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Rated: K+

Genre: General/Comedy

Notes: Someone once told me that they could write better than me as a five years old kid. English is my second language, but I tried my best, and at least my grammar mistakes are not too confusing that could make anyone dizzy.

It's just another midnight with the RFA (Rika's Fundraising Association), where all the members are online and looking at their phones.

Yoosung : Gah, I am so bored today.

ZEN: Hey there, Yoosung. Finally get tired of LOLOL?

Yoosung : I am currently not in the mood.

707: He is just not in the mood after losing so many times.

Yoosung : Seven, you planted a surveillance camera in my house?!

707: An Agent of the space will never reveal aliens secrets.

ZEN: I am currently taking a break from exercising. Aren't you supposed to be always busy, Seven?

707: Yes, busy looking through the space, thinking where to land and how to manage so that I can survive.

Jaehee Kang: I could never understand what's inside your mind, Luciel.

Yoosung : Whoa Jaehee, did Jumin give you an endless overtime today?

Jaehee Kang: Yes, he did. Though I am already used to it.

ZEN: It hurts thinking someone is getting an overtime, when tomorrow is Sunday.

Jumin Han: The papers can't get to work by itself.

ZEN: But you shouldn't have let Jaehee swimming in them!

Jumin Han: She is not going to drown, save your concern.

Jaehee Kang: Mr. Han just throw me a Tsunami of papers. Of course I would get drown…

V: So crowded… Feels like old times.

Rika: Yes, I am so glad everyone's happy.

707: That reminds me of a game! Let's play while everybody's here!

Ray: No…

707: C'mon, it would be fun. Wait, let me invite more people here.

Jumin Han: Who are you going to invite?

707: Anyone? Everyone?

Jumin Han: Okay, try to invite Driver Kim.

ZEN: Your driver has a SMARTPHONE?!

Jumin Han: What do you expect? I paid him well.

Driver Kim has entered the chatroom.

Mrs. Vanderwood has entered the chatroom.

Mrs. Vanderwood: Seven, what is this thing? What did you just do?

707: Okay, all players gathered. Now to invite the moderator…

Werewolf moderator has entered the chatroom.

Yoosung : Oh, I know this game.

ZEN: Seriously?!

Jaehee Kang: I think I will stick around since I need some break.

Jumin Han: As long as you finished the job by tomorrow, Assistant Kang.

ZEN: How can you be so harsh on her?!

Rika: Yes, let's play that, it would be fun.

V: If Rika is in, then I am too.

707: /create

Werewolf Moderator: 707 has created a game. Type /join to participate, type /start to begin the game.

Rika: /join

Yoosung: /join

ZEN: /join

Jaehee Kang: /join

Jumin Han: /join

V: /join

Ray: /join

Mrs. Vanderwood: /join

Driver Kim: /join

707: /player

Werewolf Moderator: 707 – Alive, Rika – Alive, Yoosung – Alive, ZEN – Alive, Jaehee Kang – Alive, Jumin Han – Alive, V – Alive, Ray – Alive, Mrs. Vanderwood – Alive, Driver Kim – Alive.

707: /start

Werewolf Moderator: Check Private Message for player's role.

Yoosung : Yoosung is a good boy! Don't kill me!

Jumin Han: That is what everybody would say, Yoosung.

ZEN: The CEO-in-line must be the wolf born with a silver spoon!

Jumin Han: You will regret doubting me.

Rika: It's okay Yoosung, I trust you.

707: Driver Kim is the wolf!

Driver Kim: Sir, do I really have to play?

Jumin Han: Yes, it is part of your job now.

Jaehee Kang: Part of our job? I felt like my role in this job just escalated.

V: Luciel is the real seer.

707: You heard him. I see everyone through the spaceship.

Ray: You lied red-head. V is the wolf, I knew it.

Mrs. Vanderwood: Somehow I feel a bit disturbed of my own nickname…

Werewolf Moderator: Driver Kim is dead eaten by the werewolf. Driver Kim is just a Villager.

Yoosung : Seven, you lied?!

Ray: I told you, he's lying!

Werewolf Moderator: You are given 10 seconds to decide who to get hang for punishment.

Werewolf Moderator: Yoosung choose Ray to hang. V choose Ray to hang. Jumin Han choose ZEN to hang. Ray choose V to hang. ZEN choose Jumin Han to hang. 707 choose Rika to hang. Jaehee Kang choose Rika to hang. Mrs. Vanderwood choose Rika to hang. Rika choose V to hang.

V: How could you Rika?

Rika: More like, how could Jaehee, Luciel and his friend trying to hang me?

Yoosung : Oh no… I should've choose V, so the voting would be even and Rika doesn't have to die.

ZEN: It's definitely this Mr. Trust fund kid!

Jumin Han: Speak for yourself.

Werewolf Moderator: Rika is hung to death under suspicions, turns out she is a Traitor.

Rika: Happy now?

707: Well, that's good. We should capture the traitor first before killing the wolf.

Yoosung : Why is that?

ZEN: Because when the wolf is killed, the Traitor turned into a wolf, like a successor or something.

Werewolf Moderator: V is shot by the sniper, turns out he is a Beholder.

ZEN: lololol who is this sniper, so much savage killing V after Rika's hung to death.

Yoosung : Not me! I wouldn't have done such thing to Rika or V.

707: /player

Werewolf Moderator: Yoosung – Alive, 707 – Alive, ZEN – Alive, Jumin Han – Alive, Jaehee Kang – Alive, Mrs. Vanderwood – Alive, Ray – Alive, Driver Kim – Dead, Rika – Dead, V – Dead.

