Ch. 3

Facilier's POV

It's been fifteen years since I was left in the care of the voodoo queen Marie Laveaux and though I'm grateful to be her student and her son in some way, I do miss mom and dad. The trip father and I took to Arendelle will forever be etched into my memory. I often wonder how my old friend Luke is doing, maybe I should write to him or rather take the time to visit him; if it weren't for these "missionary trips" I take around the Caribbean, Gulf Coast, Central and South America testing out my newly found powers in Voodoo and whatever else Madame Laveaux has taught me. In all these years I've spent on Earth, dad has managed to write numerous letters to me, on my well-being, and has even visited on several occasions, which I'm forever grateful. I just wish mom did something of that nature; it seems like mom and I have grown distant over these last few years. One of these days I'll find out why but until then I shouldn't worry about things like that I mean I'm nineteen for heaven's sake.

Noticing that John was somewhat in a daze Marie calls out to him "John, John, earth to John." Snapping back to reality John answers, "Hmm…yes mom what is it?" "You've been pas tout la lately," Marie answers out of concern "are you alright honey?" With a heavy sigh, John begins rubbing the back of his head, "To be honest mom, I guess I got lost in thought wishing everything was alright." Moving closer to him, placing a hand John's shoulder Marie asks, "I'm here for you JG; now tell me what's on your mind." Feeling the sincerity in his mother's voice, John let a small smile creep on his face, "Alright, if I remember correctly we've been living in New Orleans for about… twelve years right?" Marie nods her head with a swift reply, "Twelve years this September." "Right and while I'm forever grateful to be your student and son, my mother has never once visited me. I wonder does she even care," John continued looked at his mom with saddened eyes. Horrified with the thought that JG might start hating his own mother, Marie embraces Facilier, "John, don't you EVER think that your mother never loved you. She loved you so much that she wanted a better life for you. As much as it pained her, she made the choice to give you up so that you can be happy. I may not be your mother but I do the best I can by loving you." Hearing those comforting and reassuring words JG's doubt about his real mother began to fade and a heartwarming smile grew onto his face. "Heh, I guess I never looked at it like that, I understand why dad's visits are irregular but in the grand scheme of things I guess my parents were looking out for my wellbeing," Facilier chuckles a bit with his reply and relieved as the weight came off his shoulders. Smiling she lets John go and sensing the change in his mood; Marie believes it's the perfect time to give to him. "I'm glad that you feel that way John, besides you shouldn't look so solemn today's a happy day." Slightly confused John took a second to process what his mom said. Realizing what day it was, hitting him like a freight train, causes him to burst out laughing. "You're right mom; I can't believe I'm being a dunce on such a joyous day," with a smile John replied to his mother. And on that happy note Marie walks over to the nearby dresser, pulls out Facilier's gift and hands it to him, "I know this ain't much but happy birthday John." Shaking his head in slight disbelieve, John gratefully accepts his mother's gift. "Mom…the fact that you're here is enough for me. You didn't have to get me anything. I still wear the necklace you gave me a few years ago." Marie heart soars upon hearing that John would rather spend time together on his birthday than to receive a gift. "I'm happy to hear that John but I wanted to…no needed to give you this gift." His curiosity beginning to peek John began to rip open his gift. As the wrapping paper flew in different directions, a box was all that stood between him and the surprise inside. Tearing open the box John peered inside, removing its contents, revealing a beautiful top hat. "There's one more gift for you, it was sent by your father," Marie announced with a smile on her face. "What more could I possibly receive even from Dad," with a slightly confusing look he questioned. Sensing a golden opportunity Marie handing him the unwrapped crystal ball cane, "Your father, I believe, also sent you a letter but I can remember where I put it," Marie informs with a wolfish grin that makes it enticing not to search. Quickly releasing a "hmm" John proceeds to scan the room for a great place to start. Upon further pondering inspiration hit him like a ton of bricks; following his gut instinct he flips his hat over, reaches inside pulling out the hidden letter sent by his father. Taking a few moments to scan the letter, John looks up in surprise, "Mom…is this true?" With a saddened smile Marie answers, "It is… your father wanted you to meet him so your message could spread all throughout Europe. It hurts me to do this but…I've already packed your bag. It's time for you to leave the nest my little sparrow." Trying not to cry inadvertently releases the few tears that welled up in his eyes, "Mom, I…I…" Gently shushing John, placing a hand on his shoulder and caressing the side of his face, "It's ok, sparrow, I understand…Your adventure is waiting, what do you say." Without warning John embraces Marie in a loving hug, which she eagerly returns with a smile. "Thank you…for everything. You're right this is something I must do. I love you Mom… I'll miss you." Releasing this his hug John grabs his bag and cane, then places his hat on his head making his way to the door stopping only to look back before claiming, "Don't worry mom…I'll make you proud." John then exits the house. "I know you will," Marie exclaims in a hushed tone. John makes his way to the docks boards the first ship Europe bound pondering, not only the adventure he's undertaking but the fact he finally gets to see his father after so many years. With the letter in hand he's both nervous and excited for what lies ahead.

