Hello, how do you do? Even though the vote is 50/50, i still write it out of patriotism anywhere. The things that the canon miss in manga and anime is clashed of religions, culture, etiquette and others between two world, which in this fanfic is Falmart and Malaysia. It's sound exciting yes, but there's a problem. I need it in real and fact, so please answear all this questions down here cause i need you opinion and answear. The another reason is because it is much easier for people to see others fault than themself. I put my faith on you all to answear all questions down below. PLEASE! Contain spoiler.

1. How long does it take for Uk, Australia, New Zealand reinforcement arrived to aid Malaysia as soon as Malaysia invoke the FPDA treaty? Which regiment/unit will be send by each country and please state the number of soldier from each units?

2. Which country that will join too including Indonesia and what unit/regiment, manpower each?

3. What's UN roles in this fanfic?

4. How we(modern country) deal with people (traitor) that try to escape the country when it under attack with all their wealth even liquidnate hard asset( land, estate, gold) by Swiss bank account?

5. What presentation of military power that enough to make Zorzal shit his pant at the Empire assault?

6. What is Malaysia military stance should have been? Can pick any of this choice:

A) became UN peacekeeping force while drag the responsible to UN court by diplomacy or special force(COD: Ghost style)

B) Since UK used to conquer Malaysia, let have some retribution on Empire since both caucasian(not racist here) and hail from 4 season land, do same thing that UK Empire do, but more kinder and freedom cause dont want them have same condition like Malaya before became independent.

C)Uber Jihad mode! Real jihad, not like those ISIS that claim want they do is jihad. Those twisted freak (ISIS) didnt die in heaven, they go to hell!

D)Super nationalism mode! Defend KL with Resist and Bite song in the background. Attack Empire's palace with both Battlefield 4 and Rainbow Six style! Don't expect us to pay insurence to them!

E) Both Jihad and Nationalism.

F) play nice at first, when Zorzal fuck it up, it's war as answear the Empire. Got some epic war speech here but not suitable to those who anti-nationalism and have Islamophobia.

8. List any religion as many as you want to be spread in Falmart.

9. How we supposed to defeat those gods? My idea is, trap them in clear bottle, show it to those devotee(cause panic),ask public how they sane enough to plead help from these fake gods when they cant even escaped from bottle, put weigth on it, then throw it into the middle of the sea. Any other suggestion everyone?

10. How to deal with apostels, since they sure will be sent when under threat. More specific, how to kill them?

11. How to deal with Rory when she come along to Alnus Hill?

12. Should we create a Falmart federation, consisting Empire, Elbe and other. Falmart's counsil of kings is created which every monarchy is equal on table and each elected as Supreme King every 5 year.


To answear, please put number of question on each answear so it much easy to recognise which answear for each question. Send your answear to the review section.

The story will finish faster the more you answear. Please send matured comment and how to improve this fanfic instead attacked me like maniac. Thank you.