At Tootie's house, Lumpy shot his neck forwards as he sneezed yet again. He then sighed to himself as he rubbed his nose on his fist, trying to stop it from itching.

"Is your nose still feeling sneezy?" Tootie asked.

"Yeah..." Lumpy sneezed again, sniffling as he again rubbed his nose on his hand.

"Do you know why you're like this?"

"No..." Lumpy sniffled loudly. "Can you do something to help me?"

"Well, I could make you some tea. Maybe it'll stop your nose from being so tickly."

"Do what you can. I just wanna stop sneezing..." Lumpy sneezed loudly into his hands, and then rubbed his nose with them.

"I'll see what I can do."

Tootie headed into the kitchen to make some tea, while Lumpy stayed in the living room, sniffling and rubbing his nose. Sneezing again, he took a tissue from the box next to him and rubbed his nose with it several times. It didn't really do anything to help, but he kept doing it, hoping it would satisfy the constant itch in his nose. He sneezed a few times while he was waiting for Tootie to return, but he tried his best not to let it bother him. After about ten minutes of waiting, Tootie came in with a cup of tea.

"Here, try this," she said to him.

Lumpy took the tea and drank it; it tasted like ice tea, except it was hot. He sneezed again after a few minutes, but then started to feel better. It felt like the itch in his nose was slowly burning away.

"I think it's working," Lumpy said as he rubbed his nose with his forefinger. "Thanks."

"Sure." Tootie smiled at him, but then sneezed loudly but cutely, which blew herself to the floor. She sniffled and rubbed her nose on her forefinger, looking embarrassed.

"You feeling okay?" Lumpy asked.

"Yeah, except..." Tootie was interrupted when she sneezed again, the wind from her mouth causing the deactivated fan on the ceiling to spin.

"Oh, not you, too..." Lumpy said as Tootie rubbed her nose on her forefinger.