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Silence Ch. 2

Les had successfully evaded any questions from Davey and Jack the rest of the afternoon, using the excuse of being tired and wanting to sleep to his advantage. But, Les could see that Jack and Davey wanted answers from him and soon. The pure thought of telling the boys what had happened the night before made him sick to his stomach. He felt so ashamed that he couldn't fight back against the Corvine's. The boys had broken him. Now he was helpless, sitting in bed afraid to even speak.

Suddenly, a hand was on Les' shoulder causing him to jump and pull the blankets tightly around him.

"Easy there Les it's just me," Jack said, pulling his hand off if Les' shoulder.

Les relaxed a bit and looked at Jack.

"Are ya doing okay Les?"

"I'm fine," Les mumbled.

"Ya hurting anywhere?"

"My arm hurts but that's it." Now that was a lie Les' whole body was sore from the ordeal.

"Do ya need anything?"

"No, I'm just tired."

"Still? You've been napping all day!"

"Yes I'm still tired!" Les snapped. "Can.. Can I just nap?" he practically begged Jack.

"I guess," Jack reluctantly said. "I'll be back up later." The door shut behind him and Les tried to actually get some sleep for the first time all day.

Jack was sitting on the roof of the lodging house. His conversation with Les had left him with a weird feeling, something was wrong and he was determined to figure out what. Suddenly, a hand touched his shoulder.

"Something wrong Jack?" Crutchie questioned.

"No, everything is fine Crutch," he said through gritted teeth.

"I know that's not true," Crutchie chuckled. "Now, why don't ya tell me what's wrong so you can quit pacing the roof."

"I'm not pacing," Jack snapped, before realizing that he his feet were walking the perimeter of the rooftop. He quickly stopped and sat on the edge.

Crutchie laughed at the behavior of his brother, "Now, tell me what's wrong."

Jack sighed, "It's Les, he's hiding something, but I can't figure out what."

"And what makes you think that?"

"All he wants to do is sleep, that's not like him. Normally, we'd have to strap Les to the bed to get him to rest," Jack explained.

"Maybe last night shook him up bit? He's never been soaked so bad before."

"I don't know Crutch I've got a feeling this is about more than just the soaking."

"How bout I go and talk to him?" Crutchie offered. "Then I can tell ya what I think of all this."

"You're the best Crutch," Jack said, clapping his brother on the shoulder.

"That's what brothers are for."

Les woke to a knock at the door, "Hey there Les, how ya feeling?" Crutchie said hobbling in.

"I'm fine," Les mumbled.

"That's good, Jack told me you were soaked pretty bad."

Les winced at the thought of the night before. "Yeah, the Corvine brothers jumped me on the way home" he mumbled out.

"Really?" Crutchie said. He made a note to tell Jack that.

"Yeah, listen Crutchie I'm kinda tried could I go back to bed?"

"Sure kid, yell if you need anything," Crutchie made his way out the door. Jack was right something happened and they had to find out quick.

Crutchie found Jack with Davey talking quietly on the roof.

"So what'd find out Crutch?" Jack asked anxiously.

"You're right Jack. Something's up with Les he ain't acting right."

"God what could've happened last night?" Davey exclaimed.

"He said he was jumped by the Corvine brothers on his way home."

"The Corvine brothers!" Jack exclaimed. "All three of em!"

"I think so, he never said who," Crutchie said.

"Who's the Corvine brothers?" Davey asked frantically.

"They're a gang from Brooklyn, they're always givin Spot's boys trouble," Jack explained.

"Then what were they doing in Manhatten?"

"Sometimes they come over and meet up with there other gang "friends"," Crutchie said.

"That's it I'm going down there and finding out what happened," Davey said rushing to the ladder.

"Davey!" Jack exclaimed chasing his friend down the ladder. "We can't just demand he answer any question we ask. We have to go about this the right way."

