus continues to look around, he sees Korosensei turn away from the board, and look at the silver haired student for a few seconds. When Marcus sees this, he allows a small smirk to appear on his face, a few seconds before everyone is shocked by one of Korosensei's tentacles grabbing the notebook from the student's desk, and bringing it to the front of the room so that the teacher could look at what the teen had been drawing. "Sugaya!" Korosensei calls out, making the silver haired teen in question flinch back, before cringing as he thinks about what might happen.

Up at the front of the room, Korosensei looked at whatever the teen had drawn into his notebook with his trademark grin on his face, while his eyes gleamed as if they were stars. Everyone waited with baited breath to hear whatever it was Korosensei was about to say… Only for his face to return to normal as he turns the notebook around for all to see. "Not a bad likeness, I'll give you that. But I'm a little hurt by the jawline." The teacher states.

On a page in the notebook was a sketch of Korosensei, except there were additions that were obviously made by the teacher, since they were made with a red pen. It had changed the accurate sketch of Korosensei into one with a less rounded head… And a jawline. "You don't have a jaw!" The orange haired teen that almost always seems to speak his mind exclaims in response to the picture.

After that, the notebook was returned to Sugaya, who started actually taking notes as Korosensei continued the lesson. Only a short hour later, and the bell rung to signal the beginning of the lunch period. "That's lunch, people. If you'll excuse me, I have some important off campus business to attend to." Korosensei states after erasing the board, and heading over to the window.

"Tofu from China?" Isogai feels fit to ask as everyone looks at their teacher.

"Actually, I'm catching a ball game in the big apple. Ciao!" He exclaims, leaving the classroom and creating gusts of wind as he flies out the window, and causing the students to once again hold up their arms to block said wind.

"He sure knows how to make an exit." Yoshida states as his arm blocks his eyes so that the dust that was kicked up by the wind didn't get into them.

"I know, that thing is starting to get on my nerves." Terasaka states with a frown.

"Talk about unfair." The strawberry haired student says as she starts to take out her lunch from her bag. "We're stuck here while he flies all over the world. He could at least bring souvenirs." She says as another student walks by her, pausing at her words. This student is a female with Caucasian skin, yellow-green eyes, and long, dulled silver hair tied into a ponytail.

"Think about what he'd probably bring back. Are you that hard up for a mortar shell?" She asks with a slightly nervous smile.

"I'm just saying an exotic snack would be nice. It's not like he has to sneak it through customs." The strawberry haired student states with a smile of her own.

"You've obviously dedicated a lot of thought to this." The grey haired girl says in response. A couple desks away, two other students have their own conversation.

"So hey, what's New York's chief export?" Isogai asks the orange haired teen.

"I don't know. Booze?" The orange haired teen replies with slight uncertainty, getting a smile in response from Isogai.

"Sucks we're not drinking age." He states, making the two girls look over at him.

"What about something greasy from one of those food trucks?" She asks, before another student stands up with a blush on his face, and a bit of drool at the edge of his mouth. He has Caucasian skin, buzz cut greyish hair, and ebony eyes.

"Man, New York girls are hot. Especially the blondes." He says… Wiggling a bit side to side. In response, the orange haired teen sends him a smirk.

"Oh yeah." He agrees. While all this is happening, Marcus simply rolls his eyes and takes out his own lunch, which was the same as it was every day. He could care less about the conversation, but at the same time, he recognized that he'd be spending his schoolyear in this class, getting to know everyone, and working alongside them to kill Korosensei.

"Damn can you imagine if one came back with him as a transfer student?!" The teen continues, making Marcus' eye twitch a bit. However, before anything can be said, some of the students notice Karasuma step into the room with another government official beside him.

"Oh. Mr. Karasuma." Isogai says, making it so that everyone who didn't know he was there turned their attention to the government official.

"Children. Any progress on killing the tentacle-menace?" He asks, turning to face the class as a whole.

"Define progress." Nagisa says from his place standing in front of the man. At the blue haired student's words, most of the students either turn their attention away from the government officials, flinch, or frown. Some doing some combination of the three. After a few seconds, one student leans back in her chair and puts her hands behind her head. She has slightly unkempt hair, Caucasian skin, and light brown eyes.

"Yeah, this is E-Class, yo. You gotta lower your expectations." She says to Karasuma, making some of the students flinch again. In the back, Marcus rolls his eyes while taking a bite from his sandwich.

