Heya, this is gonna be the first time I've written a story about a youtuber before, so it may not be great, but whatever it should be fine... I hope. Anyway, first youtuber on the list is Jacksepticeye along with his egos, Dr Schneeplestein and of course, ĄN̷҉T̷̀I͜S̡E͏̛́P̛T͟Ì͞C͟E͡Y̷̢̡E҉... Hope you all enjoy!

It was an early Saturday morning, as the sun began slowly hanging itself into the sky, ready to shower the earth in beams of unescapable light. It rose over the island of Ireland that was living next to the UK. On a street, lived a very iconic man, he was very wild, wilder than any man you've ever seen in your life. He did things in a very energetic way, as if he was always charged with bolts of electricity inside of his body. His hair was that of a grassy green, his favourite colour as a matter of fact.

He was currently marching up the stairs of his house as he entered his room. He sat down on his chair as he turned on his PC. His name, was Sean, but he went under the more iconic name 'Jacksepticeye'. He turned on his recording software and loaded up one of his favourite games of all time... Happy Wheels. He hadn't touched the game in months, people were very, very sad that he had stopped playing it, he thought he'd make a return to the long ended series, but in a different way. He tested everything, making sure it was in working order, having a laugh when the face cam was only catching his beard on film. He set everything up and pressed the record button.

Jacksepticeye: *FACE PALM* TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES MY NAMES JACKSEPTICEYE AND WELCOME BACK TO... HAAAAAAAAAAPPY WHEEEEEEEELLLS! Now, it's been a very, very long time since I've played this game, I know, BUT JACK you ask, you ended it on the 100th episode did you not? Well yeah I did, but, just- I wanna start playing it again because I've noticed, how many of you guys are very upset that I've stopped playing it, so, I'm starting a new series where it shall contain all of the best levels and moments. So the main series has still officially ended, this new series kinda, maybe revives happy whe- JACK SHUT UP AND JUST PLAY *Laughing*

He began playing Happy Wheels and saw the massive amount of fan levels people sent him, the search results showed over 10 Million results. Jacksepticeye: Fuck me you guys have been working your asses of, it's gonna take me fucking centuries to get through them all. He then began the journey as he began his first level, a bottle run. He continued onwards through the seemingly endless supply of levels for the next 2 Hours before getting tired, he was satisfied with how much footage he was able to grasp. He began his outro.

Jacksepticeye: THANK YOU GUYS FOR WATCHIN, IF YOU LIKED IT, PUNCH THE LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE... LIKE A BOSS AND high fives all round *whopish* *whopish* AND ILL SEE ALL YOU DUDES, IN THE NEXT VIDEO! He stopped recording and began editing, cropping out all the bad stuff, just like he did with all his videos (because no one wants to see the shit stuff, only the good stuff) he thought it was his usual day, but little does jack-a-boy know, this, won't be his average day.

In the HTF Universe

Sniffles was hard at work on his latest creation with Flaky at his side, who was applying plasters to the cuts on his face, he was handling a large piece of glass when he slipped on a piece of dandruff that had fallen from Flaky's 'hair' ,causing him to slip as the large pane flew into the air before landing on his head, smashing into pieces and launched several shards into his face.

Flaky: S-S-Sorry about my d-dandruff, I just d-d-don't know how t-to get rid of it! Sniffles: No Flaky, it wasn't your fault, it's mine, I wasn't looking where I was going. He winced as she applied the last plaster. He got up and got back to work. Sniffles: Alright, let's get this finished. He went over back to his machine as he started once more.

Sniffles: Wrench. Flaky: Here

Sniffles: Screw driver. Flaky: Here

Sniffles: Na- Flaky: OW, ow ow ow, my finger! Owie. Flaky had accidentally pricked her finger on one of the nails that had pierced through the box they were stored in. Sniffles: Alright, calm down, bring your hand here. Tears formed from Flaky's eyes as Sniffles placed his fingers on the nail before pulling it out, blood splattered everywhere as a little got on his glasses, he quickly wrapped her finger before cleaning his glasses. Sniffles: Calm down Flaky, it's just a prick, I'm sure it's nothing serious. Flaky: B-But what if it gets infected, what if I get infected with a virus that could possibly kill me off for good, what if it- Sniffles: FLAKY! Just, calm, down, alright. Flaky eventually calmed down and sorted herself out, she was definitely known to over exaggerate situations.