Pitch's narration

"Dear John,

My beloved son, I truly am sorry that I could not be with you on this glorious day. A happy birthday is in order for you. Please consider the gift I give you as not only a token of affection from me but a form of persuasion as well. I've been stationed within the European continent for over a fortnight preparing for your arrival. My son, everything perfect in this world requires careful preparation and proper timing. I am convinced that, with your arrival in Europe, the timing couldn't be more perfect to share your gift throughout the known world. I'm doing all I can to prepare a place for us but like the wise I know in this bountiful harvest I am understaffed and in need of help. Having wrote to your mother, and been given permission, I hope you consider this opportunity I offer. I eagerly await your response or arrival so that we may discuss and plan your next mission trip.

With Loving anticipation,

James P. Facilier

Jack, Elsa, Anna, Hiccup's POV

It's been fifteen years since the Crimson Peak Moon shined its ominous shadow over the land, since then the good Lord blessed King Agnar with three beautiful children. Any and all talks of rebellion or abdication of the throne had long since ceased after their birth. The kingdom has experienced nothing but peace and prosperity, even with the small "hiccup" that happened when Elsa was eight; and because of the relationship between the Haddocks and Martells the children have been inseparable since they met. The children ran to and fro managing to have fun in the kingdom regardless of the rule set by the king. In some way life in the castle was both challenging and simple for the children to the point they developed their own personalities. Now Jack, the oldest of the Martell children by a few minutes, is a mischievous fun loving kid; while Elsa on the other hand is a bit more of a skeptic yet enjoys life however she can. The youngest of them, Anna, is a red headed ball of energy whose adventuress nature is only bound by her curiosity. Lastly we have Hiccup Haddock, who's an ingenious sarcastic know-it-all whose mind is ever expanding. However time waits for no man, and the winds of change are blowing the children in a strange and wondrous way.

Meanwhile in General Haddock's office

The Arendelli General Stoick "The Vast" Haddock was lost in thought unaware of the knock at the door. After a few moments pass he snaps out of it hearing the knocks again.

"Come in," Stoick answers without his sight leaving his office window. The aging advisor steps through the door greeting Stoick, "Hello General Haddock." Hearing Kai's voice Stoick turns to face him, "Ah, Kai, how are you faring my old friend." "As well as I can, especially on this beautiful day, though I did receive this letter from a local merchant. I believe its intended for your eyes only." Stoick, curiosity piqued, receives the letter with an eyebrow raised he opens it. After reading it contents Stoick sat down in his chair releasing an exuberated sigh he didn't realize he was holding onto. He throws the open letter on his desk rubbing his face with his right hand. A growing concern crept up in the back of his mind forcing Kai to ask, "General Haddock is everything alright? Do you need me to leave?" Shaking his head Stoick speaks up, "I wish things were alright. I understand why it was meant for my eyes this has become a family matter. Kai can you fetch Hiccup for me." Kai, nodding slightly, answers "at once sir" before leaving Stoick's office.