Ray: The plot thickens.

Jumin Han: We should hang ZEN for the next round.

Mrs. Vanderwood: I want to hang Seven for ditching his job.

Jaehee Kang: Thank God, Mr. Han is not going to hang me for that.

Jumin Han: How about I hang your salary until next month?

ZEN: Uh-oh. No way! You are not going to hang Jaehee's salary because I am going to hang you for being a wolf!

707: Suddenly it becomes so tense.

Yoosung : This is a serious business inside a game.

Werewolf Moderator: 707 is saved by the Guardian from the wolf.

707: Someone is actually trying to murder me! Watson do something!

Mrs. Vanderwood: And suddenly you called me with another name.

Yoosung : Who could possibly tried to kill Seven?

Ray: …

Yoosung : Ah! It must be Ray!

Werewolf Moderator: You are given 10 seconds to decide who to get hang for punishment.

Yoosung : Everyone, let's choose Ray!

Ray: Whatever…

Werewolf Moderator: Yoosung choose Ray to hang, Jumin Han choose ZEN to hang, ZEN choose Jumin to hang, 707 choose Ray to hang, Jaehee Kang choose Yoosung to hang, Mrs. Vanderwood choose ZEN to hang, Ray choose 707 to hang.

Yoosung : Jaehee… Why? Yoosung is a good boy…

Jaehee Kang: Sorry, I think my thumb just slipped.

707: ZEN and Jumin Han are having fun.

Ray: Pfft…

Rika: Trust Yoosung!

V: I am curious on how this is going to end.

Werewolf Moderator: The RFA can't make up their mind, none of them are getting executed.

Yoosung : Aww, I told you to choose Ray!

Ray: Shut up.

Werewolf Moderator: Mrs. Vanderwood is shot by the sniper, turns out he is a Mason.

707: My dear Watson… I will never forget you…

Mrs. Vanderwood: Please stop being dramatic, it's annoying.

Yoosung : The sniper is killing everybody…

ZEN: If only I am a sniper, I could just kill this CEO-in-line and brought peace to the RFA once and for all.

Jumin Han: Is that one of your written script for the next soap opera?

Werewolf Moderator: Yoosung is killed by the wolf. Yoosung is a Guardian.

Yoosung : The wolf is actually holding a hidden grudge on me?!

707: Wow, the guardian is taken down. Now we have nowhere to hide.

Jumin Han: Yes, we should immediately kill this wolf for being a great actor!

ZEN: No! The wolf is definitely the one hiding behind the desk ordering people around what to do!

Ray: … I'm still here… so… just you know…

Werewolf Moderator: You are given 10 seconds to decide who to get hang for punishment.

Rika: Why is Seven being silent all the time? Aren't you the seer?

707: Uh yeah but the thing is, everyone I see keep getting dead.

Ray: Lies, you are just a fool, and I am the real seer.

V: But I am the beholder, he is the real seer.

Ray: But he lied that Driver Kim is a wolf!

707: It's just a joke, seriously… So that we can have fun and longer round!

Ray: Ughhhh….

Werewolf Moderator: Jumin Han choose ZEN to hang. ZEN choose Jumin Han to hang. Ray choose 707 to hang. 707 choose Ray to hang. Jaehee Kang choose Ray to hang.

Werewolf Moderator: Ray is hang to death under suspicions, he is a Fool.

707: Now this make me an official Seer. Wohooo!

Werewolf Moderator: 707 is shot by the sniper, he is a Seer.

707: . . . Way to rain on my parade.

Mrs. Vanderwood: lololol that was hilarious.

Yoosung : But that means… There are Jaehee, Jumin and ZEN left under suspicions.

Werewolf Moderator: Jumin Han is killed by the wolf. He is Drunk.

Werewolf Moderator: Wolf wins! Jaehee Kang – Sniper – Alive, ZEN – Wolf – Alive.

V: So… Jaehee shot me, Mrs Vanderwood, and 707.

707: When I was just become a trusted Seer…. I was shot… right onto my heart!

Jumin Han: I was right from the very beginning.

Rika: But why Jaehee killed them? Just random?

Jaehee Kang: Are you saying that I can actually shot Mr. Han or ZEN?

ZEN: So glad that one of my fan wouldn't shot me. Auuuuuuuu!

Jumin Han: It's not like I blackmail you or anything, Assistant Kang.

Jaehee Kang: Who is going to sign for my paycheck if you are dead?

Yoosung : Jaehee is so deep…

Ray: I agree…

Rika: Okay I guess… I am going to the bathroom for a sec.

Author's Note: Not everyone knows the Werewolf Game, so here is the list of roles and their effects:

1. Wolf = Can eat anyone in the game for dinner. Wolf knows the other wolfs.

2. Guardian = Can protect anyone from being eaten by the wolf.

3. Drunk = If the wolf ate a Drunk, the wolf is unable to eat anyone in the next round.

4. Sniper = Can shoot anyone, especially looking for the wolf.

5. Traitor = Can turn into a wolf after the wolf is dead.

6. Beholder = Know which one is the real Seer.

7. Seer = Can see other people's role each turn.

8. Fool = Pretend to be a role when actually not (usually becoming a fake seer).

9. Villager = Has no specialty, only vote someone for execution.

10. Mason = Has no specialty, only vote someone for execution. Mason knows the other masons.

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