Sniffles: Alright, now Carefully pass me the nails, please. Flaky carefully grabbed the box of nails and passes it to him. He took it and settled it down next to him before grabbing some nails out and screwing them in. Sniffles: There we go, Finished! He began immediately afterwards fiddling with some knobs and buttons before suddenly, a massive blue portal sprung into the empty empty space above the machine, startling Flaky in the process. Sniffles looked at it in excitement, his eyes looked at the massive blue oval that stood before him.

Sniffles: Ok, now then, let me go call Giggles.

He grabbed his phone out his pocket and dialled Giggles number, she answered within mere moments.

Giggles: Hello? Sniffles: Heya, I've just finished my latest piece of machinery, you don't mind coming over do you? Giggles: Um, sure I guess... I'll, be right over. *hangs up*


Giggles was brought into the lab, she saw the massive blue portal that stood before them. Giggles: You sure this is safe, right? Sniffles: Not sure, that's why we are all going to be the test subjects! Flaky: Wait, WHAT, y-y-you n-never told me a-a-anything a-about th-this! Sniffles: Relax, your going to be just fine, besides, if we die, we'll just come back. Flaky: B-B-But-. Sniffles: Cmon, besides, what's the worst that could happen?

Flaky just gulped as Sniffles grabbed the explorer caps they wore when they went looking for the cursed idol. He passed one to Flaky and one to Giggles who put a spare bow on it. Sniffles: Alright, everyone ready? Giggles: Yeah. Flaky: U-U-Umm, y-y-yeah, I g-guess. Sniffles: Great, now then, everyone hold each others hand. He held Flaky's hand and Giggles hand before slowly walking towards the portal. Sniffles: Ok, everyone ready? G F: Umm. Sniffles: 1... 2... 3! He ran full speed at the portal, dragging Flaky and Giggles with him. They ran straight into it as a blue bright light suddenly shone, covering the entire room. They had traveled into an entirely new world they won't even know about.


Sean had just finished publishing his video onto his YouTube channel, he could already see the comment section filled with people claiming to be first, he saw about 20 of them 'Fucking typical' he thought to himself. He shut down his PC and began making his way outside when he heard a thud coming from downstairs along with what sounded like 3 voices all going ow. Not expecting visitors, he shouted downstairs. Jack: Hold on, I'll be down in a minute!

The trio heard the voice boom from upstairs as they scanned their surroundings. They appeared to be In the living room, adept the table was about twice their size, implying that they were very small. The trio heard footsteps coming down the stairs, realising they didn't have much time, Giggles and Sniffles quickly left Flaky and hid. Flaky: Wait, WHERE DID YOU GUYS GO!? Jack: Who said that!? Whose there?! Flaky covered her mouth as she realised he had heard her. She saw him walk past the table, from what she saw, she was just about up to his thighs in height, it made her feel really short, like, really short. He then peeped under the table and saw her, they both starred at each other before Flaky screamed and started running away. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She heard him running right behind her. She quickly began making her way upstairs before she realised, she was just barely taller than the first 3, she had to climb the stairs.

However, before she could even make it up the first step, she felt a hand grab her as she was suddenly lifted from her feat, she was brought up to its face as she began crying and begging for mercy. Flaky: P-P-PLEASE DONT HURT ME, PLEASE DONT EAT ME! Jack: Jesus Christ calm down will ya, I ain't gonna eat ya, whatever the hell you are. He yelled at her, Flaky was heavily breathing but slowly starting calming down, sweat staining her face... He held her with both hands around her waist, making sure not to drop her. Jack: What the hell even are you, a hedgehog, and why are you red? Hedgehogs aren't supposed to be red... I don't think so anyway. Flaky was about to answer his question before she looked down, realising how high up she was, she shrieked and covered her eyes. Flaky: AHH, PLEASE, P-P-PUT ME DOWN, I D-DONT LIKE HEIGHTS! Jack quickly obeyed her orders and dashed over to the table where he placed her gently on it.

She checked her surroundings to see that she was on a flat and safe surface, she then answered his question. Flaky: W-W-W-Well first o-o-of all, I'm n-n-not a h-hedgehog, rather, I'm a p-porcupine... a-and my names F-F-Flaky. Jack: Oh, right, wow that should've been obvious, the things on the back of your head, or back rather are sharp. Anyways, where the fuck did you come from, you look like your from some kind of cartoon or whatever? Sniffles: Flaky, you ok? Jack looked down to see Sniffles and Giggles, presumably searching for Flaky. Jack: I presume these guys are with ya? He pointed downwards to them. Flaky: Y-Yeah, there w-with m- OH GOD, THIS IS HIGH UP! She quickly covered her eyes in fear she started slowly backing away from the edge of the table. Jack: Jesus Christ, someone defiantly scared, alright, let's get you two up here. He grabbed Sniffles and Giggles and placed them right next to Flaky before sitting down on a chair.