Back around the castle grounds

The sounds of laughter, from four jublious children, echoes through the castle halls and into the great outdoors. They play without a care in the world; luckily they're allowed to play outside. Kickball was the game they decided to play and Anna is up to bat. Hiccup, the voted pitcher, rolls a fast ball and with all the strength she has hits the ball square sending it rolling past Hiccup. Surprised by her kick Hiccup gives chase while Anna runs towards and past first base. Not wanting to be out done by his sister Jack stops at third shouts, "Over here Hiccup." Finally catching the ball around second base and seeing Anna round second base Hiccup hurls the ball towards Jack. Anna, running with all her might, refusing to get out and have the game winning run on base she slides into third. Everyone watches with bated breath in hope of what's to come. The last thing anyone heard was a "thunk" but Anna's slide kicked up a lot of dirt and dust making the results unclear. Once the dust begins to settle it becomes clear what happened. Anna and Jack coughed while catching their breaths, Anna then heard "sorry sis but you're out." Looking up Anna finds herself between Jack's legs with the kickball pressed into her stomach and saw she was only a single inch away from victory. Jack steps back and stretching a hand towards his sister allowing her to get off the ground. Taking her brothers hand she picks herself up only to let a "no fair" cry before dusting herself off. Slightly laughing Jack responds, "It's not my fault Hiccup has a rocket for an arm." Walking up "trying" to be the good sport she could be Elsa comments, "that was a great game guys but what's the final score?" "Well we'd have to play another inning to get the final score because we are tied at five all," Hiccup mentions. "Well what are we waiting for let's play ba...," Jack exclaims. "Master Hiccup," the gang turns around see where the voice came from "Kai what can I do for you," Hiccup asks. "Your father has an urgent matter that requires your presence immediately," Kai responds. "Ok…here Jack catch," Hiccup throwing the ball to Jack to hold till he gets back. "Don't take too long buddy," Jack calls out before Hiccup is out of sight. "So," Jack says slapping the ball in hand, "what do y'all wanna do while we wait." Unbeknownst to Jack his question fell upon deaf ears for Anna was still salty from the previous game and wasn't in the mood to answers her brother's question but Elsa, on the other hand, was quite concerned for Hiccups well-being and a thousand scenarios were racing through her head why uncle Stoick needed to see Hiccup. The best she could do was hope and pray it wasn't anything serious. Jack was more than confused as to why his sisters, more specifically Elsa, failed to respond to his question; though he did have some idea why Anna didn't. It didn't take him long to figure out why and upon his realization the wheels in his head began spinning and a twisted smile graced his face. Clearing his throat Jack spoke up, "Elsa, earth to Elsa." Having snapped out of her daze Elsa replies, "Huh…Jack did you need something?" Jack's twisted smile slowly turned into the smuggest look imaginable, "Seems as though you're worried about your boyfriend Elsa." Elsa shockingly turns to face her brother, "WHAT!" "I'm not surprised Elsa, Hiccup does have several qualities that make him attractive in the right light I bet he'll be a total heartbreaker when he's older," Jack said teasingly. "I don't like Hiccup," Elsa states. "Right and I'm captain of the Queen's Navy. There's no way or reason Elsa could ever like Hiccup; right Anna," Jack replies mockingly while winking at Anna. Smiling from ear to ear Anna sarcastically retorts, "Yes there's no possible way that she could ever like Hiccup." Elsa, giving a pleading look to her siblings, exclaims "He's my best friend; I don't like him that way. Can you guys please stop teasing me about it, thank you." Wanting to prove his point Jack continues, "Alright Els we'll stop teasing you. You've made it very clear that you don't have feelings for Hiccup. I'm…We're sorry Elsa." Sighing her relief Elsa quickly responds, "Thank you." Still smiling unconvinced knowing she answered too quickly "Oh yes Elsa we're very sorry we won't ever do that aga… ELSA LOOK ITS HICCUP," Jack states while pointing behind her. "Where," Elsa turns excitedly to nothing while Jack is laughing uproariously and Anna is trying to hold back her laughter. "That's not funny Jack," Elsa exclaims stomping her foot with her face flushing red with embarrassment. Taking a moment to catch his breath Jack rebuttals, "you may be right sis but do you think Anna?" "I think Elsa was right this wasn't funny, it was hilarious," Anna smugly responds. "You guys are just mean," Elsa shouts. "Where