Yoosung POV

Strong wind struck my face hard. Though the speed was unbelievably fast, the engines unleashed a smooth sound. He hadn't lied about taking care of his cars. But I had enough.

"Hyung," I grabbed Seven's shoulder. "I might catch a cold soon, drive slower."

"There's no point in buying a sport car if you drive it slowly." Seven replied with a grin.

Then don't buy one. I mean. Don't buy all of them! I faced to the right side of the car. Ready to puke anytime soon.

"Relax Yoosung, we are here." Seven made a sudden brake. I covered my coughing mouth.

Finally we've arrived. Arrived where?

"Where are we again?" I asked as I walked out of the car with my hand covering my forehead. The dizziness wouldn't go away.

"You forgot?" Seven looked at me and dragged my shirt with his thumb and forefinger. "We are going to Rika's place to apologize."

That's right. Rika were pouting the last time we played Werewolf Game. Then she asked all of us to stop by her house on Sunday, except Mrs. Vanderwood and Driver Kim that is. The building is quite huge and flashy. Seven rang the bell and there was a voice coming from the intercom, "Just get in brother, it's not locked." Seven quickly moved the handle and we entered the mansion. It is larger than I thought it would be. The beautiful architecture made my dizzy disappeared, the garden views were breathtaking as well. I gasped.

"Well, don't just stand there Yoosung. Everyone's waiting for us." Seven said and we ascended to the 2nd floor. We entered the first room on the right and there we were greeted by RFA, except…

"ECHO GIRL!" I was rather shocked. "Can I have your autograph?"

And there was another woman I don't know of.

Rika POV

My cousin finally showed up. He looked at Echo Girl with a jaw dropped as if he is seeing a ghost.

"Hi there cutie," Echo Girl replied with a wave and a smile. "ZEN told me that you want one, so I already gave it to him just now." Echo Girl looked at ZEN with a pair of sparkling eyes.

"Oh really? Thanks hyung!" Yoosung threw an innocent happy face as ZEN gave him the autograph.

"But, why is she here? And who is that?" Yoosung asked and pointed at the magenta haired woman.

"Oh, I am Jumin Han's fiancée!" she exclaimed. "The name's Sarah Choi." Then Yoosung gave Jumin a frowned look.

"No. She is not." Jumin said with a very calm and steady voice. "Long story."

I walked to the middle of the room and clapped. "Now that everyone's here, we can start playing!"

Everyone started looking at their smartphones and joined the game. "Thank you for coming all of you. I am so glad." I smiled. Or did I?

"We are sorry for what we did the other day." Yoosung said, "But I was really sleepy."

"Yes, we are sorry too." Jaehee added, Jumin simply nodded.

"It's okay everyone, I get it. I am just… well… kinda cranky sometimes." I darted my eyes to the ceiling.

"I love you for who you are." V said and embraced my shoulder.

"Thanks." I can see V said it truthfully without any doubt in his eyes.

"Hey, the game is starting." ZEN told us, and we sat down.

"I am not going to lose this time." Luciel grinned.

And this time… my role is…


A traitor. I wonder who the wolf is. I tried to take a glance on Rika's smartphone but she noticed and covered her phone.

"You believed in me, right honey?" Rika winked with a teasing tone.

Yes. And no. The no is more dominant.

We waited for the bot around 2 minutes or so, then it told us that Sarah Choi has been eaten by the wolf. Sarah Choi is a Tanner.

"Jumin, honey, how could you've done that to me?" Sarah whined.

"What do you mean?" Jumin replied. It sounds like a certain song in my ears.

"Don't play dumb. You must've been so scared to marry me until you decided to kill me." Sarah pointed at Jumin.

"I've been framed." Jumin protested.

The game went on, Rika, Ray and ZEN choose Jumin to hang. Jumin, 707 and Yoosung choose ZEN to hang. Jaehee Kang and Echo Girl choose Rika to hang. I don't know who to choose, so I just picked 707.

"Shoot, the votes are equal." Hyun said.

"Who said so? I am the King, my vote counted as two votes." Jumin smirked full of pride.

