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The warm sunlight hit Nora's face the minute her and Richie left the Tozier house to head for school. She stood on the sidewalk as he grabbed his bike.

"What a piece of shit", thought Nora. Walking beside him, she could hear the pedals making this strange clicking noise. Not the kind boys make it sound, like when they put a poker card next to the wheels. More like the cringeworthy sound you'd hear when someone would tap their nails on wood.

"Next time, take a shower like a normal person!", exclaimed Richie. "I swear, Uncle John needs to fix up that junkyard."

He was right. Her house was a dump. She couldn't argue with him about that. "Ever heard of knocking, pervert?"

Richie scoffed as he made circles around her, nearly falling off his bike as he ran over a pothole. "Hey, you scarred me for life! For all I know, I could have walked in on you having your period. Plus, you're the one who's invading my territory." He adjusted his glasses. "Maybe instead of staying at my place you can go sleep in the dump. It wouldn't be that much different from your house."

Out of anger, Nora stuck out her foot. The sudden obstacle caused Richie to run over it. How the pothole didn't cause him to crash, but her girl sized foot did seemed inconsistent. He tried to avoid the oncoming collision, but all that did was make him fall over sideways.

"You fucker!", yelled Richie, getting back up. When he looked, Nora had jogged a few feet ahead of him, laughing her head off. "Get back here!", he yelled, climbing back onto his bike. As much as he despised her in that moment, he couldn't help but smirk; for a bruise would be resting on his left elbow the next morning.

The cousins departed for their first class.

Nora realized this was going to be the last day of school that she wasn't going to be spending with her friends. Her best friend, Jamie, always let her sleepover. Maybe watch a movie or just make prank calls.

But, for now she was forced to sit in Biology and fruitlessly attempt to answer the questions. She didn't care for Biology nor would she ever grow up getting a job involving that profession. What Nora really wanted to be was one of those people that tested products. You know, hair care products or just be a crash test dummy. Either way, it would be more interesting than, let's say a teacher.

As she listened to the teacher ramble, something wet hit her on the back, plopping onto the floor.

She turned around; Greta Keane and her friends were not so subtlety snickering at her. Nora looked down, a giant spitball. Instead of giving Greta a certain gesture, she decided to ignore her.

Yep, she really missed her old school.

Around lunch, Nora found she could exit the building to eat outside without being targeted by the teachers who were patrolling the corridors. Sure, the hiding spot was behind the dumpsters but at least she had fresh air.

As she took a bite of her day old apple, she looked across the street to where a rickety old post had the same missing kid's face on it. The kid who was probably the reason for the dumb curfew. Nora had never met Betty. But she was certain that if she had the option, she wished Greta would have gone in her place, the wicked troll...

The next thing that came to mind were her parents. Now that Nora was gone, they were most likely having the time of their lives. She wasn't sure why they treated her as though she was a nuisance whenever she was with them. It was more the fact they acted as if she wasn't present in their lives.

Even when she was dropped off at Richie's house, her father simply waved goodbye while her mother told her to be good. Nora remembered when she had leaned in to kiss her mother, the window had rolled up. The car drove away faster than she could yell, "I love you".

Those bastards...


She immediately looked around. There was the sound of a man laughing. As fast as she could, she stood up to peer around the dumpster. Nobody was there. But a man's laughter rang in her ears. Being eerie like it was was enough for her to run back inside and nearly trip over the leaking sewer drain located a few inches from where she had been sitting.

Finally, it was time to go home. Let's just say the rest of her classes were complete shit, meaning the subjects were intolerable, her "classmates" were assholes, and Greta shoving her against the wall wasn't exactly the highlight of the day.

Glaring at Greta as she tried looking important, strutting down the hall making her way to the girls bathroom, she had also shoved a boy Nora had not seen very often, but remembered him from those God awful birthday parties for Richie, she was forced to attend.

Stan Uris shrugged her off as he followed after Richie, and his other friends.

Nora dared not approach but merely observed the boys exiting the school. She did the same.

She caught up with them as they dumped their school supplies into the trash cans. "Weird", thought Nora. Instead of addressing the boys, she advanced on Richie. "Richard."

Richie groaned. "Uggghhh! I thought you left already. Can't you see we're having an important man to girl, (he gestured to Eddie who glared at him), discussion on dicks!"

"Beep beep Richie!", exclaimed Stan. Apparently he thought there was an etiquette to talking about dicks with girls around.

Nora stared at Stan. Then looked at him from toe to head, head to toe, toe to head, only taking a moment to stare at his hair.

Richie coughed.

She turned her attention back to him. "You need to take me back to your house."

"Take yourself."

"I still don't know the way. The last time I tried I ended up in some jackass's yard." She didn't want to look like an idiot in front of these guys, but why should she care what they thought?

"I-it's ju-just two blocks d-d-down, then y-you make a ri-ri-right", said Bill Denbrough.

"Still stutter?", asked Nora. Bill looked taken back. "I'm not trying to be a bitch. It's just a question."

He nodded again, losing eye contact.

"So, are you taking me or what?", asked Nora.

"Just take the fucking bus", said Richie. "We're going over to Ed's house to give his mom a sponge bath."

"Richie!", yelled Eddie.

"I'll meet you guys later. I have to practice my speech first", said Stan. "My dad won't let me pass this one."

Eddie smirked. "Stanley, your dad's an idiot if he doesn't have faith in you. You'll be great."

"W-we won't get our d-d-dicks cut off, w-will we?", asked Bill.

Stan laughed. "No, you won't. It's not like that." He looked at Nora, who was very confused, and smirked. "I'm having a Bar Mitzvah, but my dad is having a ceremony first. A ritual for me to become a man. It sounds lame, but it's important to him. And me. You're free to come if you want."

Richie punched him.

"Um, yeah sure", said Nora. Her eyes fixated on his. She shook her head. "See you guys, I guess. Later prick", she spat at Richie. She made her way to the bus.

After informing the driver of her last name, she took a seat in the middle of the bus that was facing the town. It took a while for the rest of the kids to sit the fuck down, until the bus was in motion.

Feeling the cool wind from the open window was relaxing. What wasn't relaxing was a small disc like thing flew in from outside and hit Nora in the face, landing on her lap. "The fuck?", she said. Immediately looking out, she saw Richie and Stan on the ground. Patrick Hockstetter, a well known bully was hovering over Stan. The bus turned a corner.

Feeling the object, Nora realized it must be Stan's yarmulke, that thing he had to wear on his head. What were the chances it would fall onto her lap? She smiled as she felt the leather and did something spontaneous: she sniffed it.

She pictured Stan in her head... she blushed.