you expecting a tea party, that's kind of our job as your brother and sister," Jack states. "I don't have to take this I'm leaving," Elsa remarks before walking away not knowing where she was going but so long as it's away from her siblings she couldn't care less. "Hmm, I wonder what got into her," Jack pondered "anyways hey Anna wanna see something cool?" Brimming with excitement in her eyes Anna, "anything's better than being here." "Alright then let's go, adventure is out there" Jack exclaims before leading his little sister somewhere private. After having walked for several minutes in hopes to escape her brother's insistent teasing, which she succeeded, Elsa now began to realize that she "lost" her way and was unsure which way to go next. Luckily, everyone's favorite butler came around the corner after finishing a job for the king. "Hmm…, Ms. Elsa you seem a bit lost is everything ok" Kai asks. "Is it that obvious," Elsa utters "honestly I have been a bit distracted and/or lost in thought." Smiling ever so warmly Kai answers, "Is there anything I can do help?" At that moment an idea hit her like a freight train causing her to mentally facepalm for how obvious the solution was to her problem. "Kai would you kindly show me the way to General Haddock's office," Elsa asked curiously. A puzzling look came across Kai's face before answering, "Any particular reason for surprising the General?" Not wanting to admit defeat or the fact that Jack was right she thought of a lie and she thought it up quick "It's been a while since I've seen him. I want to know how he's doing and see if there's anything I can help him with." The reason for her visit doesn't sit well with Kai but it has enough truth behind it that he concedes and against his better judgement he escorts her to Stoick's office. After several moments, and various hallways, Kai and Elsa arrived outside the General's office. "Here we are your majesty," Kai announces before checking his watch with eyes widening "Oh dear your mother needed me to fetch the new alterations on her dress. Elsa, are you ok waiting here until I return?" "If you're needed elsewhere I understand Kai. I'll be fine here you're free to leave," Elsa replied. Elsa waved towards Kai upon his departure and took it upon herself finding a nearby chair to wait until Hiccup was finished talking to his father. Ten minutes barely passed before the General's door exploded open with an enraged and saddened Hiccup racing out of his father's office and passing Elsa by without a moment's hesitation. Last thing she heard was Stoick calling out "Hiccup Wait…" before seeing a pained looked on the General's face and hearing his worried sigh. "Uncle Stoick, are you ok." Elsa asked concerned. "Oh lass I wish everything was ok" Stoick replied. "Does it have something to with Hiccup and is there anything I can do to help?" Elsa asked curiously. Smiling warmly Stoick places a hand on Elsa's shoulder answering "Oh my dear Elsa with your loving kindness and wisdom beyond your years, you'll be a fantastic queen one day. Indeed it does involve Hiccup. If I tell you, will you promise me that you'll not only comfort but help him get back on his feet?" Beaming with joyful excitement Elsa confidently replies, "I promise uncle Stoick." "Hmm, good. My dear you are correct but more importantly this involves a letter I recently received from his uncle" Stoick states. "Is that why Hiccup rushed out your office frustrated?" Elsa stated. Stoick nods in confirmation of Elsa's question. "Well, what was on the letter that freaked him out so much?" Elsa curiously asked. Stoick, inhales a bit before releasing a saddening sigh, answers "The Rite of Passage." Elsa, trying to understand Hiccup's plight, asks inquisitively "The Rite of Passage…what's that?" Stoick, kneeling down to face Elsa eye to eye, states "My dear sweet Elsa, The Rite of Passage is a trial that young men and women in our tribe must undergo to become a true man or woman. Only then can they become part of the tribe. I endured mine many years ago. This is a trial he must endure for himself, I believe it'll bring out the strength and leadership I know he has." Elsa, seeing the love and concern in Stoick's eyes, smiling warmly curiously asks "Uncle, what exactly is this Rite of Passage test?" "I think its best that Hiccup tells you the details himself," Stoick answers while headpatting her "if that's all you wish to know I must get back to work." Elsa nods confirmingly before hugging Stoick responding, "Thank you Uncle." "You're welcome Elsa," Stoick exclaims returning Elsa's hug. After a few minutes Elsa breaks the hug and waves good bye to Stoick before heading towards Hiccup's room. Several dizzying twists and turns of the halls Elsa reaches Hiccup's door. She prepares herself before reaching for the doorknob.

