'I no longer think this world is so great' Saiki thought as he traversed the lower floors of the castle. He was currently in the process of looking for the troll the defence against the dark arts teacher unleashed. When he heard about the plot from the man's head he immediately regretted not going for that handshake, it would have saved his some precious time. Time he would rather spend doing anything other than this.

He had to look manually too. The creatures higher brain function seems to be comparable to that of Nendo. Or is Nendo comparable to a troll? Probably both. Luckily the castle has a 'pets allowed' policy, it was easy enough to narrow down his search to the dungeons.

The one upside of this chore was that he finally got some alone time. He finally had an excuse to get away form Draco and naturally his presence has not been missed. Also one thing that will be missed is desert, by Saiki. The one good thing he has to look forward to everyday. Suffice to say the glare he was toting around was sure to be enough to scare that troll back into his hidey-hole.

"GGGAAaarrrghh!" The growl echoed on the stone walls of the hall. Saiki turned to see the hulking form of the troll lumbering around the corner. It seems to have found him first. The troll halted his stomping when he noticed the boy. Weather to was the glare or just surprise is hard to say but either way he was only dissuaded for a second before he swung is club around.

Left to right the clubs tip barely missed the stone fixture near the wall, and missed Saiki entirely. Before he could do any damage -to the hallway not to him, obviously- Saiki held the beast still using psychokinesis, simultaneously transmitting a lullaby into it's empty head.

Seconds later it was completely conked out and Saiki gently lowered him to the stone floor.

'Well, that's that, maybe I can make it to the feast before desert ends' or not it seems. The great hall had already been thrown into turmoil, they'll be looking for him soon.

Distracted by the chaos of the dining hall he didn't notice the sniffling girl coming around to corner.

"Oh?" Hermione startled, her hand pausing where it was wiping her eyes.

Saiki swivelled around and said 'I found it like this' completely casually.

Hermione leaned to the side to see past him. Not that she needed to, the troll's sleeping form stretched from one wall to the other. It took her a few moments to recognise the creature in the poorly lit corridor but once she did the vertical leap she performed was impressive.

"A troll!" She yelped, but quickly covered her mouth when she realised what she'd done.

The beast stirred but didn't otherwise seem to have awoken.

Hermione lowered her hands, not relaxing by much, then looked back to Saiki. Or where Saiki had been anyway. She swivelled around eyes wide and managed to catch him just as he turned the corner. "Wait," She whisper-yelled, breaking into a jog to catch up. "We should stick together just to be safe, and find a teacher too." But her confident instructions were bookended by her indignation, "What is a troll even doing out and about like this?" Her face scrunched up in confusion.

'Oh great, the blabbing type.' Saiki pushed on ahead, speed walking to overtake his unwanted companion. He hoped that she would be more receptive to being ignored than Draco. This seemed to be the case as he successfully shook off his pursuer. 'Finally-'

'Of course he doesn't care Hermione, you never learn you idiot' The girl stood in the middle of the hallway, faced scrunched and fighting back tears of frustration, at Ron, at Harry... at herself. She curled her chin into her chest in an effort to hide her grimace. When she heard footsteps heading in her direction she quickly covered her face, shoving her nose into her elbow.

As the sound drew closer she quickly tried to regain her composure, taking in a deep breath and wiping her face in her sleeve. With a long exhale she finally lifted her flushed face to -not face but another word but I can't be bothered to think of one right now- whoever was approaching. 'Hopefully a teacher' she thought only to be -not faced but another word but I can't be bothered to think of one right now- with the deadpan of Saiki's -nfbawbIcbbttoorn-

'Are you coming or what?' He asked as kindly as he could, which is to say more or less neutrally.

"I- Yes, coming!" She replied shocked, and as Saiki turned to continue along the corridor it took a moment before her body caught up with her head. She had to jog a short distance to catch up, before falling into step with Saiki's, now slower, strides. 'I guess he just walks fast' She considered as the surprise waned. She let loose a small smile as she looked ahead, letting them fall into a comfortable silence.

'This is emotional manipulation I swear'

-I Still Don't Know How to do a Line Break-

When Severus reached the foot of the stair well, McGonagall and Quirrell at his heals, he should have been surprised to see Potter. In a castle the size of Hogwarts 2 individual people on 2 separate paths would have one in a million chance at running into each other. They weren't in a main hallway, and one well out of the way of any 1st year classes, so such a coincidence would mean the boy got lost. A fact he was inclined to believe considering Malfoy is the one who leads him along to all his lessons, but as the teachers and students met halfway and McGonagall let out a gasp and griped a bushy haired girls shoulders this hypothesis quickly fizzled out. The know-it-all likely knows more about the castle than all but the squib caretaker.

His squinted gaze met Potters idiotic neutral one. 'So what are you doing here?' he questioned in his head. He momentarily thought he caught a twitch in the boy's mouth but it was enough to flare up anger in Snape's core. Before he quickly schooled his emotions and started clouding his mind and memories. Once he regained his composure he began his interrogation.

"And what, exactly, are two first years doing so far from their house dorms, when all students were warned of a troll in this very area?"

