"I want to dance all night"

A/N: This is my first fanfic and a Callanna one-shot. Characters belong to the series. Full credit to Shane Brennan, JP Kousakis and R. Scott Gemmill. Story takes place between Seasons 7 and 8.

It takes two to tango. However, for Callen and Anna, that is just what they need to start their relationship.

Hetty had called the full team (including the Wonder Twins) into the gym after the regular workday ended. Anna walked in a few minutes later, wondering why Hetty had summoned her to the Mission.

"Ladies and gentlemen, a few years back we were unable to complete the ballroom dancing lessons (the Viennese waltz) due to a case in Mexico. Now that there appears to be a lull in the workload, I want to revive it." A collective groan was heard amongst the group, which quickly stopped when Hetty glared at all of them.

Looking around, Sam immediately spoke up "Who am I partnering with Hetty?" Just as Hetty was about to respond, in walks Michelle who says "Samuel Hanna, you're dancing with me, so don't get any ideas gals." Once the giggling subsided, the couples partnered up, ladies wearing perfectly-sized shoes, of course, and the music began.

As the music progressed, one by one the couples leave the "dance floor" until only Callen and Anna remained. Both experts at the Viennese waltz, they showcased their dance skills while the others grinned in awe. They continued dancing, not realizing the music had stopped and they were the only ones left in the gym.

Callen and Anna stopped dancing but didn't immediately let go of each other. Callen spotted a note on the CD player which stated "Dear Mr. Callen and Ms. Kolcheck, I truly apologize for interrupting your romantic evening. So please accept tonight's dinner and dance on me. Best Regards, Hetty." Skeptical at Hetty's note, they turned around to see Sam and Kensi walking in with garment bags, who then led Callen and Anna to the respective locker rooms to change.

Soon afterwards, the beautifully dressed couple was taken by limo to a secluded beach side area, which was set up for a romantic dinner for two followed by dancing. Callen thought the area seemed really familiar, but didn't want to think about it at the moment. What Anna didn't realize is the area was the back patio of Hetty's beach house.

Following a wonderful four-course dinner with wine and dessert, Callen and Anna opted to dance a few more times. They were then notified by the head server that they were to stay as long as they want and can stay overnight at the beach house, should they choose. Also guaranteed was no interruptions by Hetty or the team.

Callen and Anna opted to stay overnight at the beach house, as they wanted to continue the night but also didn't have a means to get home until morning. They did, however, sleep in separate rooms... or did they? Only time will tell.

*End Story*