Jack: Alright, listen... I have never seen you guys before, nor do I know what you guys do around here? So since you guys have introduced yourselves, it's only fair, if I introduce myself. Sniffles: Alright then, go ahead. Jack: My name, is Sean, but call me jack, alright. Giggles: Sounds easy enough, Jack is a simple name. Jack: Yeah, umm, anyway, where the fuck did you guys even come from anyway, the heavens or something? Sniffles: Well, first thing first, we didn't come from the heavens, but rather, from a portal like device that I created, I wanted to test it and see where it would take us, and here we are. Jack: Wait, portal? Pfff, get a grip nerd-a-bird, portals don't exi- He looked over to his right to see non other than, a blue oval like sphere, glowing and having a spiral pattern in it. Jack: O K then, this is remotely interesting. He got up and slowly made his way towards it, it seemed to perfectly fit his size. He turned back at the tree friends in confusion.

Jack: Where the fuck does this, you know... go exactly? Sniffles: Oh, that goes right were we came from, wanna go though? Sniffles saw Jack thinking for a moment until he agreed. Jack: One moment, I just gotta inform everyone on my social media where I'm going. He quickly ran up stairs as they heard him speaking in a rather loud and energetic voice, they didn't hear all of it, but from the loudest parts they heard, he had said he was going on a surprise vacation that a special someone had set up for him, without him even knowing, he then later explained that he won't be sure how long he'll be gone for. They then heard him rambling around before he descended back downstairs. Jack: Alrighty! Let's go shall we?

Flaky: W-Wait, who were y-you t-t-t-talking to e-exactly? Jack: I way just telling my friends n stuff that I will be on a surprise vacation that a special someone set up for me without me even knowing about it.

He slowly made his way through the portal and picked up the trio as he made his way towards it. Jack: You guys ready for this?! Flaky: I-I-I'll be as r-ready as i can b-be. Jack: Righty then... LETS GOOOOOOO! He screamed as he ran full speed into the portal.

As the blue sphere consumed him, and as the tunnel of blue light flew past him, he began having a strange feeling in his body before blacking out.


Jack started regaining concousnes as he looked upward. Jack:ugh, what the...? He looked to see that he was on the floor. He got up and brushed him self of when he noticed, he had fur. Jack: wh- WHAT THE FUCK!? He noticed he also had large ears, and had his green hair, he was that of a green rabbit. Jack: WHY THE FUCK AM I RABBIT!? Sniffles: Welp, that's the perks, whenever your here, you become an animal. And since from what I've heard your very energetic, you were chosen to be a rabbit, welcome. Sniffles stretched his arm out to jack who had also noticed that he was now just about the same size as him. Jack: well then, at least I'm no longer a giant. Where the hell are we anyway? Sniffles: You are in Happy Tree town. Jack: Happy Tree Town? O K then... I guess I'll have to pick a tour guide.

Giggles: Tour guide, umm ok then, whose it gonn b- Jack: I'll pick Flaky! His sudden response made Flaky blush slightly, she had nether been a tour guide at all. Flaky: M-Me, a tour g-guide, b-b-but I've never been one b-before?! Jack: Ah, nonsense, who said you had to be a professional at doing things anyway, plus, I, really find you rather, attractive... The last word made Flaky gasp in shock, her cheeks flowed a bright pink before her eyes rolled back into her head as she collapsed on the floor, she had fainted. Jack looked at her with a concerned look plastered on his face. Jack: Is, she gonna be alright? Sniffles: Hold on, give me a sec. He took out a cup of water and filled it before chucking its contents all over Flaky, giving her a shock as she sprung back to life.