"You what-?!" Hyun is shocked.

"Oh yeah that's the new role." Luciel commented and chuckled. "Your Highness, Jumin Han. Please give me your mercy."

"But why ZEN is not dead?" Yoosung asked while scrolling.

"Surprise!" ZEN startled us. "I am the prince, I can NOT be executed!"

"Kyaaa! ZEN is a prince!" Echo Girl screamed.

"And Jumin is a King! I knew I choose the right man!" Sarah looked excited.


"ZEN is the prince, Mr. Han is the king. And they have their own women like Sarah and Echo Girl." Jaehee rolled her eyes. "Oh no, what a nightmare!"

"True, LOL! It would make such a disturbing family, won't it?" Seven giggled.

Well, that's kind of true. Imagine if I have a father and mother like them. And a wife like Echo Girl. … I think I don't want to imagine any further.

2 minutes later, we found out that the sniper has shot V. And V is a traitor, wow nice shot dear sniper.

"I wonder who did that to you." Jumin commented.

"Probably just Yoosung doubted me." V laughed and Yoosung looked away.

In the next minutes, it appears that the wolf is targeting me. But luckily the guardian protected me. Thank you to whoever they are.

"Who protected ZEN?" Yoosung looked at Jaehee and Echo Girl.

"Maybe Jaehee?" I guessed. Echo Girl glared at me and throw a pillow onto the wall. "So I think Echo Girl is the one who protected me?" I scratched my head.

"Or maybe that's what she wanted you to think." Rika sneered.

The votes were decided. Rika, Ray, Jumin Han and Yoosung choose Echo Girl. Jaehee Kang, Seven and Echo Girl choose Rika. While I choose Ray. I don't know why but he's been so silent, could it be he is hiding something?

Then it's revealed that Echo Girl was indeed the one who protected me. She is the guardian, so what is Jaehee's role? And who's the wolf? I haven't found the answer when my phone screen stated that 707 has been shot by the sniper. 707 is a Beholder. Why hasn't he said anything about the Seer until now? And what's the seer doing all this time?


So it was him after all. He didn't say anything about me being a real seer. He must be scared if he is a fool, I could be judged as a wolf. But now we knew that he is really a Beholder. I curled up, hugging my knees and put my head on them. I need more sleep. Yesterday was tough, Rika forced me to play with her and the bots all day and night. Starting to get sick of this werewolf game.

"So, like I just said, Saeran is a seer." The red-head said.

"But he didn't say anything about other's roles!" Sarah complained.

"Yeah! All he does is being silent." Echo Girl added.

I am too tired to even open my eyes. It felt like the sentences I saw in the messenger are shaped like Greek writing.

"Can we trust him?" Jaehee said. "What if Luciel lied to protect his brother?"

How funny. The RFA can't even trust their own friends.

"What's wrong Jaehee? Worried that you are going to be under suspicion as a wolf?" Rika mocked.

"I could say the same thing to you." Jaehee adjusted her glasses.

"Hey, I've been eaten by the wolf." ZEN said.

"Yoosung, choose Rika! She is the wolverina!" Jaehee shouted.

I don't know who to accuse. All this time I just follow Rika's decision. Rika, Yoosung and I choose Jaehee to hang. While Jumin and Jaehee choose Rika to hang. The votes are equal because Jumin's vote counted as two votes.

"Yoosung why are you not listening to me?" Jaehee groaned.

"I… believe in Rika." Yoosung responded.

"Ugh… Are you intending to extend this game?" Jaehee face palmed. "And why would you shot Mr. Han just now? He is not the wolf."

Jaehee Kang POV

"He votes for Rika and his vote is counted as two votes, I thought that's kind of troublesome." Yoosung scratched his cheek with his forefinger.

Yoosung started to get on my nerves. Can't he just face the fact that Rika's a wolf right now?

"Oh, so you are a Physician Jaehee?" Echo Girl asked. "Jaehee just revived me."

"Yes, a physician role is to revive one important person in one game." I explained. "Since you are the guardian, I chose you."

