Warning: Mentions of rape

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Silence Ch. 1

Les was overjoyed. He had finished selling early and he got to walk the city streets until Davey expected him back at the lodging house. He roamed around his usual neighborhoods chatting with other newsies and charming vendors for extra food. At the time for him to go back Les began the mile and a half hike. After walking for half a mile he encountered the Corvine gang.

"Hey look, it's the baby newsie," Paul Corvine taunted from an alleyway. "Where are all your babysitters?" Paul and the two other gang members laughed.

"I ain't a baby Paul. I don't need a babysitter," Les shot back, walking towards the alley.

Paul walked over toward Les,"Well after this you're gonna wish someone was here to watch you," suddenly he pulled Les by his shirt into the dark alley and punched him in the stomach.

Les groaned falling to his knees. The other two gang members, Vincent and Darren, took the opportunity to kick Les to the concrete. Les caught himself before hitting the pavement. His wrist made a sickening crunch and he screamed in pain. He clutched his arm, hot tears escaping from his eyes.

"Oh look the baby's crying," Paul taunted.

Through gritted teeth, Les shot back, "I'm not a baby." With all his might he kicked Paul in the shin.

Rage filled Paul's eyes, and he pulled out a knife. "Get him boys."

The boys jumped on Les, punching him in the face.

Les groaned in pain. He heard fabric ripping and then he promptly passed out.

A knife held to Les's throat woke Les from unconsciousness and brought his attention back to the group of boys on top of him. Paul Corvine, pushed his elbow into Les' chest while he delivered his final warning.
"If you tell anyone what happened here tonight, they won't believe you," Paul gave an evil grin before continuing. "You asked for it when you walked into this alley."
Les' heart sank and Paul let out an evil laugh before giving Les one final punch, knocking him unconscious.

It never happened, it never happened

Les thought as he woke up.
His mind raced rapidly as he tried to push the harrowing experience out of his mind.
I need to get up. I have to get back home

He slowly pushed himself up into a sitting position. When he had succeeded in doing so Les began to stand up. Suddenly, his legs felt like jello and the overwhelming feeling of nausea caused him to throw up whatever he had, had for dinner that night. He took a deep shaky breath and again tried to stand up, slower this time. Using the alley wall for support, Les stood up and leaned against it.
His still foggy mind observed his surroundings. He knew where he was, he wouldn't have ventured into unknown territory at night. The problem was that the lodging house was almost a mile walk back and Les wasn't sure if he would be able to make it. He staggered into the city street, and hoped he'd make it home before passing out again.

Jack knew Les was a smart kid. He was the one of the smartest ten year olds he'd ever met. Which was why Jack had no idea why Les was late. Not just the usual tardiness after a long day of selling, but he was almost three hours late. Jack was certain that Les wouldn't have gone off to do something stupid. Except for the part of him that still knew that Les was only ten and at that age every kid thinks they're invincible.
"Jack has anyone seen him yet?" Davey questioned anxiously.
Davey had been a nervous wreck since he realized Les wasn't back on time. And had since then he'd been pacing the dorms of the lodging house looking for answers.
"No, sorry Dave he hasn't turned up yet."
Davey let out another sigh of frustration. "Where could he be it's been hours and it's getting dark out."
Jack clapped Davey on the shoulder. "I'm sure everything will be fine. He's a smart kid, and when he gets back here he'll get the lecture of the century for scaring us."

Les neared the lodging house. With every step he became more and more exhausted. The long walk had taken a toll on his beaten body, he approached the door and took in a deep breath. He opened the door to find Jack pacing on the other side.

"Les!" Jack exclaimed. "What happened?"
Les opened his mouth to say something, but was at a loss for words. He looked into Jack's wide eyes and promptly passed out in his arms.

"Davey get in here!" Jack yelled from the doorway.
Davey rushed down the stairs and helped Jack bring Les over to the sick room. The pair sat Les down on the bed and started to assess his injuries. Jack pulled off Les' shirt revealing deep purple bruises.
Davey looked down and felt faint. He had helped Jack fix up lots of boys before, but seeing his own brother like this made him feel sick.
"Are you ok Davey?" Jack questioned as Davey began to use the bed frame for support.
"Y-yeah I'm fine just lost my balance for a sec there."
"Ok we're gunna have to take off his pants now," Jack grimaced. "Ready."
"Let's get this over with."
Les' legs were worse than his upper body. The blood from the numerous amount of cuts had dried to the fabric. The boys slowly removed the pants, reopening most of the cuts, and leaving a bloody and pussy mess.
At first glance Davey felt as if he was going to puke, but he pushed those thoughts aside and fixed up Les as well as he and Jack could.
After the boys had finished Davey sat on the bed next to Les, Jack right by his side.
"Please be okay," Davey prayed. "Please be okay."

Les became conscious again after a long night had passed. Much to his dismay the first thing he did was panic. He bolted up bringing the blankets up to shield his exposed torso.
"Easy Les, easy you're fine." Jack softly spoke. "Your home now, whatever happened is over."
Davey joined them on the bed. "Your family's here to protect you," he said.

Les sat focusing on the voices of his brothers. He wasn't sure how he would tell them about what had happened the night before. The thought of telling them petrified him into a numbed silence. He knew he could never let anyone ever know what had happened to him. This was one secret that his brothers would never be able to know.

I seem to have a problem with torturing Les, whops. I think his character is so much fun to write because I can take creative liberties with how he is. Also, I'm a sucker for the brotherly bond between between Les, Davey, and Jack. This is also my very first multi-chapter story so on that note, hopefully you enjoyed this chapter. Leave me a review and tell me what you thought. I love hearing from all of you and feedback always motivates me to write more. Until next time!