Flaky: ACK, *Coughing* What the?! Giggles: you passed out... again... Flaky: Sorry, anyway, l-l-lets begin this t-t-tour, shall we? Jack: Alrighty then. Flaky began having her usual thoughts in her head 'oh god, what if I mess this up,what if I embarrass myself in public... just, keep calm Flaky, it's going to go just, fine... I hope'


Flaky took Jack towards her car, it was a shade of red, just like her. He got into the passenger seat while Flaky got in the driver seat. It was from this moment onwards Jack developed the one and only thing he disliked about Flaky, she drove very slowly, sure it allowed you to get a great look at things, but when you were wanting to get to places... you know what I mean. Jack: Jesus Christ, you sure do drive really slow, ya don't mind speeding things up a little do ya? Flaky: I would b-b-but I don't want to c-cause any a-accidents, what if we c-c-crash and die, what if it- Jack: Flaky, calm down... just breathe, alright, I don't wanna repeat of what happened 5 minutes ago. Flaky eventually calmed down and noticed the park on her right. Flaky: Hey, the parks r-right here, maybe I c-could introduce you t-t-t-to some of the people a-around here. Jack nodded in agreement as they parked on the street to the right.

Cuddles suddenly appeared out of nowhere on his skateboard above Flaky's car and would've collided with her if Jack hadn't quickly pulled her away. Jack: Jesus Christ! Flaky ya'll right!? Flaky was shaken and trembling before she spoke, her voice clearly told him she was shaken up from the event that recently occurred. Flaky: Y-Y-Yeah, I-I-I'm o-ok, thanks f-f-for saving m-m-m-me J-Jack. Jack: No problem. Cuddles: Hey Flakes, who's the new ki- Jack: Listen here ya jackass, you nearly hit her in the head with your damn skateboard! Cuddles: Woah dude, chill out man, didn't know you love birds were hanging out behind the car. Jack simple face palmed. Jack: Anyways, since I'm new here, who the hell are you?

Cuddles: Well, my names Cuddles, nice to meet you... Jack: Cool, my names Jack, and Flaky here is being my tour guide n showing me around n stuff. Cuddles: Pfff, Flaky your tour guide, ya having a laugh, she's like the shyest person in town. Jack: So, what's ur problem bucko? Cuddles just starred in silence before adding. Cuddles: Can I join the tour? Flaky: S-S-Sure, j-just don't t-t-think about d-d-doing anything c-crazy. Cuddles jumped up in the air in celebration before slamming his foot on his skateboard of which he caught it mere inches from his eye. The trio then walked into the park, beginning to greet everyone.

Petunia was ok but kept getting on Jacks nerves cause she constantly kept on trying to sort out his hair.

Handy was in the middle of something when Jack made a joke about how handy he was, he at first didn't get it but Flaky saw his expression change to his iconic angry face once he got the joke, she chuckled slightly.

Jack at first though Nutty should've been kept in a mental facility until he learnt it was just the high amount of sugar he consumed... on an hourly basis.

Giggles was nice to him but she didn't like how loud he was. Same thing with Pop, Toothy and Sniffles of which the latter called him 'Loudest thing in bloody existence'.

Mole to Jack was rather funny as he often kept running into things.

Cro-marrot was, himself when he met Jack, just sat there, frozen solid stiff, in his block of ice. Jack asked how he could work an ice cream truck when Flaky said that she too, was confused at how he did things.

Then came Mime. He was currently juggling his balls (not sexually intended, I know what you were thinking ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)) when he noticed the trio walk up to him, seeing the new guy, he put his balls back in his pockets before greeting him in sign language. Jack: umm, can someone translate that please, I uh... don't speak Mime. Hearing their words, Mime immediately knew what to do, he quickly grabbed out a note pad and wrote on it before showing them the following.



Jack: Names Jack, heya Mime, nice ta meet cha. He shook mimes hand before Mime began acting like he was in an invisible box, feeling around. Jack chuckled. Jack: Damn, you really know how to pull this off now don't ya! Mime simple nodded before pointing over to behind Jack, he saw what appeared to be a bear. He wore what appeared to be a military uniform with a pair of dog tags, he appeared to be taking to Giggles when he then noticed Jack.

Jack: Hey uh Flaky. Flaky: Y-Yeah? Jack: Who's the bear in the military uniform? Hearing those words caused Flaky to shriek as she hid behind Jack in fear, from how Flaky was acting, he though this bear was going to attack her, but he appeared to have a friendly face stitched on, so he chanced it. Jack: Hello, what's your name? Flippy: My names Flippy, nice to meet you Jack. Jack was surprised at how he knew his name but just rolled with it. Jack looked behind him to still see the cowering porcupine right behind him. Jack: Ah relax Flaky, he's harmless, look see! He shook hands with Flippy as Flaky slowly revealed herself.

