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The annual Arendelle spring festival was beginning to underway; several officials from the Kingdom of Corona were well on their way to their sister kingdom. Aboard the Sea Raven, Corona's "flagship," stood princess Rapunzel and her husband Prince Eugene followed by Captain Sane Folsvenn and Fleet Admiral Cain Sevaneaux, a mysterious outsider who quickly rose to power in Corona. Finally, there was the guard wolf Luna, who only answered to Cain, Eugene or Rapunzel. These officials wouldn't be able to enjoy themselves until the two sister kingdoms renew the trade agreement and discuss any other important matters. Suffice to say; they may be there for a while.

Sailing there was smooth, and the seas were calm. The winds, however, smelled of change and things stirring. Eugene was never one for formal events or political tasks, but when it came to gossip or rumors, he was all over it. Whether it be the legendary lightning wolf that rules the sea or stories of armies on the march, he's learned to keep his ear open to any information that passes his desk, whether fact or fiction.

About an hour out till the Sea Raven docks, Eugene motions for Cain to speak with him.

Walking up to the prince and princess Cain gives a slight bow, "Good evening your majesties. You needed to see me?"

"Yes, I did," Prince Eugene answers while leaning on the starboard ropes "I wanted to get your opinion on something since this is your first time visiting our sister kingdom."

Cain rubs his beard for a second before he gives his response, "Would you like me to speak my mind on the subject?"

"I would like that," he replies

Being astute as Cain is, he answers by the following, "I don't have an opinion on our sister kingdom of Arendelle."

Eugene rolled his eyes, realizing he had asked a stupid question.

Cain continues, "if you want my opinion I shall give it to you when I've had plenty of time to assess them, meaning their strengths and weakness. And don't think I haven't heard about those rumors you've been listening to."

Without even thinking Eugene's eyes widen, "How do you know… and what do think about them?"

"That I can give you my opinion on," Cain utters, "I believe it just someone trying to stir up some trouble with our perspective kingdoms, which is one of the reasons why I came with you to this festival."

Eugene just ponders for a few minutes on the conversation he had with his Fleet Admiral, for Cain did make some valid points.

"Well, I appreciate your honesty Cain," Eugene responds "let's just hope that Elsa and her court feel the same about you."

All Cain could do was give a nod of agreement towards his superior, but also his friend, before Rapunzel would chime in after spending time with Luna. "What are you boys talking about?" curiosity getting the better of Rapunzel.

Eugene and Cain both eye each other before Eugene spoke up, "Oh nothing much dear, just venting some of my concerns to Cain."

"Are any of these concerns about how women take one look at you and they almost drop dead?" Rapunzel inquired.

"HEY, is it my fault you married such a handsome fellow?" asked Eugene

"Yes, yes, it is," replied Rapunzel, giggling.

As much as they went back and forth, it was easy to see the love, and even their Admiral would have joined in on the fun but before he had a chance the lookout spotted Arendelle and cried out "land ho" so it was time to bring the Sea Raven to port.

While things were going smoothly on the sea, a different tune was being sung in Arendelle, people running to and fro preparing for the festival down to the last detail; stress that sometimes even Queen Elsa isn't immune to. On this day, she has the full support of her court from advisor Kai to High General Haddock; everything is going well, or so it seems. The core of her army and navy were ill-prepared and were lacking experience. Being based in Arendelle, they had little to no experience and were sloppy in their duties. A well-planned strike on the capital could end Arendelle's sovereignty.

Elsa hopes that this trade agreement will change that with the order of new armaments for troops and ships, and instructors to train the recruits. Haddock as capable as he is as a commander and instructor, he can't do everything. His job is to not only look after the armies of Arendelle but the future interest of the kingdom as well, meaning protecting Queen Elsa and Princess Anna themselves. For as much as Elsa has her court's support ever since the great thaw, she learned not to trust the court. Except for Kai and General Haddock, both for different reasons.

Surprisingly, Elsa took this festival in stride for she had her sister backing her up as well as her family coming to visit, so it allows her to keep stress down to a minimum. She smirked, Haddock, was probably sweating bullets on the festivities, but hopefully, he can take his mind of his commanding role for one evening and enjoy himself. Much to the Arendelleans surprise, they were in for a rude awaking with the arrival of Corona.

After having docked the Sea Raven in the friendly port of Arendelle, everyone made landfall where they were greeted by; except the queen and her court; Arendelle sailors, soldiers and officials alike. Everyone from the sailors aboard the Sea Raven to the prince and princess, even the Admiral, had to stop and take in the sights for a quick second before it was on to business. Having come back to reality, the Coronites were greeted by an older gentleman in his late 40's, early 50's.

"Greetings your majesties, I am her Majesty's Royal Advisor Kai Forsworgen. I'm here to escort you to the palace." Kai advised.

"Thank you, Kai, lead the way," Eugene informed him.

As Kai lead the prince and princess towards the castle, Admiral Cain followed suit for Luna was walking beside Rapunzel. Kai couldn't help but look back at the Admiral for he didn't look like a Coronite nor an Admiral for that matter.

"Forgive my ignorance but who is that man following us?" Kai inquired.

"While he may not look like it, he is our Fleet Admiral. Someone in whom we respect and trust with our lives," Eugene answers.

Rapunzel chimes in, "and Luna here is our guard dog."

Kai replies, "very well, I shall inform the guards to stay their weapons."

"Then I shall stay my blade as well," Cain agrees to these terms.

Queen Elsa was in the throne room waiting in preparation for the meeting and in hopes that it went over smoothly, and hopefully for the better. She called in General Haddock as a mediator between the two kingdoms, he always was always level-headed and had earned her trust long ago.

The walk to the throne room would have been longer had it not been for Kai but it did get awkward at times, not just the looks that were thrown at Luna but the ones were thrown at the Admiral's way, himself, but it's nothing he wasn't used to. With the arrival at the throne room doors, Kai entered to announce the arrival of the Coronites.

"Your Majesty, may I present the arrival of Prince Eugene and Princess Rapunzel of Corona," Kai announced

The throne room doors open and Eugene and Rapunzel enter.

"I also present your Majesty with Corona's Fleet Admiral" Kai announces

Cain and Luna entered the throne room.

Corona's Fleet Admiral, eh? Hiccup mused as he gauged the man. This should prove… entertaining