"And when will that time be? My folks are freaking out because Les can't come home. What am I supposed to tell them?" Davey fumed.

"I don't know Dave," Jack sighed. He slumps against the ladder running his hand through his hair.

The three boys sit in a still silence. Suddenly, the silence is broken when a blood curdling scream erupts from Les.

Les tossed and turned in his bed. He can't seem to sleep no matter how hard he tries. Nightmares creep up every time he closes his eyes. Finally, he finds a comfortable position and he drifts into sleep.

Les wakes up in a dark alley he tries to sit up but someone is holding him down.

"Not so fast baby newsie."

Paul Corvine. Les' blood runs cold. "Get off of me!" He screams.

"What was that?" Paul laughs. "I think he said stay on me," the boys laugh wickedly.

"No! Get off of me, please!" Les begs.

"You asked for it," the boys taunt.

The alley changes to the roof of the lodging house. Jack sits on the railing. "You know that you shouldn't sell so far from the lodging house near dark."

"I know Jack," Les starts.

"I've told you before and now look what happened!" Jack fumes.

"I'm sorry," Les pleads.

Suddenly, Les is in the lodging house.

"Why didn't you fight?" Davey asks him tears streaming down his face.

"I tried Davey I promise!" Les croaks tears streaming down his face.

Davey turns away from Les, "You're disgusting."

"Davey, no please!" Davey looks back at Les one last time before walking out the door, not looking back.

Les screams for his brother. "I'm sorry," he sobs.

Davey and Jack rushed into Les' room. He was twisted in the blankets fighting to get free. Davey went over and touched Les' shoulder trying to wake him up. "Les wake up you're having a nightmare."

Les flung his arms hitting Davey in the nose, "No get off of me!" He screamed.

Davey cried in pain, blood began to flow from his nose.

"Crutchie, fix Davey's nose I'll handle this," Jack ordered.

"Jack I can do this I'm hi..," Davey began.

"Go and fix your nose Dave, I've helped other newsies out of nightmares before."

"He's right Davey," Crutchie said. "Jack knows what he's doing, you need to get your nose fixed before Les wakes up and finds out he punched you."

"Okay," Davey said hesitantly. "I'm coming back as soon I'm fixed up."

"I wouldn't expect anything less," Jack said. "Now go."

Crutchie and Davey exited the room. Jack slowly approached the bed. Les was still mumbling for for someone to get off of him. Jack cautiously sat down next to Les and pulled him into a tight hug.

"Les, it's okay. You're having a nightmare." Jack said, holding the fighting boy. Les continued to fight, but Jack just pulled him in tighter whispering in his ear.

"J-Jack?" Les hiccuped after a minute.

Jack pulled Les in tight, "I'm right here Les."

Les fell into Jack's embrace. His soft cries turned into sobs. "I-I'm s-sorry."

"You have nothing to sorry for," Jack said in a soothing voice. He continued to hold while he sobbed into his shirt, until finally he fell back asleep.

Suddenly, the door opened. Davey rushed in, "How's he doing?"

"I got him to calm down, he just finally got back to sleep," Jack said, solemnly looking down at Les.

"Did he say what happened?"

"No, all he said was that he was sorry."

"What? He has nothing to be sorry for" Davey said.

"I know," Jack looked down at Les. He ran his hand through the young boy's hair. "Those boys really did a number on ya didn't they kid."

Davey gave a distraught look, "What happens now?"

"We just gotta wait and see. Let's hope he'll talk soon." Jack said, putting Les down on the bed and ushering Davey out of the room.

"You go ahead Jack," Davey said before Jack left the room. "I'm gonna sit in here for awhile."

Jack nodded and quietly shut the door behind him.

"Hey Les," Davey sat down on the chair next to the bed. "Ma and Dad are worried sick about you. They really want you to come home, so please Les tell us what's wrong so we can help you," Davey squeezed Les' hand, then exited the room, leaving his little brother to himself.

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