"All due respect sir, he's too quick." Isogai tells the raven haired man standing at the front of the class.

"Like, so quick you can't even see him sometimes." The student with short orange hair says as he slumps over on his desk. "You said so yourself, he tops out at Mach 20, how do we kill something like that?" He continues.

"I don't know. But you kids had better figure it out." Karasuma tells them, his expression never changing.

"Seriously?" One of the male students asks in exasperation.

"Seriously. You're the only hope we've got." Karasuma tells him, before raising his hand to point out at the class. "He teaches willingly. Putting himself in the line of fire by choice." He continues, getting groans from most of the students in the class. "If we allow that creature to live, come March, Earth will be totally annihilated. And, in case you need a reminder of how powerful he is, take a look at what's left of our moon. That'll be our planet, in a year." Karasuma tells them, making a good number of the students flinch at the thought.

"In short, he's too dangerous to take lightly. That's why this classroom, is the last stand between mankind and extinction." He tells them, making the students think over his words. In the back, Marcus continues to eat his lunch, having continued to eat even while the government official was talking.

When you give teens who have been treated like the bottom of the barrel a chance to not only play hero, but make enough cash that they'll never have to worry about going broke again, things are bound to get interesting. And that's before you take into account the diverse personalities and plans that said kids have. The main question however, is if we can do it. Can we kill Korosensei in a year? At the moment, it's not looking too good. But then again, most plans have been focused around "shoot him till he's dead" or "try and stab him".

The most inventive way so far was Sugino's attempted "Baseball Assassination". But, as the year progresses, I'm sure we'll be seeing attempts that make Sugino's first attempt look like it was as simple as pointing a gun at the octopus and pulling the trigger…

Twenty four hours later, Marcus is walking through the halls of the building that Class 3-E was confined to, looking through emails he'd received on his phone. However, before he can get to the classroom, he hears yelling from the area behind the building, and turns to look out the window. The sight that greets him is Nagisa glaring at Korosensei with his notebook in hand, Sugino sitting on the ground a couple feet away looking dejected about something. Raising an eyebrow, Marcus decides to head outside to see what's going on.

Walking outside, he approaches the small group in time to hear Korosensei talking to the two in front of him. "You misunderstand me, I base this entirely on firsthand experience." He states, slightly confusing Marcus since he wasn't present to know what they were talking about. However, his gaze is drawn to Korosensei's left tentacle, which was reaching up into his sleeve, before he pulls out a newspaper and shows it to the two in front of him. "First throw eighth hand experience!" He exclaims, making Nagisa and Sugino stare at him in shock.

What's wrong with you?! Nagisa and Sugino think to themselves in shock at what the newspaper in front of them shows. Meanwhile, Marcus stands behind his teacher, a confused look on his face as Korosensei continues talking about how he got someone's autograph, before he grins. Taking out his revolver, he takes aim at the back of Korosensei's head.

"Hey Teach." He says, making Korosensei turn just in time to see the muzzle flash. Fortunately for the octopus, being able to move at Mach 20 gives him enough time to dodge the Anti-Sensei BB that's launched at where he was standing a second prior, leaving the BB to go through the head of an afterimage, before Korosensei returns to the same spot, now facing Marcus.

"Quite the attempt, but letting me know you were there wasn't the best idea Marcus." Korosensei tells him, making the teen smirk as he shrugs his shoulders.

"Not like I was actually trying to kill you just now anyways Teach. Figured I'd freak you out a bit instead though. After all, you're talking to these two. Don't want to kill you while you're in the middle of a conversation with my classmates… At least, not right now." He says, his smirk changing into a smile as he puts away his gun, and getting Korosensei to give his signature laugh. "That being said, what are you guys talking about anyways?" He asks, turning to look at Nagisa and Sugino.

A brief explanation later, and Marcus is nodding from his place beside Korosensei. "Yeah, seems about right. When it comes to pitching, no two people are alike. Meaning that even if you copy someone, that's all it'll really be. A copy. And even then, it'll be pretty difficult for anyone to perfectly copy someone else's movements." He states. In response, the two teens look over at him, before Sugino sighs.