Elsewhere just outside the castle grounds

Wanting to show his excited little sister something amazing Jack leads Anna to a nearby forest. "Jack, are we there yet," Anna asked growing impatient. "Almost sis just a bit farther to go," Jack exclaims. Afraid they've gotten lost his hope began to wane. Luckily after a few twists and turns they found and followed the path that leads them to what they been searching for. Confused and filled with abounding curiosity Anna exclaims, "What is this place?" Smiling Jack gloriously announces, "Anna welcome to Paradise." They took a moment to breath in their environment in all its beauty and wonder. Jack led Anna to a sleepy little ravine tuck away on the side of North Mountain where a waterfall gracefully descends refreshing all in its wake while a nearby Hot Springs soothes the soul. Everything, from the birds in the air to the fish in the stream, is beautifully balanced. Anna, staring in awe, exclaims "This place is amazing Jack. How the hell did you manage to find it?" Jack, raising an eyebrow smugingly, answers "I didn't expect you to have such a potty mouth. That's not ladylike of you Anna, watch your language." Flustering red with embarrassment, Anna states "You're not my dad. Jack… you son of a bitch just tell me." Grinning even more smugly, Jack retorts "Ooh you kiss your mother with that mouth. Naughty naughty Anna, this new attitude is most unbecoming of you princess but I'll humor you. I managed to find this place on one of my numerous journeys mapping out the surrounding areas of our home. Unbeknownst to me the rains that passed a couple days prior had made the grounds unstable; an accident was just waiting to happen. I found myself climbing the opposing side of the ravine, hoping to get a better vantage point; once atop the cliff the ground gave way sending me tumbling down the face of the mountain. Once I reached the floor I tried returning to my feet but the moment I stood sharp pains shot through my foot returning me to the floor. Trying to locate the cause of this pain I soon discovered during either the fall or landing I twisted my left ankle. While still throbbing in pain I made my way towards the waterfall. To this day I have never seen water this clear and refreshing. I noticed how cold the water was in hopes to alleviate my pain I slowly placed my feet in the water. After what seemed like forever, even though it was only little over an hour, and noticing the swelling on my ankle slightly decreased I decided to scout out the ravine hoping to get home. I was determined push through the immense pain I was in but to no avail. Suddenly I found myself stumbling head first into the hot springs and boy was I glad found it. Taking a bit more time I decided to soak my feet in the springs and it was very soothing. After a while I decided it was time to go home even though my ankle was soothed it was still a bit swollen. Fighting through the pain I, surprisingly, managed to find a trail that lead back home." "Wow," Anna exclaims excitedly "wait a minute…is that why you were on crutches for about two weeks?" "Yes, yes it was," Jack responds. "Is this what you wanted to show me," Anna asks. "This is actually where I wanted to show you what's promised," Jack states. "Jack, I'm already impressed so what more could you impress me with," Anna says. With a single wave of his hand revealing his powers of winter Jack declares, "This!" Anna's eyes widen at the shock and surprise of what she witnessed. She questions, "Jack… do you have powers and how long have you had them?" "I've had them since I was about eight. I've been pretty good about hiding them. I'm not sure why but I believe the Lord blessed me with these powers for a reason," Jack answered. Excitedly Anna grabs Jack hand exclaiming, "Come on we gotta tell Elsa." Taking back his hand Jack shouts, "NO Anna, we can't tell anybody." Confused Anna asks, "Why…why not Jack?" "Do you realize how long I've kept my powers hidden? Not even our parents know I have them," Jack answers. "Mom and Dad don't know you have these powers," Anna states. "They wouldn't understand because what some people as a curse others consider it a blessing. Anna, promise me that you'll never tell anyone about this," Jack exclaims. "Even Elsa," Anna utters. "Especially her," Jack retorts "She has enough problems as it is. I heard a rumor that Elsa has powers as well but she refuses to acknowledge it and suppresses it every chance she gets for she believes her powers are a curse laid upon her from a young age. That's beside the point, can I count on you to keep this promise?" "I guess," Anna answers looking away saddened "and here I thought this was a good way for us to play together again. So much for wishful thinking." Placing a hand on his sister's shoulder, Jack, Smiling warmly responds "Anna, if you keep my powers and this place a secret for me I'll help you in any way I can." Looking up at her brother Anna asks, "Really do you mean it?" "Anna I give you my word as your brother. I promise to spend more quality time with you," Jack answered. Overflowing with excitement Anna hugs Jack causing him to step back a bit. "I'll take that as a yes then," he asks. Anna nods her head in confirmation. Jack headpatting Anna exclaims, "Come on lets head home before mom and dad begin to worry about us." Anna gives Jack a big thumbs up before following her brother home.