She sighed in relief. Flaky: S-S-Sorry about th-that, I tho- Flippy: It's ok, he hasn't shown himself today... not yet anyway. Jack was confused at first, who were they talking about, or were they both just going completely insane because they have a new person in town. Jack: Who the fuck are you guys talking about? Flippy: Oh, umm... how, do I, explain it. Flaky: Flippy h-h-has PTSD. Jack: The fucks that? Flippy: *sighs* Post Traumatic Stress disorder, is where I have a second personality, I developed it during my time. Jack: O K then, and what does this other side do, exactly? Flippy: I'd rather not mentio- Cuddles: FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Suddenly, fireworks were launched into the sky at rocket speed as they began exploding. Jack: Woah, Flaky you gotta see this! He pulled Flaky closer as he stared at the amazing display of fireworks, not realising what had happened, it was only when he realised that Flaky was still staring at Flippy that something was up. Jack: Flaky... Flaky, ya'll right? She simple pointed to Flippy who was now approaching them slowly, facing down with a bloody knife in his hand, bodies were scattered everywhere along to park, Jack stepped back and gasped in shock.

Jack: WHAT THE FUCK, DID YOU DO ALL THIS!? Flippy just simply stopped before slowly looking upward. His eyes were now a demon yellow colour, his once normal smile was cut off as a demented one was stitched on his face, jagged teeth riddled within. Flaky: J-J-J-Jack, w-w-we need t-to leave... NOW! Jack: Pfff, and let him get away with murdering our friends, I don't fucking think so! Fliqpy: You wanna bet bro? He said as he pretended to slit his threat, laughing as he did so. This reminded Jack of a certain someone, someone who acted very like this, but... more insane... Anti...

Realising this, he had second thoughts on engaging the war endured bear. Jack: Flaky, remember when I said I would take him on. Flaky slowly and shakily nodded. Jack: Welp, I've got a new idea you'll like... FUCKING RUN! He grabbed Flaky's arm and yanked it that hard that her arm went out of its socket. She wailed in pain as the duo began running away. Flaky: O-O-Over h-here! She cried out, pointing to her house, Jack immediately took a sharp left as he ran towards her door. She grabbed it with her free armed and opened the door as Jack quickly ran in. She closed it behind her before looking at her arm, it had been pulled out of socket, she held in pain as she slid to the floor, her back against it. Flaky: Owie, m-m-my a-arm... Jack suddenly realised what he had done before running over to her. Jack: Oh shit, I-I'm so sorry I didn't mean t- Flaky: I-Its f-f-fine, besides y-you d-d-did save m-me f-from danger after a-all, heh heh. Jack blushed slightly before searching for a phone. Flaky obviously not knowing what he was looking for, asked him with curiosity in her voice.

Flaky: Wh-What are you l-looking for J-J-Jack? She asked. Jack: A phone, or anything to contact the doctors so that we can get your arm fixed! Flaky did like that he was trying to help her, but what he didn't know, was that the only doctors/nurses at the time, were Sniffles, Giggles and Lumpy, and all of them were killed off. Flaky: I-I'd hate to t-t-t-tell you this... b-but he k-k-killed them all. Hearing that, she could see rage building up within him as his fists shook uncontrollably with anger, before he calmed down. Jack: What a fucking, coincidence. Welp, guess that leaves me with one choice... Flaky starting whimpering in fear. Flaky: A-A-A-And th-th-that is-s? Jack turned around with a serious look on his face.

Jack: I... Shall be you doctor! His voice, boomed across her entire house. Flaky starting slowly backing away in fear, she barely knew who Jack was and he was already planning on being her doctor, does he even have any medical experience before? She thought to herself, she was shot straight out of her thoughts as she was suddenly lifted of her feet by Jack, she looked up at him as he looked down at her, she felt like a baby. Jack: Do not worry, I, doctor Jack, shall fix you up... that name sounds really lame but that's not important right now, let's get you upstairs. He ascended her stairs before going into her bedroom and laying her gently down on the bed. Jack: Now, any idea where abouts the First Aid Kits are don't ya?

Flaky: They're all i-in the d-drawer over there. She pointed using her non out of socket arm. He looked over and opened the draw to find what appeared to be 100's, possibly even 1000's of them. Jack: Fuck me this is a lot, do you get people that are injured here often? He asked as he grabbed one of the First Aid Kits. Flaky: N-N-Not really, I mainly have them just in c-c-case though. He opened the case and got to work. He also grabbed an instruction manual showing what to do for literally every, single, situation. He then began work.