"Guess you two are right… Some of us are born with talent, some not so much." He says as he closes his eyes and looks down towards the ground. In response to his words, Marcus sighs, while Korosensei reaches forwards, and uses his tentacles to move Sugino's right arms and hand.

"Talent is relative. Arita's wrists and elbows aren't as flexible as yours." He says, making Nagisa and Sugino look down at his arm in slight surprise at what Korosensei it telling them. "Like I said, these tentacles don't lie. Given enough time and practice, you could become just as good a player. If not better." Korosensei says with his usual smile, though it seems a bit warmer at the moment.

"What he's saying is right." Marcus adds, bringing their attention to the transfer. "Think about it like Naruto and Sasuke. Sure, that's an anime, and this is real life (HA!) but the concept is the same. One already leagues ahead, in this case literally, only for the one that's less experienced to go about things his own way and steadily get better. Eventually surpassing the one that was originally ahead of him." Marcus says with a smile at the teen on the ground in front of him, making Korosensei nod beside him.

"Marcus is telling the truth. And that aside, why settle for being an imitation?" He asks Sugino, laying a tentacle-hand on the teen's shoulder, making him look up at the teacher as the octopus turns around and starts to head back towards the building. "Next time, try assassinating me in your own style." Korosensei states, Marcus smiling at the scene, before giving a nod to Sugino as he turns and starts to follow his teacher, hands behind his head as he walks back towards the building like a certain blond he'd talked about only seconds ago.

As the two walk towards the building, Sugino looks down at his hand and wrist. "…More flexible huh? I never realized." He says, before using his other hand to bend his hand down, a soft smile on his face. "How about that? My own style…" He trails off, Nagisa looking at the teen a few feet away, before turning to look at Korosensei and Marcus as they head back towards the building, Marcus walking like Naruto, while Korosensei walks with his "hands" clasped behind his back, a bird chirping as it flies down and lands on the teacher's hat. Resting there as he continues walking.

After watching for a few more seconds, Nagisa follows the two inside, walking a bit faster to catch up to them before they enter the room. "Excuse me, sir!" He calls out to Korosensei, the octopus pausing to turn and face his student just as he'd placed his "hand" on the door, while Marcus stops beside him, interested in what's happening. After a couple seconds, Nagisa catches up to them and stands in front of Korosensei. "Did you really fly all the way to New York just to give Sugino a piece of advice?" He asks.

"Why not? I'm his teacher." Korosensei states, making Nagisa look at him in slight surprise, while Marcus allows a smile to appear on his face at the octopus' words, and how he'd said them as if it was obvious as to why it was that he did what he did.

"Well it's just that most teachers I know wouldn't go that far for a student. And I mean here you are planning to blow up the planet by the time we graduate and all that." Nagisa states, and Korosensei is silent for a few seconds after this is said, appearing to be lost in thought at Nagisa's words, while Marcus eyes the octopus beside him.

Gotta admit that Nagisa has a point… But at the same time, I can tell that Korosensei's serious about teaching us before he blows up the earth. But it does make me wonder why he wants to blow up the earth… Marcus thinks to himself, before Korosensei seems to come to his senses as he raises a tentacle up near his face.

"Nagisa. The details aren't important. Let's just say I'm here to make good on a promise. One I don't take lightly." He says, his tentacle reaching forwards and taking the notebook out of Nagisa's hands, and opening it to grade it as he continues talking. "The earth will be destroyed, yes. But my first priority is to you and your classmates." Korosensei continues, small gusts of wind appearing around his tentacles as he quickly grades Nagisa's paper, the hair on Nagisa and Marcus' heads blowing around a bit because of the winds.

After a couple seconds, Korosensei turns the notebook around to show Nagisa his corrected work, the red pen he'd used grasped in one of his "fingers" as his smile remains on his face. "Nothing beats giving you kids the credit you're due. Not even me blowing up the earth." He states, Nagisa reaching forwards and taking his notebook a couple seconds later.

"Korosensei…" Nagisa says, trailing off after a second. At the sight in front of him, Marcus can't help the smile that appears on his face. Korosensei's words spoke the truth about how he felt, and honestly, the scene was quite touching to him. Yes, Korosensei was their target, and the reason for killing him was a good one… But at the same time, their teacher had an air about him that made it so you couldn't help but like him. And honestly… Marcus had a feeling that in the future, that would prove to be a problem for any "attempts" at the octopus' life.