Back in the Castle…

Elsa found herself standing in front of a large yet intimidating door though her hand was on the knob she hesitated in turning it. Whether it was what Jack teased her about, the uncertainty of helping out uncle Stoick with Hiccup or maybe it was just her self-doubt but whatever the case may be Elsa stood frozen refusing to turn the knob. A few moments passed before Elsa snapped out of her stupor realizing she was still griping the knob and her feet refusing to move forward she decisively took a step back releasing the breath that she unknowingly held. Elsa usually is known for gracefully handling pressure in any situation but for some reason fear gripped her mind causing the need to flee. Elsa, after taking a deep breath and clearing her mind of negativity, recomposes herself and proceeds to knock on the door. After a few knocks the only response she received a saddened "Go away" from the other side of the door. Refusing to turn back Elsa undauntedly slowly opens Hiccup's door. Poking her head into the doorway Elsa finds Hiccup sitting on his bed, facing the opposite side of the room, out of concern she spoke "Hiccup," in hopes of getting his attention. Again the only response she got was "Go Away." Elsa enters the room, closing the door behind her, and believing what happens next will benefit them both speaks up, "Hiccup, I'm worried about you so I came to talk to you." Hiccup thinking that his dad, Kai or some other servant has entered his room turns around ready to throw anything at them shouting "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO GO AW…," noticing Elsa in his room he freezes in his tracks before asking "Elsa, what…what are you doing here?" Relieved that no harm came to anyone Elsa answered, "You seemed frustrated after leaving your father's office and I wanted to come cheer you up." Uncertain of her motives Hiccup questions, "Elsa did dad ask you to check on me?" "Well yes, but I believe that's only because he loves you so much he forgets to tell you as well as respects you to the point of allowing you to have your own space," unknowingly she thinks out loud "though I'm unsure as to why uncle Stoick asked me to comfort and help you get back up." "Its possible dad wants us to get married," Hiccup thinks out loud before covering his mouth with his hand. Realizing what Hiccup said, Elsa's heart began to race and her face wore a deep crimson, embarrassedly shouts "HICCUP!" Sheepishly trying to save face Hiccup states, "Sorry about that, matter of fact I'm feeling a lot better is there anything you need Elsa?" Deciding the best course of action Elsa takes a quick deep breath to calm herself down. After clearing her head Elsa replies, "Actually Hiccup there was something I wanted to ask you." "Ask away then," Hiccup states. "After you left uncle Stoick's office in such a rush it piqued my curiosity so I asked him about it and I learned of the Rite of Passage but he told me that it would be better if I asked you for more details. Hiccup, what is exactly the Rite of Passage," Elsa questioned. "Hmm, I figured you would wanna know about that," Hiccup answered "to put simply the Rite of Passage is a coming of age test we young Vikings are put through in order for us to be considered a member of the tribe and a fully-fledged Viking." "What is the main objective of the Rite of Passage," Elsa curiously asked. Releasing the breath he's been holding Hiccup sighed before stating, "Our test requires us to Conquer A Dragon." "Well that seem so…wait WHAT?!" confused Elsa states "How are you going to conquer a furious beast as mythical and legendary as a Dragon?" Slightly peeved Hiccup replies, "Elsa, I don't know how or why but dragons are not the furious beasts you make them out to be and I have this feeling that dragons are more than meets the eye." Releasing her worried sigh Elsa asks, "When do you leave out for the Rite of Passage?" "I set sail in a few days and honestly Elsa I'm terrified of it," Hiccup announces. Elsa, seeing the terror in Hiccup's eyes, hugs Hiccup. Smiling Hiccup returns her hug then mutters "Thank you." "You're welcome," Elsa smilingly warmly responds "can you promise me that you won't be harmed during the Rite of Passage?" Releasing the hug Hiccup, looking at Elsa, replies "While I can't guarantee my safety during the test; however I will promise that I will return home to you safe and sound." Quickly Elsa resumes the hug to hide her blush mentions, "That all I ask." The teens stayed hugging for several more minutes before their responsibilities had taken over and seeing them separate until further notice. The next few days seem to pass by in the blink of an eye; no sooner than the moment Hiccup learned of his Rite of Passage from his father, the time had come for him to set sail for his home in the Viking Archipelago. Standing upon the docks with his bags in hand Hiccup waits for the order to board. With a moment reprieve Hiccup gets lost in his thoughts "Today's the day, and here I thought it would come slower but it looks like adventures out there. Oh joy what fun that'll be. I'm certain that after today Everything will change. I don't know why I can't shake this feeling of sadness, maybe it's because I'm leaving the only home I've known for the last fifteen years or its just the fear of the unknown that saddens me. I just hope my Rite of Passage won't be a total disaster." Suddenly an arm over his shoulder and a voice saying, "You ready for the big day lad" broke his train of thought. Upon seeing the arm he looks up and greets his uncle Gobber with the biggest hug possible. Gobber embraces his nephew saying, "There, there, lad everything's alright." "I thought you were super busy with the forge and unable to see me off," Hiccup states. Releasing the hug Gobber announces, "Now why wouldn't I be here lad. It's your special day besides it only fair that I see my favorite student and nephew before he leaves to take on the world." "Thanks uncle that means a lot," Hiccups says "is there anything else I should know?" "Would ye tell your lazy good for nothing cousin to send his ole