Jack was able to successfully put Flaky's arm back into socket, adept, it did hurt a little whenever she moved it, but it was better now. Flaky: Th-Th-Thankyou J-J-Jack, you were a-actually a lot b-b-better than I th-th-thought you were. Jack: Well then, maybe I'll have to sign up to be a doctor myself, thing is, I've gotta come up with a name...

Flaky: Dr Jacky? Jack: Nope

Flaky: Dr Jacko? Jack: Nope

Flaky: Dr J acky? Jack: Really...

Flaky: Dr Jackenstein? Jack: Not a chance.

Flaky: Wh-What about Dr, umm... Schneeplestein? Jack: wait what was that again?

Flaky: Dr Schneeplestein. Jack: PERFECT, DR SCHNEEPLESTEIN IT IS!

Flaky chucked slightly at the name 'Schneeplestein' was a name she thought of at random and it seemed to be a good one to him. He quickly wrote the name down on a notepad for later before putting it in his pocket. Jack: That's great and all, but how am I supposed to treat people when pretty much everyone is now dead for good! Flaky: N-N-Not, e-exactly Jack. His rabbit ears picked up at what sounded like bullshit. Jack: Did you not see how he tore them apart, to shreds even! Flaky starting whimpering. Flaky: Jack please! J-J-J-Just let m-m-me e-explain please, y-y-your s-scaring me! Realising, he kept his distance. Jack: Alright... explain. Flaky: Th-This town, has a curse wh-where people who die... are brought b-b-back from the dead, sure it sounds dumb b-but trust me, I-I-its true!

Jack looked at her questionably before accepting her statement. Jack: Alrighty then, so if that's the case, by tommorow, everyone's gonna be alive, and act like nothing ever happened, am I right. Flaky: Y-Yeah, well... a-aside from me, I a-a-always r-remember w-what happens. Jack took this into consideration and realised it, no wonder she was so nervous, she was the only one who remembers what happened before she died, so in turn, this would make her extremely anxious and nervous. Jack: Well then, I assume that explains why your so damn nervous all the time, am I correct? Flaky simply nodded before getting up and looking outside her window, the night sky had thrown daylight away as the moon began hanging its self up for the night. Flaky: G-Gosh, its night a-already!

Jack yawned as the word night was mentioned. Jack: Yeah, and I'm, tired as balls from helping ya. Flaky: Wait, b-but where a-a-are you going to s-sleep. Jack: Ah, I'll just sleep on the sofa, it's fine, I've done it many times before when I accidentally sleep downstairs. Flaky: Y-Y-You s-sure? Jack: Yeah, I'll be fine. Flaky simple shrugged before heading to bed, Jack went downstairs and got comfy on the sofa, ready to rest off the carnage that had happened today.

But as he was sleeping... one of his fingers began twitching, his pinky, it twitched until bright rectangles quickly flashed up in a glitchy like pattern for a brief moment before stopping. A voice was heard, but not loud enough for Flaky to hear.

?: W̶̶̨E̴̕L̀͢͝L ̨͘WELL ̵͝W͟͜͏E͜Ĺ̢L̕.̢́.̷̡̀.̢̕͢ WH̷̡A̶T͡͏ ̷͡D̵͜O̷ ͞Ẃ͝E͟ HAV͡E̵ ̵̸̢H̡̧E̢͢R̕͝E͘,́͟͠ SO̕ME̢͜͝O̢N̡E͢ ͏̴I͞S͘҉̶ ̷S̢̢͘Ĺ̴͡Ȩ̛͜E̸̢̕P̸͢I̷͡N̶Ǵ͠͝,̶͡ ̶͢H̨̢͟Ę́ḨEH̛̕͟E͞H̕E͠͡H̶̛͘E͘.́͞.͞.̶̸͘ ̸͘T́H̡͘AT̴͞҉ ̴̸͢D̡Ó͜E͢SŃ̛T̷͞ ̢̕͡M̀EA͞N ̨̕I ̢̛C̴A͏̵Ņ̷̴T̸͜͜ ̸̡C҉͏ROS̛S̢Ó̵̴V̢͟Ę̛R̴ ͝T̀O͏ ̢YA ̷͢K҉N͠͠O̡Ẁ,҉̷͘ ̡͜͞T̵W̶͏O͞ ̧̡C̛͡Ą͞N̛͠ ̵̛A͏L̵͢W͝͠ĄY̢͠S.́͝..̴ ̧͞҉P̸̸L͢͝A̸Y̢͘ ̶͏̸A̧T̡̛͜ ̷́T́͜HA͝T̨͟ ̷͠G͘A̢M̧͜͠E͞͠.̵..