But, at the moment, after hearing Korosensei's words… He couldn't find it in himself to care. Marcus' smile widened just a bit, finding a new respect for his "target"… And then Nagisa spoke up again. "Could you maybe not write problems like this on the backs of our tests?" He asks, making Korosensei yell out in shock, while Marcus blinks, before moving to look at what Nagisa is talking about. When he sees it, he can only look down at the notebook with a deadpan look on his face.

"We get it, you're fast. No point being all weird about it, right?" Nagisa asks, making Korosensei look down in slight dejection at the blue haired student's words.

"Aww… It's only a bonus question…" Korosensei argues, making Marcus sigh at the octopus' words.

"Honestly sir, it feels more like a penalty." Nagisa says, getting a light chuckle from Marcus at the teen's words, while Korosensei continues to look down at the ground, before speaking up again.

"Eh… Yeah, well… Anyways! I hope my students take assassinating me as seriously as I take their education!" He exclaims, twirling the red pen in his grasp before bringing it up to his mouth to take a bite out of it, green stripes once again present on his face. Not that you'll ever pull it off of course…" He says, chuckling as he continues to take bites out of his pen. In response, Nagisa and Marcus look at their teacher, the two gaining small smiles on their faces at Korosensei's words.

Later, after school, Sugino, Nagisa and Marcus were outside behind the building, with Sugino standing a few yards away from the other two, while Nagisa was crouching a bit, a catcher's mitt on his hand while Sugino wound up a pitch. A few seconds later, he let it go, and sent it flying towards Nagisa's mitt, only for the ball to drop down at the last second, making Nagisa do his best to get out of the way so he wouldn't get hit by the ball. As it bounced off the ground and towards the top of the hill the blue haired student was standing in front of, Marcus stood there waiting for it, bending down and picking it up with a smile on his face.

"Wow, nice one! Moved so fast I could barely see it." Nagisa exclaims, holding up his mitt and catching the ball as Marcus tossed it to him, before turning and tossing it back towards Sugino, getting a light laugh from the pitcher in response to his words.

"All in the wrists and elbows! I'm perfecting a curveball that plays to my strengths." He tells the two as they head over to him. "Between that and the changeup I'm working on, I've already got a half decent arsenal." He tells them, the ball resting in his glove as he places a hand in his pocket, his smile remaining on his face. "Nothing Korosensei won't see coming a mile away, but what are you gonna do?" He asks, taking the baseball in his other hand and raising it up. "I'm sticking with it though. Perseverance is key. In baseball… And assassination." He states as he tosses the ball back to Nagisa, getting smiles from the other two in response.

With supersonic speed, and… Multitasking tentacles that for the life of me I can never understand how he uses in that way… Killing Korosensei will not be easy over the first few months at least… But still…

After a few more minutes, Sugino heads over towards the building, and leans on the sill of an open window, a smile on his face as he looks at Korosensei as he grades the class' quizzes from earlier that day. "Can I bother you for a sec? I wanna take a couple test shots at you if that's okay." Sugino states as he gestures over his shoulder with his thumb. In response, Korosensei's head gains green stripes as he hunches over a bit while chuckling.

"Glutton for disappointment?" He asks Sugino rhetorically, his smile getting a bit wider as he stops grading and makes his way outside.

Honestly, Korosensei's a great motivator. He can light a fire in you if there was even the smallest chance of it. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he could light a fire in anyone, even if it seemed like it would be impossible… In all honesty, in Sugino's case, we were… Well, pardon the pun, but we were having a ball with him…

Author's Note Part 2: Alright guys… So after getting halfway through this chapter on the day after I posted the second chapter, I let it sit till today… Not necessarily because I wanted to, but because I couldn't decide exactly how I wanted to go about the second half of this chapter. But as you can see, I got around to it. And with that being said, you can already see that I'm making sure to have my character present for more situations, and actually contribute to them as well.

Now, in this one, his contributions are mainly through dialogue, and he hasn't really done much of anything yet except for that one scene where he aimed at Korosensei, and purposefully missed… Of course knowing Korosensei, it's quite likely that as soon as he heard the sound of the gun going off, he would have dodged anyways, but that's beside the point!

Anyways, not much else to say about this chapter at the moment, so instead, I'll get to doing something I've been looking forwards to doing since I wrote the first chapter.

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