"The King is the most important person in the game." Mr. Han teased.

"No." I pouted. Surprisingly, Mr. Han laughed at me.

"No, I am more important." V teased me too.

"Shut up, traitor." Yoosung stuck out his tongue and while pulling his bottom eyelid. How childish.

Rika tried to eat me, but Echo Girl protected me.

"Now we know that Rika is the only possible wolf. Choose her!" I ordered Yoosung.

But in the end Rika and Yoosung chose me to hang. While Echo Girl and I chose Rika to hang.

"We couldn't win this!" Echo Girl said. "If we get equal vote now, we will get shot and eaten next."

"We can win if Ray choose Rika to hang." I explained.

As soon as I said that, Ray's finger is about to tap the touch screen but then... RIKA TOOK OVER HIS PHONE. LIKE EASILY TOOK OVER IT.

"Sorry Jaehee, but it's my victory!" Rika laughed evilly.

We are dead.

Totally dead.

707 POV

As soon as Rika took over Saeran's phone, he collapsed to my shoulder with a heavy breathing. And then he snored. I guess he is pretty tired of this, poor him. Rika's position is quite convenient in this round. She is a wolf when Ray is the seer and Yoosung is the sniper. Unbalanced. But oh well, it's not like it has something to worry about, it's just a game. Rika's happy and everyone's having a good time.

"Bye Jaehee." Echo Girl waved.

"How could it turned out this way?" Jaehee displayed a sad face.

But something unexpected happened. After Jaehee is executed, Yoosung shot Rika.

"Way to go Yoosung!" I whistled.

"After all this time I trusted you, but you killed my friends. I am going to take you down with my own hands!" Yoosung said while gesturing as if he is holding a rifle. "It's over now."

"That's in one of my script." ZEN laughed.

I threw a pillow to Jumin's face. "Why you…" Jumin throw me back the pillow. I threw it to Jaehee this time. "Hey, you are going to break my glasses."

"Pillow fight!" I put Saeran's head to the pillow, and use the rest of the pillow to throw.

"Hey! That's pricey pillow!" Rika shouted.

"No wonder it's fluffy." Yoosung smelled the pillow and I punched the pillow to his face. "Ouch! Careful there, last time someone did that I get nosebleed."

V grabbed a pillow and smashed it into Jumin. "Not you too!" Jumin tried to dodge but he got hit anyway.

"ZEN, sleep with me!" Echo Girl offers ZEN a pillow to sleep together with. "Sorry but…" ZEN paused. "No." ZEN ran away.

Jumin Han POV

In the evening Echo Girl and Sarah gone home because it's late. The RFA decided to buy Don't Me Know Pizza for dinner.

"You are paying this right?" ZEN said while looking at me. "Cause I got no money on me, I just paid my rent this month."

"Let's just split it. There are eight of us here and sixteenth slices of Pizza." I replied.

"Then who will pay for the taxes and delivery services?" Yoosung asked.

"We added them all to the pizza price and split the total." I explained.

"Fair enough." ZEN agreed with me, for the first time, in century.

"I want to get that Pizza with lots of cheese and meat!" Ray ripped open the sauce and put it on the pizza.

"No, I am older than you, I get the big one." Luciel said and was holding onto Ray's shirt.

"Okay, enough you two. Let me handle this." Rika smiled and brought a knife. For a second I thought my life is over, but she is actually just trying to slice the pizza. I suddenly remembered Luciel's description about Yandere woman.

"Now it's fair, okay?" Rika giggled. Luciel and Ray ate the pizza without hesitation.

"Jaehee, come here and eat the pizza, it's going to get cold soon." ZEN grabbed Assistant Kang's wrist so she would come over.

"Yes… I think I should…" Assistant Kang blushed.

"What's wrong Jaehee? You don't like pizza? If not, maybe I will take anoth-." V's word was cut.

"No. I am the leader of this association. I deserves three slices!" Rika smiled, still holding the knife. The room filled with laughter and happiness. If only everything stayed just the way it was forever…

But it didn't.