man a letter," Gobber mentions. Chuckling, knowing how hard working Seger is, Hiccup agrees to his uncle's request. Gobber looks over his shoulder smiles smugly exclaims, "Oi lad looks like you have some visitors." Gobber turns aside allowing Hiccup to see who all came. To his surprise the king and queen, with Jack, as well as his father came to bid him farewell. Jack decided to hang back allowing the others to speak first. Queen Iduna was the first to approach Hiccup proclaiming, "I wish you didn't have to go through this but I believe this test will benefit you in the long. My hope for you is that you return home a changed man while remaining the humble and kind young man you are." "Yes ma'am," Hiccup says "it's my hope that I will return to you all." Satisfied with his answer Iduna smilingly steps back allowing her husband to speak. "I may not completely understand Viking tradition but at least I try all I ask is that you fight hard, learn harder and return home stronger than ever," King Agnar decrees. Hiccup, smiling warmly, gives the king a thumbs up and a "Yes sir" before he steps back permitting Stoick to speak to his son. Nervously Stoick rubs the back of his head unsure of what to say. Before Stoick could utter a word Hiccup mutters, "I'm sorry." Shocked by the apology he allows Hiccup to continue. "I'm sorry dad; I shouldn't have acted the way I did. I guess I was just scared of the Rite and the thought I may not return home. I wish I had time to fix this." "I can fix it," Stoick says before hugging Hiccup. Surprised by the hug Hiccup states, "I thought you'd still be mad at me." "I was never angry with you I was sad and scared for you because you'd have to face the Rite of Passage," Stoick replies through his tear filled eyes "Hiccup you are MY son and I will never stop being proud and believing in you. I believe it's your destiny to change the world and this is just the first step on your journey and no matter what remember this I love you son." Hiccup hugs Stoick harder and through his tears says, "I love you too dad." After the tender moment they break the hug wiping their tears at least Hiccup now knows his dad with always be with him. Sensing that it's the proper time to speak to his best friend Jack walk up beside him and patting his back asking, "Everything going to be alright Hiccup." Thinking for a moment before smiling Hiccup answers, "Yeah everything going to be alright. Any advice you wanna give before I set sail?" Pondering Hiccup's question for a moment Jack then speaks, "All you need is twenty seconds of courage to make a difference in life." "That's actually a sound piece of life advice. Thank you," Hiccup muses "say where's Elsa and Anna?" "They had some last minute things that came up they should be here momentarily," Jack declares. Sure enough about ten minutes later both Elsa and Anna arrive at the docks. "Glad you guys could make it," Hiccup states. "Are you kidding we wouldn't miss this for the world," Anna declares "I know for a fact it won't be the same here without you Hiccup." Smiling warmly Hiccup asks, "You know, Anna, I haven't had one of your bone crushing hugs in a while." "Hey my hugs aren't that bad," Anna shouts. "True but you do give the best hugs and I could really use one right now," Hiccup exclaims while smugly smiling at Anna. "You know you're a real pain in the ass sometimes," Anna exclaims. "I tr…wait that my line," Hiccup shouts "ah well bring it Anna." Hiccup opens his arms for a hug to which Anna readily gave him one as well as a friendly kiss on his cheek. "Elsa is there anything you wanna tell Hiccup before he sets sail," Anna says. "I don't think there's anything left to say Anna," Elsa announces. "Come on sis hug him, shake his hand, say that you'll miss him, or something before its too late," Anna complains. "Alright Anna if it'll get you off my back I'll do something," Elsa states. Anna lets out a cheerful "Yay". Elsa make her way face to face with Hiccup saying, "I admit it will be lonely without you here but…," Elsa extends her hand "I wish you a safe journey and fair seas ahead." Hiccup, slightly annoyed, extends his hand and shakes Elsa's. "Come on Anna we have lessons to attend to," Elsa declares before departing the docks. Anna, letting an annoyed sigh, follows her sister. Hiccup looks back at Jack uttering, "Twenty seconds of courage?" Nodding Jack replies, "Twenty seconds is all you need." Dropping his bags Hiccup races toward Elsa and Anna shouting, "Elsa wait up." Turning towards Hiccup she answers, "Yes Hiccup is something wrong?" Grinning from ear to ear Hiccup exclaims, "Yes there is you forgot about your parting gift." Hiccup then extends his hand in hopes Elsa would extend hers. Not missing a beat Elsa extends her hand. Taking a hold of Elsa's hand instead of a handshake Hiccup pulls in Elsa close and without hesitation he kisses her. The sudden kiss shocked Elsa but suddenly she melts into it. Elsa is so enamored by the kiss she can't think straight but one thing is certain she's been dreaming of this day for so long that internally she's celebrating. Jack nods in approval thinking "well done Hiccup well done." All Anna could do was give a joyful squeal because someone finally made the first move. After Hiccup breaks the kiss he asks, "If I keep my promise to return in relatively one piece can you promise me something." A now crimsoned face Elsa replies, "Anything within my power." Smiling genuinely Hiccup proclaims, "Will you be my girlfriend?" At this point Elsa is over the moon with newly found resolve she answers, "Yes I will Hiccup." Hiccup excitedly gives Elsa another kiss goodbye. Upon hearing his boarding call he breaks the kiss then proceeds to give Jack a bro fist before grabbing his bags and boarding his ship bound for the Isle of Berk in the Viking Archipelago. Hiccup waves back toward his friends and future girlfriend until they are out of sight. Turning towards the open sea Hiccup suddenly is overcome with a renewed sense of hope and optimism that no matter what he faces in the upcoming trials ahead he believes that he'll overcome it all.