The brunette seemed confused for a moment, then gasped. Seemingly having forgotten her search for a teacher. "I didn't know!" She exclaimed, "I was in the bathroom since the end of last period. I had no idea there was a troll."

And from what Snape could see in her memories she was telling the truth.

His eyes shifted back to Saiki, as usual he couldn't read anything suspicious in his thoughts.

'Me too.' Was his simple response, to Snape's utter frustration -'you can't prove anything'- But before he could snap back McGonagall spoke up.

"You say you didn't know, yet, you don't seem much surprised." But she appeared more worried then accusatory.

"We saw it!" Hermione quickly explained, "It was sleeping in the hallway near the bathroom."

The green robed lady's expression became stern. She turned to Severus, "Professor Snape, please ensure these students get beck to their houses safely. Me and Professor Quirrell will continue the search. Please direct the Headmaster our way when you're done." And though she worded it like a plea it sounded more like a demand.

As such, despite dithering for a moment, the oily haired man soon nodded his assent. "Follow." he commanded, starting back up the stairwell the teachers came from. 'The faster I get to Dumbledore the sooner Quirrell won't be alone with McGonagall.' He spared one last look at the back of the man's head, who had to half run to keep up with the woman's frenzied pace, and continued leading the students back to their respective dorms.

-I Still Don't Know How to do a Line Break-

The morning after Halloween the great hall was filled with gossip, and as the subjects of conversation made their way to their seats at the Gryffindor table they hung their heads to avoid the gazes following them. Ron fell heavily into his seat and immediately piled food onto his plate while Neville looked around in worry.

"How can you act so normal when everyone is talking about us and looking at us and judging us and... and..." Neville's words stuck to his tongue as he shrunk in on himself, eventually giving up the line of questioning in favour of burring his head in his arms on the table.

Ron continued to eat his food not looking up even as his brothers approached him.

"Well, well, looks like someone's living up to the family name." One of the twins goaded.

"I mean, you still have a ways to go, getting caught like that was a rookie mistake." The other continued, "But lucky for you, you have two masters to learn from right here."

George took a breath to quip back but before he could Ron finally interjected. "Oh buzz off you two. Last thing I need right now is you rubbing it in." It seems he was waiting to finish his last mouthful of food as to not spew as he spoke.

But the twins only grinned, "Our door is always open." And with those parting words they left presumably to go cause havoc elsewhere.

"You're right we don't need advice because we're never doing anything like that again." Neville said, looking to Ron for conformation. But the other boy only gave him an even look.

"It's not like we went down there to fight the troll, we weren't even causing trouble really." He replied in a frustrated tone, though it was clear it wasn't directed at Neville himself.

"We still got detention though..." He commented, though it was more to himself than to anyone else.

The air around Ron darkened and he looked like ha was about to go on another rant about the topic, which would be his 3rd since the incident, but when he looked over his companions shoulder he saw the bushy hair of Hermione bobbling into the great hall. He looked askance, before completely turning back to his food and stuffing himself with it. Neville sighed in relief, thanking Merlin that the rant was stopped in its tracks, then looked over his shoulder at the brunette, waving.

She waved back easily and sat down to eat. Her mood seemed to have improved since the last time they saw each other, still... Neville turned back to Ron who had finished off his plate and was now occupying himself with staring into the orange juice in his goblet. He nudged the ginger with his elbow, causing him to look up from his orange entertainment.

He met Neville's eyes and then looked back down, "Yeah, I know." He put the goblet down and pushed himself away form the table.

When he approached Hermione she didn't notice him at first, her brows were furrowed in concentration as she mumbled incomprehensibly to herself. "Hey." He said, breaking her out of her revere.

"Oh, um, hello." She responded, unsure of herself, her eyes not quite being able to meet his.

"I just wanted to- Well, apologise, I guess." He sputtered out, "So, yeah, sorry." It was now his turn to avoid Hermione's eyes.

"I see, thank you." She said, wide eyed. Then, without anymore fanfare, Ron turned and left, taking up his seat next to Neville once more.

"Happy now?" He grumbled, thoroughly embarrassed. His moping was quickly interrupted when a shadow passed over them.

"Mr. Weasley, Mr. Longbottom. It has been decided that your detention will be taking place after school with Professor Quirrell. I hope you enjoy yourselves." And without leaving room for back talk Snape hobbled away.

"Oh, I'm so glad it's not with him, I would have died-"

"Did you see that?" Ron interrupted the nervous boy's ramble.


"His leg, he was limping, he must have hurt it. I didn't notice it yesterday." The ginger boy scrunched his eyes up in thought, before lighting up like Christmas trees. "What if it was the troll!"

"What...?" Neville repeated, even more unsure this time.

"He released the troll, but he got hurt."

"But he wasn't injured before, remember?" The boy tried to reason.

"But how else could he have gotten hurt?" Ron argued.

"Well.. Maybe it was that dog. You know, the one in the third floor corridor." Neville pondered as he got up from his seat to make his way to their morning lesson.

"But why would he fight it?" He questioned as he slowly followed along with the other, much more reluctant to start classes.

"I don't know." Neville shrugged, "Maybe it's hiding some kind of treasure."

'That guy should be the main character, can we switch?'