"Before we start this, I want it known I don't see that man as my father."

Tsuna's voice, so clear and no stutter announced. Reborn looked at him askance, probably at this side that wasn't even there but moments ago. "Tuna-fishy, why-"

"How could I view you as mine, when you knowingly send a group of assassin's to test me with barely any training. After you abandoned Mama and I. After you had me sealed."
He looking over to Xanxus, "You were frozen," Xanxus startles, "your 'father' froze you. But you didn't feel it as time past, did you? You didn't feel the cold so. A chilled feeling stopping up your mind, unable to think and nothing is right. Your 'father' never took that from you, he never took your body's ability to move right, to not stumble when trying to move forward. To not fall when you want to run. He didn't steal your ability and leave you there knowing but unable to Think. Whole but Cripple. Your 'father' did not take the warmth of the sun from you. That even though you know the sun does shine; you can't feel the warmth. Never to feel the warm, only different levels of cold."

With each sentence walking closer to the startled opponents.

"You were sealed but then freed. Your the closest to what happened to me but even you don't know, do you? To have that moment such warmth, the start of how Right everything was. and then gone. The world frozen harsher then before knowing that warmth."
He looked toward Iemitsu, "How could I ever acknowledge the man that stole the sun from me. How could I acknowledge the man that had me sealed." Not a question, even then. Just a statement of being broken and lost lost; told in such a tone, everything told in tone of such loss.

"He is no father of mine."