Cain's POV

Under the starry night sky a young man sits alone by a fire. The peace and tranquility of the night is only broken by his thoughts and the sounds of crackling wood. Normally on nights like this he would be planning out the next course of action on this hunt but other things have captured his mind. While it has only been almost a month since he's been home and the wounds from his journey have mostly healed but one of his wounds starts acting up. Lifting his shirt he exams the knife wound, while it seems relatively smalls its causing him some discomfort; worrying that it may be on the verge of an infection or inflammation he begins to dress it. Taking his rag he dips it into the boiling water he had on the fire wiping on and around the wound. Reaching into his bag he pulls out the medicinal herbs he brought on the hunt, luckily his mom made some medicine before his hunt. He begins to rub the herbs into the wound then pours a thin layer of purified tree sap over the wound sealing the herbs onto his wound. He believes this will help remove any pain or discomfort he's currently experiencing. After dressing his wound, and putting his shirt back on, his senses put him on alert. Aware of his surroundings he begins to scan the forest around him. Sure enough had Cain not been alerted and aware of his surroundings this hunter would've become the hunted and no sooner than he scanned the forest a man walked into the view of the fire. While this man, looked like he was in his late forties or early fifties, appeared to be hunting as well something didn't sit right with Cain. The man speaks up, "It's not that often someone is made aware of my presence I applaud you for that." Hearing the man's voice set off numerous red flags in Cain's mind; deciding to look this man in the eyes, which were dilated unto the point the iris was overtaken, made it abundantly clear what he's dealing with and what he should do. Without a second thought Cain stood up pointing at the man and commanded, "In the name of Jesus Christ, Demon, release this man and come out from him!" As soon as the command was spoken Pitch was thrown from the man's body and the man then fell to ground. The shock from the fall awoke him to the world around him then, upon looking towards Cain, he fled in fear. Believing his work was done proceeds to kneel down stoking the fire. Pitch is taken aback because in all his years of possessing, mimicking and transformations; No one has ever forced him from a body before, all he could say or think was "WHAT THE HELL!" This situation certainly has captured not only his attention but piques his curiosity. Steadily stoking the fire Cain, sensing he's not alone, asks, "Are you still here?" Surprised by his question Pitch then does something he rarely does, he shows himself. "Yes I'm still here," Pitch announces before sitting opposite of Cain "though it's mostly out of pure curiosity." Deciding that the fire had enough oxygen; Cain throws a couple branches onto the fire until it grew. Sitting back he looks up at Pitch; the darkly cloaked grey-skinned figure look, honestly, unimpressive and nonthreating. Sensing this is a great opportunity to learn about the enemy Cain, with a raised eyebrow, questions "As unimposing as you are, I must say I'm surprised that you're still here. That must mean you either need something from me or you need some questions answered. Does that sound about right?" Amused at how Cain hit the nail on the head, Pitch let out a small chuckle before answering "You are a surprisingly astute young man. As it turns out I could use some advice to put my mind at ease. Though a congratulations is in order." Cain gives Pitch a confused looked while thinking out loud "A congratulations?" "Precisely," Pitch continues "for you have achieved what no one has done in my three thousand year existence. You alone have casted me from my previous host. Normally I would be relatively annoyed but given the circumstances, I'm actually astounded. I have no doubt that, with those powerful tricks of yours, you will be of great importance to me." Cain, slightly annoyed, maintains his civility exclaims, "If its advice you're looking for I am willing to lend you an open ear. Though I must set the record straight; those, while powerful, weren't tricks I used. Be it known to you that I am a servant of the Most High God and a follower of Jesus Christ. For His Holy Spirit has given me power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases." "I see," Pitch inquires "you are a believer of the Jehovah God. Well I too believe in Him." "Even the demons believe and tremble," Cain utters "I have a relationship with Him, though I am surprised that Satan has allowed you to freely roam to and fro. You must have made quite the impression." "My wife and I certainly did," Pitch retorts "it would appear that we have reached some common ground." Cain, muses with the fact that he and the enemy have met halfway, speaks "It would seem so. That being said how may I be of help to you." Pitch begins tapping his fingertips together, maybe it's his nerves getting to him but he could really use some help. Taking a momentary breath Pitch speaks, "I have spent many restless nights away from the warmth of my bed. I feel my sanity is beginning to wane. In truth, I fear what the future holds." Listening intently Cain asks, "What plagues your mind so much that it robs you of sleep?" "I've received an ominous vision. Normally, I would cause the fear that envelopes people's mind; somehow this vision terrifies me," Pitch answered. "Normally I would say we all reap what we sow, and it is true, but I believe this vision has major implications for the future. It would be unwise for me to just write you off, so I'm going to help put your mind at ease and allow you to finally get the rest you deserve," Cain confidently exclaims. Pitch is stunned at not only the sudden turn of events but the fact someone is willing to help him astounds him; he questions, "I'm impressed that you're so willing to help me. My wife, even though see won't admit it, is frightened by this vision but I must ask is the reason that you are even entertaining the idea of helping me part of your code?" Cain, while slightly annoyed, retains his composure declares "The phrase you're looking for "love thine enemies" but to answer your question, yes it is apart of code for it is hospitality that goes a long way in helping those in need. Though I feel we are getting off topic, does this vision involve your family?" A wicked grin creeps onto Pitch's face stating, "You, young man, are more shrewd then I give you credit for; because you hit the preverbal nail on the head. It does involve my family but more specifically my son. You see he's a great and intelligent child but in the vision I saw the fires raging around the world, men strung up, children's bodies lie mangled and mutilated; and the women were raped and slaughtered like animals. At the forefront of it all stood my son overseeing an innumerous army devouring everything in its wake. Finally his sights were turned onto me I saw the ambition in his eyes and felt his hatred whilst he impaled my body. Though bleeding profusely, somehow, I was able to remain conscious as I watched my beloved wife's head fell to the ground. This is when I awake from it all normally I'm the one that instills fear into the world yet this "vision" has left me terrified and at a loss of what I should do." Cain listens intently and is astounded that someone known for fear has indeed been afraid themselves. Cain announces, "Well this vision definitely has some ominous foreboding that has to be taken into account but I believe there is a solution to this thorny problem." Pitch begins to perk up at the idea of this nightmare coming to an end replies, "Please anything and everything will be most useful." "Ok," Cain continues "I believe a man can only do so much till his path is made clear. The more you avoid it the quicker it arises but if you help your son in his endeavors you will not only mitigate your own but hasten his own demise brought forth from his hubris. That shall be his downfall but be warned this path is a doubled edged sword and shall not be treaded lightly. I know you love your son but I believe that this is the best solution, given the circumstances, for you to not only help your family as well as spend some much needed time with him before the vision comes to pass. That way you'll not have regrets on that day." Pitch, nodding in approval, declares "I can't believe I never thought of that but you are absolutely right. I do love my son and it's high time I spend some much needed time with him. Thank you very much Cain. Now if you'll excuse me I have some important errands to run I hope we meet again one day." Cain smiling exclaims, "You're quite welcome Pitch. Be safe out there and we'll meet again Lord willing I'm sure of it." With his mind now at ease Pitch fades into the darkness of the night returning home to share the good news with Eris, who is overjoyed at the revelation, before gathering Facilier's birthday gifts and his fund to Europe while writes a letter to Facilier of his plans for Europe and sends it to New Orleans. He hopes everythng will reach Marie Laveaux and Facilier in time.

AN: My apologies for the unintentional hiatus you guys. Since my parents got divorced I went through a serious bout of depression and I lost all my motivation as well as my inspiration to continue this story. Thankfully this pain in the neck of a chapter is finally finished and I can focus on not only moving forward in the story but trying to create some new stories. I hope this chapter was worth the wait if not I will try to update the story as quickly as I can.