Lumpy sniffed twice as he rubbed his nose with his hand.

"What's the matter? Is someone talking about you?" Meowth asked, sarcastically.

"I... I don't know...!" Lumpy then inhaled twice, and sneezed loudly. The force of the sneeze blew Meowth to the ground.

"Say it, don't spray it," said Meowth.

"Sorry," Lumpy apologized as he was still rubbing his itchy nose, this time on his forefinger. Then he sneezed again.

This time, the sneeze blew himself backwards until he landed on the ground. Rubbing his nose again, he picked himself up, only to sneeze again right after that. Close to him, Yin, Yang and Tootie were watching him sneeze.

"The nerve of some people..." Yin muttered to herself.

"I think he might be coming down with something," said Tootie.

"Me too, but I bet he's enjoying every second of it," said Yang.

Lumpy let out another sneeze, which blew some flowers that were in front of him out of the ground. Sniffling, Lumpy rubbed his nose on his hand, only to inhale some pollen that had come out of the flowers. He sneezed again, with this next sneeze being strong enough to blow himself straight to the wall close to him.

"Ugh, why am I so sneezy?" Lumpy asked as he rubbed his nose constantly with his forefinger. Right after he asked that, he sneezed again and rubbed his nose again.

"This is why you don't let Lumpy outside during spring," Meowth said to Tootie, Yin and Yang. "He's got allergies, and every time you set them off, he becomes a sneeze monster."

"Those are the worst allergies I've ever seen," Tootie pointed out.

"Yeah, but at least he's not allergic to anything too dangerous..." Yin said.